Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Tyler’s Brow Thing Edition



Special news flash interrupting your regularly scheduled fangirling to bring you this message: I have discovered Tyler’s Thing on The Vampire Diaries…

Damon has an Eye Thing.

  The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains


 The Vampire Diaries : Let's All Get Killed


Jeremy has a Jaw Thing.

 Look at that jaw work.


Trevino obviously knew it was GAME ON and he had to get his own Thing with a capital T, so here you have it… his Brow Thing!

It has become such an entity unto itself that it deserves its own trailer on the Vampire Diaries set.









Sometimes the Brow Thing is restrained, and only evident in an ever-so-slight creasing of the forehead or crinkling of the eyes…




His Brow Thing became Throbbing Temple Thing when he first wolfed out…



And let’s not forget the BROW beatings that Caroline has given him ever since she became a vampire…

 I never get tired of watching that moment. Bravo, Candice, BRAVO!

Sergeant Tyler says: Worship the brow, bitches!


Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Hey, I’m getting dirty in the foxhole on the obstacle course later on. Wanna join me?


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6 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Tyler’s Brow Thing Edition

  • Jesse

    You have a sixth sense, I’m sure now! Like Jeremy’s Jaw Thing, I didn’t really notice it before you point it out! 🙂

    And with every post, and every picture that I see from Tyler, I love him more and more 🙂 I totally can’t understand myself for not thinking he’s hot before I saw him in 2×11 – shame on me!

    Now you made it harder for me to have to wait another 16 days until “The Descent”…. Thanks for that 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      A fangirl sixth sense! I love it 😉 You are definitely equipped with one too, based on how awesome your Addicted to TVD blog is.

      Trevino can do everything with his brow from quirking in a cute, sexy, comical way to causing your heart to fissure down a major fault line with a single furrow. To date, he is the only actor to have made me near tears on TVD. This is BIG, coming from somone who has the nickname Ice Eyes in her family. I imagine for a person with normal tear ducts, it was probably a case of Niagra Falls when watching By The Light of the Moon!

      16 days – so close, yet so far!

  • kjewls

    You are like a Hot Boy Biologist, Cherie — observing sexy beasts in their natural habitat, and discovering their unique mating rituals! Tyler Lockwood TOTALLY has a Brow Thing! Not only is it super sexy, it also brings more of a wolfish mystique to his character. It’s almost as if the Wolf Gene and the Brow Gene go hand and hand with one another. (Mason seemed to have it too!)

    I’m wondering now if the Brow Thing is something Trevino adapted for Tyler specifically (for the reasons described), or if it’s actually something he does subconsciously on a day-to-day basis. Whatever it is, it sure as heck works for him! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Oh, Julie, you made me lulz so much with that first line! You know what? I actually did love Biology in Year 12 at school and aced it, and my inner sexy beast watchin’ fangirl explains this fact 😉 Now, if I can just get some Delena conjugation, all my Biology dreams will have come true!

      The brow might be partly a compensation for Trevino’s lack of wolfy eyebrows (which Ian Somerhalder has, actually! Predatory!). As you say awesomenly note, the brow movement more than makes up for this in the werewolf mystique department.

      The other explanation is that the Brow Thing is a subconscious twitch to the hotness of the Salvatore men wandering around him on a daily basis. Even a straight man can’t be completely immune from all the pretty 😉

  • imaginarymen

    I cannot say it any better than Julie, so I will repeat her: “You are like a Hot Boy Biologist, Cherie — observing sexy beasts in their natural habitat, and discovering their unique mating rituals!”

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