Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Welcome To The Museum Of EuroHotPaulWesley Art Edition

Welcome to my Museum of EuroHotPaulWesley Art!










This stuff is frameworthy. The man is a piece of priceless art. Someone hang him up in the Louvre, for Heaven’s sake!

I mean, Bondage Stefan taught us just how good Paul looks when hanging from something…

Tied Up Stefan

Guess some of the best art really does come from pain!

Blogger pal Amy first made me a devotee of the EuroHotPaul artform with her Cute Boy Alert: Paul Wesley post.

Some fangirls are just gifted with a fine eye for art, and she is one of them! Other honorary curators of the Museum of Contemporary EuroHotPaul Art, Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous, Jesse from Addicted to TVD Tumblr, Melinda from Paul Wesley Fans and Tina from the Team Paul Wesley YouTube channel are too.

Remember how Cher in Clueless called Amber a “full-on Monet”?

Cher: “It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.”


Well, we can rule out Paul being a Monet, because whether up close or from far away, his sculptured muscles are awe inspiring.


Care to disagree?

Didn’t think so!

Sometimes Paul’s life imitates art and he has hot photo shoots with onscreen girlfriend Nina Dobrev.


The Museum even has artworks dating back to the ’80s, as seen in Flashdance EuroHotPaul, with one shoulder of his jumper strategically lowered off of his shoulder porn ALA Jennifer Beals.



He is a pretty good dancer, though I know someone who is even better…

Speaking of which, you know who else is a priceless piece of art?


I mean, just check out that Mona Lisa smile on Damon!

Mona Lisa had her secrets. So does Damon. Such as, WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN IN THE DESCENT, DAMMIT!

Here, a Vampire Diaries boys canvas for all you fangirl Frida Khalos out there to appreciate…



Feel free to dip your paintbrush into it!

Just remember, when it comes to priceless art and TV Boyfriends, you can look but not touch…


But when looking is this much fun, it doesn’t matter!

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8 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Welcome To The Museum Of EuroHotPaulWesley Art Edition

  • Paulwesleylover

    I motherf@#king love you! You know just the right things to say about Paul…….Mr. P-Dub, the Dublicious hunk of Heaven sent man meat who, if joined forces with the Autobots from Transformers, would most definitely be called Orgasmatron. His ABSolutely perfectly chisled abs made from the finest flesh marble are enough to make Michelangelo say “DAMN” and scrap his works of art to start over using none other than Paul ” the Hottie Body” as his muse. Damn, is it hot in here?

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post…….. Nice to know I am recognized for my exquisite taste in the finer, hotter, body convulsing, lip quivering, panty changing things in life 🙂


    • Spidey Sense

      I love you too, for this hilarious comment!

      Could you imagine if Paul was recreated for Madame Tussaud’s wax museum? The sculptor would have the arduous task of counting every ab ridge and muscle ripple! And just think how much art history would have benefitted if Michelangelo HAD sculpted Paul for the Sistine Chapel. Why, Catholicism probably wouldn’t be in the decline it is now 😉

      I was slightly obsessed with Transformers as a kid, bad sadly there was never a PDub Orgasmatron. I guess Mattel or whichever brand made the Transformers toys didn’t want to give the other Autobots adequacy issues!

  • kjewls

    I want to dip more than “my paintbrush” on that Boy Canvas, of yours! 😉

    There’s just something about black-and-white photographs of sexy boys (looking all brooding, and intellectual, as they tend to do) that makes me go all gooey inside!

    I also LOVED your Clueless Picspam, as well as the AWESOMELY HILARIOUS “Talk to the Hand” Stelena gif from “Miss Mystic Falls.” Ahhhhhh, memories! 🙂

    Paul Wesley definitely possesses that Michaelangelo’s David physique, doesn’t he? Everything is so painstakingly chiseled, and in perfect proportion. It’s the Golden Mean of Sex! In fact, I’m convinced the man is made of marble. Let’s all go touch him, just to double check. (Torrey Devitto won’t mind, right?) 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      A canvas like that is a BIG reminder of why I work in the arts!

      I definitely agree that black and white photos cause hotness to increase exponentially, for some unfathomable reason. Is it that we like mystery so much that seeing someone else through another filter than normal technicolour is intriguing to us?

      I loved that little Stelena dance moment. Funny Stefan is a version we should see more of, in my humble opinion 😉

      Golden Mean of Sex is so made of win that I will now have to search for a image with a golden colour shot through it of Paul Sexley so that I can use this new TM of yours!

  • imaginarymen

    This is brilliant. I do love me EuroHotPaulWesley!! He makes me forget he’s a clean-cut all-American boy, former lab partner of our own Miss Julie!!

    • Spidey Sense

      I could make a chemistry lab double entendre here, but I will show SOME restraint 😉

      Paul Wesley suits the EuroHot look so well because of those incredibly chiselled features that fit the sharp angles and cuts of Euro clothing.

      And boy can that man wear a coat!

  • Jesse

    OMG, hon 🙂
    That just made my day!! Thanks for mentioning me and taking some of the pics from my tumblr 🙂

    I’m very proud to be a “curator of the Museum of Contemporary EuroHotPaul Art” 😉 because how could I not?

    Looking forward for what is yet to come(in 2×14) 😉 and love to read your amazing blog!!

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, so glad you enjoyed the post!

      Your Tumblr is so awesome! I can always rely of you to snuffle out amazing TVD pictures that I haven’t found myself yet 😉

      I’m sure your curatorial Tumblr experience will come in handy in the future!

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