Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Walking Sex Edition

Caught VD yet?

Well, we are all at risk of contracting an STD when walking sex like Michael Trevino in a suit graces our vision…

Warning: your lady parts could end up looking like Rose’s flesh-eating Werewolf Rabies if you don’t use protection… like averting your eyes slightly from the screen. If you can.

Eh, Trevinogasms are totally worth the risk.




These pics were taken of Trevino at the recent SAG Awards.

At least one of us suited up given all the VD that’s been going around.

Looks like when he’s not tied up in chains in a dirty dungeon…

… he can clean up pretty nice.

Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee definitely thinks so!



She was spotted getting cosy with Michael lately, and my hopes for a musical episode of The Vampire Diaries were reignited. (Yes, I like musicals. Wicked is gonna be rokken like dokken this year in Oz!)

You might be interested to know that when a reporter posed the question, “Would you be up for a musical episode of The Vampire Diaries?” to a whole bunch of cast members, Michael answered, “Probably not”.


Methinks he might have to eat his words!


Michael also went on a charm offensive at KTLA to promote the second half of season two of The Vampire Diaries.

Here’s his take on werewolves:

Trevino: “I think we can get away with a lot more. There’s a lot more attitude, I think there’s more rules that we can break, and there’s just rage. Vampire can tip toe around.”

Male Host: “There’s more body hair, too.”

Trevino: “There’s more body hair. But just more aggressive. I think it’s a lot more masculine to be a werewolf.”

Look, I agree that Tyler is masculine as hell and can smoulder like no other. But body hair? Seriously, he was smooth as a baby’s bottom when he took off his shirt for the werewolf transformation scenes.

Not that I really noticed that much 😉

Favourite interchange number one:

Male Host: “How many girls are you macking on this show?” [he meant TVD]

Trevino: “How many girls am I macking on THIS show?” [Trevino yanking his chain and pretending to misunderstand and that he meant KTLA]


Female host: Panties dropped.

Male host: “You just got here.”

Female host: “Give him a minute.” [God, I love this woman so much!]

Favourite interchange number two:

Male Host: “Before the smooching scenes, is there a conversation that you have?”

Trevino: “I’m usually just, like, tongue or no tongue, how far are we going?” [followed by hilarious use of his Brow Thing]


Why does my job never involve Trevino asking me that question, people?!

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2 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Walking Sex Edition

  • kjewls

    Those interview screencaps are AWESOME! Trevino’s face is just so emotionally expressive in all his interviews! It’s really refreshing, actually.

    Clearly, this is a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. You know, if I was ever lucky enough to meet him, one-on-one, the first thing I would do is invite him to play a game of strip poker ;). (Sorry Jenna! :))

    Speaking of Ushkevino ;), that picture you posted here (Thanks for that, BTW!) was the first one I’ve seen of them together. And I have to say, I’m a fan. Remember earlier when I said Trevino wears his heart on his sleeve? Well, it definitely shows in that shot.

    (Plus, I think it’s funny, that Ushkevino are clearly laughing at the sweaty dude with the red glasses dancing with Heather Morris, because he has fluorescent lights shining on his crotch. Hilarious! ;))

    • Spidey Sense

      I’m so glad that all the members of TVD cast give good interviews. You know how what a let down it can be when you peer behind the curtain of your favourite character, and discover that the actor behind them isn’t really that smart of interesting? I think the reason why they all do such a fantastic job on the show is that they are smart and quick-witted, in addition to being gorgeous, so they really understand where their character is coming from and how to convey these feelings. Trevino and Accola in particular work with very little dialogue, yet manage to fill in the blanks with their extremely expressive faces and voices.

      Oh gosh, strip poker with Trevino and Somerhalder would be a girls’ dream come true. In true Damon style, Somerhalder would deliberately try to lose. In true Tyler style, Trevino would give away his game. So, “Hello, biceps!” would no doubt be something us fangirls participating would be able to say before long 😉

      Michael and Jenna are SO CUTE together! I love how whoever posted the photo is obviously a Glee and Vampire Diaries fan, because they could resist “enhearting” them with a heart outline 🙂

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