Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Beanie Babe Edition

I was a total Beanie Baby freak growing up. There was even a wolf Beanie Baby!


Too bad you can’t buy THIS Beanie Babe in a store 😉


Michael Trevino beanie babe2

Ordinarily, beanies on men is not really my thing.

But I could be very easily convinced otherwise…

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10 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Beanie Babe Edition

  • kjewls

    OMG! Beanie Babies were the bomb diddly! 🙂 This one was the favorite of my personal collection . . .


    I never had that wolf beanie baby though. 😦

    Great picture of Michael Trevino and Ron Howard! (That is Ron Howard, isn’t it? It looks like him.) Well . . . I should say, great picture of Michael Trevino. Poor Ron Howard! It’s hard to photograph next to a hot Teen Wolf! 🙂

    • CherieBee27

      I love the beanie baby in the link you provided – especially since he is “Ty” dyed no less 😉

      Bwahaha! The source of the picture didn’t really say who was standing with Trevino in the second pic, and I didn’t really bother looking. Bad of me, I know, but we know who we all came her for, right? Right?! 😉

  • Sara (ofepicproportions)

    So sad that this Trevino Tuesday is not the usual…

    • CherieBee27

      Do you mean the lack of shirtlessness?? 😉

      Next week I’ll have quality torso porn waiting for you, but my Tyler loving heart just couldn’t quite do it this week after being broken by Daddy Issues.

      But it looks like there will be a long, rocky road for Tyler, so I’m just gonna come back full force next week 🙂

      • André

        Man, now I am really looking forward to what you have to say about Crying Wolf. Come on, don’t torture us. 😉

        And show us some torso porn 😀

        • Spidey Sense

          Oh, believe me when I say that post is gonna be EPIC! (that word has officially lost all meaning for me as a Vampire Diaries fan because of its overusage, but I still love it!)

          I’m just trying to collect all of my thoughts and deal with Tyler’s confession of LOVING CAROLINE and HIS LEAVING and EVERYTHING. A sad unicorn face may be included. And torso porn, too, since you asked so nicely 😉

          • André

            Well I am an old lecher 😀

            But seriously: I can wait, I was just a bit surprised, considering how fast you were with Daddy Issues. But than again, this episode was like the 14th in season 1, everything got turned around, so who knows what will happen next and I understand that you need time.

            And don’t worry I am sure Trevino won’t be gone for long, if he would, it probably would have leaked through by now.

            • Spidey Sense


              It’s Adelaide Fringe time, and I work for an arts agency, so I had a couple launches to go to that have taken up Forwood analysis time.

              It’ll be worth the wait, believe me. Plus, while Trevino is gone, I’m going to do rewind Forwood editions of all the earlier episodes.

              Hey, just in case you haven’t heard, according to Entertainment Weekly, who emailed TVD’s production team, Trevino will definitely be back this season. Here is hoping that he survives for many seasons to come, because he and Caroline are the best parts of the show for me now, aside from Damon.

              • André

                Just like I guessed, I wonder if they will really do the whole sacrifice topic in this season already, if yes, I wonder what will happen afterwards.

                And I don’t do all this over stuff of TVD, meaning interviews and such stuff (more or less), because sometimes it seems more than it actually is in the show, e.g. the character of Mason was in an interviewed portrayed as a sort of older brother for Tyler but I can’t really say that I agree with that :/

                As for the rest of the season, I think what I posted somewhere else covers it best:
                …just wait and see how it goes. Maybe Klaus finds a way to break the curse without a doppelgaenger, maybe some other supernatural entity will be introduced, maybe Matt becomes a vampire or Tyler and Jeremy end up humping each other like rabbits (many fans would be very happy about that ;-)). Maybe Bonnie dies (Stefan, Damon and Elena probably not, let’s face it). Maybe the werewolves do break the curse (not likely unless they do kill Elena, so…) and it turns out that the change was never voluntarily (good plot stuff actually). We just don’t know.

                • Spidey Sense

                  I definitely agree with you about misleading interviews. It’s just that I was a journalism student, and I love trying to sort out facts from lies from sources – it’s deeply embedded in my nature now!

                  I think we’ll see the sacrifice happen in the finale, but I bet TVD’s team will leave us hanging part way through the process, like the evil, evil producers that they are. As long as my favourite characters survive, I’ll be happy with whatever goes down. Well, within reason. If Tyler comes back to be a full-on villain, I might find that hard to swallow.

                  You know, if Forwood can’t happen, I am all for Jyler 😉 Even if Forwood DO happen, I hope the writers pick Jyler friendship ball up again. I think that Steven R McQueen and Michael Trevino have amazing chemistry together.

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