Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Welcome To The Pretty Party Edition

Fly, my pretties, fly, into your latest installment of TTT!

Sometimes things can get serious on this blog. Sometimes I attempt analysis of characters…. zzzz! Look, I put myself to sleep 😉 I know that all that you really want is the PRETTY!


Well, I believe in giving the people what they want!



You know how werewolves have a heightened sense of smell?

“A fresh, flowery fragrance on a girl tells me that she likes to pamper herself. She’ll definitely linger in my mind.” (from Seventeen interview).

He is quite the study of contradictions, this Trevino.

One minute, as we found out last week, he likes to be slapped around by the girl he is with (his words, not mine!). The next, he likes her to be all girly and emit floral pheromones.

I must admit I pegged him as preferring more of a spicy, clean cologne-y girl like *cough*Spidey*cough*. Anyone care to join me in hijacking Bella and Edward’s meadow and diving into it the way Scrooge McDuck used to do with his mountains and mountains of money?

Also, did you notice that there is obviously a sock shortage whenever Trevino is around?


Guess the Vampire Diaries boys are so used to chicks asking them to remove articles of clothing that they are cutting out the middle man. Yet another reason why the Salvatores should say BOO! to shirtfulness. Easy access for sex scenes!


Also from the same photo shoot… a Hoodie of Hedonism (TM KJewls)! Makes me want to tear off that hood and find out what is going on under there!

This is a random shot that I love because it reminds me of what my brother and I used to do to compare heights growing up. In Trevino and McQueen’s case, would they be comparing who had attained the highest level of hotness?

 Let’s see, there’s scorching, smoking, volcanic, molten, mastodonic (thanks TinaPDub for that one!), liquifying levels of hotness. Which do you think they each reach? Or am I completely foresighted and overlooking an even higher level?

Judy Yam, a CW publicist you can follow on Twitter at @HeyJude012, just tweeted this season two promo shot of Tyler. Um, I LOVE HER!

This one might get a workout in the liveblog 😉

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3 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Welcome To The Pretty Party Edition

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  • kjewls

    Can I just say, I LOVE Trevino’s style (or his STYLIST’S style, whichever dominates his wardrobe ;)). That Hoodie of Hedonism picture may be my favorite, as I’m always a sucker for a sexy comfy- looking hoodie 😉 Plus, it’s a GREY HOODIE, accented by an ALMOST . . . but NOT QUITE . . . perfectly matching denim jacket!

    I’ve never seen a pairing of denim and hoodie on an actor before (not to mention the white tee beneath it-sigh!). And I think, most guys probably wouldn’t be able to pull that look off. But Trevino DEFINITELY can — especially, with that Mona Lisa smile of his!

    Hmmm . . . wonder who’s doorway Tyler is standing in, in that last picture? Is it La Casa de Rich and Awesome, perhaps? 😉 Or is it another abandoned shed of some sort?

    • Spidey Sense

      It’s very true… Trevino’s hotness surpasses even the most doubtful clothing combinations! Of course, he looks even better when wearing very little at all 😉

      Personally, I’m hoping that Tyler is standing in the doorway of Caroline’s humble abode (hey, her room was all sunnyness and light, but it is possible the rest of the house is shrouded in gloomy blue!), preparing to mack her PROPERLY and fuelling the scene with enough passion to launch a thousand fan fiction writers. But that is just me…

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