Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Tyler Lockwood’s Best Looks Edition

Foggy Tyler

Tyler Lockwood from the Vampire Diaries has gone from zero to douchebag to newly minted fangirl favourite in the space of a season.

Still dubious about Tyler? Maybe this post will help convince you to join the pretty party!

You know, I think I was a little hard on Professor Snape when I thought he was cruel for setting that tough werewolf assignment. Examining the physical characteristics of a werewolf, particularly a baby one, is actually quite fun, as you’ll see.

This post is dedicated to lovely Tyler fangirls ofepicproportions and Milena Fürst. GIFs and picspam are from F**k Yeah Tyler & Caroline unless otherwise credited.

Is That A Pool Stick Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? Tyler

Is that a pool stick or are you happy to see me tyler

It is no coincidence that lycanthrope and misanthrope are such similar words. The sole purpose of Tyler’s existence circa early season one was to antagonise the main characters and work out his latent werewolf gene aggression issues by stealing as many The Bad Touches from Jeremy as possible, not that I minded too much about the last part.

Despite this rampant douchebaggery, the smug, obligatory psychotic jackass grin that was a seemingly permanent fixture on his face at the time was pretty hard to resist.

By the way, this Tyler name is a little homage to the brilliant “are you just happy to see me” jokes by a certain awesome TV Recapper. My favourite so far can be found here 😉 

300 Tyler

300 Tyler

300 Tyler again, in case the GIF broke your browsers. See, I'm always thinking about you guys!

300, a movie about Spartan warriors, was like the movie equivalent of a Playboy magazine for me – I “read it for the articles” or in this case watched it for the scintillating dialogue, not the finely sculpted he-men crashing into one another in a blood-soaked orgy of action. Honest ;). So Tyler wearing a 300 costume to a Halloween party in season one is what I like to call a meeting of the minds.

For the curious, a typical image from the masterpiece that is 300:

On the faint possibility that my brother will ever read this blog, I should mention that his favourite quote comes from this movie, and it is pretty cool by my estimation. (He introduced me to the movie, one of his shinier sibling moments).

“So much the better, we shall fight in the shade.” – Dienekes, a Spartan soldier, in response to being informed that Persian arrows would be so numerous as to “blot out the sun”. 

I won’t hold my breath about the brother-reading part though 😉

Soldier Tyler

There is just something about a man in a uniform, even if it is make believe civil war garb for a town parade.

Running Man Tyler

Running man shoulder porn tyler

Running Man Tyler 1.0


running man tyler 2.0

Running Man Tyler 2.0

Running Man Tyler 2.0 – Once more with flexing

Running Man Tyler appears in two incarnations, one with ample heavage and shoulder porn, the other entirely shirtless, proving how much cardio training can get your heart pumping. Look, I agonised for 20 minutes over which one to use, and finally I’ve decided to break my own rules and include both under the same category. Do you blame me? 

Just Do Him Tyler

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains

The Vampire Diaries is infamous for its nefarious inclusion of product placement, most notably repeat offender Bing. Don’t the producers know that all we need is a subtle reminder of a brand, like this little tick of approval for Tyler’s hotness?

WILF Tyler

WILF Tyler

Just the faintest hint of an amused, sexy, playful smirk. Works best when trained on Vampire Barbies still in the throes of getting over their Ken Doll ex former boyfriend Matt. I call future Barbie Camper Van action now! 

For those scratching their heads, WILF = Werewolf I’d like to, well, you know!

Teen Wolf Tyler

Tyler wolfs out

Tyler achieved the seemingly impossible when he triggered the wolf curse – he got eyes as cool as Damon’s! His amber eyes with gold flecks would turn Edward Cullen sparkly with envy. It doesn’t hurt that he was suited up when all this happened. 

Incredible Wolf Tyler

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains


 Tyler: What should I wear? I don’t think it’s like the Hulk where I get to keep my pants. 

Tyler to Caroline just prior to his wolfy transformation: “What should I wear? I don’t think it’s like the Hulk where I get to keep my pants.”

Preparing for the *snap*crackle*pop* transformation of a Werewolf Coming Out Party is one of those occasions where it is tricky to know what to wear – kind of like finding the perfect outfit for the first time that you meet your significant other’s parents or go to your second cousin twice removed’s baby’s christening.

Tyler has found the perfect solution to this age old werewolf dilemma – wear hardly anything at all.

Ride Him Like A Pony Tyler (TM Vamp Willow and KJewls)

 Ride him like a pony tyler2

ride him like a pony tyler

Pained Tyler

Maybe I’m a sick puppy (Hey! This would make me Tyler’s furry soul mate!), but can any hot blooded female (or male, for that matter) deny that the sight of Tyler half-naked, sweaty, dirty and in chains was, in a twisted way, a many-splendoured sight? The S&M overtones are impossible to ignore.

Lupining Tyler


Caroline and Tyler went to hell and back together during his werewolf transformation, and in doing so developed emotional intimacy that promos have revealed will lead to a triangle between C, T and Care’s fresh ex Matt.

For the first time, we are going to see Tyler truly pine for a girl – though his version, as evidenced by the kiss he gives Caroline, is on fast forward. In the promo, he says to Caroline, “Whatever you need, I’ll be there.” Once you pick your jaws up from the ground that TYLER is behind this romantic sentiment, take time to appreciate him entering that revered fangirl stage known as tortured longing.

One thing is for sure, a werewolf has the edge in any territorial pissing contents that will no doubt ensue between the two boys over Caroline.

So who is the hottest Tyler of them all? I’d love to know who you chose and why! Or did I leave out your favourite Tyler?

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12 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Tyler Lockwood’s Best Looks Edition

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cherie Barnett and Cherie Barnett, Cherie Barnett. Cherie Barnett said: @milenafuerst Hi! Hope you like the #TylerLockwood post I dedicated to you and another lovely Tyler fan 😉 […]

  • kjewls

    I don’t know what I loved more about this post, the INSANELY HOT PICS, or your brilliant one-liners. My top three Cherie Snarks from this psot were as follows (in no particular order):

    (1) Won’t be needing THIS anymore . . . (for obvious reasons);

    (2) Zero to Douchebag LOL; and

    (3) the ingenious coining of the term “Lupining”

    You know what’s funny? I had NO CLUE that Tyler’s Halloween costume was a 300 reference (probably because I never saw the film). I remember watching that scene, and thinking to myself, “Oh, Tyler is a Superman Stripper for Halloween, brilliant!”

    Then again, I’ve been known to revert to Drooling Idiocy, whenever placed in eyeshot of a Hot Bod. So, can you really blame me for not making the connection?

    That being said, terms of my vote, I HAD to go with the Naked and in Chains, S&M esque version of Tyler, because I’m a MAJOR Perv like that. But second place would have to go with that Nike PICTURE. It definitely made me want to “Just Do Him.” 😉

    Thanks for the morning drools! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Jamie (my brother) had no idea that he was acting as a fangirl enabler when he got me to watch 300. We did some martial arts together back in the day and he thought the STORYLINE would appeal to me. Actually, I kind of like highly stylized narrations of semblances of real history, but little did he know what the REAL drawcard was… unless he reads this blog 🙂

      Cool fact? There were some real funky, freaky looking wolves that appeared at some stage during the movie!

      Naked werewolf transformation Tyler was too epic to be contained in one category alone, hence Incredible Wolf Tyler and Ride Him Like A Pony Tyler. I KNEW you would go for the naked and in chains one; I know your fangirl inclinations so well by now 🙂

      I was so close to choosing the same Tyler, but went with Lupining because the softer, though still snarky, version of Tyler we are seeing emerge reminds me of a certain Neptune resident. Tyler shoving Caroline against the wall demanding she tell him the truth made me scream *foreplay*. God, if he bashed in her headlights I think I might just faint to the ground in a dead faint.

      I have to give credit where credit is due though – the “Won’t be needing THIS” line is TM Price Peterson. I snapped up the image from his site.

  • Caitlin

    Thank you for compiling all the looks of Mr. Tyler Lockwood over the course of the series. My favorite look has got to be Ride him like a Pony Tyler mainly due to the lack of clothing. But fully clothed Tyler, my favorite is Teen Wolf.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Caitlin! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

      You’re more than welcome for this Tyler retrospective. These lists have made me appreciate the hard work Mr Eric Northman put into finding a new dancer at Fangtasia; it isn’t all sitting back and drinking in the hotness before you, OH NO, you have to form constructive thoughts and weigh the relative merits of why one look is better than another. But I need to keep my fellow fangirls happy, and in a hiatus we all turn to things like this to keep us occupied 😉

      I was expecting Ride Him Like A Pony Tyler to be popular because of the prevalent nudity, but Teen Wolf has taken me by surprise. Any boys reading this blog take note – buy amber contacts with gold flecks PRONTO if you want girls to lining up to hook up with you!

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  • Gen

    I’m trolling lol.

    This post is made of so much win. I literally laughed out loud at “Just Do Him Tyler.” I think 300 Tyler holds a special place in my heart. Besides obvious reasons (Hello abs), it was the moment I decided I was going to ship Tyler and Caroline. They became my crackship in that moment. Just the little flirtatious conversation they had was too much for me. I was like, “Oh I’m totally liking this. They are hot!” LOL! And so was born my T/C shipper heart. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Ohh, now I’m dying to know: who did you vote for? I’m betting it was 300 Tyler since that was the Tyler that helped launch our favourite ship!

      I started shipping Tyler and Caroline in Founders Day, because the look they shared after the were migraine car accident, and Tyler’s concern for Caroline made me squee. I must admit, I really hoped after seeing that Forwood scene in Haunted that the guy Caroline hooked up with that night ended up being Tyler 😉

      But ultimately I voted for Lupining Tyler because that is when I fell in love with Tyler so much I wanted to do Got Forwood recaps!

      My brother to this day has obviously never understood why 300 resonated with me so. Eh, no sense ruining his belief that it was all about the plot 😉 Hey, could you imagine a 300 episode of The Vampire Diaries, with Stefan, Damon, Alaric, Tyler and Jeremy rushing around in nothing but a cape and leather thongs?! MAKE THIS HAPPEN, WRITERS!
      Hehe! I laughed at your “Hello abs” reference, since Jeremy’s Best Looks post has a Hello Biceps Jeremy (which of course is an homage to the cringeworthy “Hello biceps” line Bella utters in New Moon).

  • Gen

    I did vote for 300 Tyler lol. He’ll always get my vote. 🙂

    Oh Founder’s Day is my favorite episode of S1. Caroline giving it to Tyler about him trying to reconcile with Matt and her coming to his rescue when his Dad manhandled him had me squeeing all over the place. Then at the hospital when Sheriff Forbes tells Matt how serious her condition is and Tyler just kind of looks up with this concerned look on his face…le sigh. They were just it for me.

    I’m glad you decided to do Forwood recaps, I wish I had found them sooner. I could have been squeeing with you this whole time! LOL.

    A 300 episode? Do you want me to die? Cause I would. I wouldn’t be able to handle all the hotness lol.

    Jeremy Gilbert. I like. I like a lot lol.

    I’ve never seen the Twilight movies lol, so the reference went right over my head.

    • Spidey Sense

      Have you actually seen the movie 300? It comes, um, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me 😉

      Caroline and Tyler just have this incredible capacity to snark with one another that she just doesn’t with Matt. Even at his most vulnerable point, scared on the night of his first were transformation, Tyler still had a slight edge with the whole “what am I supposed to wear? I don’t think it’s like the hulk where I get to keep my pants” comment. And right before their Ambush Kiss Caroline was able to dish out that she cared in a completely unsentimental and awesome way. Being rather cynical, I just love how this pair makes me all goey without necessarily being lovey dovey all the time.

      I still can’t believe just how motherf**king much I love this pair together. Ahh, Trevino and Accola you slay me.

      Hopefully I’ll be given loads of material for future Got Forwood recaps. I’ll still be doing Caroline caps while Tyler is gone. I love Caroline enough to follow her journey through, Caratts or no Caratts, plus I want to chart every little piece of evidence that she is pining for Tyler just as much as he is no doubt lupining for her. She might be mad, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care deep down 😉

      I’m also gonna do Got Forwood Rewind recaps, because I can’t last without my weekly squeeing over Trevino. I was going to start when things really picked up in season two, but you’ve awesomely reminded me that Haunted and Founders Day really need to be covered too. So you can squee along with me through all of that if you like! 😉

      Imagine if fangirls were actually allowed to develop a plot for a single episode. 300 Vampire Diaries would no doubt have girlies everywhere feeling very, very happy!

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