Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Descent – Vampire Diaries S2E12


Got Forwood is a self-help resource for those addicted to the Tyler/Caroline pairing on the Vampire Diaries.

You’ll get in-depth coverage and analysis of Tyler and Caroline scenes in each episode, whether they are together or apart. I’ll also be working in completely unrelated Salvatoreo Moments of the Week for Stefan and Damon at the end, just because I can!

Oh yeah, and there will be a Spoiler Whore Got Forwood edition released each week, because I know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait until Thursdays to get their TVD fix.

The Got Forwood name was inspired by this gem:

Thank you, slightly crass Vampire Diaries marketing team, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Now, with that outta the way, let’s get into it!

In this week’s episode, we learn that the werewolf who looks like a fox in a football jersey and was fawning over our precious Vampire Barbie at the start of the episode is likely gonna go apes**t at her soon.


This = werewolf fox

We discover that if Tyler and Caroline are able to patch things up and end up being the Romeo and Juliet in the brewing werewolf/vampire battle…


…then Matt is… well… the Paris in the story.


And we find out that Michael Trevino’s onscreen kissing style has the power to make hearts implode and unicorns gallop and prance with unrestrained joy.



Ask Caroline if you don’t believe me!

Also, I hate Jules. Not to be confused with the AWESOME KJewls of TV Recappers Anonymous, who outdid herself with her recap for The Descent.

Here are the scenes with Tyler, Caroline and Forwood in them in full:

Warning: The time between 5:10 and 5:32 may have been worn out by insane numbers of rewinding by a certain Forwood fangirl. *whistles innocently*

We kick off with that awkward moment the day after the girl you’ve been kinda falling for in secret sees you naked and emotional during your first wolf transfiguration, since unlike the Hulk you don’t get to keep your pants when you transform.


Caroline and Tyler catch each other’s eyes from across a bustling crowd at a school BBQ (another event!), and suddenly a unicorn appears in my field of vision!



Candice Accola does the cutest little walk over you will ever see on TV, complete with a tiny “are you ok?” look that was just adorable on every level.

vinimelo:  Cutest walk ever  *_*


Caroline asks Tyler how he’s doing and he says that every muscle is sore. You know what else can make that happen, Ty? Riding a unicorn for a day!

Always the peppy cheerleader, Caroline encourages Tyler to see the positive aspects of his transformation.


Caroline: “You did it! Your first full moon, and you didn’t hurt anyone. It’ll get easier, you’ll get better at it, you’ll learn to control it, and it won’t hurt so much.”

Tyler: “Well, we don’t know any of that for sure.”

Caroline: “No, but small victories, Tyler. Last night was a victory. You know, let’s take it!”

Something I noticed is that Caroline starts off using words like “You” and “Your”, but Tyler talks immediately in terms of “we” (“we don’t know”). I think this was a really subtle way of showing that Tyler was already aware of his feelings for her, but at this point of the episode Caroline was still burying HER feelings below the surface. But when she says “let’s take it!” (i.e. “let US take it”), on some subconscious level it is clear that she is happy to take his cue and think as a team.

Also, alert the media, Tyler smiled during this conversation, people! And what a smile!


Look, I can keep it real about Tyler. He was an aggressive douche with women in the first season, and even though that can be attributed to his latent werewolf gene and Mayor Lockwood daddy issues, I believe strongly in the agency of all of the Vampire Diaries characters, and their ability to choose whether to fight their natures/upbringings or not.

But when he is on, he is f**king on, amiright?

Next, Tyler says: Look, I really want to thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there.” 

Up until this point, Tyler had kind of kept Caroline at arm’s length, reluctant to fully trust her.

For example, in the Sacrifice (S02E10), he has to be convinced by Caroline to let her help him with the whole wolf thing.


Tyler: Vampires don’t have enough problems? You wanna take on mine?

Caroline: Have you thought about it? The wolf thing? Do you know what you’re going to do?

Tyler: I have a plan.

Caroline: Well?

Tyler: It’s kinda… private.

Caroline: I’m student council vice president, head of the prom committee, not to mention I single-handedly organized this town’s clean up campaign. And you’re really going to turn down my help?

He later demands to know why she is helping him out.

Tyler: Why are you helping me?”

Caroline: What do you mean?”

Tyler: “Why do you care? We’ve never been friends before.”

Caroline: “That’s not true. I’ve known you my entire life, Tyler.”

Tyler: “We’ve never been close. Not like this.”

Caroline: “I don’t know. You just seem like you kinda need it. I was alone when I turned. I had no control over my body, or my urges. And I killed somebody. I don’t want that to happen to you. I don’t want you to be alone.”

So it is nice to have him thank her sincerely and without any equivocation in The Descent, especially when his gratitude comes with EyeFlirting (TM Amy) dialled up to the max, which Caroline definitely reciprocates.


I love how Candice Accola allows a play of different emotions to show over Caroline’s face, from her initial attempt to brush off his gratitude with her typical feline Caroline smile, to an awkward, shy smile when Tyler holds her gaze so seriously (and adoringly!).




This extended silent moment of EyeFlirting longingness and lupining reminds me of the sexual tension-fuelled 27 seconds from another show…


Cutely embarrassed, Caroline starts babbling in the Carolinesque way she does sometimes.


Caroline: Umm, yeah, anyway, um, next month we should probably reinforce the wall because you almost got me that one time and it just would’ve been, umm

Tyler: What?

Caroline: Never mind. It’s [laughs awkwardly]…

Tyler: No, no what is it?

Caroline: Well, it’s not a big thing, it’s just that one bite and it’s just, you know, curtains for me.


Tyler: What are you talking about?

Caroline: The legend says that a bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire.

Tyler: How do you know that?

Caroline: I… I think I read it somewhere – [Matt interruptus].

I’ll discuss the significance of the werewolf bite being fatal for vamps reveal to Tyler a little later. I will say he was astute in asking her how she knew about the legend, given that as far as he knows at this point in time, she is the only vampire in Mystic Falls.

When Matt interruptus happened…


… this was my reaction:

Rainbow puke

Guys, my unicorn just went bad! I didn’t even know they could do that!

 The Vampire Diaries : WORTH. THE. WAIT.

Matt says he doesn’t like what is happening between them and goes in for the kiss and HEEGUEPBGFAN FB;PAOFBNA;OPBGO;GBA;GO

Whoops! That was just me falling asleep on my keyboard.

Actually, to be honest, I feel sorry for Matt, and the fact that he is completely alone family-wise, and that his friends are naturally beginning to exclude him because they can’t be completely honest with him about the supernatural aspects of Mystic Falls. I hope to God that the writers decide to let Matt in on all of the secrets, because it would make the love triangle much more compelling.

Also, love triangulation in Mystic Falls? Who woulda thunk it?

Caroline scoots off after the BO-RING Matt kiss, but he catches her a little later in a school hall to demand to know what her feelings are.

 The Vampire Diaries : WORTH. THE. WAIT.


She says that she loves him, but the delivery is awkward and stilted as hell. Caroline really is caught between a rock and a hard place. She can’t tell Matt the truth about what she is. At the same time, her general inability to tell a convincing lie has been reinforced loads of time (like Elena catching onto her being forced to spy for Katherine that one time, or her surprised excitement at actually being able to trick Katherine at the masquerade ball). For that matter, she probably doesn’t want to lie directly to Matt’s face anyway. So of course all she can do is run away from both conversations with Matt.

Also, you know how that slutty cheerleader chick wanted Matt’s help with the BBQ the second time Caroline ran away?

She probably knew he was an expert at making unicorn burgers out of Forwood moments.

Look guys, I just don’t buy that the abyss deep, kickass vampire Caroline of now is really in love with Matt deep down. Matt is a great guy, but for some reason Caroline seemed to bring out the worst in him, like obnoxious lack of understanding for her concern about his feelings for his ex Elena. Shallow kiddie-pool Caroline would put up with this crap, but she has grown so much since then and her self-perception is so different now. Caroline might love Matt, but I refuse to believe that she is IN LOVE with him anymore.

As with so many triangles on this show, her two suitors represent her dual nature; Matt her humanity, and Tyler her new supernatural side. You could even argue that whoever she ends up choosing between the two of them, assuming that s**t doesn’t hit the fan so much that the choice is no longer left up to her, represents which side of herself she is allowing to win out. To be honest, I hope her supernatural side wins out, because becoming a vampire has transformed her in many ways for the better, not just giving her evil impulses she has to suppress.

The other duality Caroline has to comes to terms with is facing the reality of falling for someone as deeply flawed as Tyler versus the fantasy boyfriend she sees in Matt. Luckily, Tyler decides to move things along in that department himself…

What is that? A unicorn waiting on my porch?



Was the Forwood kiss and the conversation around it worth the wait? Oh yes it was!

Tyler: “Where have you been?”

Caroline: “Um, at school. What’s up? What do you want?”

Tyler: “We need to talk.”

Caroline: “Why?”

Tyler: [mouth movements]

Caroline: [laughs] “What’s wrong with you?”

I loved that Tyler, who is usually pretty smooth with the ladies, is for once the tongue-tied one. Though he’ll be tongue-tied in more than one way soon! 


Tyler: “I just don’t understand one thing.”

Caroline: “What?”

Tyler: “Why would you risk it? If a werewolf bite kills a vampire, why would you risk it?”

Caroline: “Because you needed help.”

Tyler: “Caroline, I could’ve killed you.”

Caroline: “But you didn’t.”

Ahh, Trevino, you are so hot, but I LOL’d at the wide eyed “whaaaa?” face you made 😉

You know, I can’t decide if the writers let the fatal werewolf bite intel out of the bag too early. On the one hand, it was the trigger that led to this scene. But I think it would have had even more impact if Tyler had found out the severity of the risk she had taken and sacrifice she had made to be in that dungeon with him, AFTER he (inevitably) does something rash in light of finding out about her lies about how his uncle Mason died and the other vamps in town. It would be the kind of thing that would give him pause about feeling betrayed by her. The timing of the fatal werewolf bite intel means that he might think this was yet another lie on her part.

But because Forwood kissage probably wouldn’t have happened without this reveal, I am just going to roll with it!

Tyler: I don’t understand you, Caroline.

Caroline: Why is it so hard for you to let someone else help you?

Tyler: That’s not it.

Caroline: Yeah, it is Tyler. It’s like you don’t want anyone to care about you. And I’m sorry I cared. I care, Tyler. So forgive me if I over stepped my boundaries by actually giving a [kiss]

 Tyler: I could have killed you. Caroline: But you didn’t.Tyler: I don’t understand you Caroline. Caroline: Why is it so hard for you to let someone else to help you? Tyler: That’s not it. Caroline: Yeah it is Tyler! It’s like you don’t want anyone to care about you. And I’m sorry I cared. I care Tyler. So forgive me if I over-stepped my boundaries by actually giving a-


Thank GOD she didn’t say “damn” when the kiss broke off, as it is SO TYPICAL for that to happen on TV when an unexpected kiss interrupts a character rant. Though “damn” pretty much sums up the effect Tyler has had on her. Judging from her reaction, I think she is finally having to face up to the fact that Matt might not be the one she is really in love with!

I think Tyler sensed her romantic feelings for him, and the conversation before The Kiss was his way of trying to get her to admit to them. When he says “That’s not it” after she lashes out and confuses his attempts to get her to admit her feelings with not wanting to let anyone get close to him, it’s pretty obvious that’s what he is trying to do. Once he has confirmation she cares, he just goes for it!

Tyler probably was also a little confused by Caroline. She is generous by nature, whereas he hasn’t been the type of person who would help others for nothing in return. Before he found out about a werewolf’s bite is fatal to a vampire, he probably assumed that as a powerful vampire she wasn’t at too much risk by being in the dungeon with him, and his gratitude was for her emotional support and friendship. So although Tyler has been redeemed a lot, it doesn’t surprise me he would reach the conclusion she would only risk her life if she had feelings for him. She definitely had feelings for him that she wasn’t admitting to, and they may have factored into her decision to help him in the dungeon, but I think Caroline is the type of person who would give this support to any friend who needed it, platonic or of the “it’s complicated” variety.

GOD DAMN THE KISS WAS HOT! And I’m gonna milk it for all I’m worth, because this kissage might be fleeting if the promos are right.

 why would you risk it?


 I struggle with myself again;quickly the walls are crumblin’.


Also, ‘twas awesome when, completely overwhelmed, Caroline told Tyler: “You can’t do that! Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!”

Caroline Forbes, I have missed you so bb.

Tyler’s little apology at kissing her was so endearing, and showed incredible character growth of a boy who in the pilot forced himself on Vicki.

Our last scene with Tyler in it is his meeting with Jules at the Mystic Falls grill.


See how sweet and innocent Jules appears?

Just remember that this crazy bitch dismembered a bunch of campers as a wolf the night before (which means she doesn’t try to lock herself up like Tyler to protect other people), and then as a HUMAN, killed the park ranger who found her in close proximity to the corpses.

 The Vampire Diaries : WORTH. THE. WAIT.


I kinda hate her, you guys. If kinda means completely, utterly, and totally without reservation.

Jules drops the bombshell that she is a werewolf, and gives us the mythology moment that wolves develop a strong sense of smell after they’ve turned a few times, including the ability to sniff out vampires. She also tells Tyler that Caroline isn’t the only vampire in town, and that Caroline killed his uncle Mason, though she does clarify that “she and her little vampire friends were behind it”. And yes, the Salvatore Scooby Gang were complicit in Mason’s murder. I know loads of people get up in arms about it, but at the end of the day, he was in league with Katherine, no matter how much of a lovesick, damaged puppy he was. I doubt Tyler will see it this way though.

It does make me wish that Caroline had been the one to tell Tyler, like I had predicted in one of my earlier posts. Stories like this coming from someone else always go down just that much worse, because different agendas can distort the truth of what happened. Like Jules putting emphasis on Caroline, even though Damon was the one who did the actual deed. Nevertheless, Damon doesn’t deserve the sole blame and none of the Scooby Gang are innocent here, so Caroline has some ‘splaining to do! (winks at KJewls).

In short, the only good part of that whole scene was the smouldery glare Tyler gives her when he initially defends Caroline and says that there is no way she would do what Jules is suggesting.


You guys, if Tyler does something mean to Caroline, I refuse to put shirtless Trevino photos or torso porn on this blog. For a week. Those are fighting words, people! But hey, the gauntlet needs to be laid down. Even Captain Spidey can abandon her shirtlessness cause for the greater good.

Now for the final flourish this week!

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week


Stefan’s back.


Nabbed from Amy’s Imaginary Men!

Sorry, guys, we didn’t get much more than that of Stefan this episode, but quality over quantity, right?


Ian Somerhalder is getting lauded for his performance in this episode, and deservedly so. Since everyone else has explained his performance in intricate detail already, I’m going to dive into the shallow end.

The best Damon moment: the size of his bed.

 The Vampire Diaries : WORTH. THE. WAIT.

That thing is huge! Perfect size for ménage a threesomes and crazy vampire hijinx. Silk sheets or not, just imagine what you could get up to in that thing 😉

So, what did you guys think of the episode? What did you love about it? Were you disappointed by omissions in the episode of promo content, like Tyler saying “Anything you need, I’m here for you” to Caroline (which I think would’ve given bigger payoff to “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me”) or Rose saying to Elena “It’s ok if you love both of them, you know”?

What do you want MOAR of, and less of? Are you happy Rose died, or do you wish she had stayed a little while longer?

Most importantly, HOW DAMN GOOD was Forwood kissage?!

PS If you missed the fangirly liveblog I did of The Descent with two of the most amazing Vampire Diaries fangirls on the planet, KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous and Amy from Imaginary Men, click here to check out our escapades! Thanks so much to everyone who got involved or lurked 🙂

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13 responses to “Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Descent – Vampire Diaries S2E12

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  • kjewls

    If it is at all possible to be in LOVE with a blog post, than I am in love with this one. I adore the way you broke down the Forwood Kiss scene, and deftly explained what was going on in each characters head, while it was happening. And the gifs and screencaps you used to “illustrate” your point were just mesmerizing.

    As for that “I love you,” Caroline gave to Matt. I agree that there was definitely some ambivalence there. It was almost as though she believed she was “supposed” to love Matt, having purportedly done so in the past. However, something had changed within her recently, and she wasn’t quite ready to admit to herself what that “something” was yet. 😉

    I feel like Caroline’s argument to Matt when he first arrives on the scene, “There is nothing going on between me and Tyler,” (aside from being a case of “thou doth protest to much”) was also something Caroline was trying to convince HERSELF, due to the complications that would undoubtedly result from a vampire /werewolf relationship in Mystic Falls.

    Caroline’s feelings for Matt now seem like a bit of a battle between “heart” and “head.” Pre-vampiric Caroline loved Matt in the best way SHE knew how. And as a baby vampire, she logically carried those feelings over post-transformation. But she also had the overwhelming urge to EAT HIM! So, in those early vampire days, Caroline did the RIGHT thing, by letting Matt go to “save” him from her baser instincts.

    But NOW, Caroline is a completely different vampire, not only does she have FULL control of her instincts, and mostly full control of her emotions, she is also capable of a much deeper kind of love than pre-vampire Caroline could ever express. Not only has BECOMING a vampire exacerbated her ability to love others unconditionally, it has also, through her vampire experiences and alliance with the Scooby Gang, taught her the value of sacrificing for others, and forming deep relationships with them in the process.

    Pre-Vampire Caroline could never have stuck by Tyler during his werewolf transformation. In fact, she probably would have thought it was “really gross.” But NEW Caroline not only stuck by Tyler, but developed feelings for him in the process. These are feelings she can’t quite explain yet. They also generally go against the values collectively held by her Scooby Gang, to whom she feels extreme gratitude and loyalty, given all they’ve done for, her since her transformation.

    So, now, it would be more “acceptable” for the New- Self Controlled Caroline to start a relationship with HUMAN Matt. But the box Caroline has put him in entitled “love,” suddenly feels all hollow inside.

    I can’t WAIT to see how this triangle progresses throughout the season. Thanks so much for breaking it down for us.

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww! Well, if it is possible to love a comment, then I love this one!

      As much as all us TVDers squee over the hotness of the characters and ship hook ups, it’s amazing just how deep the character motivations behind everything, including hot porch Ambush Kisses, actually are when you scratch below the surface a little. I love that we have both plot-driven and character-driven episodes, all at whiplash speed that means you are just getting adjusted to certain facts and then there is a whole other slew of them to chew over! This show is like an overanalytical blogger’s dream.

      Aren’t the GIFs and artwork that the Tumblr fangirls and fanbois put together amazing? I mean, barely a day had passed since the episode aired, and there was SO MUCH Forwood goodness to choose from. I had to exercise restraint and not include them all… though clearly not too much restraint! I had an absolute ball taking my own screencaps. It is hard to capture people in the perfect smoulder-y expression sometimes because they are often fleeting, but I guess rewinding and re-watching is just a cross I had to bear. 😉

      In terms of Matt, as one fan put it in a forum, why go backwards when you can go FORWOOD?! The Matt relationship just feels like it has lost momentum, because Caroline has evolved and grown so much, whereas he has remained pretty much stagnant. Plus, I’m obviously an extremely biased Tyler fan, so there is no competition in my opinion!

      Caroline, being a Type A perfectionist who tries her darndest to not even let go of lost causes, because it represents a lack of control, just can’t seem to let go of Matt fully, even though Tyler is waiting in the wings like a hot unicorn. Sadly, she just started realising her own feelings only to have Tyler discover that she has told him some ugly lies.

      The fact that Caroline felt the need to explain that there is nothing going on between her and Tyler, when she really doesn’t owe Matt any explanations and all she and Tyler were doing was talking (and they’re part of the same friendship circle, so ordinary chit chat is plausible for Matt to believe), was definitely doth protest too much. To me, if you feel the need to deny something, chances are it exists. If you’re not aware of that thing, it wouldn’t even come to mind to explain away.

      I LOVED the way that you described how Caroline has changed as a vampire. There is no way she would’ve gotten her fingernails dirty be helping Tyler out in the dungeon in season one if she physically could as a human. Do you think she was taken with how he was constantly thinking of her safety while going through intense pain, telling her to leave even when that is the last thing a person would want when going through such a horrible experience? I guess the other way of looking at that is that he is so broken and accustomed to not being helped, that even at his lowest point he was pulling away from someone.

      I’m so happy you liked the post, and I can guarantee there are many, many more breakdowns to come!

  • André

    Ok, maybe I will be hated for this, but I am not a fan of the whole Caroline/Tyler love stuff. I think a very close friendship between two people of opposite sex (who are not related) might be a good (or at least new on the show) thing. If Caroline is really so similar to the now dead character Lexi, maybe this would be a good addition to the show, given what kind of lets say “radiator” that Lexi character was. But you know, in this show things can change from one episode to the next, especially with characters like Tyler who seem to at one point don’t get anyone get near them but when one breaks through they carry their hearts on their sleeves. Best receipe for drama. 😀

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey André! Don’t worry; I like dissenters! The world would be boring if we agreed on everything. Plus, now I can look at my Forwood posts as a challenge – they are an opportunity to sway you to my way of thinking 😉

      I actually think that it wouldn’t have hurted to have a few more episodes establishing the Caroline/Tyler friendship before jumping into the romance. I obviously enjoyed the kissing scene, but as Candice Accola has said in interviews, I’ve liked seeing Caroline develop a relationship with a man that wasn’t based in sexual tension at all. Though it has been fantastic seeing Tyler wear his heart on his sleeve, like you said 😉

      I bet you’ll be excited to know that Lexi is apparently appearing in flashbacks soon! I loved Lexi and very much want to see more of the relationship that she had with Stefan.

      • André

        Hm, very interesting, but don’t say too much about what is coming, I like some secrets. And I just hope the show wont rush into something. I think the sexual tension stuff was also what repelled my about Taroline, it would really be better for the character and the show in general to have her form a relationship with a male character that has no sexual contents, I think such relationships are dangerously missing on shows despite them being quite common in real live. But than again, what Carolines statement is we are not sure yet, despite her depictions she seems to be much less fast with falling in love and in that way quite mature. Hm… Like I wrote in another post, patience is a virtue. 🙂

        • Spidey Sense

          Oh, don’t worry, normally Got Forwood recaps won’t contain any spoilers… I’ll keep all of those for the Spoiler Whore editions for upcoming episodes. That way I can speculate with everyone to our hearts’ content, without ruining for any of you guys who like to be completely unspoiled.

          I think that even if Tyler helps save Caroline, there is going to be a definite barrier to them in light of her lies and his trust issues, which are only going to be heightened now. I think their connection formed during his transformation was too strong to break, but having said this, there will be an extra layer of tension between them now. So I think romance will stop in its tracks and a more complicated friendship will form. So, in a way, us Forwood ship fans were given a crumb, and now it is time for all of you Forwood FRIENDship fans to reign supreme 😉

          • André

            YEAHHHH. We will see, by the way I have to be more patient anyway. In my country not even the second half of the first season has started yet so I always have to wait until someone… the respective episode, well you know [can’t say anything more]. 😉

  • Sara (ofepicproportions)

    so much unicorn love ❤

    and as always love your breakdown of forwood 🙂 i'm afraid tyler is going to do something stupid when jules tells him more! he's not one for making good decisions when he's mad..

    • Spidey Sense

      The interesting thing about Tyler he is the exact opposite of the Southern antebellum gentleman the Salvatores are, and far from the sweetness of Jeremy and Matt. He is not above using his strength to try to menace Caroline (as shown on several occasions), and I think that when he discovers his were super speed, that mixed with his anger about her lies is going to create a toxic combination.

      This is why it was unicornapalooza. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to use the unicorn icon from a while, juding from promos and cast and crew interviews about the Forwood storyline. *Sniffle*

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