Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Jeremy’s Best Looks Edition

So, I kinda lost my mind a little here.

I don’t blame Katherine for sinking her teeth into Jeremy in Vampire Diaries episode Sacrifice. This pretty much sums up my reaction lately whenever the littlest Gilbert comes onto my screen.

What follows is an evolution in Gilbert hotness, with all picspam from my new favourite Jeremy fangirl haunt, F**k Yeah Steven R McQueen Tumblr.

Which Jeremy is the hottest of them all?

Acid Trip Jeremy

Acid Trip Jeremy 

Early Jeremy had a perma-bitchface and was on a downward drug spiral but was still undeniably cute. The Jaw Thing was yet to come out to play but the potential was there.

Striped Jeremy

Striped Jeremy

Perfect accoutrements for picking up vampire chicks masquerading as innocent home school girls in libraries. Striped Jeremy also throws around words like “allegorical” to get all us smart girls panting.

Hello Biceps Jeremy

With a muscle spurt that would do Jacob Black proud, Hello Biceps Jeremy emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of his less buff older self.

007 Jeremy

007 Jeremy

Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert. He could have me hook, line and sinker, NO SEX SPELLS NECESSARY.

Numb3rs Jeremy




Numb3rs Jeremy

Bonnie, seriously, I'm an old soul! See, my shirt even says 88. Now, will you stop with the little brother and superman underpants comments?


A clever nod to the age difference that keeps c**ck-blocking him when it comes to witches, perhaps? Or am I giving the stylist too much credit? Either way, Numb3rs Jeremy comes accompanied with a grin filled with sunshine and a game that can only be salted by a warlock’s salt lick trick.

Grey Hoodie Jeremy

tvdbamf:  checking himself out?  If I was him, I’d check myself out too. Just sayin’

Grey Hoodie Jeremy is so smokin’ he even checks himself out.

Vampire Hickey Jeremy

 Jeremy: I already feel bad. I don’t need you to berate me.Bonnie: Stefan is stuck in there, and i don’t know how to get him out, what should I be doing?   :3 he’s like a puppy O_o

 Jeremy: You could have died today.Bonnie: And you almost did.Jeremy: That’s a chance I was willing to take.

 “I can’t…”  GOD.DAMN. Don’t worry Jer, she’ll come around

Holy crap and lesser craps, Vampire Hickey Jeremy is HOT! The fact that Bonnie has the willpower to walk away from THIS and yet not the mindpower to reverse the tomb spell entrapping Stefan is dumbfounding. This is my vote, people!

Brooding Jeremy 


Vampire Diaries recap


As the man himself said, you can’t keep saying no to him unless you’re a witch with a name starting with B and ending in E and with ONNI in the middle. I know I can’t!


So it’s over to you now, guys!

Vote for your favourite Jeremy look so far and tell me why you chose it! Also, don’t forget to check out my post about Jeremy’s Jaw Thing.

Previous Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Winners:

Stefan Appreciation Edition: A tie between Badass Stefan and White Tank Stefan.

Damon’s Best Outfits: Pink Panty Dropper Damon by a LANDSLIDE.

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6 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Jeremy’s Best Looks Edition

  • kjewls

    Gosh, I’ shallow. Always going for the naked. But yes, for me, it’s Hello Biceps Jeremy, for the win. Jeremy may have a baby face, but, once that shirt comes off, he is ALL MAN! 🙂

    The Adorable Grey Hoodie Jeremy comes in as a close second. I’m a sucker for a good hoodie . . . 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      I’ll admit when I first saw this scene I still thought of Jeremy as a puppy dog, a cutie pie puppy dog, but a puppy dog nonetheless. And then suddenly he was tearing his clothes off in this scene and my TVD watching friend and I were hooting, hollering and catcalling like the mature, serious people that we are 🙂 I’ve got another Hello Biceps shot of him from Pirahna 3D in my aresnal that I’ll unleash at some point, so BE PREPARED! Hehe!

      TVD’s stylist does have a thing for hoodies, don’t they? On paper, they are like Eric’s pastel Blue Panty Dropper Sweater – they shouldn’t work nearly as well as they do.

      Oh, to be TVD stylist. Just imagine controlling how low slung Ian’s pants are on particular days, for instance. It’s probably be like doing the limbo; forever going lower, lower, lower 🙂

  • Jesse

    Okay, so this one is easy! (I’m still brooding over Damon’s looks… How much longer can I vote on that?)

    I chose “Hello Biceps Jeremy”, cuz he’s soo hot!

    Fun Fact: After we saw the promo for this week’s episode “Blood Brothers”(yeah, we’re still in season 1 in Germany), my mom thinks that it’s not Jeremy getting it on with Anna but Damon getting it on with Elena( – she got a crazy theory about it!)! You can’t really see that it’s Jeremy tho!

    Here’s a link to it(and yes, it also shows how stupid Germany can make promos! ;))

    Great work you did, as always 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      I’m so excited that you liked it! I love nothing better than making other super sweet, smart fangirls happy!

      That promo was classic! Though I remember that a lot of American and Aussie bloggers theorized that it would be other couples in the steamy scene before the episode aired based on our promos. Wishful thinking, maybe? 🙂

      Hello Biceps Jeremy was definitely my second choice. I just love my tortured almost kisses too much to overlook Vampire Hickey Jeremy. So you could imagine all the near kisses between Jonnie lately have simultaneously elated and frustrated me!

      I think you can still vote for Damon! I had set the polls to end after a week, but it is still up, so maybe my technology fail is your gain 🙂 I think I might end up leaving the polls on “never expire” in future so people can vote as they go along, and just announce the winners “so far” instead each week.

  • imaginarymen

    You know I can never turn down a Brooding Pretty Boy!

    But my fave was most definitely Hand Slicing to Get Anna to Expose Herself as a Vampire by Sucking the Blood off his Palm While he Makes Sexy O Faces in the Gilbert Kitchen Jeremy.

    I’m just sayin’


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