Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – The Best Looks of Vampire Barbie Edition


Vampire Barbie AKA Caroline Forbes comes with so many different clothes and accessories! I bet she even has a Camper Van hidden somewhere… probably with Mason Lockwood’s decomposing body locked away in it.

Let’s check out her best looks so far, shall we?

Queen Bee Caroline

Caroline was sugar and spice with a healthy dollop of essence of bitchy little twit in the early days of season one. She is really more honeybee than Queen Bee underneath the surface, but we see a little of both when she receives a necklace as a gift from Elena.

Although she accepts the gift graciously and is touched by Elena’s gesture, saying “God, it’ll go with everything”, she can’t resist also asking if it’s a “lesbian friend necklace cos we’re freaky like that”…



I LOVE the necklace Elena gives her, the denim jean jacket she is workin’ in this scene, and the wink that accompanies her “freaky like that” comment.

Pom Pom Wars Caroline


Ready? Ok! Just consider Caroline’s peppy cheerleader stance as her equivalent to marking her popularity territory with Elena Gilbert, her frenemy and biggest rival for most of season one.

Fashion Bloodhound Caroline

Caroline may have had a talent in early season one for putting her nose where it didn’t belong, but there’s no denying she could sniff out awesome fashion from a mile away.

One highlight was this green jacket and scarf combo, with a gorgeous messy updo.

By the way, notice my subtle doggy reference considering she is one step away from falling in love with a certain Werewolf Sex God…



I mean, seriously? I would be throwing milk wishbones at this fine specimen if I were her!

Miss Mystic Falls Caroline

Next best thing to seeing a werewolf and vampire go to prom together? (Fellow Forwood fans, I’m holding out hope!). Seeing a pre-vamping Caroline in a gorgeous emerald gown and encourage frenemy rival Elena to compete for the title Miss Mystic Falls and honour her mother’s memory, even though in season one ordinarily Elena makes her green with envy. She carried off this turning point in her character growth with truly elegant style.

The Lady Is A Vamp Caroline


Caroline’s choice of dress colour at her first major town event after vamping (i.e. about .05 seconds after she was turned, at the rate events are churned out in this town)? BLOOD red.


That, my lovelies, is what we call anvilicious foreshadowing, and all I can say is BRING IT!

The colour of passion is a fitting choice given the triangle between her, Matt and Tyler that is shaping up for the second half of season two.

Sparkly Caroline

muneefication:  And you really gonna turn down my help? -Caroline


Caroline’s bubbly, peppy personality is so unlike any vampire I have ever witnessed in pop culture that I am utterly charmed by her. And looks like I’m not the only one who is.

But then black jackets and luscious curls have always been known to get werewolves’ tongues panting.

Poetry In Motion Caroline


Caroline showed girls around the world the ultimate way to put a cork in an awkward conversation where you’re being grilled for information your maker has forbidden you to give: vampire judo!

Despite the fact that her twisted necking days with Damon were long over, Caroline clearly still liked wearing scarves, and wearing one in this scene was all the better to show off her fluid movements with.

Dungeon Girl Caroline

Dungeon Girl Caroline

A simple button up shirt and jacket combo is given extra flair when sporting a blood beard after sucking your vamp-hating mother’s deputy dry in Tyler’s old slave cellar AKA his favourite inappropriate hooking up spot.

Chalk that up as another reason why the sexual tension skyrockets whenever he and Caroline are in the place together.

Care Bear Caroline

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains

During Tyler’s painful werewolf transformation, Caroline knew there was nothing she could do and that she was putting her own life in danger, but stayed with him anyway.

I’ve now watched these scenes so much that I’ve started noticing shallow things, like the fact that Caroline’s hair is absolutely stunning the entire time, and that she is wearing a brown leather jacket I totally covet.

By the way, I promise this wasn’t just an excuse to work a picture of chained up Tyler into the post. Well, mostly 😉

For those interested, I was a Rainbow Care Bear girl ALL THE WAY as a kid. My loyalty was unflinching, like Damon’s ability to listen to Taylor Swift.

Faint disclaimer: you might have noticed that I am ever-so-slightly obsessed with Forwood from this post and that I am ready for the hiatus dry spell had better end soon.

As Elena says, I have had ENOUGH of this waiting shit.


In the meantime, deaden the pain by distracting yourself… and voting for who is the fairest Caroline of them all!

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  • kjewls

    OMG, I was OBSESSED with Rainbow Care Bear when I was a kid! I had the plastic figurine, the small stuffed animal version, AND the cuddly life-sized version to sleep with at night . . . not to mention COUNTLESS t-shirts, diaries, and stickers “bearing” his cute little mug. Something tells me you and I would have played well together as kids. 🙂

    I have to say, I am developing a bit of a girl crush on Candice Accola, and her alter ego Caroline Forbes. Your regular Forwood postings are definitely feeding those flames, so much muchas gracias for that. 🙂 I would KILL to have an ounce of that girl’s cuteness and beauty! (“Kill” being the operative word, seeing as this is a vampire show.)

    I voted for the Fashion Bloodhound look, because I am a sucker for a messy updue, funky scarves, fitted jackets, and cool-colored attire. Not everyone can rock that look, but Caroline’s got it in spades. 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, we shared a pop culture brain every as little kids! I also was a massive fan of Hairy McClairy (not sure if he is strictly an Australian thing or not) and because of my brother’s influence, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers. I even had a TMNT boardgame where pizza slices represented life force. So it really tickled me when Stefan made a Ninja Turtles joke.

      I LOVE Candice Accola so much. She has turned what originally could have been a one-note character into a creation that is three-dimensional, warm, flawed and easily my favourite female on the show. And that is saying something because I also adore Katherine and Elena, and even Bonnie has her moments lately (usually when close to being attached at the lip to Jeremy).

      Fashion Bloodhound Caroline is my second favourite look (I voted for Care Bear Caroline as I am a sucker for brown leather jackets – don’t ask me why, I have no idea ;)). She has that thick blonde hair necessary to make a messy pony look like an extremely cool hairdo. I have definite hair jealousy because my hair is fine that I usually end up with a small, spiky pony instead!

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