Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Damon’s Best Looks Edition

Damon ring

Dear Mama Somerhalder,

I wish I could bake you some cookies to show you my gratitude for your general contribution to mankind and the genepool by mothering Ian. Failing that, take this post of Ian’s best looks as Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries as a thank you note for bringing this fine specimen into the world.

Yours sincerely,

Spidey Sense

Unless otherwise credited, all picspam is from Vampire Diaries Tumblr.

Best Damon Outfit

Pink Panty Dropper (TM Kjewls) Damon

Damon Vicki dance sequence

Easily the most iconic image of Damon is the vampire gone wild scene of him dancing half-naked through the Salvatore mansion with compelled human Vicki Donovan, just after the pair had taken hits of each other’s blood. The most jaw-dropping thing about the scene? Not the fact that Damon snapped Vicki’s neck at the end, but that her pink panties managed to stay on the whole time. Mine would have dropped in an instant.

Gorgeous Irresistible Wrecked Damon

Gorgeous irresistible wrecked Damon

Heartbreak never looked as good as it did when Damon discovered Katherine wasn’t in the tomb. Katherine cops a lot of flak for being an evil bitch, but her ability to break Damon’s will to wear a shirt unless he has help from Elena to button one up went a long way towards redeeming her in my eyes.

Southern Antebellum Gentleman Damon

Damon Elena near touch

Every girl wants to know why the hell her prom date didn’t look like this. Perfect outfit for demonstrating that a near touch and eye f**cking is sexier than physical contact could ever be.

Strip Poker Damon

Strip poker Damon


Strip poker Damon Isobel

Shirt casually thrown open. Low-slung pants that show an Adonis Belt (for the uninitiated, that lovely V) to its best advantage. Best worn when playing a game of strip poker with naughty minions and then throttling the evil vampire mother of your one true love.

Note B: Teachers were left scratching their heads when Greek Mythology units throughout the world had a sudden spike in popularity after this particular outfit screened.

Sodapop Damon

Damon haunted

With a white shirt under black jacket, Damon made one one sexy Greaser. And aren’t vampires, after all, the ultimate Outsiders?

Crushed Velvet Damon

damon stefan our girlfriend

Slinky crushed velvet that recalls brooding vampires of old. Wearing this while you warn your and your brother’s girlfriend that she is in mortal danger will ensure it won’t be just her Spidey Sense that is tingling.

Little Boy Dark Blue Damon

sexy damon feeding

Thanks, as always, for this pic KJewls!

Fitted dark blue v-neck. Looks sexy as hell with a slightly bloodied lip from your recent feeding frenzy after being tortured to near death by the local Sheriff and her merry band of Deputies.

John Varvatos Damon

John Varvatos Damon Elena

Some girls like Damon for his good looks, charm and unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift. Others are impressed by his dedication to community service for clothing designers by taking something simple like one of their tight black t-shirts and making it look like a fashion event on the scale of the second coming.

Hot Motherf**ker Damon

Damon and Matt's mom

Just as there needed to be a Leather Stefan to do his vampirism justice, so too there needs to be a Leather Damon up for contention. Damon in badass leather liquefies the inside of ladies of all ages and persuasions, especially slutty mums with sons called Matt.

Grey Shirt Damon

Grey shirt Damon Mason

A recent addition to the Damon wardrobe that is quickly becoming a staple item, the grey shirt clings to his chest in all the right places and hints at the Shirtless Salvatore goodness within. Torturing the local not-so-friendly werewolf never looked so good.


So which Damon is the hottest Damon of them all? Use your one vote wisely! I’d love to read which one you chose and why in the comments section. Or did I leave out your favourite Damon look?

Also, it isn’t too late to vote for the best of Stefan’s looks. I’ll announce the winners in next week’s edition of Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays.

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7 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Damon’s Best Looks Edition

  • kjewls

    You’ve done it again, Cherie! Sheer TVD posting fabulousness! I can always count on you for my Sunday Dose of Hot Vampire :). All of the pics and descriptions you used are fabulous, of course.

    But, you know me. I always have to go with my Pink Panty Dropper Dancing Damon. That dancing scene never fails to put a smile on my lips, and a little puddle of drool in the corner of my mouth . . . 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      I went with PPDDD too! Although Gorgeous Irresistible Wrecked Damon was thisclose to being my choice.

      But there is just something about that dancing scene that just perfectly captures the irreverence and insane hotness of the character so perfectly 🙂

  • Jesse

    Okay, so I basically closed my eyes(for a second, cuz I wasn’t able to close them longer!) and my finger pointed at “Gorgeous Irresistible Wrecked Damon” so I voted for that!

    I couldn’t decide in a better way. He’s just too hot 🙂

    Looking forward to any new TVD post you’re doing!

    • Spidey Sense

      Believe me, I was close to using what I like to call the “eenie meenie minie mo” method with this one – it was a toughie 🙂

      I’m working on a Jyler mixtape as we speak!

      And I always look forward to your TVD post comments 🙂

  • imaginarymen

    I went for Grey Shirt Damon bc lord knows I love me a hot man in a form fitting Henley!

    But my fave NAME is definitely “Hot Motherf**ker Damon”!!

    And this made me laugh for 5 minutes straight:

    “Katherine cops a lot of flak for being an evil bitch, but her ability to break Damon’s will to wear a shirt unless he has help from Elena to button one up went a long way towards redeeming her in my eyes.”

    • Spidey Sense

      “Hot Motherf**ker Damon” is a total shoutout for your TVD loving Mum. I wish it was within my fangirl powers to give her some Damon action, but this is the next best thing 🙂

      Ahh, Kat, how awesome you are, let me count the ways!

      And have you noticed that the Henley has been doing the rounds on the bods of the various male members of TVD cast? Everyone has been wearing form fitting grey of some description lately and made me rethink my previously “meh” stance on this colour.

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