Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Crying Wolf – Vampire Diaries

Last episode was a dark time for Forwood shippers.


And I’m not talking the good kind of dark, like Music Sex God in his Black Outfit of Lust.


(Seriously, I wish that this man could be cast as Klaus, because there is no way you could confuse him for an ordinary mortal)

Caroline Got Wood, but sadly it wasn’t Tyler giving it to her.


Nope, the only wood she got were the splinters from wooden bullets she had to pluck out of her own neck after a torture session courtesy of werewolves Jules and Brady.

Tyler hesitated to help Care out of a life-threatening situation. Whether it was because he was paralysed by fear and uncertainty at being plunged into a supe battle without ever having experienced one and couldn’t make the right split second decision, or was truly conflicted at that point about who to trust (it wasn’t until later that Caroline spat out furiously that she had lied to protect him and removed doubt that she had for nefarious purposes), it doesn’t matter.

Caroline ended their friendship, resulting in this kicked puppy shot…

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

In Crying Wolf (S02E14), we kinda fall for Tyler again, despite his jackassery last week.

Matt enters Tyler’s Bad Touch Hall of Fame, thus endearing himself to me a little.

Then Jules takes Tyler away for Werewolf Obedience School or something.

Here are all of the Tyler and Tyler/Caroline scenes from Crying Wolf:

And the hilarious Caroline ones with Bonnie and Jeremy:

We open our first Forwood scene with Leather Tyler strolling towards Jules like the walking sex that he is.


Tyler’s ass was featured pretty heavily this ep you guys, a part of his anatomy I hadn’t really paid much attention to before now. One bonus of shirtfulness is actually noticing this stuff! 😉

Special shout out to txgirl0302 Tumblr. There are so many awesome Forwood Tumblrites, but she is rokken like dokken!

All I can say is, give me some of that Gangsta Lovin’, Trevino.

Jules looks sad, so maybe she caught VD when he was coming over?

Hey Jules, there are creams that help with the itchiness and rashes.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t be nice to Jules. Everyone keeps talking about how she is trying to be a Were Obi Wan Kanobi for Tyler, but all I see is Death Stars and Caroline torture sessions.

Maybe her intentions for Tyler are pure. But, you guys, Jules dumped Lucas at the altar in One Tree Hill…

… not to mention she keeps stomping on my Forwood unicorn. So, DIE JULES DIE! I’m hoping she is only being kept around because the writers need a  werewolf other than Tyler to sacrifice during the curse-breaking ritual, which Elena will survive, of course.

Tyler wonders why Jules and Brady haven’t skipped town after Jones pwned them with his witchy brain headache last week during the big fight and told them to GTFO of town.

Apparently werewolves are like bunny slippers. You know, if you leave them under your bed, they go at it like rabbits (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and magically multiply. Because out of nowhere a geeky werewolf Slater wannabe pops up like we even know who the hell he is to tell us all about the sun and moon curse.


Jules and Brady explain that they need Tyler’s help to find the moonstone. Tyler, obviously not a rock collector in his free time, wants to know what is so special about it. Slaterwolf blathers on about how breaking the curse on the vampires’ side will bring about “werewolf Armageddon”.


I LOL’d at Tyler BFD expression. He totes isn’t a Ben Affleck fan.


Jules has a better pitch, explaining that if the wolves break the curse first, they won’t ever have to turn again.

Slaterwolf says that because the vamps are gearing up for the sacrifice, it must mean that the “evil twin shadow person” has been found.

He also says that Tyler’s uncle Mason’s girlfriend “Kathy” must know all about the doppelganger, and shows Tyler a photo of Katherine and Mason together.

 The Vampire Diaries : Bad Dogs


In many ways, I’m sad that Mason kicked the bucket, because it would’ve been awesome for him to give Tyler tips on the vamp and were version of the birds and the bees.

Tyler, seeing the photo of “Kathy”, recognises Elena is the doppelganger and TELLS THE OTHER WOLVES THIS, despite them being friends since childhood.

He even later steals Caroline’s phone (more on this in a sec) to help them track Elena down. At least while being an ass we see just how HOT his ass is.

The werewolves leave out the vital piece of information that Elena will have to be sacrificed to break the curse, but come on now, Tyler, do you really think they were going to bake her a cake and trade slambooks with her or something?

I know you are pretty…



… and don’t need to use your brain all that much, but Jesus, pay attention.

The only justification I can give is that Tyler is a very impulsive person, who often doesn’t think through the consequences of his actions before launching into them. So with the thought of never having to turn again in his mind, he acted on his wolfy impulses and helped Team Wolf without asking any more questions.

Personally, I would’ve been curious to find out more about a girl I’ve known since birth having an evil vampire twin, but maybe that is just my curiosity from my journalism student days. Also, wouldn’t you wonder about why the vamps need to break the curse, when you have seen three (Damon, Stefan and Caroline) walk around in the sun anyway?

I’m just gonna go with the theory that he really didn’t think the situation through rationally, let alone consider what the other weres would do to Elena once they got her.

Besides, would we really want him to lose his impulsive side completely?

Let my Tyler and Caroline shipper heart have this moment please. I love this angle. He’s got his hands in her hair, his body flushed up against hers, but what I love the most is that Caroline is doing just as much. She’s cupping his face, kissing him back and you can totally tell that she’s tugging on his jersey. Plus the semi-dazed reaction Tyler has when she pulls away.  *Sigh* These two…


I think not!

I just wish to God that someone on Team Vampire had sat Tyler down and told him EVERYTHING, including ALL of the relevant informatin about the curse. How can anyone expect him to make the right choices if he doesn’t have all of the information he needs?



We get to what R Co of Something Kinda Catchy blog calls the “sexy food chain” triangle of Matt, Caroline and Tyler.

You know, because vamp Care’s bite can kill human Matt, and were Tyler’s bite can kill vamp Care.

Speaking of food, you know what I hate about the humble Caratt?

Aside from being a Forwood cock-blocker, it totally gets stuck in your teeth.


Just sayin’.

Caroline tries to catch up with him at work, but Matt is peeved at Caroline for blowing him off the night before. I can understand where he is coming from, because he caught her in a lie about being with Bonnie, and as far as he knows this might mean his suspicions about Tyler and Caroline hooking up are true. He was all mature about Care and Tyler chatting in The Descent, but clearly the Bonnie lie was the last straw.


But, I was too busy picking Caratt out of my teeth to feel sorry for him.

After Matt tells Care to kiss off, Caroline subsconsciously prays for Werewolf Sex God to appear…


… and so he does.


Music Sex God, unfortunately, is not seated at his right or left hand.



We are, however, treated to an argument with the veracity only two people with passionate feelings for one another can have.

Tyler: “Caroline!”

Caroline: “You stay away from me.”

Tyler: “It’s important.”

Caroline: “Stop it, Tyler, OK, you’re just making it worse.”

Tyler: “Please Caroline, I’m sorry about what happened, OK, but there’s so much we need to talk about.”

Caroline: “I said, just leave me alone.”


Just in case Trevino!Ass and sudden irrational jealousy of a mobile phone distracted you, here is what happened during the conversation…

Tyler bumped into Caroline deliberately so that he could pocket her phone under the guise of helping her pick up her things, to later use in the Elena Hunt.

Now, that takes the sheen off the scene, I must admit. This deception aside, everything he says to Caroline is true. He DOES want to talk to her and is sorry for what happened, and we get a blast of kicked puppy when she makes it known in no uncertain terms that she still wants nothing to do with him.


Caroline is obviously flustered by Tyler’s presence, and the fact that Matt might misinterpret the scene as a lovers’ quarrel. Really, the two are so affected by one another that this is what it amounts to. I mean, no one gets angry with someone with the intensity of Caroline unless their feelings run deeper than friendship and their heart has been broken by them.

She has to ask herself why she would respond so strongly to Tyler’s kiss if Matt was really the only one in the picture.

Forwood may not have officially happened yet, but emotionally I feel like they have, and that is part of the reason why Tyler’s hesitation hurt so much: Caroline really put her heart on the line for Tyler in a way I don’t think she has with Matt.

 The Vampire Diaries : Bad Dogs

Matt, oblivious to the food chain that he is at the bottom of as a human but not to the significance of the Forwood argument, gives Tyler a Bad Touch that warmed the cockles of my heart. What can I say? I love it when people get up in Tyler’s grill, and vice versa.

Tyler, who last time beat Matt to a pulp after a similar scenario occurred when Matt caught him hooking up with his Slutty Mom, doesn’t fight back. Progress.

Also, I think it is interesting that a commonality between Matt and Tyler is how much they hate being lied to.

We see this later with Tyler when he tells Jules “no more lies” before they leave Mystic Falls, and in Matt’s confrontation of Tyler after witnessing Forwood’s heated argument.

 Tyler: Matt, there’s nothing going on. Matt: I said, stop lying.


Matt: “The two of you want to get together, fine, there’s nothing I can do about it, but do me a favour and both of you stop lying about it.”

Tyler: “Matt, there’s nothing going on!”

Matt: [Bad Touch] “Hey! I said, stop lying!”

Say what you will about the Odd Couple friendship between Tyler and Matt, but clearly they share some similar values when it comes to honesty.


Tyler uses Caroline’s swiped mobile phone to text Elena and gets her location under false pretenses. Elena texts “xoxo” to “Caroline”, and I wish Tyler had texted that message back.

To his credit, Tyler looks guilty as hell about what he has just done, and it is obvious he is only doing it because he can’t bear the thought of turning again.



He then has a heart warming chat with Brady (and by heart warming I mean Brady baby, your heart will soon move at such a velocity from your chest that you will FEEL THE HEAT) about finding “the doppelganger”.



Brady: “Good to go.”

Tyler: [Pause]

Brady: “You up for this?”

Tyler: [Mouth movement]

Brady: “These people have done nothing but lie to you. This girl that you’ve known since birth, she’s with the vampires now. The ones who killed Mason. They’re the enemy. And if they break that curse, all of us are as good as dead. Are you up for this?”

This pep talk almost had a fatherly feeling to it, but then this exchange happened:

Tyler: “Yes.”

Brady: “Good. Because if you wuss out, you’re gonna have me to deal with, you got it?”

Umm, how touching?

For reals, I had a flashback to a pep talk Buffy gave in the prom episode in season three.

Buffy: “I’m gonna give you all a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every single person on the face of the Earth to do it.”

Xander: “Yay?”


Just think of me as Xander when Brady gave his spiel.

Tyler then does just about the stupidest thing you can do on this show: he holds a Salvatore hostage. At the lakehouse, Brady shoots Stefan and then hands the gun, and a stake, to Tyler to hold him at bay so he can go off and stalk Elena.

 I can’t be like this forever!


I must say, I loved this scene. We get sexy, menacing Bad Cop Tyler, who is all “Don’t move!”.


Plus, seeing Stefan grunting and sweaty while being tortured just totally does it for me for some insane reason.

We don’t quite get Bondage Stefan, but it was still pretty awesome.

Tyler releases Stefan when Stefan tells him Elena has to die for the curse to be broken. Elena, who has managed to evade Brady all this time, rushes outside with Brady in hot pursuit.


Stefan then pulls a Damon (pun TOTALLY INTENDED) and rips Brady’s heart from his chest. And I bounced up and down with glee. Huzzah!

Elena has annoyed me a little lately in the friend department. But she fully redeemed herself in my eyes by showing incredible compassion, when really Tyler didn’t deserve it.

Look, Trevino killed it during this exchange with Elena after the heart tear.

 Elena: Tyler? Tyler: I didn’t know what they were going to do to you. I didn’t. I just didn’t want to be like this anymore.


Elena: “Tyler?”

Tyler: “I didn’t know what they were going to do to you. I didn’t. I just didn’t want to be like this anymore. I’m sorry, Elena.”

Hotness aside, as KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous pointed out in her awesome (as usual!) Crying Wolf recap, this apology was pretty lame considering he had broken into her dead parents’ home, shot her boyfriend in the leg and let Brady stalk her.

So, I was deeply moved by Elena’s hug.

This moment.


Call me pathetic if you want, but it was nice to be reminded why Elena can be such an amazing heroine at times.

Her limitless capacity for compassion and heart of gold is what can allow her to forgive the baddest of bad boys…

… even when they do truly heinous acts, and yet still seem like an innocent in all of these messes rather than an awful person who just looks the other way. Elena may be morally ambiguous, but never has she sold her soul.

I’m sure that is a controversial opinion. Thoughts?

I know some people find it weird to see Tyler and Elena hug despite barely interacting on the show. The way I see it, my childhood friends are people I can see only once in a blue moon and still have that immediate connection of feeling like a day has never passed when we catch up. Plus, Elena instinctively knows when people need human contact to pull them back from the abyss.

Although Care obviously isn’t human, I wish she hadn’t slammed the door shut on Tyler in Daddy Issues in some ways despite the girl power angle, because what he needed was an anchor. Elena gave that to him in this moment, however briefly.


Jesse honey, hope you enjoyed your Stelena!

Oh Elena, when you put on your Big Girl F**K Me Boots, I just love ya!

In amongst all of this drama, Caroline is off having a grand old time with Bonnie, helping her Werewolf Roofie Luka at the Mystic Grill and then skullf**k him into revealing what Elijah’s plans for the doppelganger are, plus cheerleading Jeremy’s obvious crush on Bonnie.

We see a hint of the Queen Bee Caroline of old with her appraisal of Bonnie using her wiley ways to trick Luka into downing an iced venti frappe latte laced with Werewolf Roofie. OK, I don’t really know if that was the drink, but that’s my favourite drink, so let’s roll with it.

fuckyeahstevenrmcqueen:  Jeremy is not amused.


Caroline to Jeremy as they watch Bonnie and Luka: “She’s selling it and he’s buying it. She’s givin’ him the sex smile.” Jeremy: “All right, Caroline, I get it.”

Caroline’s mischievous knowing smile and raised brows made me fall in love with her all over again. Plus, her little version of the Brow Thing is just further proof that she and Tyler are meant to be. Later on, she encourages Bonnie to just go for it with Jeremy, over Luka’s bewitched body, hilariously.

 The Vampire Diaries : Bad Dogs


Hey, it’s hard to squeeze in quality girl time sometimes!

I have the feeling she will need some more quality girl time before long.

Tyler heads into the Mystic Grill all sad and remorseful to have a truly touching moment with Matt. Matt tells him he’s not in the mood, but Tyler says, a slight catch in his voice, that there is something he needs to say.

  Tyler: I’ve been going through a rough time. Something I can’t really talk about and Caroline’s been helping me through it. She’s been there for me. More than anyone’s ever been there in my entire life…and I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible. But she loves you and she needs you. And to be honest, she deserves someone like you. So you be good to her. Okay?


Matt, clearly unused to this new, vulnerable Tyler, simply tells him to “say it”, no anger left in his voice.

And Forwood shippers, did you lose your s**t as much as me at the speech Tyler gives? Of course you did.


Here it is in full:

Tyler: ““I’ve been going through a rough time, something I can’t really talk about. And Caroline’s been helping me through it. She’s been there for me, more than anyone’s ever been there my entire life. And I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible. She loves you, and she needs you. And to be honest, she deserves someone like you, so you be good to her. Okay?”

Matt: “Yeah man, of course.”

It is a testament to the Matt and Tyler friendship, and Matt’s incredible maturity, that he listens to this entire speech without interrupting, despite his look of hurt when Tyler says he had fallen for Caroline. Matt knows that this speech is a huge moment for Tyler, who not only rarely opens up like this but probably has never said he has loved a girl in his life. I mean, Matt is used to Tyler saying things like: “Is it me, or did Thing Two’s ass suddenly get hot?”

Having said that, I can’t resist making a comparison between this speech and Matt’s “I love you” to Caroline in Brave New World (S02E02).

 Tyler: I’ve been going through a rough time. Something I can’t really talk about and Caroline has been helping me through it. She’s been there for me, more than anyone has ever been there for me in my entire life. I kind of fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible. She loves you. She needs you. To be honest she deserves someone like you. So you be good to her, okay?


Tyler: “I kinda fell for her. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible.”


Matt: “I came to see if today’s basket-case period had expired. Tonight, even though I wanted to throttle you, I think I’m falling in love with you.” (not forgetting this was three days after Caroline ALMOST DIED, which I think earns her the right to some basket-case behaviour).

Matt is a great guy in general, but something about being with Caroline brings out the worst in him. He tends to focus on Caroline’s flaws and she has to work so damn hard to be accepted by him, and still seems to fall short of the ideal he has in mind.

Whereas, Tyler appreciates Caroline for exactly who she is. He doesn’t wish that she was slightly different or equivocate his affection for her; he sees her for the awesome girl she is. Yes, he was angry about being lied to about Mason and the vampires, but he was sorry for his actions in Daddy Issues and didn’t hold her own anger against her.

Even after all this time, that scene hurts my heart so badly


As other bloggers have noted, Tyler’s selfless act of love for Caroline has shades of Damon’s own epic “I love you” scene with Elena. SIGH!


Seeing Tyler saying his secret goodbye to Caroline was undoubtedly the Lupining Tyler Magnum Opus. And I know from my Tyler’s Best Looks Post how much you all adore Lupining Tyler! (even more than shirtless versions of Tyler, apparently, which is really saying something. Imagine if he pined shirtless!)

Caroline hears a noise from outside and goes to investigate, before locking the door. I haven’t decided if Caroline saw him/sensed him out on her porch or not. We know that werewolves have a strong sense of smell, and though I can’t remember a canon mention of it, I’m pretty sure that vamps have a strong nose too. Or is it just their hearing?

If she did know it was him, and still locked the door anyway, it is even more heartbreaking.

Hey, have you noticed that all of Forwood’s epic relationship moments have happened on Caroline’s porch?


I am hanging out for Porch Sex now. What? If people don’t notice the Sheriff’s daughter being shot point blank in the head in the middle of Mystic Falls’ busiest street, they wouldn’t notice a little baby vamp on baby were action.

 I can’t stay here. Not like this.


Tyler, clearly the Crying Wolf of the episode title due to his emotional day, leaves Mystic Falls with Jules to do an Oz and find himself, I guess. Jules seems sad about Brady et al dying, but siriusly, she could cry me a river and I still wouldn’t give her the honour of having the title refer to her.

I’m trying to understand Tyler’s decision, and believe that what he says, “I can’t say here. Not like this” makes sense. But all I can think of is what Oz himself would say. “This is making the kind of sense that is not.”

Tyler had better swoop in later on at some undetermined time all manly and hot, saving Caroline from peril. Preferably while wearing more black leather. And he had better not die in the process.


One thing that gives me a little hope is that Caroline told Tyler the morning after their kiss that “we can’t go there”. Labelling a relationship as forbidden, and therefore knowing this is likely to make viewers want the couple to happen even more, is a writer trick that tells me they TOTALLY WILL GO THERE.

And on that day, I will plaster my blog with so many unicorn pictures you will think that a rainbow has exploded on it.

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week


It is hard to go past the Brady heart tear, even though Damon’s rip last week made the final cut. It was just that. damn. good. I may have pumped my fist in the air and shouted with glee “Go Papa Stefan! Go! No one messes with your baby vamp and girlfriend”. Although no heart was left unripped out of chests this week, seemingly.

Aside from the BAMF Stefan move, Elijah reeled in another heart double header, much to Damon’s joy… and Forwood fans of course got their hearts torn out of their bodies again. Given that this episode coincided with Valentine’s Day, I am taking these heart rips as the Vampire Diaries equivalent of a Hallmark card. Can’t you just picture Dru from Buffy season two watching the show and giddily remember the still-warm heart of an innocent shopgirl that Angelus gave her as a present on V Day?

This awesome GIF symphony of heart rips from The Colors Were All Wrong Tumblr proves I’m not the only one who gets the warm fuzzies from them:

This is my way of saying Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

By the way, Dark! Stefan, you are a magnificent bastard, and I can’t wait for you to be re-introduced next week.

crazyfruittt:  who wants to die next?




Yes, I know this scene happened last week, but let’s face it, I bet you would prefer this image over one of Damon and Andie any day 😉

I loved his response to Alaric’s plea not to kill journalist girlfriend Andie, who happens to be a friend of Useless Aunt Jenna’s. Damon: “If I did, who would report her death?”

Ahem, me, Julie, Amy and VictiMom, Damon. Julie and I are even qualified in this exact field! And then we would be happy to be your next compulsion sex toys.

PS VictiMom and Amy, I will gradually wear away at your Tyler hatred. Just FYI.

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31 responses to “Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Crying Wolf – Vampire Diaries

  • kjewls

    (I must admit, I would have commented sooner, but found myself mesmerized by the Damon shower picture. Yes, I own it. Yes, I’ve seen it before. And yet it holds a power over me, that I can’t quite explain. 😉

    You my friend, are the Goddess of Forwood recapping! Amazing post! I loved every Forwood-y sentence of it. From the unfettered and hilarious Jules hate, to the werewolf obedient school references, to the briliant observations, to the shout outs (THANK YOU!), it’s all pure perfection.

    In response to the whole “Did Caroline know Tyler was outside issue?” maybe I’m being idealistic here, but, I don’t think she knew he was there. She probably did sense his presence (in the way that Elena SENSED Damon’s presence, after he compelled her to forget it, in Rose). And it was her sensing of A presence, that probably caused her to lock the door. After all, getting shot in the head multiple times and put in cage, would make ANYONE a bit paranoid, and afraid of being home alone. Am I right? 🙂

    But I can’t imagine the TVD writers giving up an opportunity to have a long and meaningful look exchanged between Caroline and Tyler, if she was, in fact, supposed to have seen him. In fact, I suspect that, next week, when Caroline learns that Tyler has left town, she will be heartbroken, whether or not she outwardly admits it. I’m definitely looking forward to that scene.

    As far as the vampire / werewolf enhanced sense of smell, I’m not sure Caroline’s is so refined yet. Remember when Jules told Tyler that the Salvatores and Caroline were definitely vampires? And when he asked her how she knew, she replied, “Can’t you smell it?”

    And because he COULDN’T, she finally figured out just how NEW he was as a werewolf. Now, granted, Caroline is not as NEW of a vampire as Tyler is a werewolf. But, she really has only been a vampire for a few months tops. (Doesn’t it seem like a lot longer, though?) And sure, Caroline had some training from Stefan in the fine art of bunny hunting. But that stopped, once she learned that she could drink hospital blood instead. So, there’s a good chance that Caroline didn’t smell Tyler at all!

    I love the many similarities between Tyler’s and Caroline’s relationship and Damon’s and Elena’s, and definitely see them traveling in similar trajectories. In both cases, we have the female seeing good in the Bad Boy, when no one else does. We see that female supporting the Bad Boy through tough times. Then, the Bad Boy shows the female vulnerability that he won’t show anyone else.

    The Bad Boy falls for the female first, or at least, becomes aware of his feelings first. But she is involved with a Good Boy. And the Bad Boy doesn’t know if he is worthy. Then the Bad Boy lashes out and does something to lose the trust of the female. Now he DEFINITELY doesn’t feel worthy. So, he sacrifices his own heart, by letting the Good Boy have the female, while he repents and works to become the “man she needs him to be.”

    No wonder we both SHIP these two pairs so hard! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, Goddess of Forwood recapping? That title is made of so much win and is so sweet! Hopefully I can keep living up to it once Tyler comes back into town (alhough in the meantime I’m still doing Caroline recaps, dammit!)

      I loved your interpretation of Caroline sensing a presence the way that Elena did when Damon compelled her to forget him telling her “I love you”. Some things just occur on such a primitive level. You look at a pairing like Bonnie and Jeremy who are adorable to be sure, but the writers have to TELL us they are in love, having Bonnie exposit that “you used to be that emo kid but now I love you”, whereas with Delena and Forwood, most of their feelings are in the subtext of their words, in what is left unsaid, and the emotions on the actors’ faces. Trevino and Somerhalder in particular have such incredibly expressive faces that these Bad Boys really do wear their hearts on their sleeves.

      Next week, I NEED Caroline to react visibly, maybe not in words but in her actions, to the news that Tyler has left. Their connection needs to be validated. I want there to be a real sense of loss on her part in the role he had played in her life. I really do hope that Caratt is a temporary reality before Forwood gets fully explored, because I would find it unbelievably tragic if thei relationship got swept under the carpet at this point.

      I am so sick to death of reading on forums about Tyler’s character being assassinated. His feelings were really given short shrift because the easier route was to allow a member of Team Vampire to get indignant with him and send him packing, rather than explore a fractured relationship where both Care and Tyler are depicted as being equally deserving in their anger. When Forwood get together (I view it as an inevitability unless Tyler gets killed off), I really want Caroline to acknowledge that Tyler’s feelings of hurt and betrayal about Mason and everything else are entirely justified. She was not the only wronged party in this scenario.

      But, like Logan Echolls would say, love songs are never written about the relationships that come easy. So am staying faithful that we can fasten ourselves in for a bumpy but satisfying Forwood ride!

  • Gen

    Where do I even start?! First of all thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you can incorporate my obsessive need to cap and gif everything T&C into your recaps. It makes me insanely giddy.

    This episode, for a T/C fan, was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. I don’t like to say that I’m biased when it comes to Tyler, because it sounds like anything he will/would do would be automatically forgiven. Which is not the case, I just can understand why he does what he does. I believe in “Daddy Issues” Tyler was not given a chance to feel confused, betrayed and conflicted. It was happening way to fast for him and he genuinely didn’t know what to do. I think a lot of TVD fans faulted him for his hesitation. Yes, I was hurt that he hesitated to help Caroline, but I couldn’t hate him for it. I just couldn’t. He should have done something, yelled at Jules, pulled Caroline away, anything really. Even though he didn’t, I don’t think it meant he didn’t care, he was just scared. The fact that he went to check on her spoke volumes to me. He wanted to talk things out with her, fix his wrongs and show her he cared about her too. Caroline felt betrayed by this boy who she had come to care so deeply for and I can understand why she was so angry, but baby girl needed to remember that he was just as much hurt as she was.

    I was frustrated with Tyler in “Crying Wolf” mostly because he was so clueless. I wanted him to ask questions, but the only thing he cared about was not turning again. I don’t blame him for it though, but I believe if he had known all the facts he would not have made the decisions he did.

    As for the hug between Tyler and Elena, I don’t see the problem. These are two people who have known each other their entire lives. Elena has shown time and time again why she’s amazing. Her compassion for others is not only her most beautiful attribute it is her biggest flaw at times. She said in “Katarina” that all the people she loved were in danger because of her, and she did mention Tyler. She considers him a friend and the fact that his curse was triggered because of the need to break sun and moon curse weighed heavily on her. She made Damon promise not to hurt him in “Daddy Issues” which just proves my point. Tyler is her friend. Even though they don’t interact much on the show doesn’t take away a lifetime of experiences and history. I was beyond touched by that hug. Tyler made mistakes, but he needed to know that he was not alone, that he could be forgiven and that it was not too late for him. Elena gave him that and I loved her for it.

    Then there is the Matt scene at the end. That speech just goes to show just how much Tyler has grown as a person. He is no longer the asshole jock with temper issues that we met in season one. He has become someone we can can have compassion for, someone we want to be happy, find his true love and someone many have come to love. His selfless act of admitting his feelings for Caroline, but understanding he was not the best choice has me so proud of being a fan of his character since S1. Tyler needed to leave. He needed to find himself, figure out who he is and come to terms with what he is. Then he can come back stronger and more confident than ever and fight for the girl he fell for.

    Great recap babe! You are awesome. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Gen, I totally squeed like the Forwood fangirl that I am when I saw your comment! I lurked on your blog for like an hour after discovering it. So much Micheal Trevino goodness! You truly are a kindred spirit 😉

      I’m with you on Tyler. Although I obviously fangirl for the character, as you can see on this post and my other Got Forwood recaps, when he pisses me off I sound off in my commentary! He is not above reproach. I just think that the fandom had an extreme response to Tyler’s actions, like saying he was “dead to them”. Now, I love Damon, and was one of the many who absolved him of guilt following the Jeremy neck snapping incident because I could understand the context behind it all – why can’t people do the same for Tyler?!

      The more I think about it, the more I am disappointed that Caroline immediately shut Tyler out just because he didn’t make the right split second decisions in his first real supe fight and questioned her motives. I get that she feels that the way she has been there for him, particularly during the transformation, should be proof enough that her motives were good, and that this should have gone without saying. But she knows what type of personality Tyler has, and has been privy to his trust issues along the way, with him constantly questioning why she has been helping him. Surely she could have given pause and realised where he was coming from, maybe not in the immediate aftermath of being tortured, but certainly the next day.

      How motherf**king awesome was Elena in that episode?! If we ever see her in an episode with a high ponytail AND her Big Girl F**k Me boots on, we’ll know we’re in for more awesomeness!

      The Matt scene was really powerful. It actually made me feel a little sad that we have had so few Matt/Tyler scenes this season. I know some felt it had this patronising “handing the girl over” edge to it, but I didn’t feel that at all. Caroline makes her own choices, and may stay with Matt or not. This was more about Tyler giving his blessing to his friend, giving his friend the honesty he deserved, and showing that he can put someone’s elses feelings first.

      God, I SO can’t wait for when Tyler comes back and hopefully stays for the long-term, and all the amazing GIFs you’ll make to chart the Forwood relationship trajectory.

      • Gen

        Awww lol you’re sweet. Thank you. 🙂

        I agree with you about Tyler. I don’t like to liveblog while watching any show, mostly because I feel like I’ll miss something lol. But during the last two episodes I exploded on tumblr and twitter when Tyler was making me mad. It’s just how it is right? I wanted to reach into the TV and just shake him (OMG I would be touching him and it would go from shaking to fondling in 2 seconds flat lol). Like you said he’s not excluded from reproach, I just got so angry at fans for dismissing him entirely and wanting him dead. That was extremely excessive. Some people have no compassion. *Shakes head*

        I have a hard time with Damon. I love him. I do, because he’s just so good and then so bad, he gives me what I want in a character. But the blind love that many fans have for him gives me pause when it comes to him. Ian Somerhadler is brilliant at bring Damon to life so I could never really hate the character. I’m a fan of both Stelena and Delena. They both have such amazing chemistry and some awesome moments, I could never chose to hardcore ship either one of them. But just like I am a fan of Tyler in that way, I can understand Damon fans. But unlike Damon, Tyler is so new and clueless I just didn’t think all the hate he was getting was warranted and I become incredibly defensive and protective of him.

        I think Julie Plec stated it perfectly in an interview in which she said something along the lines of Caroline giving herself, her heart and her trust with such passion when Tyler hesitated she felt completely betrayed and couldn’t imagine forgiveness at the moment. But Tyler who has never had anyone care for him, and coming from just being the guy he was, had fully given his trust to her and she lied to him. He was just as hurt as she was. It was a mess and they both didn’t know how to clean it up and even though Tyler tried it was just too little to late. Which is kind of sad, because if you look at it he went there and that was huge. Unfortunately for him Caroline just didn’t see it that way.

        Elena! That’s my girl! I love that she can be the damsel in distress, but can kick some ass if need be. She definitely brought it! Love her.

        I really like Matt and Tyler’s frienship, because it seemed so unlikely from the beginning. They have somehow mangaed to stay friends from all the stuff that has gone down between them. Just a testament that they are truly best friends. I do wish we could have got more scenes with them. I agree with you about the scene. Yes, I saw it as this “she’s better off with you” kind of thing, but Tyler was in his own way giving his blessing like you said. In the end, I think he just wants them both to be happy.

        Me and you both. He’s going to come back all new and shiny (and smokin’ hot) and I am going to fangirl all over the piece lol. You can definitely count on me chronicling everything lol.

        • Spidey Sense

          Shiny, New and Smokin’ Hot Tyler is definitely going to be the name I use when he makes his epic return. Although how the boy could get hotter is almost a physical impossibility. Either way, I LOVE the way your mind works 😉 We passionate Forwood fans have to stick together!

          Me and two other recappers, KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous and Amy from Imaginary Men did a liveblog of The Descent, and it was definitely hard to take in all the Vampire Diaries goodness (especially since it was the Forwood ambush kiss episode) and comment on it intelligently in a timely way. I had a blast though, because it is fun seeing what other peoples’ instant reactions are! Reading all your liveblog comments after the fact cracked me up. It was funny browsing through tweets after Crying Wolf had aired, and seeing some tweeps go from loathing Tyler with the fire of a thousand suns for shooting Stefan to saying “Aww, Tyler, I knew I’d be able to forgive you!” when Elena hugged him. Hilarious! The pacing on this show is so fast that I guess mercurial rollercoaster emotions are just a part of the viewing experience. I was exactly like you, screaming at the TV while thinking how ridiculous it was to be so emotionally invested in a TV couple and then at the same time not caring 😉 Only Veronica/Logan from VMars has had this effect on me. Delena definitely come close to giving me the same reaction, but I think this is balanced somewhat by the fact that I have a soft spot for Stelena too.

          Damon is one of those characters who sounds so heinous on paper. When I initiate friends into TVD fold and try using the Hot Somerhalder card, they are usually horrified by the character when I describe him. But when you see Damon’s emotions play out on Ian’s expressive face, and learn the full history and context that has formed his character, you can at least always understand where he is coming from. Trevino is a good enough actor that you can easily say the same for him. Much of the dialogue between him and Caroline is the inarticulate teen stuff, and without Trevino and Accola imbuing it with so much resonance and depth, Forwood would feel completely hollow. I’m constantly in awe of how the acting skills of this cast match their gorgeousness.

          I feel like the writers didn’t really honour Tyler’s feelings about Mason and Caroline’s betrayal. I hope that when (and I say when, not if ;)) Forwood happen, this is addressed. Tyler had legitimate cause for being upset, and I’m not surprised he went after the Salvatore brothers when they are essentially his uncle’s murderers. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. Damon may have done the deed, but the rest of the gang where enablers of Mason’s death (although Caroline was curiously removed from it all, really – Bonnie and Jeremy were present but she was nowhere to be seen). So the worst thing Care did was keep the whole scenario a secret. But it has been well established that Tyler has trust issues, and more than that, hates being lied to. I swear to God, if she had just come clean to him, this whole crisis could have been averted.

          I was actually surprised to see Tyler try to make amends so soon after everything went down in Daddy Issues, and definitely agree that this showed real character growth on his part. I guess if I had just been tortured I wouldn’t be feeling too charitable, but I still feel that Caroline should have heard him out. GAH!

          You know, I hope that both Matt AND Tyler survive. And that Matt gets filled on everything and hooks up with another vamp girlfriend and then all double date or something ;). Yes, I’m well aware that Fantasy Land and I are good friends.

          If Tyler is killed off because they feel like his arc is complete I will be so very, very upset. I know some characters have been overlooked this season, but I still think their storylines can be developed while Tyler’s continues.

          The awesomeness of Elena is such at the moment that I can’t wait to see how they handle the sacrifice situation. The Salvatores will find some loophole to save her, and I hope she delivers a well aimed kick into the head of Jules with her Big Girl F**k Me Boots, officially my favourite item of her’s EVER. I’ve read your eloquent, thoughtful responses to the Jules character, and I’m afraid I just can’t quite get around the extreme ferocity of my hatred for her. 😉 Maybe if she does something heroic to save Tyler, I will forgive her for her Forwood unicorn stomping ways. Possibly.

          • Gen

            Shiny, New and Smokin’ Hot Tyler it is then lol. Ya know just when I think Trevino can get no hotter he just surprised the hell out of me. Hellooooo leather jackets.

            I was going through my blog yesterday and I was shaking my head at my melodramatic comments after “Daddy Issues” lol.

            I know the writers have closed this werewolf chapter and I’m happy with the entire storyline. I’m just a bit bothered that so many saw it as Tyler getting so much air time. He and Trevino deserved it. He was practically MIA through the whole first season, but with so many characters I understand what they are trying to say.

            My least favorite character on the show is Bonnie and I’m kinda hoping she’s the one who gets the good ole ax lol.

            I know I’m probably the only one who doesn’t necessarily hate Jules, and I’m cool with it. I’m not saying what she did was right, but I can see why she is the way she is. It was probably taught to her, I just hope she doesn’t try and brainwash Tyler. I really don’t see that happening when Tyler wasn’t willing to hurt Elena to break the curse.

            Jules can die if need be; I rather her die than anyone else.

            • Spidey Sense

              Seriously, it was criminal for them to hold out on Leather Tyler for as long as possible. After all the emphasis on Trevino!Ass this week, I am also digging on the black skinny jeans they’ve been outfitting him in lately. The green on black combo they put him in during the first confrontation with Caroline and the big fight in Daddy Issues had my girly senses pinging. I just thought to myself: “Good God, this man is fine!”

              Aww, don’t stop being melodramatic, because I found it totally adorable. Plus, we have to vent somehow! I still can’t get over how disappointed I am that they didn’t handle the Tyler/Caroline rift more evenly. I knew the relationship would be fractured, but I thought that both sides’ anger would be presented as equally justified. I would have preferred if they were both angry, yet still hoping to find a way to meet each other half way. Or, even better, if they had become the Romeo and Juliet of Mystic Falls because everyone ELSE couldn’t handle their relationship deepening beyond friendship. If Tyler comes back as a full-on villain, and not an anti-hero leading man, it will hurt my heart so badly! Here is hoping that he not only saves Caroline but one or both of the Salvatores, because I think that is really the only way that he can completely get back into people’s good graces.

              You know, from most forums I’ve read, most people are afraid that Matt will get a storyline at the expense of Tyler (potentially even Tyler dying). I didn’t realise there were that many people out there who thought that Tyler’s been getting too much screen time. I definitely felt the heat of hatred for him after the last two episodes, but mostly I’ve seen an outcry against the possibility of Trevino leaving forever. Or is this just selective reading on my part?

              I can understand why Matt, and even Jeremy, fans would feel a little bit miffed about their lack of screen time. Heck, I want more Legal to Lust Over McQueen, and so long as Caratt turns into an exploding bunny, I don’t want Roerig to go either. I just think Trevino is a much better actor and that his character has much more plot to mine. He’s almost like a wolfy version of Damon, albeit less sociopathic (so far!). You know, in the sense that you love him even as you hate his actions sometimes.

              I LOL’d at your Bonnie comment. Amy from Imaginary Men and I were just SO DAMN HAPPY we didn’t have to end up liking Bonnie in Daddy Issues. When the wolves started dropping like stones, we both assumed it was her handiwork, so I breathed a sigh of relief when the badass was Jonas. I LOVED the Jonnie kiss, but more for McQueen than anything else. “Enough already”. HNNNG!

              The thing about Jules and Brady is that they aren’t necessarily bad guys in the universal good versus evil battle. It just so happens that they are bad guys in the context of how they are positioned against our heroes. So, if not for their Forwood unicorn stomping ways, I would probably be sympathetic towards them. As it so happens, DIE JULES DIE will be my refrain until she is on the receiving end of a heart tear. Give it time, just give it time 😉

  • ThatPoppyGirl

    Tyler and Caroline need to get together. And they need to get together SOON!

    • Spidey Sense

      ThatPoppyGirl, I am right there with you hun!

      Let’s just get through the finale with Tyler back and alive, and hopefully not evil. Then, I think it would be a bit of a bumpy, long road for Forwood before they would come together, but can you imagine what the sparkage would be like when it finally happens?

  • André

    Ok, now my turn 🙂

    Only one point of critique about this post:
    I think you got a bit over the top with the “Slaterwolf” and the originals. As far as I know there was no hint so far that the werewolves know about the Originals at all or even that vampires get stronger with age (if they did, that would make their actions extremely stupid). I actually expected a werewolf slaughter by an Original, just not so early.

    As a matter of fact that was an aspect of this episode that hit me as striking:
    misinformation and “half-truths”. Even for us viewers it is hard to tell which character knows how much. Do Jeremy and Bonnie know that Tyler has triggered the curse? Do the werewolves know of the originals? How did Mason get in contact with the other werewolves? How much do the werewolves know about the Sun and Moon curse? What exactly is the connection between Katherine and John Gilbert? Unless my memory fails me this info and much more hasn’t been given yet.
    Like you said, hard to tell how Tyler would have acted had he known all the facts, especially considered his impulsiveness. The same goes for the other werewolves, although Brady would be enough of a jackass to attack the vampires nonetheless.
    This seems to be a sort of trademark of the show since it is the same for us and the Promos, because let’s face it the last one was totally misleading, but a good example on what you can do with a bit of cutting here and there.

    Ok, I don’t have to say anything on Forwood you did that pretty well. However it was nice to see the Tyler character with a bit more depth and maturity, which was lacking for some time. We could count his somewhat mature moments till now on one hand, the first was I think either on career day or when he “admitted” to Jeremy that he actually liked Vicki. Apart from that I have seen his current level of maturity only in fanfiction. And we all knew it was either leaving or staying for him. That he goes with Jules was not really surprising for me, the character seems to be like one that quickly forgets/overlooks what is right in front of him, so I wonder how this would turn out for him.

    About Elena: she really either already has a martyrdom complex or is developing one (hopefully she won’t turn into a Bella :/). There were hints already earlier shown by how she wanted to keep her brother out of all, despite the fact, that it was clearly impossible. It fits her character but it’s hard to tell right now what this will bring for the future. And no, I don’t think that your statement is controversial.

    About Jeremy and Bonnie: the whole situation is not out of character for Jeremy since he seems to fall in love pretty fast. I’m not sure what to make of their relationship; however it barely started so we have to see. Although Bonnie stated that Jeremy is all of a sudden hot (she wasn’t the first one to state that ;)) I wonder if his “kid”-image has really disappeared in her mind, such things not just vanish after all. He is still the youngest and we know what that usually means.
    His character makes me wish that the transition from baseline human into a supernatural creature would represent a more drastic change in character than the one presented so far, because neither the werewolves nor the vampires actually act anymore “freakier” than what is considered normal in many human cultures. So I have problems seeing them as “inhuman” or different species, more like branches or subspecies of mankind. And witches are completely human anyway. Jeremy’s pretty down to earth behavior might possess the biggest potential for such a change. But then again, maybe its best the way it is, when most writers do make such a change the “new” characters seem to tend to become pretty two-dimensional as if an “inhuman” being couldn’t possess a character just as or more complex than a human could. Also what I think is missing is the aspect of social alienation, all three supernatural varieties of human presented so far still have it comparatively easy to get along in human society. If e.g. the werewolves of this show would be an actual blend of human and wolf, there wouldn’t be a month without at least someone noticing that something was odd about them. The way it is they act pretty much like baseline humans do.

    One thing before I get to my final part: We both were obviously right when we analyzed Brady’s character. Hopefully he is not representative of werewolf-leaders.

    Now, let’s get to some of the new information/questions presented in this episode:

    1. How many werewolves are left on this planet? Just Tyler and Jules? Or are there more?
    2. Why did Klaus kidnap Luka’s sister but not Luka and his father?
    3. Why does Klaus want so desperately break the curse of the Sun and the Moon? After all if he has witches for 500 years and Elijah can walk in the sun (day-ring I think) it would be really weird if Klaus couldn’t also, so why bother? If only a selected group of vampires can walk in daylight that would give Klaus an extra degree of power.
    4. How powerful is Klaus actually that the sacrifice is necessary to weaken him?
    5. Werewolf Armageddon/supremacy? If I remember correctly vampires supposedly hunted werewolves to extinction centuries ago, so would their actually be enough werewolves to pose a serious threat? Did they ever? That was a statement that struck me as weird. But considered the source the statement itself seems dubious.
    6. What is Elijah waiting for? He has all the necessary ingredients so why wait?
    7. Could it be that Klaus also has werewolves in his possession?

    And last but not least:
    Will we ever be able to accurately predict what will happen in the next episode? 😀

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey André! Hope the recap was worth the wait!

      I finished that baby at around 2am Oz time, so my brain was a little scrambled by the time I finished it off.

      That is my only excuse for the Original vamps slip (I’ve gone back to edit that). I rewatched the scene, and you are totally right – Slaterwolf said that the “vamps” were searching for the doppelganger, which could simply mean Team Salvatore. Now I’m all kinds of curious about whether they are aware of the existence of vampire Originals. For that matter, are there werewolf Originals hiding in the wings? Because that would be kind of cool!

      You’re absolutely right about the amount of miscommunication on this show. People tell half truths, partial truths, white lies, big fat honest-to-goodness lies or omit facts entirely. Yet as Matt and Tyler made clear, it is often the plain and simple truth that can clear up a situation. Sometimes as a viewer I feel a bit in the dark too. You raise some great questions.

      I think Jeremy, at least, knows about Tyler’s transformation, because remember how Damon put Jeremy on Elena Watching Duty in By The Light of the Full Moon and mentioned that Vampire Barbie would be looking after Tyler while he transitioned? I’m curious to know just how solid the connection between Mason and the other werewolves was, and whether Mason was suspicious of them. He certainly kept Tyler a secret from Jules et al, and obviously the wolves had disdain for his vampire girlfriend “Kathy”. We don’t even really know how long Mason and Jules have known one another.

      The point is, though, that the ensemble is often disconnected from one another, which I think leaves them vulnerable. They need a daily prepper meeting where they find it if someone else has turned into a supernatural creature or gone over to the dark side or what have you, since there is so much going on to keep track of.

      I admit I am still a little confused about exactly how the sun and moon curse works, and I feel like there is much more to breaking the curse than the writers have revealed yet. Klaus is an all-powerful vamp who no doubt could have found a witch to make a special ring for him to walk in the sunlight. So does he just really hate werewolves? Or is there more to his agenda?
      I think if Tyler had known from the start that Elena would have to be sacrificed, he wouldn’t have gone to the lakehouse with Brady. He’s drawn a line in the sand at what he is willing and unwilling to do to break the curse. I’ll be interested to see whether this line is re-drawn when he returns, as he inevitably will by the next full moon.

      Do you think both Caroline and Tyler will survive the finale?

      I too really enjoyed Tyler regaining some of the depth that was lacking in Daddy Issues. I feel like they just reverted him to season one Tyler Jockwood Tyler, which I guess is in keeping with his intense reaction to his betrayal, but I hated to see him regress so quickly. I really hope the Tyler that returns is more thoughtful and contemplative when receiving new facts.
      Tyler cops a lot of fact for his lack of maturity, but do you agree that a lot of it is a superficial persona? I feel like his artistic talent was an early indicator of inner sensitivity. His “I get it” to Caroline about why she was staying away from Matt after vamping out, and saying it isn’t fair to be with someone you can’t be honest with, reveals thoughtfulness and understanding of the human condition you wouldn’t have thought possible in season one.

      Yet that incisiveness didn’t just come out of nowhere; I just feel like it is finally being revealed to us as we peel each new Tyler layer away. I feel that he has been playing the BMOC role, but I don’t think it necessarily was an accurate outward depiction of who he was on the inside, even in the early days. How his relationship with his flawed Alpha Male father factored into his jock persona is worth considering as well.

      To me, Tyler has actually always seemed pretty on the ball. Like when Caroline mentioned that a were bite can kill her, his first question was “How do you know that?” rather than just pure acceptance of this fact. Or his reaction when Caroline made the slip about the old Lockwood cellar, which unbenownst to him she had seen when saving the Salvatores from Sheriff Liz and her deputies (When he mentioned that the entrance in the woods would take her down to an old cellar, Caroline says “I know” and he asks “You do?”, and she has to cover with “I know this is the old Lockwood property”).

      Ordinarily, he questions things, which is why his lack of questioning sources in these last two episodes has frustrated the hell out of me (hence my “pretty” outburst!). I’ll just chalk it up to emotional, irrational reactions to receiving way too much intense information at one time. It just didn’t seem like the Tyler I’ve always known.

      I don’t think Elena really wants to die. Look how hard she fought to stay alive when confronted with Brady, and her obvious fear at being killed by him. I wish she would fight harder to avoid being sacrificed. But when you think about it from her perspective, she feels like her death at the hands of Elijah or Klaus is inevitable. So, by at least controlling the terms of her death (i.e. keeping her friends safe), I think in some ways she is being quite clear headed about the whole situation. At least, this is my rationale, because I don’t want my girl Elena to EVER be confused with Bella.

      I feel like the Jeremy “You think I’m hot?” moment was a meta shoutout to the audience, who have been screaming this in various forms on the internet this season. Jeremy, false modesty will get you nowhere, honey! 😉 I know that Bonnie’s little speech pre-kiss is meant to address the whole “kid” image issue, but I think it will be an ongoing complication too. There is the social taboo of a younger man-older woman, Elena weirdness etc to deal with, so I am curious to see how things pan out for these crazy kids.

      I loved your idea of having Jeremy turn into a supe so that we can see the freaky aspect of another species really come through strongly. The weres and vamps really are very human in many ways, but then, many that we have met we haven’t seen compared with their old human selves in a substantial way. And no, I don’t count flashbacks. Having human characters we’ve grown to know change into a supe before our eyes is the most effective way to see this change. Caroline, who has taken to being a vamp like a duck to water, hasn’t shown the “freaky” aspects of vampirism that much. Although, I guess you could argue that her new self-assurance is evidence of her being a new species; she wouldn’t be the girl she is now without her human self being magnified. Or maybe vamps and humans are more similar than vamps would like to admit.

      I’ll willing to wager there are more werewolves than Tyler and Jules left. Hey, Oz is out there somewhere existing on his Tibetan herb diet! 😉

      Ha! Just re-read your q list and realised that I’ve already covered the Klaus curse breaking motivation angle.

      I think Klaus only kidnapped Luka’s sister as leverage to get the manwitches to do what he wants.
      I am as curious about Klauses potential weaknesses as much as his powers. I am still hoping that we will see that Original vamps may have extraordinarily heightened powers, but this is balance by their increased vulnerability to something that would only faintly bother ordinary vamps.

      I wonder if Elijah is waiting for the next full moon? It makes you wonder though, that if all he needed is a full moon, why he didn’t just go ahead at the last one. Either way, we know that the sacrifice coincides with the next full moon. Which means that Tyler and Jules will be wolfing out when all the action goes down. Since transforming can take a while, what impact will this have on the sacrifice ritual?

      Finally, based on my other predictions which have been WAY off, I would say that there is only the faintest possibility that I will ever predict what will happen in the next episode. But help me nut it out, and maybe together we can beat those darn Vampire Diaries exec producers at their own game!


  • André

    Ok Spidey Sense, my post is long so I better post it like this.

    We shall see if we ever manage to predict it accurately, however they have it covered pretty good. Leaks about episodes are usually only available a few weeks before the air date and promos are… well … you know.

    As for Caroline and Tyler dying? I think the chances are there, there are rumors about a main character dying but I don’t give much about it. I only hope it won’t be Jeremy because he is the only actual new character (not in the book) of the main ones so it had the most potential because writers can be totally free with it. Of course that includes killing him too. But I think it’s safe to say that Damon, Elena and Stefan won’t day this early in the show.

    On werewolf Originals, you are obviously not the only one who wants that but in that case these Originals would be pretty different than the common werewolves because there is no mentioning ever that werewolves in this show are in any way immortal. But personally I don’t think that there are any, immortality is not among the fundamental aspects of werewolfism so I doubt that it would be introduced. If yes, the writers would have some serious explaining to do.

    True, Jeremy obviously knew which still makes it weird that the writers haven’t followed that plotline. That Mason kept Tyler a secret was also what I was wondering about, in addition of Tyler being unaffected by Jona’s spell (or maybe he fitted into the “Elena’s friend category”) because according to Jona’s reaction he obviously hadn’t seen Tyler earlier.

    Actually I also wonder whether there is more to the curse and therefore breaking it. Because that would be a hell of powerful magic; affecting every vampire and werewolf in the world. Although the oddest thing is that Klaus knew about the curse in 1492, however in that case the vampires must have had connection to the American continent. I really hope the writers have thought that through. Because there isn’t much I hate more than when writers/authors fail to do that (one of the many reasons why I don’t get why people who are muuuucccchhhhh older than me actually like the Twilight series).

    About Tyler, it is obvious that there is more to him and that he hides behind his behavior, I came to that decision pretty quickly when I saw how shallow the antipathy between him and Jeremy seemed after Vicky was out of the picture. When you lay it out like that, this lack of questions is really odd. Again: I really hope the writers have thought that through.

    Sadly I doubt that Tyler could be one of those characters that actually lead us into new territory (not here anyway, some fan fiction does, many badly, but some actually very good). Your reasoning in the last Jyler post was quite reasonable, however in this case of werewolfism the man and the wolf seem disconnected and so he probably won’t lead us into new territory since Tyler doesn’t really become something new. In his case his transformation is nothing to embrace but to avoid. That’s one of the reasons why I would wish a really separate species to come into the picture or one of the characters turning into one. With this, let’s say loophole, new possibilities could be explored more easily. Because both vampires and werewolves need humans to procreate (considered the nature of the transformation I doubt that any current werewolf woman could carry a child to term and the curse gets triggered by a human death) they are still fundamentally linked to humans and therefore to human mores. With a truly separate species such a dilemma could be avoided. Some venturing into unknown territory can be quite “inspiring” as I found out after watching “Romeos” at the Berlinale International film festival up here.

    Don’t worry; Elena and Stefan are pretty unlike Bella and Edward. Elena is a person on her own, if Stefan would leave her she would be in pain but she would have the strength to go one no matter how much it hurts (if the Uley guy hadn’t come along Bella would have died). Bella never truly experienced Edwards’s dark side, unlike Elena with Stefan. Furthermore Bella seemed to me like a very immature character (the spoof “Vampires suck” got her character [in this film “Bekka”] in the leaving scene in the forest pretty well) that couldn’t change her mind, like a spoiled kid that didn’t get what it wanted. Elena had to grow up much faster and is on the way to become an actual woman, not an immortal girl.

    As for Jeremy’s surprise on that he is hot, well he plays the role of the outsider (“damaged good”) so it’s no wonder he doesn’t know how attractive he actually is.

    As for the new species, I know of a few examples from real world mythology where such a thing would be possible to use them for such a portrayal because they had their own societies or where complex enough for such (e.g. the Kitsune, the Tanuki, the Dog-heads, the Asanbonsam, the Bouda or the Swan Maiden) without using elves and fairies. But I doubt that the writers even know about them.

    I am not into Buffy anymore; it just didn’t interest me for a long time. TVD is the only show in that direction I actually watch.

    It would be interesting whether the Originals have special weaknesses, because I have my problems with these all powerful ancient vamps. They are so fast and strong not even a transformed werewolf would stand a chance (especially due to their hithertho seemingly lack of tactics in wolf-form). Another reason why a new species would be nice, someone at least theoretically powerful enough to pose an actual threat (the Kitsune would fit that category), which could also explain Klaus paranoia because the werewolves seem pretty much out of the picture if you ask me. Although it was stated that Klaus (I think) wants to prevent the werewolves from breaking the curse this doesn’t add up considered the supposedly near extinction of the werewolves and considered that werewolves are cut off from weapons when they wolf-out (which as you stated obviously takes time and from what was presented so far they have no control in wolf-form so the form doesn’t provide a real tactical advantage) and vampires have their full strength all the time. Furthermore for that simply killing the doppelgaenger would be enough.

    • Spidey Sense

      Your comments are so awesome to read! Not only do you get me thinking about things in an entirely different way at times, but I think that Julie and Kevin should heed some of your advice about future directions for the show (so long as my favourite baby were and baby vamp can be along for the ride!)

      It is interesting to see how the CW rolls out their promotions. I mean, they give just enough clips and interviews to get us speculating, yet I would say anyone who calls this show predictable is crazy, because I am yet to get a character trajectory completely right. For instance, I fully expected Caroline to be the one apologising profusely to Tyler for several episodes, yet the writers turned that on its head within a couple of scenes!

      The main trio are pretty safe. Though, what about if Elena “dies” and is resurrected as a vampire? That could technically be counted as a main character death! I would prefer her to make the choice to become a vampire, and have her conversation with Stefan about the future be sowing the seeds for this, rather than have some deus ex machine of an all powerful being coming out of nowhere to save her. I hope that the relatively powerful Team Salvatore find a creative way to save her if she is to stay human. Although I adore Elijah, I don’t find all powerful beings with no vulnerabilities as interesting as those with a few key weaknesses. A lot of suspense is lost if you know that something is invulnerable.
      I see what you are saying about Jeremy, but honestly, having read all of the books myself, I would say that the TV writers have departed from the basic storyline so much in everything but essence that they are taking a great deal of freedom in their approach to all of the characters. Elena herself is conceived quite differently in the books than in the TV series.
      I know immortality hasn’t been mentioned in relation to werewolves, but I would find it cool if maybe some weres had found a way to become so, perhaps even through becoming a partial vampire hybrid. Hey, the writers have surprised me more in the past, though I agree that their explanations would have to be pretty convincing.

      As much as I love Forwood, it has been disappointing that they haven’t continued the Jyler relationship at all. This is particularly true in light of Mason’s dying wish that Jeremy look out for Tyler. Having Jeremy try to trick Tyler into giving him the moonstone and not show any real support in the lead up to his transition reflects a little badly on his character, when you think about it. But I forgive him because he is so pretty!

      I really do think that the writers short-changed Tyler in Daddy Issues and Crying Wolf. He may have a jackass edge to him, but he has always struck me as someone with a lot of common sense, who isn’t afraid of cutting to the crux of the matter. I get his initial irrational fury with Caroline, but I think it would have been more in character for him to ask the extent of her involvement and to ask himself why she kept it from him. Far from being stupid, he has shown himself in the past to be incredibly sharp when people give him information that conflicts with what he already knows. Well, he now has a sojourn with Jules to recapture that part of himself.

      Oh, I think there is MUCH much more to the curse than we have been shown thus far. I have big expectations for the last couple of episodes of these season, and I can’t wait to see the fallout of everything next year.

      About Tyler, it is obvious that there is more to him and that he hides behind his behavior, I came to that decision pretty quickly when I saw how shallow the antipathy between him and Jeremy seemed after Vicky was out of the picture. When you lay it out like that, this lack of questions is really odd. Again: I really hope the writers have thought that through.
      Maybe it is my Tyler bias talking, but I actually think there are as many places he could be taken as a werewolf as the vampires could. Stefan and Damon didn’t need to go through a transition to be interesting; although we have flashbacks to their time as humans, their here and now battles are fascinating (though of course their shared history adds so much depth to the going ons). I certainly think he could add more than Bonnie and Jeremy at this point, who really exist to put Salvatore plots into motion currently. I really hope to see this werewolf actually attempt to co-exist with the vampires, and see what complications a werewolf and vampire would experience while dating. Plus, I wanna see baby were and baby vamp Porch Sex! Depending on whether the curse is broken on the werewolves’ side, and the implications of this, what he becomes post-curse could be very interesting indeed too.

      Having said that, I would LOVE a new species to emerge who are like vamps in the sense that their demon can come to the surface while their human self-awareness remains. It is such a good point that you raise about the dependence of vamps on humans to procreate. You know, I don’t think the series has yet stipulated whether or not a were bite (if humans aren’t torn to pieces!) turns a human into a wolf – the werewolf gene exists within humans and is latent unless triggered, of course. Either way, both are forms of “procreation” that have their starting point with a human.
      It would be totally cool to have a new species that can procreate with its own and exist entirely independently of humans. God knows what their characteristics and morals would be like! I’ll definitely be checking out that film festival link and commenting on that soon too 😉

      Elena and Bella have many, many differences. On the suicide issue, Elena is being a sacrificial lamb to save her family and friends, whereas Bella came close to losing herself simply because Edward broke up with her. The co-dependency in Twilight is quite frightening as a model for relationships. I’ve never had my heart completely obliterated though, so I guess I can’t get up on my soapbox too much, but hopefully I would react better than to become a cliff diving suicide junkie!

      I adored Buffy, but Vampire Diaries has captivated my interest in a different way because I engage in the material much more interactively, thoroughly blogging, discussion forums and tweeting about it. I truly love the way that us fans can get invested in a show in the online age!

      • André

        Be careful what you wish for. If Kevin and Julie would head my advice Tyler and Jeremy would have already figured out their bisexuality (their both not gay, that simply wouldn’t make sense) and there would have been hot man-on-man action (considering the actual age of the actors) with at least one shower scene. 😀 Actually if that would happen after the current events, possibly if Tyler and Caroline had at least some sex I would have her have a short ‘Oh no, I’m my mother all over’-moment. You know the whole “kids don’t want to be like their parents and then find out that they have become like them”. But that would be short; because I think Caroline might be a girl/woman that gets “inspired” by such a scene. I can actually visualize her being turned on by the fact that Tyler is being “male-bonked”, she would than call Matt immediately, demands that he is at home and opens the door for her naked (at most a towel or hastily undressing himself) and when being asked why, she responds that she doesn’t have time anymore to undress him. She would not ask for sex or seduce Matt, but demand it and then literally ride Matt from dusk till dawn. It wouldn’t be politically correct but if I’m not mistaking men get away with such a thing all the time while women still get vilified by something like that.

        I am not good at actual plots only on getting new ideas and I’m some sort of small wiki for mythology. However, I can think of one source of new plot: Grandma Lockwood, totally unexpected and rarely mentioned. If think it would be nice to have a strong female Lockwood character (in my eyes the current Miss Lockwood doesn’t really fit such a concept) and one who is actually (physically) old. Somehow like Abraham Van Helsing in the original Dracula novel, meaning that her power is knowledge and not strength or magic. I can really imagine her speeding through the scenes in her electric and modern wheelchair (maybe with some extra gimmicks [hey she is of old money]), possibly crushing some feet on the way and having different chairs for different terrains. 😀 Somehow when thinking about the Tyler character that thought just hit me. What if she was only known to him as being senile for some time now and then all of a sudden is back in action (albeit for a limited amount of time) and knowing her way around the territory, possible knowing about Jules and her family (which in this case would mean that Jules is not the bad apple only because there is no such thing in a box full of bad apples)? What if she knew what fate would await her grandson and even about the aftermath of breaking the curse (in this case still uncontrollable transformation [and a shortened lifespan due to the repeated physical stress of the transformation]) and wants to prevent it? In this scenario she would feel guilty because she failed in the upbringing of her first son and when seeing how Mason turned out she wanted Tyler to be something better than this wretched life. Of course such things don’t come without a price and so she had to sell her sanity and now has exactly 1 year to carry everything out respectively set everything necessary in motion. Of course that comes with the question where she got her knowledge and this is where the new species comes in. Based on my knowledge and with the goal not to invent too much for the show so you can focus on the characters, the best options would be the Dog-heads (in this case shapeshifters capable of also assuming hybrid shapes between dog and human [how else could they stay hidden] and incorporating the aspects of mythological dogs from around the world) and the Kitsune (powerful fox-spirits of remarkable capabilities in the area of magic, especially illusions and shapeshifting). Based on the known mythology dogs are often depicted as “frontier runners” (meaning being on the threshold of domestic and wild, flesh and spirit, life and death, etc.), guardians of places and knowledge, culturebringers or harbingers of doom or even magic and shamanism. The Kitsune are quintessential tricksters (meaning they must break the known rules) that get more powerful with experience (the powers they are attributed with include, divination, dreamwalking, fire, lightning, hallucination, shapeshifting, possession, etc), which is represented by the number of their tails, with nine-tailed foxes supposedly being omniscient and being able to bent time and space (according to some sources). Both species would fulfil the necessary criteria of being able to actually change fate and would have the possibility of knowing about the curse (a spell like that probably didn’t go unnoticed by beings with such knowledge) also it would negate the awkwardness of having only a single being acting as a sort of deus ex machina. These species would have different professions within their societies; otherwise they would probably end off as overpowered. In addition both in this scenario could provide a basis for a faction of werewolves who don’t want to break the curse, because once per month is less bad than the alternative. The dog-heads could also provide the source of the werewolves respectively a “cure” of some sort and have the characteristic to not being harmed by human and vampire magic (as they are “frontier runners”) and with experience having the ability to break spells at an individual level (e.g. they could break the Aztec curse on an individual but not the whole curse and the wounds they cause would force the respective supernatural being to heal like it would if it weren’t supernatural [so a vamp wouldn’t heal at all for a while]). The foxes are so magical that they don’t need magical immunity. But as I say, these are only ideas (and maybe over the top) and not an actual plot.

        As for your idea of Elena-vamp: that is possible, I thought about that but I don’t know if they would actually do that so early in the show, of course in the long run its inevitable if she wants to be with the Salvatores.

        I haven’t read the books, I only know of plot summaries and I guess I wouldn’t like them. And I know that the show is pretty far from them (probably a good thing).

        Maybe Jeremy’s character isn’t as good as we thought or maybe (possibly more likely) the writers simply forgot, because I think you have a point that he and Bonny are currently only there as plot devices and not actual characters, shame actually.

        I can get why Tyler would leave but I am yet unsure about his involvement with Jules, because I don’t really get what she is actually good for. She wasn’t an actual leader and neither did she represent an actual alpha-she-wolf, at most she was what humans think an alpha-she-wolf is. Ok, just to make sure that we get each other right, when I spoke about “territory” I meant social ones. I think an actual blend of human and wolf would be good to explore gender issues and the usage of actual wolf-behavior would be better than the stereotypical stuff that is usually used for werewolves. E.g. in real wolves it is very often the leading the female that makes the decisions and the position of Alpha includes more responsibilities than rights. Neither is the alpha necessarily the biggest and strongest, it is the most capable for the job. In addition just as there are males “beating up” females, so there are females doing exactly the same with males. So an actual blend of human and wolf would be quite different in my eyes than the way werewolves are usually represented, actually the way they are represented seems more chimpanzee to me than actual wolf. In addition when werewolves aren’t the ones that want to be cured they usually seem to represent the stereotype of the heterosexual male and the women usually the one of the (of course heterosexual) femme fatale. Going in any other direction is usually reserved for vampires (you know sexuality, dress codes etc.). The only exception so far that I know of is the character of Astrid in the movie Blood and Chocolate. In addition when I saw Daddy Issues I immediately noticed that Jules was the only female, apart from that all males. That is sadly also so stereotypical werewolf.

        If werewolves can be created via bite then I think the most logical would be a bite in human form (maybe when the eye-thing is on), because as you said in wolf form survival is very unlikely.

        “The co-dependency in Twilight is quite frightening as a model for relationships.” Totally agree, their relationship is really more like an addiction in my eyes, they don’t complement each other at all. As a matter of fact I can’t even remember whether Bella had any hobbies, was she really depicted as an actual human being?

        • Spidey Sense

          Hi! Sorry it took me so long to respond to some of your awesomesauce comments! It is Adelaide festival time over here, and working for an arts agency, to say that things have been crazy would be an understatement.

          Just so long as Tyler and Caroline survive, I don’t mind if Tyler has a hot, sweaty mansex with Jeremy. I want Forwood to be fully explored and for this ship to emerge triumphant, but a diversion down Jyler lane for a while would suit me just fine. Honestly, the early Vicki scenes, if you deleted Vicki herself from them, were laden with so much unresolved sexual tension between Jeremy and Tyler it was crazy. Poor Caroline though if that did happen! I think one of her greatest fears is becoming like her mother.

          Bwahaha! I love how you manage to get Tyler, Jeremy, Caroline AND Matt all involved in the one scene. Ever considered doing a little fan fiction? The slashies may have met their god in you!

          I would love a Grandma Lockwood who takes no prisoners and dishes out crap as much as she takes it. Tyler needs more strong female figures to keep him in line! Her whizzing along an electric wheelchair is a hilarious visual. It would also be a nice parallel to the living history that is vampires, albeit usually in young, hot packages, compared with what living history normally looks like in a human being.

          I suspect that breaking the curse will not be the cure all for one species that it is made out to be. There is always a string attached, or an exception to a rule, and so too there must be a flaw in the design of the curse. Maybe the curse keeps some sort of balance that Grandma Lockwood would need to ensure stays in check, in the scenario that you’ve painted so vividly. People aren’t even questioning whether or not it is really worth breaking the curse, or the potential risks in doing so.

          Thanks so much for that insight into the mythologies of the Dog-heads etc. I can’t really comment too much because I don’t really know much about the mythologies. I do think it would be a nice tie-in with our canine pals though!
          My only concern with turning Elena into a vamp on the show too early on is that they might then be tempted to then revert her back into human form. I want her decision to become a vamp to be one that is definitive and therefore rich with meaning because there is no going back.

          Jeremy definitely isn’t evil; he is just selfish and honestly not really that great a friend. He is, however, a strong protector for the women he loves. Bonnie and Jeremy are really only interesting to me for their eye candy quotient; they don’t really have the depth and meaning driving their pairing that Tyler/Caroline do. I mean, I doubt I’d be able to do in-depth recaps about their little relationship rollercoaster!

          Jules can help Tyler in the sense that she knows what it is to be a wolf. Caroline helped him, but she can’t relate exactly to being a wolf, and can’t teach him about his heritage in the way that the Salvatores can teach her about being a vampire.

          You know, when I did a Supes 101 post about werewolves, the issue of depictions of female werewolves came up with another commentator. I’ll definitely be doing a follow up post at some point tackling some of those issues. You raise some great points about alpha wolf females and how they are portrayed. I guess people associate wolves with hairness, and therefore high testosterone levels, and therefore men. I think it is a stereotype that needs rectifying pronto, though.
          I think it would be kind of cool if a wolf bite in full wolf form is fatal, but a bite when a person wolfs out slightly (like Tyler’s wolf PMS eyes when he confronts Caroline in Daddy Issues) might have a negative effect but in a slightly different away.
          Haha, no! Bella, wasn’t depicted as a human being, but a trophy that two supes fought over and a blank slate that women could project themselves on. IMO, anyway 😉

          • André

            Don’t worry; I was just wondering a bit.

            Well even if I would be straight and a teenager I wouldn’t want Bella as a price (another reason why Twilight is so weird).

            “I think one of her greatest fears is becoming like her mother.” I think something like that would be good for the show, honestly who couldn’t relate to something like that? (Hands up anyone?)

            When you like Jyler slash, I personally recommend the fiction “Worth the Price” on, it fits the show on how fast things can change but it is different in the way that the supernatural has a very secondary role and much of the suffering and craziness in the story is human made. The ending might be a little low quality but apart from that it’s quite good. However, no Forwood.

            I got hooked up on reading fan-fiction only shortly ago, before that I mostly read some fan stuff for horror games and I have a project at a time for one where I do write a bit of fiction as entries for the various chapters, so mostly one-shots, which I published on my deviantart side. Much fanfiction I have read so far is really crap (also found no good Forwood story, sorry), but some are really good and I also realized that I had read fan-fiction years before, the only difference was, that that fanfiction was actually published in book format with an actual publisher so I no longer saw it as an issue and some fan-stories are really good, also from the point of few of writing style.

            I admit I have a little TVD fanfic going on but currently I still work on the first chapter since it literally grew out of control so I have to sort everything a bit. It will play years after and currently I haven’t revealed who it is that returns to Mystic falls on all fours. I want it to deal with how the character changed and is quite “inhuman” now, also how much has been forgotten by him because so much has happened. There won’t be any sex in it because the theme and mood really isn’t suited for this, however at least one graphic fight scene. And yes some of the main characters will be dead.

            Thank you for liking Grandma Lockwood. I also had the image of her in a weelchair with special wheels for rough terrain, like on a Jeep or buggy. 😀

            I share your thoughts about the curse, because it would really be crap if it would be so easy, I mean if we normal people already figured out the oddities in the whole story, I am sure the writers must have too. And who knows why Elijah was so keen on certain land in “Dinner Party”.

            Your anxiety concerning Elena Unvamped might be valid, because didn’t they do that in the books? But then again I think the show is a bit powered down when compared to the books.

            Well, you know how many teenagers are, Jeremy probably is selfish, but then again, so are most other characters on the show. However, I still think there is potential in the character, also with Bonny. However I share your reservations about Jeremy/Bonny, I have no idea what that is good for, I honestly don’t think that could ever be more than a crush or a fling.

            Well we haven’t seen much off Jules so it is still difficult to say what effect she might have on Tyler; however I would lie if I said that I am not at least a bit concerned.

            I would love to read your new post on female werewolves. What you say about werewolves usually associated with men is very valid, since in most werewolf-trials the accused were men, women usually turned into cats (which represents the association of wolves with masculinity and of cats with feminity). I have some knowledge on mythological depictions of wolves and dogs (often there was no depiction made) which of course includes various shapeshifters who take on their forms as well as certain hybrids of human and canine; if you want to I could provide you with some stuff if you need it.

            By the way, enjoy: 😉

  • imaginarymen

    A Music Sex God doubleheader! YES PLEASE!!! (Brandon Flowers should be paying me 10% – #justsayin’)

    AND Bondage Stefan! YES PLEASE!!!

    AND ShowerDamon! YES PLEASE!!!!

    Good luck w/ your Tyler Campaigning. I’m not a Forwoodian and my mom has pretty ironclad opinions. I mean, she’s willing to pay for me to go slap the guy in the face ;-p

    I never really liked Tyler and mb only very briefly when he was discovering his werewolf truths – but the last two episodes have done nothing but make me holler “good riddance” when he got in the car w/ Jules. Sorry – I know you love him like no other, but I have no tolerance for anyone who shoots a Salvatore with a wooden bullet, I don’t care HOW confused he is ;-00

    • Spidey Sense

      Seriously, you outdid yourself with the Music Sex God Brandon Flowers post. I wanted to marry it and have little vest and BOoL babies with it!

      And then I practically had a heart attack when I log onto Facebook and there was yet more Brandon-y goodness waiting for me! Plus, I get a wicked grin on my face every time I see bananas now.

      I am v curious to see what other BFlower photos are hidden away in your vault! Anytime you feel like going on a Music Sex God bender, feel free to go ahead 😉

      Bondage Stefan is a many splendoured thing. Was I the only one screaming at Bad Cop Tyler “tie him up with vervain ropes, dammit!”?? Ahh, season one memories make me all warm and fuzzy sometimes.

      ShowerDamon is so awesome because I love how the writers are all about “organic” shirtless scenes, and I guess we all have to bathe so it is justified shirtlessness, but you know that they just introduced no fewer than TWO separate bathing structures (i.e. bath and shower) in his room for fangirl service. Not that I am complaining Kev and Julie, but let’s call a gratuitousness spade a spade. 😉

      Re: Tyler, I am a patient woman. Jackassery aside, do you at least find the man hot?

      Believe me when I say how annoyed I am that the writers took the beautiful budding Forwood relationship and fractured it unfairly on Caroline’s side. The Mason thing wasn’t honoured fully, and it’s no surprise there has been so much Tyler hatred considering the way they treated his character in the last two eps. Although I guess he was regressing to Tyler of old, it still felt a little OOC for who he had become through his recent experiences. Plus, I feel like the Tyler we’ve gotten to know (in an earlier response to a comment on this post, I mentioned how astute Tyler was and his tendency to question) would not have accepted what Jules had to say at face value so quickly. It smacks of contrivance.

      I can forgive all this if they redeem Tyler and I get my Forwood unicorn back 😉

  • createourowndestiny

    O I just love your analysis of the Tyler being all selfless on the porch saying goodbye scene! And also thought that post about the doorway of Caros heart was brilliant! There is a song that I think describes exactly the words Tyler had in his head the whole time he was away.. thinking of our amazing Vampire Barbie and the first time they saw each other again:

    TAYLOR SWIFT – Back To December

    I’m so glad you made time to see me.
    How’s life? Tell me how’s your family.
    I haven’t seen them in a while.
    You’ve been good, busier than ever,
    We small talk, work and the weather,
    Your guard is up and I know why.
    Because the last time you saw me
    Is still burned in the back of your mind.
    You gave me roses and I left them there to die.

    So this is me swallowing my pride,
    Standing in front of you saying, “I’m sorry for that night,”
    And I go back to December all the time.
    It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.
    Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine.
    I’d go back to December, turn around and make it all right.
    I go back to December all the time.

    These days I haven’t been sleeping,
    Staying up, playing back myself leavin’.
    When your birthday passed and I didn’t call.
    And I think about summer, all the beautiful times,
    I watched you laughing from the passenger side.
    Realized that I loved you in the fall.

    And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
    You gave me all your love and all I gave you was “Goodbye”.

    So this is me swallowing my pride
    Standing in front of you saying, “I’m sorry for that night.”
    And I go back to December all the time.
    It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you,
    Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine.
    I’d go back to December, turn around and change my own mind
    I go back to December all the time.

    I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile,
    So good to me, so right
    And how you held me in your arms that September night —
    The first time you ever saw me cry.

    Maybe this is wishful thinking,
    Probably mindless dreaming,
    But if we loved again, I swear I’d love you right.

    I’d go back in time and change it but I can’t.
    So if the chain is on your door I understand.

    But this is me swallowing my pride
    Standing in front of you saying, “I’m sorry for that night.”
    And I go back to December…
    It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you,
    Wishing I’d realize what I had when you were mine.
    I’d go back to December, turn around and make it all right.
    I’d go back to December, turn around and change my own mind

    I go back to December all the time.
    All the time.

    • Spidey Sense

      OMG, the moment where Tyler is hiding in the shadows, wanting so badly to go into the warmth and light that Caroline’s friendship represents, but feeling at this point like this is something he’ll never be able to ask for from her again, just hurts my heart so much, even though I know everything works out.

      You just know that a lot of time away was spent pining for Caroline and going over the events that occurred in Daddy Issues over and over again, wishing he had done things differently. That is part of the reason why I am so desperate for some Tyler flashback scenes… so we can see him lupining for her like crazy!

      Have you read any of my mixtapes? When I work up the energy, I write posts about a Vampire Diaries character or ship and link their journey to some songs that I think capture their dynamic. Looks like I’ll have to take some requests from you when I write some in the future! Are you on twitter?

      XO C

      • createourowndestiny

        That moment also hurts my shipper heart but is equally sweet and cute at the same time. I just LOVE lupining Tyler so it would be super cool if we can get flashbacks. I have read ur mixtapes and enjoyed them so much, specially the one on Tyler! Hey would be cool if I can request one on pappa stefan when u get the chance pleaz :> O and I was also wondering if you maybe did a recap on The Sacrafice ep? Unfortunately not on twitter but am on facebook (I’m from SA)

        M :>

        • Spidey Sense

          Hey M! I’m on Facebook too… my name’s Cherie Barnett, and my interests (vampires aplenty!) give me away. Friend me if you want 😉

          Ohh, I’m actually working on some mixtapes right now. I’m doing the finishing touches for one on Jeremy, plus I’ve been working on a massive one for Caroline, Damon/Elena Part II, Stefan, and yes, Caro/Stefan! It just takes a fair while to put them together. The Tyler one fairly killed me!

          The Jeremy mixtape has been fun because the music taste behind it is fairly schizophrenic, in keeping with his rapid change from emo!Jeremy to mindwiped!Jeremy and his various other phases.

          The best part of making the mixtapes, and the thing that keeps me going, is knowing how much fun I’ll have selecting hot GIFs to illustrate the points made. Thank you for your exceptional eye candy, TVD! 😉

          • createourowndestiny

            K cool, haha well all the time spent on it is def worth it cuz ur followers njoy it sooo much (specially the gifs off course :>)

            Keep up the awesome entertainment ur giving all the forwood shippers!

  • createourowndestiny

    O forgot to mention that this post was freakin hillarious!!!!

    • Spidey Sense

      *smishes you* Thanks so much! I really do appreciate you guys letting me know what you like and don’t like about the posts. It’s just crazy how many people have suddenly started loving this pairing. I mean, there are so many amazing Forwood Tumblrs and bloggers writing just the most eloquent analysis of these characters as a pairing and individuals. So, I’m always stoked when you guys thing my blog is quality enough to drop by! 🙂

  • createourowndestiny

    Cannot see how anyone wouldn’t love forwood or your blog, this is just good shit!

    • Spidey Sense

      D’awww, thanks! I actually stumbled on a website where there was a fair bit of Tyler/Caro hatred, because they felt his character arc hadn’t convincingly caused him to progress from the douche he undoubtedly was in the pilot to who he was in the season two finale. I think that if you suffered the loss of a parent figure who you had an EXTREMELY complicated relationship with, discovered you were a baby werewolf, went through the fear, apprehension of, and then actual pain, of the agonising first transformation and realised that you would go through something similar every month… plus started to learn who your real friends are (Caroline!), the change is actually entirely believable and I think the BEST character arc to emerge from TVD. The fact is, people do change. Tyler thought that he had lost Caroline forever, and days of feeling like this would no doubt have caused him to think how he would do things differently if he could go back in time. By her giving him another chance, one that he had never expected, I’m not surprised he is seizing on this with a new maturity and thoughtfulness. The thing is, his treatment of women OVERALL (see Jules and his mother) has also improved, so his character development hasn’t been reduced to the redemptive power of his love for Caro… which is part of what makes their relationship so interesting to watch IMO.

  • createourowndestiny

    Totally agree with everything u said there C, his character arc/change is def believable and he has NEVER treated anyone like he does Caroline.. yay!

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