Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Colour Blind Edition

What’s black and white and hot all over?

Trevino Nylon2

Why, Michael Trevino in outtakes from his Nylon shoot with Candice Accola and Useless Aunt Jenna Sara Canning way back in September 2010, which are only now seeing the light of day.

Thanks for the yummyness Michael Trevino Online!

Trevino Nylon3

Trevino Nylon7

Either the photographer was trying to be artsy or Michael is so hot that he has made my eyes colour blind to actual colour.

Trevino Nylon4

Trevino Nylon8

Rove McManus, an awesome Aussie late night show host a few years back, used to ask celebrity guests who they would turn gay for as the capper question in a game where they had to answer as many questions as possible to get $20. Yes, we Aussies are strange, I know.

Anyway, Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame gave the best answer EVER: he would turn gay for Albert Einstein, because intelligence is SEXY!  So Trevino in glasses makes me think that if I was a straight male, I would totally turn gay for his intellectual hotness!

Trevino Nylon9

Also, this photo shoot makes me think that it is high time for a werewolf actor wet t-shirt competition. If I could make it happen I would; I’m all about giving back to the people ;).

Trevino Nylon5

Trevino is even that rare breed of hotness where he can get away with wearing no socks with his shoes!

Now, I’ve been absolutely amazed by the popularity of Lupining Tyler in my Best Tyler Lockwood Looks post. Even though I thought he was a creature who only existed in The Descent promo…

… I did a little digging and discovered that there have been a few Lupining Tyler moments already!

Exhibit A

Lupining Tyler1

Exhibit B

Lupining Tyler2

Exhibit C

Lupining Tyler3

Exhibit D

Lupining Tyler4

Thanks Team Forwood Tumblr!

Hopefully this will help tide all of us Forwood fans over until this hiatus is done, kapoot, finito!


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7 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Colour Blind Edition

  • Sara (ofepicproportions)

    Luhvvvv himmm. ❤

    And I didn't know you were Australian!? That's so cool 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, I love him too!

      And, yes, Trevino’s hotness is so great that it is able to cross continents and oceans 🙂

      Since I’m Australian I can give you a new word for exclaiming about his cuteness – just call him a spunk rat! (although I know “spunk” is a term that doesn’t always translate very well elsewhere:))

      Or have you been over here already and learned some of the wily ways of the locals?

  • kjewls

    I swear my crush on Michael Trevino, has expanded incrementally every day since “By the Light of the Moon” aired. And your Trevino-centric posts have a lot to do with that. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    And these pictures . . . . *wipes drool off cheek* . . . it’s as if he is genetically incapable of taking a bad photograph. (I’ve always been kind of jealous of people like that, as I SUCK at photos!)

    I too love the shots of Trevino in the dark-rimmed glasses. Aside from making him look smart, he just looks so pensive and introspective in them. Mommy Like!

    And I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it here before, but I ADORE the relationship Michael Trevino has with Candice Accola, off screen as well as on . . . the inside jokes, the mini video game competitions, the finishing of eachother’s sentences, the all around cuteness. I imagine EVERYBODY says this about awesome TV couples, but I’d like to post my prediction right here that these two will be dating in real life by the end of the season (that is, if they haven’t started doing so, in secret, already). 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Happy to aid and abet your Trevino crush! Just like I can always count on you to give me the ultimate Damon fix 🙂

      Him getting the Mommy Like stamp of approval is like an Emmy for hotness!

      It’s amazing how different Tyler seems in retrospect, isn’t it? Where he was just a douche before, now he has become a tortured romantic hero and misunderstood leading man in the making 🙂

      I love the twosome of cuteness that is Michael and Candice together too, and I won’t lie, I have been shipping them off screen as well! Just like Tyler and Caroline bonded over the transformation scene, shooting it as actors must have been really intense for Candice and Michael, so it being the start of a budding relationship isn’t so hard to believe for me ;).

  • imaginarymen

    Why in the world would anyone want a photoshoot of Useless Aunt Jenna? ;-00

    • kjewls

      LOL, Amy! Ahhh . . . Poor Useless Aunt Jenna. If she only knew how much fun we all had at her expense . . .

      (Then again, considering she (1) has NO CLUE about the BOATLOAD of vampires and werewolves she’s already let inside her house, and (2) is convinced she “walked into a knife, accidentally,” she probably hasn’t figured it out yet.)

      I do kind of hope Sara Canning isn’t a blog reader, though . . . *blushes guiltily*

      • Spidey Sense

        Poor overlooked Sara Canning. She’s stunningly gorgeous, so I can’t feel TOO sorry for her, plus she gets to pash Alaric.

        But it must be hard to be so vastly overshadowed by her co-stars. Maybe I need to create a “Why Useless Aunt Jenna Rulez!!!11!!” post. What can I say; I like a challenge ;).

        I think Nylon did pieces with most of the cast, so maybe she was part of the package deal? Or – horrors – maybe they are projecting a future triangle between Tyler, Caroline and Useless Aunt Jenna? We know he isn’t averse to hooking up with older women based on his tryst with Matt’s Slutty Mom.

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