Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Vampire Games Edition

Rudolf told me he had the most awesome Christmas ever. You know why? He wasn’t allowed to join in any reindeer games, so he played vampire games instead.

Stefan taught him how to jump rope with a shirt.

Damon gave him a crash course in playing strip poker with naughty vampire minions.

And here’s the picture he and his vamp friends used to play Pin The Fang On The Katherine.

Thanks for the first three lovely GIFs OhMissNothing Tumblr!

Rudolf told me Caroline even taught him how to go bobbing for humans so that he’ll be ready for when Halloween swings round!

Thanks Team Forwood Tumblr!

Blogger pal Amy from Imaginary Men was the pioneer of a little something called the TVBoyfriend Olympics. I’m hoping the first two GIFs are persuasive enough for her to consider festive games a new category.

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6 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Vampire Games Edition

  • kjewls

    AWESOME! That’s all I have to say! And that GIF of Stefan “jump roping with his shirt” is HILARIOUS. 🙂 Ahhhh . . . animated GIFs . . . how did old-school fangirls survive without them?

    So, about these Vampire Games . . . how can I sign up to play? 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      I remember the fangirl days before the internet – it was so hard being content with just plastering hot boy pics on school books. You might go so far as to say that GIFs and the internet have revolutionised fangirlism 😉

      If you can feign being rejected by reindeer punks, you would have your invite to play all sewn up!

  • Jesse

    OMG!!! Soo soo great :))
    Those Gifs are all killing me – you know that?

    I basically wanna scream at Stefan “Keep that shirt of!!” but we know how that ends in TVD… We only have him shirtless a few seconds 😦 soo much wasted time to put on shirts!

    LOVE them!! :))

    • Spidey Sense

      That’s my plan – to kill you softly with Stefan GIFs, awesome SEster!

      Actually, with all the time I spend sorting through Salvatore GIFs, it truly is alarming for a fangirl how many show Stefan and Damon putting ON shirts rather than taking them off. Although, if we see a glimpse of shirtless Salvatoreness I guess I am pretty happy either way 😉

  • imaginarymen

    Best. Spidey Post. EVER!!!

    I’m sorry. I can’t function bc I’m too busy staring at those first two GIFS. I don’t know which is more jaw dropping and droolworthy. I think they each need to demonstrate these moves IN FRONT OF ME so I can adequately judge and quantify who should win.

    I also take bribes boys. I’m just sayin’.


    I’m SO thrilled the TV Boyfriend Olympics have been so inspirational!! The TVB’s just keep giving us SO MUCH to work with!!

    • Spidey Sense

      Oh, the TVBoyfriend Olympics was a stroke of genius!

      You know, the more I think about it, there shouldn’t just be a festive category, but just a vampire one in general 🙂

      So glad you liked the post! I was just trolling through a whole slew of new Tumblrs that I had discovered, and the Stefan GIF in particular just jumped out at me and looked so comical and sexy that I HAD to use it!

      Do you need help judging? Julie, Trish, Jesse and I would be more than happy to provide moral support 😉

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