Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – McWolfy Edition

Spidey reader Sara was disappointed last week when no gratuitous shirtless shots of Trevino were included in TTT, as an act of rebellion against the jackassery of his character Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries of late.

Well, Sara, I can’t bear anyone to be disappointed by lack of Trevino shirtlessness.

So since I am on an Usher bender this week, get ready for a post that will Pop Ya Collar… and just might even pop Trevino’s collars… and buttons… open, to reveal the torso porn beneath.

Looks like we’re not the only ones happy with this idea!

Just think of this as Spidey’s Anatomy. Only who needs McDreamy when you can have McWolfy?

Adonis Belt

Don’t know what this is?

No worries! I totally paid attention during the Ancient Greece unit in history. Being a study geek back in the day has its fringe benefits.

An Adonis Belt is those lovely curved grooves of a man’s hips in the lower abdomen.

“It’s elastic” aka “It’s the CW” lol.


 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains


Never thought I would ever say this about spandex, but, yes, yes, I do, Tyler!

You might even consider it “V” marks the spot. If only all treasure hunts were this much fun 😉 

The Posterior

Pacey Witter: “You know, it’s no wonder we have such an obsession with the posterior. It’s impossible to get a good sense of one’s own butt, you know?”


Blogger pal Amy is a huge fan of one Mr Joshua Jackson. In fact, one might even call her…

This is my blatant, manipulative first step of my campaign to convert her into a Trevino/Tyler lover, through positive association.

I know it’ll never happen, but if it gives me the excuse to break out Pacey, so be it 😉

Anyway, Trevino!Ass received so much spotlight in the Crying Wolf episode it practically deserves its own trailer. I mean, it probably  already has one of those special chairs only TV and movie stars sit in.



Hi Trevino!Ass. So nice to meet you finally. I look forward to getting to know you better when Tyler comes back.


Chest & Arm Porn


These babies should come with a warning label.

Possible symptoms of staring at them too much?

I can only assume he is staring at his own reflection… or perhaps at Jeremy with secret lust


Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, pupil dilations, the tendency to scream at your TV screen, “Take me on the floor, you dirty hot werewolf!”

Brow Thing





Seriously, his brow must be SO DAMN TIRED at the end of a work day.



The Windows To The Soul

As Tyler, Trevino has dark, piercing eyes that always look so damn intense.



Sometimes, though, they turn gold with amber flecks, like when Tyler is having werewolf PMS.

  The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Just as long as they never turn a liquid topaz colour, it is all good.


Sorry, I’m Team Jacob!

The Gracious Plenty


Oh, c’mon, this isn’t True Blood; you’re never gonna see that. Plus, I’m pretty sure that Eric has a TM on GP.

But, what would the appropriate reaction by if you saw Tyler’s equivalent?

“Break me off a piece of that!”



Well, Trevino!Legs haven’t really made an impact on me, other than Tyler left town with his tail between them… treating us to the ultimate in Lupining Tyler.



Feeling better, Sara?

Speaking of legs, which makes me think of sex on legs, which makes me think of Music Sex God…

Amy posted this treat on my Facebook page, and I can’t deprive you all of it any longer

For any men experiencing adequacy issues right now, don’t worry; even Trevino has his bad hair days… emphasis on the hair.

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains


In other Trevino-related news, Tyler/Caroline fangirl Gen of txgirl0302 Tumblr and I were discussing 300 Tyler


… who made his appearance in season one Vampire Diaries episode Haunted.

Here are some pics from the 300 movie (the plot is incidental IMO):


We’ve come to the conclusion that there should be a 300-themed Vampire Diaries episode. Heck, I’d ever settle for a half-naked orgy of violence Spartan flashback.

What do you think?

If you had the power to script one Vampire Diaries episode, what would you have happen? 

Lastly, here’s a link to a clip I Heart Vampire Diaries took of a small part of Trevino’s interview with Loveline. Although the clip was so short it doesn’t really cover anything too new, it is worth listening to for Trevino’s sexy, sexy voice – and sweetness – alone.

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My name is Cherie, and I’m an Australian Occupational Therapy Student who hopes to help people with any condition that inhibits their ability to participate in valued occupations, tasks, activities, as I believe they’re an essential part of identity, happiness and health. My favourite occupation is hiking, which enables me to move past through the forest literally and metaphorically! View all posts by Cherie

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  • imaginarymen

    Pacey AND Brandon!!!! And you expect me to pay any attention to Trevino after that?!?!?????? ;-pppp

    Ok here, I’ll give you this – thank you Tyler for bringing the Shirtlessness and TankToppage to S2 of TVD when the Salvatore Brothers went on their stupid bender of “wearing too many clothes.”


    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! OK, I’m satisfied that you are at leased pleased that he contributed to Shirtfulness! Boo! this season 😉

      Now I can go back to just adding in Music Sex God and Pacey pictures because I like looking at these men, and so do all of you 😉

      I LOL’d at “stupid bender of wearing too many clothes”. Truly more damaging than Dark!Stefan’s blood bender.

  • André

    “Werewolf PMS” this really good 😀
    Actually I think there are even scientific studies about this convergence.

    Anyway, you are right that Trevino is so sexy. I wish the wolf in him would be one of those kinds that make the werewolf a bit more… “free” if you get what I mean 😉

    You know something just hit me, with have a few dozen werewolves depicted so far, but only Mason and Tyler were shown with those wolf-eyes. You think there’s any meaning behind it?

    • Spidey Sense

      I was just thinking about the whole werewolf PMS thing, and how things could get ugly if Tyler and Jules’ moon cycles sync up 😉

      Oh, believe me when I say I find the wolf/man duality in the Tyler character interesting. I really do hope they explore a similar duality in his sexuality. I think that a love triangle between Caroline, Jeremy and Tyler would be more interesting that Forwood vs Caratt!

      It was very astute of you to notice that only Mason and Tyler were shown with wolf eyes in human form. I really do hope that there is something special about the Lockwood wolf family line. Maybe if we can’t have a werewolf Original, the Lockwoods might turn out to be the first family line to have the werewolf gene present or something.

      • André

        If yes, maybe that could mean something for the curse, because as you mentioned that curse must have been very powerful to reach around the world. Unless you do something like “poisoning the spring”, you know curse the original spring (e.g. the Original vampires) and from there it spreads to all others, like some sort of supernatural infectionous disease.

        • Spidey Sense

          Yeah, that’s an interesting point – I wonder if the Original vampires are in any way connected to the wellbeing as other vamps. It certainly would put the Salvatores in a tricky position when it comes to killing Elijah or Klaus to save Elena!

          • André

            Well, that would be an explanation why Klaus is still around, I mean unless he is extremely older than the other originals someone must have attempted to get rid of him. And as previously mentioned I wonder why a being that suppossedly powerful is paranoid.

            • Spidey Sense

              I wonder if breaking the curse for vampires might also break the “must be invited in to enter a house” rule for vampires.

              It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg with Klaus… who created the Originals? So I agree with you that someone else must have attempted to get rid of him. The question is, who would that be? Interesting!

  • kjewls

    Excuse me while I wipe the massive amounts of drool off my keyboard. 😉

    If Michaelangelo was still alive, I’m pretty sure he would make a bust out of that body. Imagine: Michaelangelo’s Trevino. I mean that man’s form is human perfection incarnate! Hmmm . . . wonder what his daily workout routine looks like? I also wonder if he needs a “spotter” for it. 😉

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Clueless references. Those never fail to bring a smile to my face . . . and then a frown. (R.I.P. Britney Murphy! We miss you, sweetie!)

    • Spidey Sense

      Michaelangelo is no doubt up in heaven weeping about the fact that he can’t sculpt any of the male VD cast members bods!

      Trevino’s body is perfect because it is lean and sinewy without being over-muscled – definitely not a look that I like.
      Haha! Julie, always the self-proclaimed fangirl slut, wanting to get all sweaty with our boys 😉

      I’m curious to know whether his workout routine involves him in various states of undress. Just sayin’ 😉

      I LOVED Britney Murphy in Clueless! She was so cute and full of life. Plus, wasn’t her voice when she sang part of Rollin’ With The Homies incredible? I was always disappointed that her music career never took off, because I loved her voice. It was also a crying shame she didn’t get the chance to sing in 8 Mile.

  • Gen

    WOOOOOHOOOO! I think I’m going to love TTT. 🙂

    So much UNF I don’t know what to do with myself. The man is sex on legs. Good God. The Adonis Belt. Now I know what to call those lovely grooves. Before it was just me pointing at them, “Those! Those lines, I can’t even…I…guh.”

    This post is made of so much win though. You have gratuitous shirtless Trevino, Joshua Jackson, ASKARS, Clueless references and 300 TYLER!!! *Thud*

    There wouldn’t even need to be a plot to a TVD 300 episode, just get the male cast in those costumes and have them run back and forth until they are all sweaty and shiny. Then have them run some more. I’m going to have to pop 300 in my DVD player later for sure. 🙂

    I tried listening to loveline when Trevino was on because that voice…*shivers*…yeah I needed to hear it, but I was having such bad cases of secondhand embarrassment I didn’t listen to the whole thing. One, I couldn’t stop laughing from the phone calls. Two, Psycho Mike is psycho. Three, Trevino didn’t really talk that much. I was hoping that they would post video of him, but alas they didn’t. Sadness.

    Awesome post yet again babe. I look forward to next week’s TTT. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      TTT posts are without a doubt my favourite to write, because they are justification for staring at gratuitous images of this sexy, sexy man. Added bonus? I have a whole folder of Trevino photos that I can dip into whenever the need arises (about twice a day approx!). I noticed that you have some rare Trevino pics (like a new one of him in plaid that I’ve never seen before) that will totally be getting a workout in future editions.

      Did you see his tweet about a photo shoot he did recently? I am dying for those to come out so that I can wallpaper my blog with them!

      Adonis Belt is without a doubt my favourite term EVER for any part of the male anatomy. God bless those werewolf transformation scenes for showing us them all up close and personal.

      I love Pacey and Eric SFM, and Clueless was my favourite movie as a preteen. I may as well own it ;). As a matter of fact, I can recite that movie line for line from memory when watching it… just like you wrote some TC scenes from memory on your blog!

      I laughed so hard that I HICCUPED at this: “There wouldn’t even need to be a plot to a TVD 300 episode, just get the male cast in and have them run back and forth until they are all sweaty and shiny. Then have them run some more.” Seriously, we would have fangirls worshipping us if we actually managed to get a 300 Vampire Diaries episode to the production stage! It would be pretty awesome to direct to. “Hey Paul, just lower you leather thong.” “Hey Ian, can you pull the sides of your cape further apart?”.

      I only heard the clip on I Heart VD of the Loveline interview, and while it was kinda cute how the girl was like “you’re smokin’ hot”, I don’t think I would EVER say that to Trevino directly. Embarrassment! I was a little disappointed actually that they didn’t try to ask him to dig a little deeper about his role on the show and maybe even try to get some spoilers out of him. As much as he is gorgeous, I’m more curious to know what the future has in store for his character or his analysis of the Tyler character.

      • Gen

        I am definitely looking forward to these every week. 🙂

        Yes! I did see that tweet and shh…I’ve been stalking the photographer’s website (http://jeffkatzphotography.com) hoping to see them there one day lol.

        Oh thank the TVD writers for 2×11 and Trevino’s Mama for making that man. *Fans self*

        It says a lot when we can do that huh? Clueless was a slumber party fave for my friends and I back in HS. 🙂 Love that movie.

        Dude, who do we call to get a 300 episode in the works. We NEED to make this happen! And I need to be apart of it. I would like to be the girl who just oils them up. All I want. Please, PLEASE, please.

        Oh I know lol. I don’t think I would be able to do anything but make incoherent noises on the other end of the line until they eventually hung up on me. I think all they did was point out how good looking Trevino is through the entire show. I think Psycho Mike has a bit of a man-crush on him lol. Plus he’s just so sweet and humble and that laugh is too adorable. Le sigh…Trevino and I need to meet, fall in love, get married and have tons of beautiful Mexican babies together. It just needs to happen.

        It just seemed to be an awkward show for Trevino to be on. It’s not like there was a lot of phone calls from fans asking questions about the show. I would like to see an actual interview from him talking about everything about the show up until now. I know he did that one with zap2it.com, but now that the show has aired and we have fan reactions, what does he think about all this?

        • Spidey Sense

          God, I can’t wait for those babies to show up on your Tumblr! Funny, I’ve never really felt any particular inclination to become a photographer, but I can certainly see the benefits of working which distracting subjects! I’m personally hoping for some Trevino in black and white. The Nylon photo shoot was pretty droolworthy. Though, he could be in technicolour and I would still find him hot.

          Trevino’s mother truly made a contribute to the gene pool and man kind by popping out Baby!Trevino. Imagine if a plague wiped out the rest of the world apart from the Vampire Diaries cast. Talk about natural selection for hotness! Heh, Darwinian theory suddenly seems a lot more interesting to me now…

          I reckon I am going to do the next best thing to a 300 episode of the Vampire Diaries – I’m gonna recap the movie, and take screencaps that match up with hot torso porn of the male VD actors over the course of the show so far.
          God, being the girl who oils these men up would be a dream job! I’ve often thought that being the wardrobe designer and makeup artist on TVD would be cool, because you’d get to determine how many articles of clothing they are wearing (or removing) at any one time, or add strategically place bits of dirt and grime on their bodies during scenes.

          I reckon that an interview with huge fans of the show, who know the character arcs in depth, would be really awesome. Although we wax lyrical about Trevino’s hotness, I think we also have that deep, neurotic, obsessive fans on crack (!) attention to detail that would allow us to ask interesting questions. My question to him definitely would have been about fan reaction, and what he thinks about some of the extreme responses to Tyler’s actions. Does he think those reactions are warranted? Whose perspective out of Tyler’s and Caroline’s does he agree with most? TC aren’t necessarily the best orators, despite both being smart and savvy. Does he think their current issues are largely a result of their inability to effectively talk through their problems? Does he think that Caroline is as emotionally impulsive as Tyler in some ways? I mean, we always talk about how Tyler is slightly out of control, but what about how Caroline slammed the door in his face without being willing to at least hear him out? I think that she’ll regret the ramifications of losing him through anger, for however long he is gone, as much as she is legitimately angry at him.

          If Tyler does end up being a villain (please no! anti-hero his ass!), I’d be curious to find out how fanbases’ reactions to negative character developments impact on his relationship with people in interviews and conventions.

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