Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Stefan Appreciation Edition

Pick me! Pick me!

Image nabbed from Imaginary Men – thanks Amy!

Here at Spidey Sense, I love nothing more than a good cause, particularly when a Salvatore Brother is involved. So when I heard Paul Wesley (Stefan from the Vampire Diaries) was up for Underappreciated Entertainer of the Year at EW, I knew I had to take action!

This poll of Stefan’s best looks from TVD series so far, inspired by a post about Viking Vamp Eric Northman on Sookieverseblog, is designed to show why he will always be fully appreciated here at Spidey Sense.

Vote for your favourite look and tell me why you loved it in the comments, then keep your eyes peeled for Round 3 of Underappreciated Entertainer of the Year at EW, which our boy has made it through to!

Best Stefan Outfit

Hoodie of Hedonism (TM Kjewls) Stefan

Hoodie of Hedonism Stefan

Hallowed since the early days of season one for its knee-weakening effect on the female Vampire Diaries population, when the Hoodie of Hedonism is on you just know it is only a matter of time before Stefan is going to be getting all up in someone’s personal space, whether it be a crazy ex or the not-so-friendly neighborhood werewolf.

Stefan Katherine HOH

Stefan Mason HOH

It's a lighter, softer HOH, but still hedonistic all the same

Bondage Stefan

Tied Up Stefan

Really only half an outfit, but a little thing like details will never get in the way of your viewing pleasure in Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays. Much has been made of Paul’s insane abdominals, but somehow tortured Stefan being tied up with vervain-laced ropes and him heaving with exertion enhances them in a way that has yet to be topped.

Clearly I have a dark and twisty, sado-masochistic mind.

GQMF Stefan

GQMF Stefan

Aside from being overrun by supernatural creatures, Mystic Falls also seems to have a paranormal attraction for town events. Some have laughed at the ludicrous number of balls, pageants and fundraisers, but if it means Stefan gets suited up, I DON’T REALLY CARE!

Jock Stefan

Jock Stefan

Stefan had a fleeting moment of joining the football team early on in season one, but his vampire brother Damon ate the coach so that ended that. Our inner pep rally girl was awakened by the sight of Stefan in the school’s maroon and white. You know what would have made it sexier? If his jersey number was 33…

Badass Stefan

BAMF Stefan

BAMF Stefan Elena Jeremy

Badass black jacket zippered up tight. Brooding brow working overtime. Best worn when running back into a tomb to save your one true love or when slapping around her brother for trying to commit vampirecide. While doing so you will look SMOKING HOT.

White Tank Stefan

White Tank Stefan push ups

Sorry, I couldn’t think up a clever name for this outfit because I was too distracted by Paul’s insanely well-developed arms. I’ll give you a moment to stare and collect your thoughts. There you go. This wardrobe staple is shown to its best advantage when you knock out push ups trying to take the edge off a blood addiction.

Fabio Stefan

Fabio Stefan

“Cover up, Fabio!” Damon told Stefan when he saw Elena tending to wounds strategically placed on Stefan’s chiseled stomach. Team Stefan fans around the world disagreed and drank in the sight of the Stefan in a Panty Dropper Blue T-Shirt, clearly inspired by Eric Northman’s swoon-inducing Panty Dropper Blue Sweater (another Kjewls TM! I want her to be my stylist!)

Peter Pan Stefan

Peter Pan Stefan

This is probably going to be a polarizing look, but for those who don’t mind old-fashioned garb, gunshot wound from a vamp-hatin’ father included, here it is.

 Plaid Stefan

Plaid Stefan Lexie

Though much of Stefan’s time is spent brooding and Elena-longing, he does occasionally crack a smile or show a lighter side. This tends to happen when he is wearing his faithful plaid shirt.

 Leather Stefan

Leather Stefan Damon

Oh hi, Damon! What's that? You want your own appreciation post? That can be arranged!


C’mon, this is a VAMPIRE show! How could I not include Stefan in a leather jacket?!


So there you have it, Stefan lovers!  Which outfit is your favourite? Did I miss one? Use your vote wisely, as I am giving you only one, and there is no “All of the above” option!

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11 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Stefan Appreciation Edition

  • kjewls

    A poll! So cool! 🙂 My Baby Blogger Buddy is all grown up! 😉

    There are no words for the awesomeness that is this post. (And the visual aids are full of YUM!) Paul Wesley should be PAYING you for all the good PR you’re giving hi. (I’d say tweet this to him. But, alas, he is “NoTwitterPaul.”)

    And though I loved the WHOLE thing, THIS line had to be my favorite:

    “Stefan had a fleeting moment of joining the football team early on in season one, but his vampire brother Damon ate the coach so that ended that.”

    Ahhhh, Stefan’s football playing days seem to have gone the way of “his diary,” “the cheesy voiceovers,” “Damon’s turning into a crow,” and the very Lost-esque, “Black Smoke.” Sigh!

    It was quite a toss up, but I had to go with Stefan in the White Tank. What better way to accent those arms, than with a Pearly White Wife Beater of Lust (which is kind of an oxymoron, when you think about it) . . .

    Thank you for giving me my TVD fix, during this INTERMINABLY long hiatus . . .

    • myspideysenseistingling

      Nice choice! “Pearly White Wife Beater of Lust” is made of so much WIN!

      I’ll admit, it probably wasn’t too fair to the other categories to have a pic of Stefan doing pull ups in one of his outfits. But after all, it is just as important that you wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing you, and what better pic to demonstrate that fact? 🙂

      I went for Hoodie of Hedonism Stefan, because it makes him look like a hot, dark, vampire Black Riding Hood.

      So glad you liked the “Damon ate the coach” line – wasn’t sure if the tongue-in-cheek humor would fully translate on that one or not, so happy it worked!

      Oh, and just wait until you see the Damon Appreciation Edition next week…

      *rushes over to Julie’s blog to comment on her AWESOME Bad Dancing post*

  • trish

    I picked the badass Stefan. I love this guy in all his incarnations, but there is just something about when he is getting all up in someone’s kool-aid that just makes me squee like a 14 year old! Of course, leather jacket Stefan is a close, close second.

    • myspideysenseistingling

      Mmm, I am VERY partial to badass Stefan too. I always laugh when people call Stefan the “good vamp” to Damon’s “bad vamp”, because Stefan has had more than his fair share of badass moments. Him de-crossbowing Alaric in the classroom is one instance that comes to mind, his near nonchalance at Mason’s death (he pretty much ribbed Damon for his lack of self-control and that was it) is another. At least with Damon what you see is what you get; Stefan keeps his dark side much quieter and therefore is more of a wildcard in my eyes 🙂

      “Getting all up in someone’s kool-aid”. This phrase is awesomesauce! It just may make an appearance, with a Trish TM, in a future Salvatore post!

  • imaginarymen

    You girls are killing me today with these SUPER AWESOME POSTS!!! Wow wow WOW!

    I agree w/ Julie – stupid NoTwitterPaul! He should be aware of how closely we are paying attention to the Sartorial Stylings of Stefan Salvatore 😉

    Aww – a Tim Riggins shout-out ❤

    This whole post is Made of Win but this line made me LOL for several minutes: "Aside from being overrun my supernatural creatures, Mystic Falls also seems to have a paranormal attraction for town events." bc it is TRUE!

    I don't even know how I can vote for this thing – it is SO HARD!! I love the Hoodie of Hedonism – esp the Baby Blue Panty Dropper version (something about Stefan in colors makes all my girlie senses ping!) And I mean white tank top? UNF! Leather jacket? GUHHHH!

    But in the end I think I'm voting for Bondage Stefan for the pure and simple reason that I want to be able to say "I prefer Bondage Stefan" ;-))

    • myspideysenseistingling

      Mmm, Bondage Stefan is truly a many-splendoured sight in its own twisted way. Paul Wesley is insanely hot whether dangling vertically or doing push ups horizontally. But combine that with him covered in blood, sweat and grime, and for some reason that gets my blood going even more! Just so you know, your reasoning for voting for Bondage Stefan put a huge smile on my face all day – I probably looked half-crazy to a few people 😉

      There is also just something so appealing about manly men in pastels that I just can’t quite put my finger on.

      So glad you liked the Tim Riggins shout out – trust me, there WILL be many, many appreciation threads for him. I’m contemplating a “What would Riggins do?” section, but it may evolve into something else entirely. Either way, he is going to figure in my weekly blogging schedule … it is just a matter of how 🙂

      Oh yes, and the first Salvatore Sitcom (based on our fangirliness on Julie’s blog) comic strip is in the works. Keep your eyes peeled guys!

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