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Fun fact: when mummifying bodies, ancient Egyptians would insert a hook through the nose of the dead person and pull out their brain… in pieces. This was so that they could store it in a jar with the corpse in its tomb, along with the rest of the body’s internal organs.

Now, why am I giving you this disgusting history lesson, especially when this episode is meant to be all about daddifying?

Well, it pretty much describes how I felt tonight as a Forwood shipper, only it was my heart being removed… bit by broken bit. Suffice it to say I felt like I was down in that tomb myself with Katherine wearing a Magic Not Death ring and being used as her food source over and over, having pretty much the crappiest week EVER.



Put another way, it’s like someone eviscerated my Forwood unicorn when watching what went down between Tyler and Caroline in Daddy Issues (S02E13).

In this episode, we learn that Tyler’s intense black eyes become “more like gold with amber highlights” when he is really, really pissed in human form.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tyler does some potentially unforgiveable things that make you wonder if the writers want him to be ultimately redeemable or set up as the next major villain.

And you get to find out just HOW MUCH I want were bitch Jules to roll over and play dead.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Might I suggest Damon do a little werewolf open heart surgery on her?

For a fleeting moment there, it looked like the biggest issue Forwood would have to navigate is whether Tyler giving Caroline a hickey as a human could do her any harm like a bite in wolf form.

Here are all the Tyler/Caroline scenes in full plus some of Caroline and Tyler’s individual scenes (I couldn’t find a video with all of their separate scenes, unfortunately):

Daddy Issues was all about drawing lines in the sand and choosing sides. The question for Forwood fans in this episode is, should we be on Team Caroline or Team Tyler? I was steaming mad at Tyler first, but now I am firmly on Team I Totally Get Both Sides.


We kick off on the previous episode’s kissy kissy happy place; Caroline’s porch. Unfortunately, just like Bella’s meadow became a barren wilderness with tumbleweeds blowing through it in New Moon, the porch will soon no longer be a place of sparkly happiness.

Caroline senses a presence behind her and is startled, but relaxes when she sees that it is Tyler. Little does she know that new were in town Jules has revealed the truth behind the lies she told Tyler about the other vampires in Mystic Falls, as well as the death of his uncle Mason, which the Scooby Gang were complicit in.


Before we get into the serious stuff, let’s just appreciate how f**king hot Tyler looked in this scene. When the Hulk gets pissed, he gets to keep his pants, but apparently what Tyler acquires when he is ultra angry in human form is a BAMF leather jacket. Almost a fair trade for what happens when he wolfs out, really. What? Me as shallow as the bathtub Damon was splish splashing in this episode.


Tyler looks like a cobra waiting for the right moment to strike with deadly force. How Caroline could have been so oblivious to the vibes he was sending off and think that he wanted to talk about the kiss they shared the night before is beyond me.

You know how on the Simpsons Homer heard Marge say “Blah blah blah” when he tuned her out? When Caroline rejected Tyler in favour of Matt, all I heard was “Blah blah blah, Matt blah blah picture.”


There was something about Matt, pictures and feelings. I don’t know.

Tyler is so angry about her lies that he is expressionless, and beyond caring about her calling it quits before they’d even begun; he simply says “Fine” when she tells him “We can’t go there”.


Either that, or he was using a monosyllabic descriptor of himself.

As she walks away to her car to stave off the awkwardness, he suddenly drops the act and goes in for the kill. Tyler’s Brow Thing gets a workout, and not in a good way.



Tyler: What happened to my Uncle Mason?

Caroline: “What?”

Tyler: “He’s dead and I want you to tell me what happened.”

Caroline: “Uhh, I don’t.”

Tyler: “Then let me tell you. Stefan and his brother Damon killed him, because Stefan and Damon are vampires just like you.”

Caroline: “Who told you?”

Tyler: “Is it true?”

Caroline: “Let me explain…”

Tyler: “Did you know he was dead this whole time?”

Caroline: “Please…”

Tyler: “Did you know?”


Caroline’s tear-filled nod isn’t the only time that my Ice Eyes tear ducts welled up and spilled over in this episode, people. It’s nice to know they actually work on occasion, but I wish it had purely been tears of joy at seeing Naked Damon.



Tyler raggedly gets out “I trusted you!” and his eyes flash wolf gold. It makes me wonder if wolves would be forced to transform involuntarily based on their emotions as well as being able to do so voluntarily if they managed to break the curse in their favour.

Caroline’s terror brings him back to himself, and he stalks away. It is worth checking out my speculation post for this episode, if you haven’t already, where I took an in-depth look at Tyler’s trust issues and the significance of his alpha male violence in this scene.

I will say though that I think Caroline kept the truth about Mason from Tyler because of the unpredictable force that is Damon Salvatore. Tyler is hot-headed and would no doubt have gone after Damon if she’d told him earlier that Damon was directly responsible for Mason’s death. Damon, for his part, would no doubt have no qualms in killing Tyler to quell any risk to Team Vampire.

That for me is the heart of the scene she shares with Stefan next: convincing him to go talk some sense into Tyler before he confronts Damon and makes himself a killing target.

“You always know how to say the right thing!” Um, apparently not, we find out, Care

Jules gets to Tyler first and gives her case for him joining Team Wolf.


She speaks about vampires and werewolves being natural enemies, but I don’t really see any reason why they couldn’t co-exist if they agreed not to put one another in mortal peril. It’s like those world battles where people continue to fight, generations after the original reason for war in the first place is long forgotten.

Jules hates vamps so much that I swear to God that her uber tan, which has the power to scald eyes if looked at closely enough, is a giant FU to these supes about being forced to keep out of the sun (since as far as we know she has no idea about the magic sun-protector rings Caroline and the Salvatores have). I’ve never wished skin cancer on a fictional character before, but God it would be poetic justice here.

She further incurs my wrath by putting her hand on Tyler’s knee, and thereby loses any chance for redemption in my eyes.


Seriously, Jules, get the f**k away from my unicorn. KTHNXBAI.

Tyler doesn’t seem to be convinced by her pitch, but he is hardly immediately receptive to what Stefan has to say when she leaves.


You know, I disagree wholeheartedly with everyone who thought that Stefan throwing Tyler against the wall rather than knocking on the Lockwood door to announce his entrance was a bad move on his part. I made a joke last recap about this being evidence the pair aren’t ready for a secret handshake yet, but, on second thought, that’s EXACTLY what this is. After all, Tyler is notorious for wall-shoving people who he later bonds with.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


So, all things considered, Stefan’s approach to being a werewolf whisperer should have worked in theory. 😉

Stefan does actually seem to be making some headway with Tyler with his “let’s just be friends and eat cookies” speech.

Stefan: “It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We go to the same school, we have the same friends, we keep the same secret. This can work, Tyler. It’s your home and it’s my home, too. I want this to work.”

He also tells Tyler to stop being such a dick to Caroline because she’s his friend, which I kinda loved.

But Tyler still isn’t sure who to trust.

I have a feeling that Tyler is going to regret the moment he manages to yelp out a “help” when Jules calls his cell, considering all that this moment triggers.

Jules talks big game, saying that she wants Tyler more than vengeance to were toyfriend Brady, who has just swung into town to get revenge for Mason.


Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little.

I know some of you guys feel she became more sympathetic this episode. But at the end of the day, when Brady says that they can have both Tyler AND vengeance, she’s more than happy to go along with this plan.


If you’re involved in the kidnap of Caroline Forbes, where she is shot in the MOTHERF**KING HEAD WITH WOODEN BULLETS and tortured with vervain pepper stray and other nasty stuff, in case I can’t say it enough, I want Damon Salvatore to do this to you…

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It’s quite simple, really.

Plus, Jules’ fixation on Tyler and Mason seems a little excessive, especially considering she has presumably been dating Brady and not Mason. I’m convinced that a Lockwood werewolf is integral to breaking the curse. I also wonder if Mason knew more than he let on, because there has to be a reason why he kept Tyler a surprise from Jules and the rest of the pack.

Jules is merely a sociopath who kills Park Rangers, but Brady is a total cold fish psychotic.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My childhood water pistol games will never be remembered in quite the same way again

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

He seems to get off on her pain, and when she screams in a heart rending voice while caged up, “Why are you doing this to me?”, he answers that her being a vampire is reason enough.

I get the impression this isn’t the first time these werewolves have caged up a vamp. They seemed to be awfully knowledgeable about the effects of a were bite on a vamp, and I wouldn’t put it past Jules, Brady and their friends to have conducted gruesome experiments on other vamps to see what Were Rabies would do.

Just when I’m ready to reach through the TV screen and rip some hearts out of chests myself, Jules calls Stefan using Caroline’s phone, and demands he bring Tyler to her. She proves she has Caroline with her by getting Brady to shoot her yet again with wooden bullets and elicit a horrible scream, and I rub my hands together in anticipation of the pwning Stefan is about to give her.


Even though I’d seen spoilery promo stills, it still surprised me to see Damon step up for Caroline too.

Stefan tries to convince Jules to make an exchange of Tyler for Caroline without any bloodshed.

Jules is like, “How about we do that at never o’clock?”

Then Damon steps out of the shadows in the woods and says: “My brother the peace maker. So Stefan got here before me. I was gonna let him try it his way before resorting to my way, which is a little bloodier. So just give us Caroline.”


It wasn’t a full moon, so you’d think Jules wouldn’t have a chance in hell.

But then she does a … wait for it … WOLF WHISTLE…


…and pack reinforcements start surrounding the Salvatores. Plus older werewolves can apparently do really acrobatic s**t and are strong even in human form.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

While Stefan and Damon are BAMFs (more on that later), Tyler rushes to find where Caroline is locked up.

Caroline asks him to undo a latch to help her get out and HE HESITATES, and I ground my teeth into white dust.

Jesus, Trevino, you really don’t want to be gratuitous shirtless meat on my blog for a week, do you?

(for those in the know, I made a promise to have Tyler fully clothed on my blog for a week if he was a douchenozzle (TM Amy) in this episode)

Tyler finally comes to his senses and lets her out.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Really, the hesitation would have been enough to drive a wedge between him and Caroline without his actions being too irredeemable, but the writers take it a step too far, I think.

Caroline races outside and is grabbed by Jules, who holds her at gunpoint. Tyler just stands there dumbly. Damon and Stefan are moments away from death themselves.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Who knew that Luka’s dad would become awesome and give brain headaches to all of the wolves present (except Tyler)? Oh c’mon, you know that you said, “F**k yeah!” too, admit it!


Here is how I ended up being Team I Totally Get Both Sides when it comes to Caroline and Tyler.

On the one hand, Caroline had the best intentions for lying to him. More than that, she stuck by him during the most harrowing night of his life, at great personal risk to her own life. She held him together when his body was literally breaking up, and I think that should have been enough to let him know that she was a friend he could trust. And you don’t let a friend stand there bleeding and whimpering without doing something to help them.

On the other hand, I felt bad for Tyler. He hesitated about letting her out of the cage because of the lies about Mason and his questions about her loyalty and trust, but ultimately came through and helped her. To me, that meant he had chosen Caroline over the wolves. If he had made that choice already, I think it doesn’t logically track to think that him standing there dumbly watching Jules hold her hostage was him still having trust issues.

I actually think he stood dumbly while Jules held Caroline at gun point because he isn’t exactly a master at split-second life and death situations. This is his first supe showdown, and unlike Caroline he hasn’t had a mentor like Stefan to help him understand how to exercise his powers yet. Imagine if two weeks ago you had no idea you anything but human with some anger issues, and now all of a sudden you are surrounded by carnage and having witnessed the superior fighting skills of the wolves. Seriously, give the kid a break! Even awesome Caroline needed a few weeks to adjust before pwning Mason.


I hated when Tyler later rejoined Team Wolf though. But don’t forget that this happened after a scene where Caroline cuts all ties with him, effectively leaving him with no-one… his dad and uncle are dead, and his only living family member is his mother, who doesn’t know he’s a wolf. So Jules’ cult-like code of werewolf loyalty and honour she told him about earlier to convince him to join Team Wolf would seem very appealing.

Having said that, the boy had better realise that he belongs on Team Vampire and redeem himself through some huge gesture, stat.

The scene where Caroline told Tyler to GTFO of her life when he came to the front door of her house after the were/vamp fight broke my heart the most. I cried, people.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tyler: “Are you OK?”

Caroline: “I’m fine.”

Tyler: “I had no idea they would come for you.”

Caroline: “Do you know what they did to me?”

Tyler: “I’m sorry. But it’s crazy now, OK? I don’t know who to trust. You lied to me!”

Caroline: “I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect you. Don’t you get that?”

Tyler: “Caroline…”


Caroline: “You just stood there when they were going to kill us. You just stood there! You didn’t do anything.”

Tyler: “I didn’t know what to do!”

Caroline: “You help your friend, that’s what you do.”

Tyler: “I’m sorry.”

Caroline: “No, it’s too late, because we’re not friends anymore. And what happened to me tonight, that will never happen again. So you take that back to your little werewolf pack, and you get the hell outta my house.”

[Door slam in Tyler’s face]


Seriously Tyler, though I get where you are coming from and am glad you tried to man up and make amends, after a girl you were passionately kissing last week has to pluck wooden bullet shards out of her body and you’ve done pretty much nothing to stop it, YOU GET THE F**K OFF OF HER PORCH AND YOU PROVE YOU ARE WORTHY OF HER AGAIN.

Let’s hope that these crazy Forwood kids can work their s**t out before the end of the season, because I refuse to give up my dream of a baby were and vamp going to prom together.

If Damon can be redeemed after snapping Jeremy’s neck, I can only hope that Tyler can bounce back from this.

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week

Stefan & Damon


They can both be neatly summed up in this GIF. I never get tired of seeing Damon pull out someone’s heart, because I’m a sadist, clearly.

Stefan stopping stakes mid-flight was pretty damn BAMF too, don’t ya think?

Honorary mention to Damon’s glib way of admitting to being responsible for Mason’s death: “Uh, that would be me!”

Damon, siriusly, never change.

So what do you guys think? Is Tyler redeemable at this point? What do you think it will take for Caroline to forgive him? Do you think Tyler or Caroline will die at the end of this season? (Please no! Please no!)

In the meantime, check out KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous’ AWESOME recap of the episode.

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  • kjewls

    I know this post was emotionally difficult for you to write. So, I applaud you for being able to make it so insightful, witty, and just pure awesome, despite the fact that it’s implications were undoubtedly murdering your inner unicorn the whole time you were writing. 🙂 By staying perky, positive, and brilliant, in the face of danger, destruction, and betrayal, you, my friend, are the Caroline Forbes of the Blog World. And, for that, I salute you!

    I am positive Tyler can be redeemed as a character, in spite of the overwhelming wussiness (Let’s call a spade, a spade, shall we? I mean, come on!) he exhibited in this episode. Just as Damon has had to endure the whole “Jeremy Neck Snap Thing,” and, more recently, the “Jessica Munching Thing” (wow, that sounds dirtier than I intended) to arrive at the place in his life where he is prepared to be a better man [for Elena] . . . and just as Stefan (if spoilers are any indication) underwent similar Dark Days in preparation for his own Redemption Arc . . . so too will Tyler have to struggle with his own morality a bit, before becoming the True Hero we all know he can be.

    Here’s how I suspect it will happen: Now, we have Tyler at his Rock Bottom point. He has lost the love of the only woman who really knew him, and truly cared about him on a personal and emotional level. He’s also first now coping with the loss of his dear Uncle Mason, the only relative to which he could relate.

    Tyler feels truly alone, betrayed, and terribly frightened. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. Enter the Were-oaf Pack of Losers, with their false sense of “community” and promises of “loyalty,” and “perpetual protection.” Suddenly, Tyler sees a way out from under this lonely mass of depression he has fallen under.

    So, despite being skeptical of their loose morals, and ill intentions, Tyler lets the Were-oafs take him under their wing. He observes their actions, and trains, honing his skills and growing stronger as a werewolf. But doubts continue to fester in Tyler’s brain about whether THIS is how he really wants to live his life. Then the Were-Oafs will do something SO morally reprehensible that Tyler can no longer deny how awful they really are. (I can see them turning on one another, maybe even killing Jules THEMSELVES for her dissenting opinion on how they should handle The Sacrifice!) Tyler will escape the pack then, and become a VERY HOT, more buffed up than ever before, Loan Wolf.

    Then Tyler will reunite with Team Scooby Gang, Team Katherine, and the Were-oafs just in time for . . . you guessed it . . . The Sacrifice. There, he will see Caroline in danger, and know that he cannot just stand idly by and watch the woman he loves (yes, I said loves) get hurt again. So, he will put his own life on the line to rescue her.

    In my version, they both survive, of course. (And have REALLY HOT MAKEUP SEX, after it’s all over.) It will be a long hard road for these two . . . sure. But as long as it ends with HOT MAKEUP SEX, I think I can live with that. 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Caroline Forbes of the Blog World? That is the most awesome compliment ever! The thing about The Vampire Diaries is that it is a melodrama a lot of the time, so even though I am obvs deeply invested in the characters and pairings, I can still see the objective hilarity of it all. That’s what makes it such a fun fandom to be part of – the deathly serious AND ridiculous elements!

      The thing that concerns me about Caroline and Tyler, compared to say Damon and Elena, is that they aren’t necessarily one of the series’ power couples, so you don’t know it is an inevitability that they will end up together fully at some point. The writers have wasted storylines with great potential before (e.g. the tomb vamps, who I still hope will come back randomly at some point – good God it would be awesome if the tomb vamps came back to side with the werewolves in some twisted uneasy alliance against the Salvatores). And I see so much potential in the many shades of the Forwood pairing. I just hope this isn’t a platform for Tyler becoming a Big Bad this season.

      Tyler was no doubt not only a wuss but a coward. I think part of the reason why his hesitation stung Caroline so much is not only because he hesitated, but because it was HIM doing the hesitating. We’ve known him as a hotheaded, acts before he thinks on his emotions character… heck, this quality underpinned his first kiss with Caroline. So, more so than any other character, his hesitation in a highly emotive situation hurt her.

      I wish the writers had made Tyler’s point of view a little more clear. Little things were missing. For example, when Stefan received the call that Caroline was in trouble, we didn’t see whether Tyler went to the woods with Stefan for the hostage exchange scenario willingly or against his will. That would have gone a long way towards indicating what Tyler’s feelings were behind his hesitations. I would have liked to see more terror and powerlessness when Jules was holding Caroline at gunpoint, rather than sad resignation.

      Also, I think that it is unfair just how underdeveloped the Mason betrayal angle was. Stefan just expected him to accept that vamps and werewolves could co-exist, yet the death of Mason is a pretty tangible fact arguing against this. Tyler barely had time to digest all of this. Having said that, if someone I had a strong connection with was bleeding and about to be killed, I wouldn’t care about any disagreements, I would try to help them out.

      I am desperately hoping that your scenario plays out in some form. Until then, I will continue to overanalyse the dynamics of what has become my favourite TV pairing ever! (Yep, even edging out LoVe).

  • André

    Ok, this episode definitely fitted the show in that everything can change from one moment to the other.

    First I am not totally sure about the “redemption” of Damon, especially in Jeremy’s eyes, however ever since the start of season 2 they pretty much need every strong fighter they can get.

    As for older wolves being stronger, well there is no hint yet, since both Mason and newly turned Tyler showed enhanced strength in human form as well.

    Ok, now to the main topic of this article:
    Caroline got tortured; you simply don’t just walk away from something like that so you can’t blame her.

    Tyler on the other hand, really has deficits in people skills. Like I posted elsewhere, the character at once seems to have trust issues and on the other hand carries his heart on his sleeve. At once he seems to desperately belong somewhere but he doesn’t seem to think things through (mostly whom to trust) but rather is very impulsive. His actions are quick and afterwards everybody involved has to pick up the shards (including him). In some way that makes him sort of innocent but only so far. Since his uncle was depicted quite differently, this, I would say, has nothing to do with his wolf-side, but is pure Tyler Lockwood. Hard to tell what will happen with him in the long run, the only other person (apart from Matt) as to yet he has shown some actual trust was Jeremy and there is yet no hint that the writers have not forgotten about that. Jeremy has a sort of trusting attitude as well, possibly to his “outside” status among the “regular” folk, I could think of a few ways for him to get Tyler’s full trust, but as we all know, it’s hard to say what happens once Tyler finds out not only about the curse but also the doppelgaenger.

    Now to the “wolves”:
    I think your thoughts really have merit (was that the right phrase?). Brady had pretty much the same impression on me as he had on you and considered that he is the leader I have my doubts that the majority of his “pack” are much different. I think he genuinely beliefs in the loyalty, however as much as Jules seems to I don’t know, but also I think his beliefs and actions are not defined by what he is and does but what others are and do. Obviously being a vampire is excuse enough for him to torture someone and it is hard to know what his attitudes towards humans are. Sure this “I protect my own first” is nothing new to the show but if I am correct never with such a dark side as in his.

    As for Jules, she really seems to care for Tyler, how deep that goes, beyond the “loyalty” is hard to tell but based on her action she really seems to belief that what she is doing is the best for Tyler. However I doubt how much fore thinking she as done yet. And her actions from previous episodes also show another part of her personality, after all, that officer hadn’t seen much of her and she could have easily outrun him, but she choose to fake being a victim and kill him.

    Now to what concerns both these characters (I will leave the rest out for now): both seem to have suffered, however based on their actions I think much of their suffering they brought on by themselves. It seems as though both were lying to Tyler about whether life was always “like this” and considered that most vampires don’t even seem to know that werewolves exist, living in exclusion might not be so hard if you actually wanted to. In addition, neither of them seemed to really have actually wanted to make the exchange of prisoners (note: Jules assumed that Tyler was held prisoner and it was her that attacked Damon outright, not the other way around, and she immediately assumed that Mason was killed by vampires) and both seems to blame the resulting deaths solely on the vampires although those death were on them as well.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi André! You know, just when I thought that I had analysed every last little angle of Forwood from this episode, you come along with this awesome analysis!
      You’re right about the whip fast pacing of The Vampire Diaries being able to turn a situation on its head in a moment. Sometimes I think that the life and death situations are really just an excuse for the writers to see how much they can get characters to screw up relationships they have been developing in an instant, so that they can have maximum angst before the characters get back together again.

      It’s interesting that you mention that you aren’t really sure if Damon has redeemed himself. This remains a highly controversial point in the forums that I have read. I guess what I mean is that, regardless of fandom response, it is inevitable that Damon and Elena, being a power couple of the series, will be explored fully at some point. Hopefully the writers realise how much potential they have with Forwood, and do the same with them at some point.

      Although Mason and Tyler showed enhanced strength in human form, I thought that it was interesting that Caroline could pwn Mason and yet not Jules. Although, that is partly because Jules seems to have trained to fight and has an arsenal of anti-vamp weapons at her disposal, unlike Mason, who had his bare hands.
      Speaking of strength, it was odd that the Salvatores could be so incapacitated by the wolves. I am putting it down to Damon and Stefan drinking vervain so that Original can’t compel them, and this affected their vamp speed and strength. Hopefully, this is addressed in the next episode as a dilemma of fighting off Elijah, Klaus AND the wolves.

      Caroline’s face at the end of the episode when she slammed the door in Tyler’s face was that of a changed person. I have never seen her look so hard. It was heartbreaking, because her pep, perkiness and inner sunshine is just part of her DNA.

      Your take on Tyler blew me away. I hadn’t even really thought of him as an innocent, given what a dick he has been in the past, but you are absolutely right. He might have tried to come across as a badass jock, but really he is lonely, vulnerable and inexperienced in matters of the heart. Screwing and kissing chicks doesn’t count as real experience; hence why he was so googly eyed around Caroline when he clearly had fallen for her and the Mason lies hadn’t come out and confusing everything and shooting it to hell. His actions are often quick and impulsive, which is why his hesitations in helping Caroline were so striking. As a Forwood fan, I’m just going to take the opinion that his head was in such a spin from everything he couldn’t work out what to do at the crucial moment.

      Merit is definitely the right word when saying another person’s viewpoint is awesome 😉 Look, I hate Brady and Jules forever and always, but I can see things from their perspective. You know the age-old saying that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter? Brady and Jules lost Mason to vamps, and have been brought up to hate them, potentially with good reason. I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but the Salvatores and the others aren’t heroes per see, like Buffy and Angel were. I mean, the don’t fight for the forces of good; they fight for the sake of their own clan. The only reason we side from them is because the writing is sympathetic towards them. So, really, I don’t see Brady and Jules as out and out bad guys. In fact, I could see Brady being as a loyal a friend to other werewolves as he is a cold fish towards vamps. But, because of their destruction of Forwood, I hate them.

      I agree with you that the werewolves bring a lot of suffering on themselves. I don’t know if it is fair to say that only the vamps have been acting out of response to provocation though. Vamps didn’t know about werewolves, but one they did find out, Damon didn’t hesitate to stick a knife in the gut of one who had even told him that they could avoid an ancient feud if they wanted. Also, Brady and Jules only came to town to avenge Mason (presumably, unless they have more involvement in the whole curse situation than we know so far), which as far as they know was vamps being vamps (I’m not sure if they know the vamps were more acting to kill someone in league with Katherine than just seeking to kill a werewolf).

      In that final fight though, it was all on the wolves to step down. The fact that they plan to stay in town despite the warning from Luka’s dad means they really have a death wish, IMO.

      Can’t wait to analyse next week’s episode with you!

      • André

        I’m sure you will love it; there is already a lot of speculation concerning the Promo, although we can be sure that neither Damon nor Stefan will die. As for Tyler, well he won’t either but apart from that, well the Promo is a bit misleading, or there are some serious bugs in the cutting (you known cloths and bodypostures shifting with light-speed ;-)). But considered how much happened up to now in the season it’s hard to say what will still come and supposedly Klaus will appear (although if the rumors about the chosen actor are true I’m a bit disappointed although not surprised) all hell might still break loose.
        As for Brady and Jules, well I’m still not sure with her but in his case I think it’s clear that he, up to now, is a prime example of the “freedom-fighter-terrorist“ you spoke of. He might be one of those who actually believe that what they are doing is the right way to “safe their people” but clearly their goal is “vengeance” (maybe even of the kind where they can’t get the real culprits and so lash out at everybody else). Evidence for this would be, like you said, that according to the Promo at least some stayed despite the fact that at least a handful died in the fight with the Salvatores and the rest were defeated by just one man (although I still ask myself what it meant that Tyler wasn’t affected, if it meant anything apart from him being a messenger to the others [but considered Jonas reaction that might be unlikely]), furthermore if they are actually close to extinction than this behavior is clearly … “counterproductive”. No matter what, Brady tortured Caroline simply because there was no reason not to because she was a vampire (so he isn’t cold) and Jules didn’t object and while this is a classic example of demonizing the other (which is often an elemental part of one’s self-identification) it is also a sign of a pretty bad person, since he obviously knows what he is doing and enjoys inflicting torture (hard to tell if Jules is any better). As you say it now, actually I think Brady and Damon are so far the two characters that are most alike, especially since both tend to put their interests (no matter how dysfunctional) before everybody else’s. As for Mason, I ask myself whether it will ever be revealed why he lied to Jules and Brady about Tyler, and on how much Katherine knows, because since she new Mason even before his transformation it would be very unlikely if she didn’t knew about the others. It could be pretty sure that they didn’t know about Katherine.
        Ok on Tyler, yeah it became clear to me in the first season that he is far less experienced then he seemed to be (maybe a bit behind for someone his age), I wonder how much he ever thought on his own. Based in his actions so far not very much and therefore he has no tools right now to decide what is right and what is wrong and that coupled with this impulsiveness might be an explanation why he just did nothing and ended up with Jules and Brady (sort of kneejerk reaction).
        What came to my mind just recently is that the main characters with the name Forbes, Gilbert and Lockwood probably would have never escaped the supernatural even without the werewolf-vampire-doppelgaenger stuff, simply because of the families they belong to. Jeremy is the best example for that.
        On the strength of the characters, I think that is a topic we shouldn’t analyze too much because that has already been depicted inconsistently (e.g. Stefan jumping on the big wheel during the fair, which would let you ask how string Katherine is, or the fact that Rose couldn’t hold of wolf-jules any better than Caroline could wolf-mason, despite the fact that Rose was about 560 years old and vampires get stronger with age [I still don’t like it that she is dead, the character had so much potential]).

        • CherieBee27

          I seriously CAN’T WAIT to see what you have to say about the spoiler edition of Got Forwood for Crying Wolf. There has been some crazy speculation out there, which I tried to encapsulate as best as I could. Should be a wild ride! Vampire Diaries promos are so misleading most of the time that I take them with a grain of salt. All I can say is, Tyler had better be careful of his future involvement with Team Salvatore if he wants to stay alive.

          I have a feeling we won’t see Klaus until the end of the season. I think it is safe to say the final episode or two will focus on the sacrifice ritual, and this is the only thing that will lure Klaus out of hiding. I bet there will be some major game changers. I actually am personally predicting that Klaus overrides Elena’s vervain protection and manages to compel her to forget the Salvatore brothers (thus paving the way for her to “meet” Damon first and to change the power couple without character assassinating her as some fear could happen if she knowingly bounces between brothers – though I would say that either way, the writers will make the change to delicately that my opinion of her wouldn’t be lessened anyway).

          The only way Jules could redeem herself in my eyes is to sacrifice herself in Tyler’s place in the ritual. The werewolves definitely feel like they are fighting the good fight; on this show it is all a matter of perspective. I do find it interesting how it shows that mindless battle can keep going on for no good reason other than major miscommunications between both sides.

          We don’t know Brady’s backstory, so in some ways it is hard to judge him. For all we know, his family could have been killed by a bunch of vampires, and he took up with a wolf pack later on to spend a lifetime of avenging their deaths in any way that he can. I hope he and Damon have the chance to interact a little before he dies, because it could provide an inverted mirror for Damon to see if this is the way he wants to end up or not.

          Tyler is definitely less emotionally experienced than his peers, regardless of how much physical experience he has had. Caring for Caroline is probably a first, and hence why her perceived betrayal stung so much. It’ll be interesting to see him grapple with this inexperience and making life-changing choices under extreme pressure.

          Also, I agree with you that being a founding family is both a blessing and a curse. With the prestige comes the curse of the supernatural. I’ve never been so happy to be a Barnett!

          • André

            We shall see ;-). Although I wonder what would happen if the ritual actually is performed. I don’t know the phrase in english, but in german we would say “shoot off all the powder”, meaning they don’t really have any stuff left.

            As for Brady, there is no excuse in my eyes for torturing an “enemy” for fun or just because there is no reason not to.

            And for the ritual, I do wonder whether it would really be a blessing for the werewolves to break the curse, because as to yet there is no hint that the change was voluntary in pre-curse times and even if, unless the change was faaaarrrr less painful then, who would start with such a thing in the first place?

            • CherieBee27

              Oh, I definitely agree there is no excuse for torturing another being, especially for a general hatred of a species. I just mean that I can emphathise with actions sometimes even when I can’t agree with them.

              Yeah, the breaking of the curse seems like raw deal for the wolves so far. I think it would really up the stakes if there is the potential for the wolves to change whenever they want, and for it to be pain free.

              • André

                Yeah, but was that ever actually stated somewhere? Somewhere official (interview, show etc) I mean. If I emember, so far only Mason stated that than he wouldn’t have to change, but was that ever “confirmed”? After all according to the show the curse was spoken because they had become a plaque, if the transformation was so painful how many would actually undergo that willingly?

                • CherieBee27

                  Oh, no, that has never been canon – that is just wishful thinking on my part for upping the stakes betweens weres and vamps.

                  All I know about the werewolf side is about Mason believing he wouldn’t have to transform anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if even that is a lie that has been told to him. I have a feeling breaking the curse may not be the sunshine and roses it seems to be for each mystical creature. I could be heartily wrong though.

  • zoe

    Forwood better work things out.

  • Sara (ofepicproportions)

    I see all these long insightful replies to your post and feel ashamed that all I can must is: FORWOOD BETTER HAPPEN. haha, but srsly. I love that you call Forwood your “unicorn” :]

    • CherieBee27

      FORWOOD BETTER HAPPEN is pretty much the underlying message of this post distilled, so this reply is awesome!

      Unicorn just seems to fit them snugly and perfectly. After all, a unicorn is a mythical creature that is extraordinarily beautiful but has an element of danger IMO (i.e. its tusk). Tyler and Care are, of course, have gorgeous facades, but these hide the supernatural monsters beneath. Plus, snarky love of unicorns is one of my favourite things to have, so I’m glad you share it too!

  • Sara (ofepicproportions)

    muster up*
    i hate typos.

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