Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Panty Free Fall Edition

WARNING: You might want to padlock your panties to your bodies, ladies. I’m not responsible if they suddenly go into free fall because of this post.

This little fangirl went to the internet, and look what she brought home…


Michael Trevino torso porn!

I’ve been accused of liking the men I wallpaper my blog with for their pretty, pretty faces only.

Not so.

I mean, as Trevino shows us, the rest of them is usually adequate too…



Blogger pal Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous even dug up some rare pre-Tyler torso porn in her Trevino tribute post that shows he has been WAY more than just a pretty face for a long time.



I think I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke. Or a cold shower. Or both.

One thing’s for sure, beachside Trevino makes me want to hang onto him like a fangirl barnacle.

Sadly, vintage Trevino torso porn is hard to come by. Thank God the character of Tyler is rectifying this crime against humanity.





I might have to go out and buy a pregnancy test kit now. What? You’ve never heard of immaculate conception via scoping out torso porn? It’s what all the cool fundie kids are talking about these days!



So hot he even makes himself salivate. Hey, Trevino, I’m happy to lick your drool off you if you want. It’s no problem, really.


Aww, look, he wants to return the favour!


I won’t lie. My first reaction when I saw this white rapper boy hand movement by Trevino, after I regained the ability to form coherent thoughts at the sight of his shirtless form, was to think of the guy from THIS song…

Well, Trevino is pretty damn fly for a white guy ;).

If for no other reason, we should be grateful for the worldwide recession/global financial crisis for its contribution to womankind. After all, clearly this has resulted in wardrobe budget cuts for Trevino… And we can all share in the benefits of his shirtlessness :).


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8 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Panty Free Fall Edition

  • Jesse


    I mean, we all know how hot he is, but seeing it all in ONE post makes breathing actually really hard! 😉
    I’m enjoying his shirtlessness and hope he’ll still stay that way after the endless hiatus (I have the feeling this one will never end :()

    Those pre-Tyler pics are sooo cute! It’s the first time that I see them, but he sure looked hot even in his early days 🙂

    Going to take a veeeeery cold shower now – thanks for this post Cherie 🙂 It’s AWESOME!

    • Spidey Sense

      Yup, I should’ve included potential shortness of breath in the warning label on this post 😉

      Here’s hoping we are treated to many, many more shirtless moments as a result of his monthly werewolf transformations.

      Turn that shower up to ice water levels. Anything less won’t work, trust me! 🙂

      Unlike McQueen, who has transformed this season, Trevino has looked pretty similar over the years. IE Always DAMN hot!

  • kjewls

    This post is Torso-licious, Cherie! (And thanks so much for the shout out, within it. You RULE!)

    Of course, I have bookmarked this one. Now, I know where to go, whenever I’m too lazy too remove my panties. Why do it myself when Michael Trevino can do it for me? 😉

    (LOL . . . Pretty Fly for a White Guy. Oh, that song brings back memories . . . 🙂 Now I know where Spose got his inspiration for that “I’m Awesome” song, which never fails to make me giggle.)

    • Spidey Sense

      Torso-licious is just as awesome as the word doppelicious!

      Aww, how could I NOT give you a shout out for your hard work collecting pre-Tyler torso porn in the service of fangirls everywhere. You deserve to recline on a chaise longue with Trevino feeding you peeled grapes for your efforts 😉

      With 90s music always on my brain, that was the first song that came to mind when I watched the shirtless jogging scenes. Hot and hilarious!

  • imaginarymen

    Too much awesome in this post: Padlock your Panties,Torso Porn, Fangirl Barnacle!!

    All I can say is: Shirtfulness BOOOOOO!!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! Some girl at work was talking about going to an Aussie theme park and going on a Drop Zone ride which puts you into free fall.

      My first thought was: “That is what my panties do when TVD is on!” 😉

      Shirtfulness BOOOOOO!! should be a war cry!

  • Gen

    lkdjflkajsd Sweet Jesus. So much torso!porn post I think I died a few times lol.

    I absolutely loved MT in Cane. He was so sweet as Jaime. Too bad that show only lasted a season. Being of Mexican descent myself, it was nice to see a Latin family as the center of a television show. The relationship between MT’s character and his father was so touching and yeah I totally cried a few times lol.

    I bow down to your awesomeness of this post. One can never get enough of shirtless!Trevino.

    • Spidey Sense

      That was the plan with this post. To see how many fangirls I could single-handedly kill and raise from the dead, because while the sight of shirtless!Trevino is enough to knock a fangirl dead, you can bet she’ll be coming alive again, hungry for more 😉

      It is so hard finding quality Trevino eye candy that isn’t related to TVD though. I can’t wait until The Factory comes out, so that after you have GIF’d the crap out of all of his scenes, I can indulge in unabashed worship of his role in the movie.

      Aww, you’re a Mexicana chica! You share the same heritage as Trevino! Woo!

      I want Tyler to swoop back in all leather jacketed up, but then the sacrifice ritual (that he gets out of alive but has to participate in to help buy time for a while) require him to strip down to… well, what he wore during the transformation scenes.

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