Mixtape Mondays – Spidey Jeremy & Spidette Bonnie – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

Don’t forget to read Part I so you are all up to speed if you haven’t already 🙂

Also, as before, all awesome GIFs and picspam from F**k Yeah Steven R McQueen Tumblr unless otherwise credited.

 The thing i like most about Steven R. McQueen is how he never rolls his eyes at my dumb questions. (via@cadlymack twitter)  i just want to put him in my pocket.

Let’s go!

Mixtape Track #5 – Anything – Clement & Murray


Take me over.
I’m lying down, givin in to you.
I’m a hurricane.
I can’t describe this feeling, oh.

Now that I’ve found this love,
I’d do anything for you.
Now that I’ve found this love.

I’m a fire, burnin like a house aflame.
I am motionless.
I cannot move.
I only see you fly.

Now that I’ve found this love,
I’d do anything for you.
Now that I’ve found this love.

Take me over.
I’m lying down, givin in.
I’m a hurricane…hurricane.

Now that I’ve found this love,
I’d do anything for you

Jeremy/Bonnie Connection:

The Jeremy/Bonnie/Luka triangle becomes fully-fledged in The Sacrifice (S02E10). On the one hand, Bonnie had witchygasms when she and Luka channelled power between one another, a metaphor for sex if I ever saw one.

 The Vampire Diaries : Let's All Get Killed

 The Vampire Diaries : Let's All Get Killed

Yet she had some smokin’ moments with Jeremy in amongst all of this.

Jeremy is the only one who knows about the toll Bonnie’s magic is taking on her after their interactions in Rose (S02E08). A shared secret like this creates a sense of trust, friendship and intimacy between the pair, and triggers Jeremy’s hero complex, because he knows that others may ask of her more than she is able to give.

In The Sacrifice, Bonnie talks seriously about attempting the spell that killed her far more experienced witch grandmother in order to secure a moonstone being held hostage by Katherine in a magically sealed tomb (yep, that sentence sounds ridiculous no matter how you paint it, but all we really need to know is that the moonstone is the key to breaking a hella confusing ancient Mayan curse and therefore is important).

Bonnie would rather risk her life and ignores his appeals to stop.

Now that I’ve found this love,
I’d do anything for you.

Bonnie cares for Jeremy, but Jeremy is truly head over heels by this point. So when he believes Bonnie is risking her life, he tries to convince she isn’t strong enough to attempt her plan, leading to quite simply the hottest Jonnie moment EVER.

Jeremy: You’re not strong enough.Bonnie: I’ll be okay. 

You know the only reason why he calmed down so easily was because his brain had turned to mush after this.

Once he regains his ability to think, he takes it upon himself to be incredibly reckless (“I’m a hurricane”) and tries to retrieve the moonstone himself.

 The Vampire Diaries : Let's All Get Killed


Look, I love Jeremy, you know I do. But, seriously, guys, that GIF will never not be funny.

Also, do you realise that by searching Katherine’s body for the moonstone just after this, he is essentially feeling up the doppelganger of his sister?! Just sayin’.

 tvdgifs:  “You’ve got to stop her!” | 2.10 | The Sacrifice

And this GIF will never not be SEXY AS HELL.

Stefan Salvatore eventually saves the day (getting trapped in the tomb in the process), but not before Katherine gives Jeremy loads of vampire hickeys. Mmm!

Longing looks.

Bonnie is understandably pissed by his rash actions and their consequences. When she asks why he had to get involved, Jeremy responds with “Duh”… whoops!… that was actually Spidey. No, he says: “I didn’t want you to get hurt”, his voice saying so much more about the depth of his feelings. I kinda cheered when Jeremy told Bonnie not to act like this was a one-sided kid’s crush on his sister’s friend, because EYE SEX NEVER LIES!

 Jeremy: You could have died today.Bonnie: And you almost did.Jeremy: That’s a chance I was willing to take.

 “I can’t…”  GOD.DAMN. Don’t worry Jer, she’ll come around

He leans in for a kiss which Bonnie foolishly steps out of at the penultimate moment. GAH!


Crystal Ball Mixtape Track 1.0 – Kissing You – Des’ree


Pride can stand a thousand trials,
The strong will never fall,
But watching stars without you,
My soul cried.
Heaving heart is full of pain,
oh, oh, the aching.

‘Cause I’m kissing you, oh.
I’m kissing you, oh.
Touch me deep, pure and true,
Gift to me forever
‘Cause I’m kissing you, oh.
I’m kissing you, oh.

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
‘Cause I’m kissing you
I’m kissing you, oh

Jeremy/Bonnie Connection:

On the one hand, I want Jonnie to pash, suck face, play tonsil hockey, pay lip service, smooch, snog and just release all the pent up frustration from the pair’s near kisses.

And pride is definitely a defining trait for both Jeremy AND Bonnie.

Crystal Ball Mixtape Track 2.0 – The Veronicas – This Is How It Feels


You keep calling my phone nonstop
Don’t you know I won’t pick it up
You never leave a message
Look how you’ve changed
You got nothing to say
Getting in my way
Show up at my house
You’re getting so obsessive
Like I have time for you
Wasn’t it me you didn’t want?
Wasn’t it me who was hanging on?
Now I’m done but before I go
I want you to know

This is how it feels
When you wait for a call
And it never comes
Lying awake at night
‘Cause you miss someone
This is how it feels
When the trust you had is broken
And you’re left to burn
With your heart wide open

You want to meet up to tell me why
Why & how
You had the heart to fuck up my whole life
That’s just so you
Now I’ve moved on
Found myself
And maybe I won’t forgive
I�ll just forget you lived
And I hope it hurts
Wasn’t it me you tried to blame?
Wasn’t it me you threw away?
But before you go
There’s something you should know


You taught me how to hate you
And I was so in love
When I tried to save us
It was not enough
So what the hell is different
Cuz now that I am gone
You’re crawling back to tell me
I’m the one
This is how it feels


Do you only want me?
Cuz you can’t have me
Do you only want me?
Cuz I’m gone
(Repeat 3X)

Jeremy/Bonnie Connection:

On the other hand, I want Jeremy to tell her to KISS OFF in fine style like this song.

Time will only tell which impulse wins out for me. Which one do you feel guys?

gingeratheart:  21 People Almost Too Perfect To Exist (14) Steven R McQueen AKA the cutest thing that has ever lived. Seriously, have you ever watched an interview of him? It’s impossible not to love him. He’s very charismatic. And he’s not one of those guys who are so adorable they lose their sex appeal. This man will have you on your knees begging for more with just a look. His laugh has been know to cause fainting. He’s practically the whole package. One minute he’s got this brooding, dark, mysterious thing going on, the next he’s being a hyper goof ball and making lame jokes. It’s sexy as hell.  Basically this.

Until the next mixtape, please accept this insanely pretty parting gift.

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4 responses to “Mixtape Mondays – Spidey Jeremy & Spidette Bonnie – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

  • imaginarymen


    That last pic!! It’s like someone said “You know what Amy likes? Pretty pouty boys with floppy hair and exposed forearms of sin and 80’s era English bands loose skinny ties”!!!!

    I’d love to comment on your actual blog content, but I’m too busy swooning at that damn pic!!

    • Spidey Sense

      You know that I’ll be forever grateful to you for introducing me to the Paul Wesley photo shoot equivalent.

      This was actually my little way of giving back to you, Amy, so I’m glad it rendered you speechless 😉

      Seriously though, McQueen is so pretty is hurts sometimes!

  • Jesse

    You’re totally giving me flashbacks with the songs!! You know how I watched and loved “Buffy” and no, I’m not pissed off at all because you used it 🙂 (I’m a Spuffy lover as well *hugs*)
    What-A-Surprise! Another love-triangle on TVD. As I posted on part 1 already, there may is chemistry between all parts of that triangle(well, no Jeremy/Luka chemistry) but I really think Bonnie/Luka are the strong part of it. Jeremy may needs some more time to develop before he seriously can consider having a relationship with Bonnie – he’s not too young, but Bonnie had to go through a lot of stuff already (and rememberign all of it) and in my opinion, she’s just a little “wiser” than he is.
    But OH I enjoyed that Jonnie moment in The Sacrifice and I’ll always remember it 🙂 It was just too hot *drools*!
    That nearly kiss totally gave me a heart attack! I couldn’t believe that happening already, but Bonnie stopped him, so I’m good 😉 Of course it was Stefan who had to get stuck in the tomb – could he have an idea more stupid? I mean, Jeremy was wearing his ring – he wouldn’t have died anyway!! justsayin.
    So for your future guessing… Both songs are great! I love the Veronicas 🙂 and it’s awesome that you already used “Untouched” in your Anti-Love mixtape(wasn’t it that one?)! I soo love that song 🙂

    Admiring the pic of Steven McQueen a little and waiting for your response 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      *hugs back* Spuffy for the win! I was re-watching the season two finale of Buffy, and when Spike says “Hello, cutie” to Buffy I won’t lie, my panties dropped 🙂

      Actually, I remember reading somewhere that James Masters, the guy who played Spike, thought that any (hot) male villain of the slayer would have sexual undertones in the relationship with her, and played it as such. So the chemistry was never just in our imaginations in the early days!

      I always loved the Anything song and was heartbroken when I couldn’t track it down on iTunes. Ah well, there is always YouTube! 🙂 SO beautiful! If I had remembered it in time, I would have used it for Stelena.

      The Sacrifice almost kisses between Jeremy and Bonnie made my head want to pop.

      My friend and I were watching the ep and started screaming at the TV “make out, make out” – seriously, if I didn’t know that The Descent is basically gonna be a make out episode, I would not be a happy little fangirl. I don’t care who makes out, but someone had better after all that pent up frustration!

      How awesome are The Veronicas?! Yup, I used Untouched in the other mixtape, which is my all time favourite Veronicas track, although This Is How It Feels is a close second. I’d highly recommend downloading Hook Me Up, Take Me On The Floor and 4ever too.

      Oh, which pic of Steven in particular are you admiring? I’ll make sure to use it in a future post!

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