My Predictions for the Remainder of Vampire Diaries Season 2

The Vampire Diaries is back!



So I’m going to make some predictions for the remainder of season two, and see how many actually turn out to be even a tiny bit correct. I’d love to hear what you think will happen too, so we can later commisserate or glow with smug self-satisfaction depending on whether we are right or wrong!



Dark Stefan will return, and while Elena will remain true to him, her perspective on vampires is going to change. She’ll be forced to face the fact that Stefan isn’t just an out of the ordinary vampire with a purity of spirit, but one with the same innate nature as other vampires but who became different because of a special person, definite event or both. I think that just as this special person made Stefan want to change for the better, Elena is having the same impact on Damon.

The difference is, once Elena understands Stefan’s backstory better, she’ll realise just how hard it is for a vampire to recapture their humanity as Stefan has done (which makes baby vamp Care look even more impressive, when you think about how restrained she has been). As a result, she’ll have a true understanding of the struggles that Damon has faced ever since switching his humanity back on, and this might be the one thing that helps her finally forgive Damon for the Jeremy neck snapping incident.

Tyler will join Team Wolf, but feel conflicted because of his ongoing emotional connection with Caroline. I think that Jules will fill him in on supernatural occurrences and Mystic Falls and the Mayan sun/moon curse, but I think that she will either make lies of omissions or perhaps slant the truth to make Team Vampire look like the bad guys.

Though honestly, Vampire Diaries is the type of show that doesn’t have distinctive heroes or clearly drawn lines between good and evil like on Buffy and Angel. We tend to side with the Salvatores because we see most things from their perspective and have followed their story of the show most intimately, and therefore are more likely to feel sympathetic towards them. But regardless of this, there are definite sides in this particular battle, and I think that there is too much dramatic potential in Tyler being a partial bridge between these worlds for the writers not to capitalise on this.

The wolves will break the Mayan curse, not the vamps, and they will no longer change unless they want to at will. But territory is obviously an issue, and might act as enough of an impetus for them to want to go through the pain of change to win in battle against the vamps. Remember how it was a big drama for Pearl and Katherine to have lost so much territory to the Lockwoods? I don’t think that these were throwaway line, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a battle over the land. Hopefully it doesn’t become to Twilightesque though.

Here’s an intriguing thought… Maybe breaking the curse could make transforming relatively painless. I still confused as hell by the whole Mayan curse, so I could believe an unexpected effect of the curse being broken occurring. And this would really be the only way that werewolves could be equals with vamps, who can change pain free.

Luka, who has appeared somewhat disenchanted with his Dad’s actions already, will betray Bonnie or appear to betray her, but I think that he will come through for her in the end somehow.


Bonnie and Jeremy will share a passionate kiss, but she will have kisser’s remorse, and tell him that she can’t be with him because of the whole being Elena’s brother thing. Elena will discover that the pair hooked up, but frankly my dears won’t really give a damn because she is too busy negotiating her romantic conflict with the Salvatores.

Elijah will continue to be a hot and badass villain until he meets his untimely demise at the hands of… Klaus!

And Klaus will look like THIS GUY (TM KJewls)…

What do YOU think will happen for the rest of the season?

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4 responses to “My Predictions for the Remainder of Vampire Diaries Season 2

  • kjewls

    Great post, Cherie! Very insightful! I can definitely see many of the things you described here happening on the show.

    Interesting prediction about the Wolves breaking the curse. Funny! When I read that spoiler about Jules kidnapping a certain Baby Vamp in an upcoming TVD episode, I always assumed it was to win Tyler’s loyalty, through manipulation of his feelings for her. But that was probably just an ADDED bonus! Jules could be collecting “ingredients” to break the curse, just as Katherine was doing during “Masquerade,” and Elijah seems to be doing now.


    Can I throw my prediction hat in the ring, and suggest that in the Season 2 finale, Damon and Elena will share a REAL kiss, to mirror the passionate FAKE one they shared (well, Damon and Katherine actually shared)on Founders’ Day? There would be a certain cyclical quality to such a finale, don’t you think? It would also lead toward a deeper exploration of the Delena relationship, which I suspect will occur throughout Season 3 a la Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek. YIPPEE!

    (Awwww, don’t be mad at me Stelena fans! It’s just a matter of taking turns! 😉 )

    • Spidey Sense

      I would be shocked if there isn’t a Delena kiss in the finale. The Vampire Diaries writers definitely love their parallels and for things to be cyclical. Goodness knows how they would deal with the fallout in season three! Elena, Stefan and Damon have such intricatel linked histories that it is a complex web of ties to negotiate.

      If Delena is the key lead relationship in season three, it would be such a great opportunity to see his relationship with people like Caroline and Tyler explored more thoroughly. Some of his best scenes in season two were non-Stelena ones.

      I would be sad to see Stelena go, despite being a Delena shipper. They are the steady anchor of the show and I think my world will feel like it has been turned upside down if they have a substantial break up (i.e. not the two ep break ups that they have had at times).

      All I know is, I can’t wait to go on the journey of the second half of this season!

  • Bex

    i think that Jeremey should just give elena his ring, let them do the sacrafice then have elijah kill claus and then elena comes back to life and everybody is happy!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Bex! That is an excellent point! Julie and Kevin have kind of written themselves into a corner, because the ring is meant to protect against all supernatural death, and the sacrifice is most definitely supernatural.

      Maybe they’ll try to get around it by bringing up this point, but having Elijah say that Elena needs to STAY dead for it to work. Even if their reasoning is lame, I hope they acknowledge this point, because it is a pretty big hole in the sacrifice storyline.

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