Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Damon’s Got The van der Feelings Edition


Blogger pal Amy from Imaginary Men introduced me to a legendary website called James Van Der Memes a little while back.

Basically, it involves The Beek displaying heretofore unseen amounts of awesomeness with hilariously melodramatic GIFs.

It was like the riddle of the Sphinx… how the hell did Dawson become awesome?

I was Livejournal-stalking Damon GIFs (oh come on, like you never have ;)), when I had an epiphany… the James Van Der Memes are so awesome because they are modelled after the Ian Somerhalder School of Acting.

Don’t believe me?

Damon GIFs from Tomorrow Is Another Day.

Stud Wink  



Mild sadness

O face

Eyebrow String Dancer

Lilo eye roll

Finally, the world makes sense again!

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