Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Steven R McQueen Legal to Lust Over Edition

Poor Steven R McQueen.

He’s 23, but much like his character Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries is finding, it’s hard for us to stop thinking of him as a cute kid we’d like to put in our pocket, because of his young puppy appearance in the first season of TVD.

1.02 “Night of the Comet”


Awesome blogger Amy from Imaginary Men and fellow fangirl Trish even contemplated resurrecting their Dirty Old Lady moniker from fangirling days past, because even though they know Steven is in his 20s and therefore what they call Legal to Lust Over, perving on his youthful cuteness has made them feel a little guilty.

You know, the guilt many of us had over lusting after 16-year-old Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon, a movie where he was contractually obligated to appear shirtless in every other scene.

(Though I would argue that his publicist pushed the manmeat angle hard… RollingStone Lautner cover I’m looking at you… so I didn’t feel too bad, but that is a story for another day. Or maybe I’m just a Dirty Young Lady at 23.)

 “Look, I know what’s wrong with me but what’s with you? Is it your mom, your dad, your uh, golden retriever of a brother?” —I think Steven McQueen came in a read for the role of Jeremy on the second day of casting and had the part…pretty much once he walked out of the room. - Julie Plec  I kinda need this video in my life. Fun fact: Steven was the first person to be officially cast for the show. Also. His haiiirr.


The RPattz sparklepire hair he had at his audition for the Vampire Diaries didn’t help matters.

Fear not, fellow McQueen fans.

He may have made you feel like a Dirty Old Lady in the past, but I’ve taken the liberty to dig up photos and GIFs that prove it should be illegal NOT to lust after him.

fyeahstevenrmcqueen:  FYEAHSTEVENRMCQUEEN:  Dear writers of Vampire Diaries,  I would like steven in more scenes dressed like this ;) -Steven in Piranha 3D   And this was his body LAST YEAR. I’d like you all to take a quiet. pleasurable moment and imagine it as it NOW. 


Thought I would get your attention straight away with the battering ram equivalent of Legal to Lust Over!

The Vampire Diaries costume designers should totally take a cue from the Pirahna 3D wardrobe people. After all, we haven’t had a scene like this…

… since season one.



I’m sorry, my mind just blacked out for a second there. As Sookie Stackhouse would say, Jesus Christ Shepherd of Judea.

fuckyeahkatgraham:  vampiresaresexy:  Steven Mqueen and Katerina Graham on set  Lol kind of a bad picture… but otherwise LOVE her dress!  UNFLATTERING PICTURE time! :D


So why did he wear a suit to the masquerade ball when he could’ve gone like this?!

Steven (topless!) and his dog… anyone have a name?


You guys, I think that being a dog is the secret way to the hearts of The Vampire Diaries boys. Another case in point:


One more for the road.


Sometimes his cuteness is just too much to handle, people.


Baby, as long as that wasn’t plucked from your favourite meadow, it is all good.

Steven and Julie Plec 


Note to self: must land writing job that requires being in close proximity to extremely cute boys.

Amy pointed out my grievous mistake of not include the Jeremy Handgasm in my Best Jeremy Looks post. Let’s call this seeing the error of my ways 😉

fuckyeahstevenrmcqueen:  Last one from this vid, pinkie swear. BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM (he just kinda rocks from side to side like a kid).    Re-blogging an old fave. More Stevino in March woo. 


Sorry guys, I just couldn’t make it through an entire post without a tiny piece of Trevino heaven 😉

And finally, my personal favourite: Steven’s attempt to get his own gallery in the Museum of Contemporary EuroHotPaulWesley Art…

Steven in  Vogue Italy.


Hope this makes up for the lack of Jeremy in The Descent episode, McQueen fans 🙂

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4 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Steven R McQueen Legal to Lust Over Edition

  • JamieWrites

    I’m starting to suspect you’re a Twilight vampire yourself; how else could you find the time to source all these pictures and write all these posts unless you didn’t need to sleep?

    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! If you knew me at university, I was a study geek who LIVED for research every skerrick of info I could and pulling it into one little neat analytical package. I was that weird creature who actually ENJOYED study.

      Blogging gives me a similar outlet, but in a more fun way, of course 🙂

  • imaginarymen

    How did I beat Julie to commenting?! I love this and am so pleased to have provided “Legal to Lust” to the lexicon!!

    Big claps for including the S1 “HandGasm” ;-000 And LMAO at “Steven’s attempt to get his own gallery in the Museum of Contemporary EuroHotPaulWesley Art…”


    • Spidey Sense

      Haha! It was only a matter of time before I broke out the HandGasm scene for you ;).

      Legal to Lust is an awesome term! I’ve been busy trying to think of other stars I could brand it with. Taylor Lautner wasn’t my personal cup of tea, though he is a cutie. I can’t think of any other candidates. McQueen just has those boyish good looks that make him so perfect for this name!

      I love the arty photos of TVD boys. Makes their good looks stand out even more, if this is possible.

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