Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The House Guest – Vampire Diaries


This scene happened in Vampire Diaries episode The House Guest. Only picture Music Sex God a little blonder.

Zach Roerig has been on a charm offensive aimed squarely at my Tyler-loving heart lately, talking about stuff like if Matt turns into a supe, he hopes he becomes a werewolf so he can form a pack with Tyler, and that he thinks Matt will be the one to lead the search for Tyler.



Roerig, stop getting me to like you and therefore Matt by association, dammit! And why do you have to be so damn hot?

So I tried to enter the Vampire Diaries’ foray into Matt’s World in The House Guest (S02E16) with an open mind.

Well, sorry Matt fans, but this episode just reaffirmed to me that Caroline needs to get back on the Forwood unicorn, or werewolf…

 TYLER: Get out. CAROLINE: No! TYLER: Get out! I don’t wanna hurt you!


…however you wanna look at it, stat.

In this episode, we learn that Caratt are like those red shoes with the strappy things on Clueless… They are so last season!

True dat, Cher

We ask the question: why would you Bangle Matt when you can bang Tyler?


FINALLY, we get to see Caroline’s reaction to the news that Tyler has left, and she isn’t as unmoved by it all as someone who has supposedly shut someone out of their life should be.

I know that some of you guys felt like Caroline didn’t react strongly enough, but trust me, I’ll show you all the subtle little hints that my TC obsessive heart picked up.

After going on a cheesy 90s music bender to handle all the Caratt flying in my face this episode, I realised that the Caroline scenes can all be summed up neatly by one Aqua song: Barbie Girl.


Hi Barbie – Hi Ken – You wanna go for a ride – Sure Ken – Jump in!

I�m a Barbie girl – in a Barbie world – life in plastic – it�s fantastic
You can brush my hair – undress me everywhere – imagination – life is your creation

Come on Barbie – let�s go party


I�m a blond bimbo girl in a fantasy world
Dress me up- make it tight – I�m your dolly

You�re my doll – �rock and roll� – feel the glamour in pink
Kiss me here, touch me there – hanky panky

You can touch – you can play – if you say – I�m always yours


Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party
Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party

Make me walk – make me talk – do whatever you please
I can act like a star – I can beg on my knees

Come jump in – bimbo friend – let us do it again
Hit the town – fool around – let�s go party

You can touch – you can play – If you say – I�m always yours
You can touch – you can play – If you say – I�m always yours

Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party
Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party


Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party
Come on Barbie – let�s go party – Come on Barbie – let�s go party

Oh I�m having so much fun – Well Barbie we�re just getting started – Oh I love you Ken

Because let’s face it, for all the talk about Matt World, this is Vampire Barbie’s World, bitches.


At the moment, Matt’s story exists only in how it is linked to hers. The reason why this song works so well in the context of this ep is that Matt and Tyler represent the divide between her Human Barbie and Vampire Barbie world.

Matt anchors Caroline to memories of her humanity, and the type of person she always thought she’d end up with if her life had gone according to plan. Whereas, as Gen from txgirl0302 Tumblr awesomely blogged, Tyler is a constant reminder that she’s not human anymore, and that’s one of the key reason why she has been fighting her feelings for him, even before the fallout of Daddy Issues.

You know how Barbie loses a plastic arm in the Aqua clip for this song?



Watching Caroline regress from an awesome HBIC to an insecure, clingy thing and willing to accept Matt’s passive-aggressive f**kwittery was equally painful.

Here, some Tyler torso porn to steel you for what is to come.


You might also need some hard liquor… or blood… or tea.


Caratt scenes from this episode:

We kick off at Mystic Falls High School (yep, it hasn’t actually been sucked into a vortex, and some characters actually still go to class! Who knew?)

Hi Barbie – Hi Ken


Caroline: “Hey Matt!”

Matt: “Hey.”

Caroline: “Live band?”

Matt: “Yeah. Business has been a little slow, the Grill is trying to stay afloat.”

Caroline: “Aren’t we all?” [nervous laugh]

Ok, peeps, I call shenanigans here! How the hell is business at the Grill slow?


It’s not like there is another local hangout to give them competition, and half the people in town are raging alcoholics.


Damon’s drinking habits alone would keep them afloat. Then again, supes ARE starting to use it as purely a place to hatch diabolical dot dot dot plans or stalk one another more than anything else, so I’ll let this comment pass. With a severe, stern glance in its direction.

Onto the good stuff: Tyler talk!

Matt: “You hear from Tyler?”

Caroline: “Not a peep. You?”

When Matt asks Caroline if she’s heard from Tyler and she said “not a peep”, am I the only dirty mind that hoped that TC were actually having secret phone hate sex?


On one of those massive things that Bonnie, Care and Elena product placed randomly in the episode?

 The Vampire Diaries : Burn Down the Disco


Matt: “Not since he stopped by the Grill to talk. I’ve left messages on his cell phone.”

Caroline: “He stopped by to see you? What did he say?”


At this point, my Forwood unicorn started sniffing hopefully in the air! She cares! She really cares!


Matt: “Not much really. I think to say goodbye, without really saying goodbye. I just didn’t know it.”

Caroline: “That’s all he said?”

Matt: “Yeah.”

Umm, except for the part where he told you he is kinda HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Caroline.


Matt, you were doing so well, talking openly and honestly about Tyler, and I thought I could find a piece of my heart to love you. Well, that was just all shot to hell in the space of a minute ;). Though my heart skipped with glee that it was obvious Caroline was hoping to find out whether Tyler had mentioned anything about her, and was also obviously hurt when she thought that he hadn’t.

Matt: “Yeah, that’s all he said, Caroline. Why? I mean, is there something you wanna tell me?

Caroline: “Yeah, I [strangled noise], no, I mean [more tongue-tiedness of the non-Tyler kissing variety]. It’s just, not that easy…”

Matt: “I don’t get it. Since when am I the only who can express himself, and you’re the one who’s lost for words?”

Thoughts of Tyler can do that to a girl, Matt.


It’s obvious Matt thinks something else happened between Tyler and Caroline, and wants to know how she feels about Tyler, but can’t bring himself to explicitly ask. Caroline, for her part, is refusing to share about the kiss she shared with Tyler, in the interests of her and Matt starting a new, open, honest clean slate.

I get that she feels she can’t divulge supernatural info to Matt at this point of the episode, but I think it is worth highlighting how this relationship is built on lies and deceptions, whether relating to supernatural or ordinary human issues.

Caroline: “You’re right.”

Matt: “You know how I feel. So it’s your move. Make a decision, or leave me alone.”

Excuse me while I CRACK UP FOREVER AND ALWAYS in a way that would do Naley proud at this statement from Matt.

GAHHHHHHHHHHH! When has he ever NOT acted like a hand-me-down boyfriend from Elena who has just settled for her? It is pretty much ALWAYS Caroline’s move.

I wish this didn’t work me up so much, but c’mon.

When Matt first admitted he liked Caroline to Tyler in The Turning Point (1×10), he acted like it was some great sacrifice on his part: “I like her, and I’m not going to defend it, or apologize for it.”


Though Matt looked just as fine as Tyler in that ep

And when he first told Caroline that he loves her in Brave New World (S02E02), the string attached was that he “just couldn’t deal with losing anyone else in my life right now”. How… romantic? This is in essence him saying, “I’m settling for you because you’re the only viable option I have at the moment”.

Rather than Matt prancing around like the opposite of a unicorn and leaving it up to Care to make the next move, I would have much preferred if he had risen above feeling (to a certain degree, rightly) jerked around, and made a big romantic gesture himself.

I can act like a star – I can beg on my knees

Well, we see later how true this Barbie Girl lyric is.

Hey Matt? You know how Tyler told you to be “good” to Caroline, because he thought she deserved someone like you? EPIC FAIL so far, mate.

Ok, moving on.

We get a subtle clue that Caroline is thinking of Tyler when she talks to Useless Aunt Jenna about her Alaric trust issues. Caroline says to Jenna, “Maybe he’s lying to protect you”, which has shades of what Caroline said to Tyler in Daddy Issues before she slammed the door in his face (“I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect YOU, don’t you get that?”).

-starstruck:  Tyler: You lied to me!Caroline: I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect you! Don’t you get that?Tyler: Caroline…Caroline: You just stood there when they going to kill us! You just stood there, you didn’t do anything!Tyler: I didn’t know what to do.Caroline: You help your friends, that’s what you do!Tyler: I’m sorry.Caroline: No it’s too late. Cause you’re not friends anymore.


You could argue that she is also referring to Matt and how she is protecting him from the truth about the Mystic Falls supe community, but I refuse to believe that she is thinking only of her broken relationship with Matt in this conversation.

Later on, Caroline is having a girl’s night out with Elena, Bonnie and Jenna at the Mystic Grill. After receiving a cold shoulder from Matt that makes Antarctica look sunny, the girls encourage Caroline to do something about the whole situation.

Caroline, awesomely, compels the lead hipster of the band to play backup while she serenades Matt with a cheesy BANGLES track. Who knew that one fatality this ep would be the band’s street cred? 😉

“You are gonna let me live out my rock star fantasies, and you are going to be my back-up.”

I�m a blond bimbo girl in a fantasy world

Caroline was originally presented as a Queen Bee character who cared only about the next party that was happening and dominating high school politics; in short, the stereotypical bimbo-ish cheerleader.

She was focussed on achieving superficial perfection, and Matt is a symbol of her old approach to life. From the latter half of season one onwards, we’ve kinda fallen in love with this girl, because we’ve seen a strong, selfless HBIC who is also real and flawed. Being with Matt feels like she is trying to cling onto an old life that didn’t embrace the best person she could be.

 Still, Candice Accola is a kickass singer.


I adore Eternal Flame, and thought this choice of song was fabulous. I LOVE cheesy music, obvs, and Caratt, if they stay together, will at some point have to deal with Care’s immortality. Also, it fits in well with the fire motif throughout the rest of the episode, when Jonas, all upset that Damon made a flamethrower flambé out of his astral projecting warlock son Luka (more on this in a sec), burns down the only social hangout in town.

Way to keep kids off the streets, Jonas.

Also, Damon with a flamethrower? Ungodly hot. For more Damon-y goodness, check out KJewls’ recap for The House Guest.

Best part of the song? When Alaric and Jenna cock-block Caratt’s big moment by gazing longingly at each other throughout the song and being Those People who can’t stand a Big Relationship Moment to not be about them.



Aww, Jenna, you weren’t useless for once! Your sincerely, TC fans.

Matt is pretty happy about the serenade.


He even dips her, Hollywood style! This song lyric popped into my head when it happened: Come on Barbie let’s go party


The accompanying Caratt kiss was better than the fish flopping on dry land kiss in The Descent, I’ll admit. But it was nowhere near as hot as The Kiss between Tyler and Caroline.

Caratt later makeout in the Mystic Grill bathroom, because nothing cements a newfound relationship with the scent of stale beer and urine.


Seriously, all sexy action should be limited to Damon’s bathroom, IMO. All of a sudden, the lights go out, and Matt goes to investigate.

Jonas has entered the building, wild with grief, and is apparently a Forwood shipper because he glasses Matt in the neck when I bet with a flick of his hand he could’ve just knocked him out if he wanted to. If he can get a whole pack of werewolves to drop like stones, a human would be a cinch for him.


Caroline then gives Matt a sip of True Blood by biting down on her own arm, and I’ll admit that for all my Matt annoyance lately, I didn’t want him to die. Zach Roerig is a cutie, who killed it in his final scene with Candice. I just don’t want Matt and Caroline to be together.

It’s too bad that when Matt wakes up he and Care don’t dance half-naked to Enjoy The Silence.


Caroline: [softly] “Hi.”

Matt: “What the hell? Your face. All the blood, I-I drained your blood.”

Caroline: “You were dying. My blood healed you.”

Matt: “What do you mean it healed me? How could your blood heal me?”

Caroline: “Because that’s what vampire blood does for humans, and that’s what I am. I’m a vampire, Matt.”

Matt: “No…”

Caroline: “But it’s all gonna be okay because I’m going to tell you everything. And you’re going to understand why I had to keep it from you, and we’re gonna be fine.”

Matt: “Well be fine?!”

Caroline: “Yes, we’ll be together, and we love each other.”


Matt: “Vampires. Oh my God. Vicki, oh my God, at the hospital. I thought she was tripping out.”

Caroline: “What?”

Matt: “She knew about vampires. What did you do?”

Caroline: “What? Nothing. Nothing! Matt!”

Matt: “I need to get out of here.”

Caroline: “No, no, no, I can’t let you leave, not like this.”


Matt: “What did you do to my sister?”

Caroline: “Nothing, nothing!”

Again, we have a subtle reference to the fallout from the lies that cost Caroline’s relationship with Tyler (“But it’s all gonna be OK because I’m going to tell you everything. And you’re going to understand why I had to keep it from you, and we’re gonna be fine.” And “No, no, no, I can’t let you leave, not like this”).

In some ways, I’m not that surprised that Matt connected Caroline to Vicki. He seemed to accept the existence of vampires and piece together all the facts pretty quickly, but I’ll handwave that.

Let’s piece it all together. Matt knows now that Caroline is a vampire. Vicki told him she had been attacked by vampires, and was suspicious enough to tell Tyler about this theory (remember Tyler teasing Matt about Elena walking with Stefan “into the sunset”, after Stefan’s serious vampire face in the pilot tipped off Matt that something wasn’t kosher?).


Also, don’t forget that Caroline was the one to find Vicki’s corpse. So, logically, it makes sense that Matt might think Care is the vamp who killed Vicki.

Emotionally, you would think that if he knew Caroline AT ALL, he would know she would do everything in her power to protect people in their close knit friendship circle, and hardly be likely to hurt them. Care’s efforts to patch up the Tyler/Matt friendship after the Tyler/Matt’s Slutty Mom hookup is a small example of her protective nature that he has seen at work. Similarly, he saw Caroline interrupt a confrontation between Tyler and his dad in the Mystic Grill in the finale when it looked like the situation was going to become abusive.

Tyler never believed for a second Caroline had actually been the one to kill Mason.

Jules: “You wanna know who murdered him? Your little blonde vampire did.” Tyler: “No, Caroline would NEVER do that.”


He was pissed about Caroline’s lies concerning how Mason’s death came about, and the presence of other vamps in Mystic Falls, but he never once indicated he thought that Caroline would have hurt Mason.

The fact that Matt can’t even give the benefit of the doubt to the girl he claims to love is not endgame relationship material, baby!

I AM pretty intrigued about what will happen now, though.

Do you think Caroline will compel Matt, and knowing how he is going to associate her vampirism with Vicki, tell him the news again, but in a slightly different way, so it goes down better? Or do you think that her experience with Tyler has made her decide to deal with the Matt situation with complete honesty?

I read a random conspiracy theory on a couple blogs that Matt could turn out, in a big twist, to be Klaus’ lackey, as vengeance for Vicki’s death. Being the Mystic Grill’s busboy would definitely make him well positioned to be Klaus’ eyes and ears. It would mean that the whole final scene with Caroline was just one big performance about not knowing the truth about Vicki, which would add a chilling layer to the Matt character. I doubt this will come to pass, but wouldn’t it be an awesome twist?


In the meantime, tell me what you thought about the ep. I’m also curious: what song you think Caroline would have serenaded Tyler with if the situation was different?

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week



I can’t look past his awesome pwning of Katherine’s attempt to have sexytimes in his bedroom, even after she had admitted earlier in the day she had signed off on a deal with John that Stefan could live as long as Damon died.

Damon: “Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house. Go find one.”

Siriusly, Katherine is so wilfully narcissistic about her power over men that I can’t help but love when she is smacked down in fine style, while loving her all the while for it.



The little growl Stefan makes when pouncing on Elena for morning sex was so adorable it made my stomach drop.

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20 responses to “Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The House Guest – Vampire Diaries

  • André

    Do I see the ice melting? 😉

    No offense but I really think that you should slow-down when it comes to Forewood and Caratt. Up to now, barely any time has passed in the show and let’s face it, considering the shows death rate any of the three characters might be pushing up the daisies in the next episode, so it’s better for you too not to invest too much emotion. The supporting casts only have a slightly higher survival rate than any other non-main cast.

    Why Matt over Tyler?
    Well Matt doesn’t have rage issues, he is more open with his feelings, way more mature and he doesn’t have to be forced into admitting them or at least say thank you. Let’s face it Tyler was forced to become a bit more mature, he didn’t do much for it on his own accord. And Matt’s record on attacking and beating people up is much much lower. And how many people actually, and willingly, really take the bad boy with them home? I know Tyler isn’t a bad boy but he sometimes comes pretty close when looking from the outside. And considered that both guys didn’t come from the best of backgrounds (maybe a reason they both became friends, the difference is in Matt’s case nobody acts as though it weren’t true) you gotta admit that Matt came out of it much better than Tyler.
    And although Forewood-fans may not like it, but the essential problems Caroline would have with Matt she would have with Tyler because, despite what many fans wish and even write into wikias, there is no hint so far that werewolves are immortal, and if that would turn out to be it would be pretty crap in my eyes.

    Yes Matt is her anchor, but is that really surprising? She didn’t choose to be a vampire and it never seemed as though she actually more than got along with it. And although you might find comfort in a relationship where the other thinks that he/she is a monster as well, such things never work out well as long as the participants think that.
    Yes Barby Girl might be fitting, but I found it nice to see that “pre-vamp” Caroline was still there; after all she couldn’t have disappeared just like that. Of course she would react the way she did, when she became a vampire her natural behaviors and traits where amplified not exchanged. So it was clear that she would rather choose Matt even if given a choice. How much was there really going on with Tyler? Compared to what she had “invested” in Matt, practically nothing.
    If what was stated in Season 1 is true than Caroline had the problem to wanting guys that didn’t want her. Now she has/had two, but the same problem: in both cases there were secrets. And well, she rather wants to be with Matt because despite the risk Matt can provide her more emotional safety than Tyler could.

    And Matt is not Ken. A guy isn’t a Ken just because his good and harmless-looking and blond. To make it short:
    If anyone would say that Ken is gay, the most likely response would be “Duh”.
    If anyone would say that Matt is gay it is far more likely that someone would ask “Really?”
    Matt is rather the nice boy nextdoor (to a degree, the boy next door doesn’t necessarily have such a family).

    “It’s not like there is another local hangout to give them competition, and half the people in town are raging alcoholics.”
    Oh I love you for such comments.

    “am I the only dirty mind that hoped that TC were actually having secret phone hate sex?”
    I didn’t even think in that direction.

    I wouldn’t be so sure about Caroline’s reaction or that of Matt.
    First what kind of guy actually tells the girl he loves that his best friend loves her too and that in such an open space? And what sort of guy would just ask about such stuff? He’s Matt Donovan and not the castrated Edward Cullen (I used the name, shame on me, shame on me 😦 *sniff*)
    Second, there are a whole lot of other things Caroline could be worried about that Tyler might have told Matt (werewolf, vampire, Elena, curse. ) and considered her neurotic streak, is that really so out of question?

    I disagree that Caroline always makes the moves. Because we both know the essential part is missing here. She broke up and remember that Matt doesn’t know the real reason why, so therefore his reaction is pretty valid. So it is clear that she must show that she is serious, he already did. This might not be fair, all things considered, but that is what is necessary.

    As about what Matt said in Turning Point, well Caroline, did she really usually come along as the sort of girl you would be proud of as having as a girlfriend, in overall society I mean? Or where others wouldn’t look down on you (remember the reactions from Tyler and Elena in that episode)? That came only a while later. Not to mention the whole stereotype-image (quaterback-cheerleader), that can go in both directions too as you know. Furthermore the “only available option argument “could just as well be true for Caroline. If it is true for Matt after all. If he wouldn’t love her, then why would he be afraid of losing her? They didn’t date that long.

    Really, slow down, I think you are overreacting. Furthermore Caroline’s speech to Jenna could just as well apply to Matt, she lied to him out of the same reasons. Maybe she didn’t just think of him, but I think your focus on Tyler is unjustified.

    I don’t think that Matt is an attempt to cling to superficial perfection. In that case Tyler would have been the better option. Even if people thought of Tyler’s father (or Tyler) as a dick there is still the money, the power, the name, the privileges (since Forwood would be a founding member couple). Is that something Matt can offer? Hardly don’t you think? In many cases Tyler is the show dog with a pedigree (including the behavioral issues) while Matt is the common street mutt that bears the scars of it. Remember Caroline’s comment about Ben? That could have just as well been applied to Matt at that moment (because football was the only thing he seemed to stand out at, or at least it was the only thing presented). Maybe Tyler’s comment about Vicky in Turning Point should be taken literally, how would that affect Matt socially? And his mother? I have my doubts that her state was unknown in town and remember what happened to make her leave? He had to throw out his own mother. Nothing was known about his father so I doubt that the writers had anything positive about him in mind. And you saw how Matt’s home locked like. Pretty blue collar if that is the right word. He works as a busboy to pay his rent and lives alone. If what you accuse Caroline of doing would be true she would be dumb as soup. When you look objectively at it, you see that Matt is just as messed up as the rest of the crew; the only difference is that in his case the supernatural was a very, very small part of it.

    “Come on Barbie let’s go party”
    So? Hands up who would have acted differently.

    “But it was nowhere near as hot as The Kiss between Tyler and Caroline.”
    Totally disagree there. The kiss between Tyler and Caroline was rather awkward. Hard to imagine that Tyler would even come of the same idea as Matt did on stage.

    “because nothing cements a newfound relationship with the scent of stale beer and urine”
    Na na na, we don’t know that (toilets in a bar [at least over here] tend to be quite clean), remember it was probably the Lady’s room after all.

    “and is apparently a Forwood shipper because he glasses Matt in the neck when I bet with a flick of his hand he could’ve just knocked him out if he wanted to.”
    If you ask me that was probably just a means to an end for the writers to get it into the open for Matt that Caroline is a vampire and that was it. Think about, it’s the same with Elijah’s corpse, why didn’t Damon just behead Elijah, obviously his body can be pierced, I think we might not have seen the last of Elijah.

    I think you’re again too harsh on Matt and see Tyler too much through pink glasses. Tyler is shorter (no pun intended) so I start with him:
    At the moment of denying that Caroline would have killed Mason he had time already to adjust to the whole situation and we both agreed that he threw his trust left and right once somebody got through his defenses.
    It was not the same with Matt, he was thrown into it by the brink of death and then Caroline’s chatter (which made the situation totally crazy) didn’t really help at all and showed how overstrained she was. With Tyler it was pretty clear what needs to be done and she had advice from Stefan but this time she was totally alone and messed up big time (and this is so typically Caroline).

    Matt didn’t have the same time of adjustment or options the other characters had when it came to vampires. Furthermore despite his original suspicions he was convinced that it was just that. No imagine how you would react that you were right all along and that your sister might be dead because of it? You tell me you wouldn’t freak out?
    You should at least give him credit for that, what would you do in such a situation? Having been stabbed in the neck, seeing your boyfriend with those vamp eyes, drinking his blood and when you wake up he chatters about being a vampire, vampire blood healing you and that everything will be fine. That is really one of the worst situations to be introduced to the whole topic. I probably would have freaked out.

    Elena was “guided” to it slowly by subtle hints here and there.
    It was similar with Jeremy although he was in a much more dangerous situation in addition since he suspected that Vicky might be one and he could be with her again there was something in it for him.
    Bonnie was already a witch and had her experiences with the supernatural, in addition she had her grandmother for support.
    Tyler was “introduced” long before he turned and at least knew that something bad was coming for him. In addition he thought that Caroline was a werewolf so he hoped for help.
    Does Matt have any of these “advantages”? No, in his case it was guessing the water was there, thinking it wasn’t and then you get thrown in. Which might mean “swim or die” now for him, but we will see.

    I don’t think that Caroline will compel Matt, maybe someone else but not her. Anyway it probably wouldn’t make sense at all at the moment.
    Klaus lackey? Only if Matt’s status would be different, currently I don’t see what he could bring to the score for Klaus, if he needs a spy, Jeremy would be a better option, after all the supes won’t be discussing things within human hearing range and why should Klaus be interested in normal humans? But we will have to wait until 7th April for that. 😉

    On the episode as a whole:
    At least it was good that Jonas seemed to have a lasting effect by seemingly giving Bonny information on killing Klaus.
    I think what Bonny said about being useless could as well have been said for Jeremy, I bet he thinks he’s pretty useless too.

    Apart from that, I hate it that Jonas and Luka are dead, now the characters again have to stick with Katherine.

    Ps. I will be on vacation for the next week so apart from tomorrow morning I might not be posting again until 5th March.

    And one thing:
    I bet the moment you will see Matt under the shower, you will change your opinion 😀

    • Gen

      I don’t understand why you would want her to slow down with T/C/M. This is a Forwood recap after all. 😉

      I know as fans of different ships we tend to see characters differently. As a fan of all three characters I know I am biased at times. It’s now secret that I’m a T/C shipper.

      Tyler was never said once to be perfect. He has his flaws just like everyone else. The fact remains that Tyler is complex. He has his issues, but he IS trying to change what he doesn’t like about himself. He’s said that himself. He did not want to be that way (angry and violent) anymore. That’s growth babe. He’s a 17 year old guy who was never shown any affection by his parents and grew up with a sense of entitlement. He’s not that guy anymore. We have seen that he can be caring and vulnerable and hell even selfless.

      Matt. I love Matt. Since the pilot I have had nothing but love for him. Mature beyond his years and able to provide for himself is extraordinary. Being the eldest of five I know what it’s like to take care of others and work your ass off to make sure you stay alive. I have a huge amount of admiration for him.

      That being said, Matt is not perfect himself. He may not have as many issues as Tyler, because Tyler’s issues have issues, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t own some himself. His absent parents and the death of his sister have left this poor guy all alone in the world. He has abandonment issues that surface when he’s alone. He was okay with ending things with Caroline, but once alone and no longer getting her attention he wanted her back. I don’t blame him. It’s got to be difficult for him. Matt may not be as aggressive as Tyler, but he’s definitely has his own little streak. I don’t blame him for wanting to punch Tyler’s lights out when he caught him with his Mom, but Tyler didn’t want to fight. He got physical fast when he confronted Tyler about something going on between him and Caroline in 2×14. Manhandling Tyler while telling him not to lie and even getting aggressive with Caroline in this past episode. What I’m saying is that Matt doesn’t have a great handle on his emotions either. He can lose it just like anyone else.

      I wanted someone for Matt that he could genuinely love for who they are. He didn’t do that with Caroline. I was NOT a fan of Caroline in S1, but as a female I related to her. Her need to be perfect and cookie cutter barbie is something every teenage girl strives to be. We are insecure and mask our insecurities with crude humor and an ambition to be the HBIC. Being with Matt didn’t help that. They had their moments and there were times I liked them together, but Matt was so unsure of her through out their entire time together I could never really back them. She wasn’t Elena, whom he really wanted to be with and compared Caroline to her. Maybe that’s more realistic, but it made my heart ache nonetheless.

      It was never who was better or who turned out better off. Both guys have come a long way and they should both be admired for it. It’s not a question of who is better, but who Caroline feels stronger for? Caroline loves Matt. She does and I can’t blame her. He was probably her first real relationship, but Caroline is not that same girl anymore. She has become a much stronger and confident woman and in her supernatural change found something in Tyler that she didn’t with Matt. Understanding. She and Tyler have formed an emotional bond that she will probably never have with anyone. Trust was give and taken away, but I believe that they can reconcile and reclaimed the friendship they formed since Tyler triggered his curse. What happens beyond that is up to them.

      Either way, both guys have put their hearts on the line with Caroline. Caroline is going to live forever (if she’s not killed off *crosses fingers she won’t be*) and these guys are going grow old and die. They are 17 and first loves and all that. Like I said below M/C was given their chance, why can’t T/C have theirs?

      Maybe T/C isn’t meant to be, but how we ever know if they aren’t given a legitimate shot to explore their feelings and see would could be?

      • André

        And maybe it will never happen. That is one reason I think she should slow down. In addition I think this love for T/C clouds your judgement and you idealize them too much based on too little ground. Personally I always prefer a moderate approach to such things, because in my eyes that’s the best way to capture all facets of a situation.
        How much and how long have Tyler and Caroline actually bonded? A few weeks? That is not long, that is no real bond. What do they really have in common on a personal level (this is where bonds are formed)? Possible that Matt and Caroline will not last, actually that is what I am expecting to happen but I think this overemphasizing on Tyler and Caroline is bad, because it creates too much emotion and doesn’t allow you to look for more.

        Tyler didn’t want to fight in 1×18? Didn’t really look that way. And you call that in 2×14 physical? When guys that age get physical it looks much different and Matt’s point was perfectly valid, he knew that something was going on and in his eyes that was probably something between Tyler and Caroline.

        And since we’re at it, those two had only made a few steps towards an actual bond; if it would be a baby it had barely left the cradle, if at all. And even if they will bond again in the future, why does it have to be an OTP or a couple in general? Why not something different? Also I don’t think that every movement of the two should be interpreted in this relationship light. Caroline didn’t only have to lie to Matt and Tyler but also to her mother, that could play a part too. And she sucks at lying so it would put tremendous strain on her. Not to mention the whole craziness of her current existence and that of the people closest to her. Likey spidey also said elsewhere, the characters barely have any chance to actually grief.
        And sorry but people, even in this show, don’t change that fast. There were also hints at Tyler being unhappy with his lot in Season 1 and he hadn’t come far since then, he is still very immature for his age. As to yet I can’t say whether the whole painful transformation thing has taught him some humility or simply makes him desperate, personally I think it might be the latter, because his choices were really not the best since then. But maybe just me, because someone like Jules or Brady would have screamed danger to me and I would have stayed the hell away from them. Yes he has made progress but by far too little. He is still the Tyler who never things forward much and who doesn’t like to be seen as anything other than strong.
        How far Caroline actually got is also open to interpretation, but that is mainly due to the fact that the development of supporting characters is not given so much on-screen time. The, let’s say, season 1 Caroline is still there and no matter how far she has come, she still has a very long way before her. She is still very helpless in complex situations. I know many would disagree due to the whole Tyler-ordeal but that was always pretty clear. In Tyler’s situation you have to help him or not and what sort of help that would have to be was also very clear from the start. In addition, I don’t know whether that is part of it, unlike Tyler, Matt was a character in this world where it was the really the question of if and not when he will see the supernatural. He has no magical legacy and is not from a founding family, unlike most of the others he might have had a real chance of escaping it.
        As to Matt, like I wrote he is often the street mutt who bears the scars. That’s why I think it’s ridiculous that Caroline wanted any superficial perfection when she started dating him and still wanted him.

        • Gen

          So you’re saying because it might never happen we can’t ship it? Or want to hope and believe that there is a chance that it might happen? So we should just give up entirely?

          Clouds my judgment? Without sounding like a crazed fangirl, I don’t agree at all. Caroline being there for Tyler’s first transformation wasn’t another Thursday night for those two. It was emotional and traumatic experience for BOTH of them and that should not be dismissed by a wave of the hand and with “they haven’t spent enough time together.” It is very possible for them to have formed an close bond with each other in the little time they have spent together. It happens in real life all the time. So it is realistic that it could happen with them.

          The fact remains that Tyler and Caroline are not the same people they were in the pilot. They’re not. Yes, there are still some traits that will probably always be there, because it’s just who they are but, there has been change and growth in both of them.

          I have always said that I love the friendship between Tyler and Caroline first and foremost and whether that lead to something romantic would just be a huge plus for me. I do want them to get together. I’m not going to pretend I don’t, but I want them to fix that fractured friendship first. Because that is a solid foundation to build something more.

          Tyler did lose his temper in 1×18, but it was Matt who threw the first punch and he was valid in doing so, but before he did Tyler had his hands raised as not to make the situation worse. So you’re saying because Matt suspected something going on with T/C it was perfectly okay for him to grab Tyler like he did because he’s a boy? If it’s not okay for Tyler to be aggressive then it shouldn’t be for Matt either. I have brothers so I understand perfectly that testosterone plays a huge factor in how they act when they are at that age. Matt’s level of aggression might be at a normal one where Tyler’s is elevated because he is a werewolf and has had that gene in him his entire life. Plus the fact that his father was abusive towards him. I’m not saying that excuses Tyler from the things that he’s done, it’s just that people make it out to be that he’s just this horrible person because he simply just is. That’s not fair. He was genetically inclined to be more aggressive, but he’s trying to fight that. He should be given at very least a little credit for that.

          So are you for M/C or just against T/C? I don’t really know where you’re coming from on this or are you just a Matt fan or just a Caroline fan? I’m actually very curious.

          I understand the feeling to defend Matt, but I don’t think I’m saying anything bad about him. Just stating that I don’t think him and Caroline are right for each other.

          T/C did move fast and their first kiss was spontaneous and was triggered by Caroline’s confession that she cared about Tyler. For a guy who hasn’t really had that it wasn’t surprising that he would react the way he did. Even though Caroline pulled away it wasn’t before she allowed him to kiss her again and kissed him back. That’s why so many T/C shippers are behind them. There is something there between them. It might not be huge and it doesn’t mean they need to happen now, but it could mean something in the future.

          I don’t want them to be rushed. They are complex characters and nothing about them is simple and neither should their journey be. There is chemistry between them and romantic or not it’s there.

          As for Matt, I don’t want him to be anything supernatural. I love him just the way he is. He’s a regular guy dealing with normal guy problems and I think being thrust into the supernatural world of his friends will add more layers to him. He’s been so irrelevant this season, I’m just happy that he’s now learning some truth.

          • Spidey Sense

            Moved this comment underneath my larger reply so it makes more sense.

          • André

            No I don’t mean you should give up. Just don’t invest too much in it, trust me I’ve been there, done that, it never works. You can hope that it will happen, but don’t attach yourself so much at it, it’s better for everybody.

            Don’t worry, you don’t sound like a crazed fangirl, to me. 😉 If you were, you probably would have verbally attacked me by now.

            Of course it was pretty traumatic what happened to them, and yes they bonded. But how much time did that bond get to grow? And how strong is it now? We can’t just dismiss what happened to Caroline at the hands of Brady. Actually now that you brought me to that ordeal, maybe Matt is/was her shelter, she had to show some reaction to it afterwards. He would represent the “normal” life she obviously craves, whether that has any future… I have no idea, personally I would say no, but if this show didn’t had surprises I wouldn’t watch it.

            Of course Tyler and Caroline are not the same people, none of the characters is but the question is not whether they changed, but only how much. I never denied that they changed, I only questioned the extent. And since we’re at it, I’m with you in that we both hope Tyler won’t come back as the bad guy in this season, which would be really bad storytelling (I thing 100% bad guys are lame, they are not interesting).

            “I have always said that I love the friendship between Tyler and Caroline”
            Actually that is something we both agree, just that I think it should stay a friendship. I think we need something like that. As you said earlier, this happens in real life all the time.

            I did not say it was ok, I only said that getting physical between two boys (at least up here) looks pretty different. With Tyler it’s only a question how much of his aggression is the werewolf and how much not (considered his upbringing the werewolf might have a small part in it). Maybe we will see later, hopefully in Season 3. I think in this case it would be good if werewolfism can be transmitted and one of the still human characters we actually know (ok, that narrows it down to three [maybe four if you count Jenna] since Elena wouldn’t be turned) becomes one, than we would have something to compare.

            “So are you for M/C or just against T/C?”
            I am against T/C as a romantic couple from a story point of view, but I would see how it goes if they would indeed end up as one. M/C? Still not entirely sure, I will wait and watch how it progresses.

            I think the character of Matt was misjudged, that’s all.
            “Just stating that I don’t think him and Caroline are right for each other.”
            That’s where I disagree, but in the end it’s the writers who will show us who is right, maybe we are both wrong and Caroline will end up with one of them.

            Just because there is something in T/C doesn’t mean much will happen. And Tyler’s move was totally in character for him in my eyes. Like I said elsewhere I think when someone gets through his shell he wears his heart on his sleeve.

            “I don’t want them to be rushed. They are complex characters and nothing about them is simple and neither should their journey be. There is chemistry between them and romantic or not it’s there.”
            Totally agree, but whether we will ever get that… I’m gonna be honest with you, considered the fast pacing of the show I have only a slim hope.

            I’m a bit worried that Matt might end up as feeling useless as Jeremy is currently, at least Matt isn’t really a kid anymore.

            • Gen

              LOL this isn’t my first ship and believe when I say I’ve been there countless times. I like the angsty pairings. Some don’t always work out and some are worth the wait, i.e. Pacey and Joey from Dawson’s Creek. I never gave up on them and in the end they got together. I’m faithful and loyal, I can’t help but be hopeful.

              I think Cherie (SpideySense) said it perfectly that it was the INTENSITY of their shared experiences that bonded them together. Even though it happened in a short amount of time, the bond is still there. That is what I’m trying to say. They happened so fast and before we knew it lies were brought to light and trust was lost. I believe that can and will reconcile and that bond will grow and strengthen once they are able to repair the fractured friendship.

              We are all entitled to our opinions and we are going to just have to agree to disagree when it comes to these three. I do appreciate and love your views though. It’s refreshing. This triangle, has so much more substance than the main one it’s evoking actual rational and civil debates. I can’t really say that about the main triangle. Stelena and Delena shippers can get MEAN. Their ship-wars get cruel, verbally offensive and lead to personal attacks that I do not in any way condone. So I’m very glad and relieved that we can have a nice little debate without it getting ugly. 🙂

              Don’t get me started with Jeremy. I don’t like him and Bonnie together. He was so in the mix before. I miss his interactions with Damon and Tyler; I also want to see more of him and John. I just don’t see the chemistry between him and Bonnie.

              At least with Caroline she has chemistry with everyone in her life, it’s feasible to see a connection with anyone. Bonnie? Not so much.

              • Spidey Sense

                Yeah, André, it’s totally awesome to have someone here who has a diametic opposite view on things! It is really great to be challenged on why the hell Gen and I are so damn passionate about Forwood, when a triangle of substance has been developed between MCT where, as evidenced by your arguments, a good case (though not one I ultimately agree with) can be put for Caratt.

                Although I’ve read and commented on posts made about Matt elsewhere, I realise that I haven’t ever actually established why he and Care don’t work for me. That’s not to say they haven’t had moments that have, or that there aren’t aspects of the Matt character that I absolute adore, because they have, and I do. I’m still deciding on the best approach for framing the great Matt/Caroline and Tyler/Caroline debate. It will be a post of epic proportions, that is for sure!

                I agree with Gen about how refreshing this debate is compared to the mud slinging that often goes on in the Delena vs Stelena camps. Maybe I get overexcited with my Forwood love, but I definitely don’t see Tyler with rose coloured glasses. You’ve seen from other Got Forwood recaps that some of his actions have annoyed the hell out of me, and I’ve tried to justify why I have ended up understanding him in instances where his actions have been deeply controversial for other fans. More than any of his jackassery, the OOC-ness of his failure to ask questions (which I explained in depth is something he usually does well, especially for an impulsive person) in Crying Wolf made me throw my pillow at my screen while watching!

                I’ve seen some pretty nasty personal attacks on Matt. For instance, I LOVE Price Peterson’s recaps, but he nicknamed Matt “Mashed Potatoes” in a fairly cruel move. I may rail against Matt in annoyance, but it is always based on his actions as an individual or in a relationship, and I would never be reduced to out and out nastiness. Plus, yes, I would not boot Matty out of my shower (I don’t get the MP thing, honestly ;)).

                You guys have NO IDEA how much I am looking forward to the discussion generated by the next mega post. It’ll be so much fun!

        • Spidey Sense

          Controversy! I like it!

          I think that the Matt versus Tyler debate and the why I think Matt and Caroline are terrible for one another debate is something that really needs to be explained in a post, rather than the comments section, so I will write my reasons for this up this week. Believe me, André, when I say that my opinions are not unfounded. Hopefully you’ve seen from my mixtapes that I always have good reasons for feeling about a character of pairing the way that I do.

          We’re all entitled to our opinions, and I really respect someone reading a Forwood recap and putting the time and energy you have, André, into defending Matt. I’ve tried to make it clear that I like Matt and Zach Roerig individually, I just don’t want Matt with Caroline (for the reasons I will explain in a post later this week). In fact, my love for Zach Roerig as an individual is directly referenced in this latest Got Forwood post.

          One thing I know that doesn’t always translate well with Australian humour is deeply tongue-in-cheek, sardonic humour.

          Yes, I adore Forwood like no other couple that I have before, and I am happy to admit that will colour all my posts (and if you read the rest I am balanced in my approach to virtually other aspect of this show). I think that the INTENSITY of their experiences shared is what has allowed them to forge a deep connection in an admittedly short time. Sometimes you share experiences with people that allow you to develop a bond it takes years for others to develop, and I think that the Vampire Diaries producers have done an exception job of establishing this with Tyler’s transformation, and Tyler and Caroline’s status as new supes.

          But just something to bear in mind is that I’m someone who loves recappers who can joke about an opinion that they have strongly about shows. KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous is always unapologetic about her love for Delena over Stelena, and this colours every single one of her posts. This is her Mother Ship. Now, admittedly, this is balanced out because she writes a recap of the entire show, and like me, there is really only one couple that makes her really obsessive. But could you imagine how boring my Got Forwood recap would be if I refused to take a stance?

          And of course some Forwood bias is natural, because I loved this pairing so much that I devote my weekly recaps to only them. But if I was recapping the show in its entirety each week, I would seem much more balanced because I have much more of a soft spot for Stelena than most Delena shippers for example, who can get very vicious. I’m considering doing a recap for just Damon’s character (my other favourite part of the show), and you’ll be able to see that, while I am a Delena shipper, it is not on the same level as my Forwood lovin’ (because I think Stefan is a suitably compelling suitor, unlike Matt).

          Having said that, I am always interested to read other opinions, including your very eloquent ones about Matt. Just because I recap in a particular way doesn’t mean I am discounting your ideas. But my opinion of Forwood vs Caratt is based on much time and thought and analysis of the interrelationships between the characters. So hopefully when you see the massive post I wil do about MC, or perhaps even all three points of this triangle, you’ll at least understand why I am so strong in my opinions. I never want you to stop commenting though! And don’t think that I feel Tyler OR Caroline are beyond reproach. Remember how I railed against Tyler for not asking some simple questions when he was being lied to by the werewolves that led to some very bad decisions of his? I was just as annoyed at him as you no doubt would have been, and I will always let those negative opinions fly high too.

          Also, I just wanna make it clear that NOWHERE did I say there was any connection between Ken and gayness (not that there is anything wrong with that – my repeated glee at the hotness of Jeremy and Tyler together is evidence of this). I was simply referring to Caroline and Matt as Barbie and Ken, because, c’mon, they are as blonde and evocative of these dolls that even the producers of the Vampire Diaries have called Caroline Vampire Barbie (so I’m not the only one thinking along these lines), and other recappers have called Matt a Ken type. Maybe I didn’t explain it well enough, and I’ll go into it further with my MC post, but Caroline was obviously conceived early on as a queen bee, Mean Girl, “Barbie Girl” type early on. I’ll concede, with Matt she started becoming less focussed on superficial things, but her relationship with him was a continuous cycle of her trying to prove she was worthy of being loved (I’ll show how he brought up her insecurities time and again, and didn’t give her as much respect as he has shown in his small interactions with Elena). So I hated this episode when Vampire Barbie, who has grown so much this season, and in large part through her ability to be Tyler’s rock and treated by Tyler as someone who he loves AS SHE IS, showed signs that she was regressing to the Caroline of season one by virtue of being with Matt again.

          The thing is, we won’t always agree on everything I say, or the way that I approach things on this blog. But always feel free to use the comments space to give an entirely different perspective!

          Just one other thing. I have to disagree with you André about the Tyler/Caroline pairing being based on very little. If you read my in depth Forwood mixtape, you’ll see that they are one of the best written pairings, and along with Delena, have had what I would argue is the best build up of all of the pairings on the show.

          I would counter that Matt and Caroline were thrown together as a filler couple last season much like Bonnie and Jeremy this season – the producers wanted two random regulars together, and just figured eye candy would be enough for us to accept these pairings. With TC, I feel like I’ve been given amazing explanations for why they have developed a deep emotional bond, and also why they can screw up so badly.

          I would actually say that Forwood have many more short layers, in a short space of time, than Stelena, the main couple, who I adore, but feel we don’t have the deep understanding of that I do of Forwood.

          • André

            Spidey I know that you’re good at what you do and I know that it is your passion that drives you. But you know how it is with passion. It is a very good driving force but often a bad adviser.
            I am just worried that it will diminish your work and you end up like these many wolf-researchers that always say that a healthy wolf would never attack a human despite proven evidence to the contrary.

            Reading this comment of yours I regret that we won’t see new stuff from the show until April. But I am sure that you won’t just go into hibernation during that time.

            “Also, I just wanna make it clear that NOWHERE did I say there was any connection between Ken and gayness”
            I know, I know, trust me, I know. It was just an example to make sure how unlike Matt and Ken are in my eyes. It’s just that it seems that always when there is a hot blond guy he is likened to Ken, that’s all. To make it clear, can is not attractive in my eyes.

            I wouldn’t say that Caroline is regressing, because the Caroline from season 1 didn’t just disappear. Furthermore it was also shown early in season 1 that she was more than a queen bee. Caroline is barby girl by looks and that’s it in my eyes. All her behavior could easily be explained by her desire to be loved. But I don’t think that Matt would be in any way someone you would choose if you want superficial perfection. How mature Caroline’s actions are is another matter but if she just wanted prestige all along she would have hit on Tyler and not Matt in season 1. Like I said, in that regard Tyler would have been the show dog you can show around, while Matt is still more the street mutt with scars (the issues Glen mentioned). Apart from the Quarterback-image, what would he really bring to the score in regard of social “perfection”? I am pretty sure there would have been lots of other candidates. But maybe Caroline sees Matt as her shelter now, hard to tell from the outside, but it would make sense.

            “I have to disagree with you André about the Tyler/Caroline pairing being based on very little.”
            Nonetheless, such things need time and nurturing and in my eyes the time simply wasn’t sufficient enough.

            “filler couple last season much like Bonnie and Jeremy this season”
            I hate it when writers do that. Hands up who hates it too.

            “With TC, I feel like I’ve been given amazing explanations for why they have developed a deep emotional bond, and also why they can screw up so badly.”
            And that’s the question the show still didn’t give an answer: How badly screwed up is it at the moment?

            “I would actually say that Forwood have many more short layers, in a short space of time, than Stelena, the main couple, who I adore, but feel we don’t have the deep understanding of that I do of Forwood.”
            I will wait and see how things progress. I agree that the whole thing was much faster with Forwood, but I won’t make many speculations for their futures. I think I haven’t figured out Caroline good enough to make any reliable assumptions.

            However, today my vacation starts and I probably won’t be here until 5th March.

            And maybe that’s for the best, because today, when the sun reaches its peak I will burn, I will twist, I will be in pain. My body and mind will be broken and re-aligned and I will become the most frightening monster on this planet. It has devastated ancient civilizations and destroyed fragile environments. It brings economies down and devours everything it finds.


            I will become




            See you all next Saturday.

            • Spidey Sense

              Oh, definitely call me Cherie, if you want 😉

              Hope you have an awesome vacation!

              There will be a massive post for you to comment waiting for you when you come back. I know I haven’t done the comments here justice like I normally would, but I want to save the good stuff for that. I can never be dispassionate in my posts, but I will fully explore all points of this triangle fairly. I’m gonna go into what I love about Matt, what I don’t love, and the same for Tyler and Caroline. Of course, I’ll always be most enthusiastic about Forwood, but I actually love how this whole triangle has been developed, and am constantly impressed by how details-oriented the writing has been.

              It’s kinda sad that Matt can be awesome, but we don’t always give him the love he deserves!

              I stand by the fact that I don’t have blinders on when it comes to Tyler. I might make jokes about his hotness and stick up for him, but I always have my reasons. But equally, I will happily put this character through the recapping wringer when the need arises, and have done so already. God, if he comes back completely villainized, my recaps will be an interesting creature indeed.

              • André

                Hello I am back. First my vacation was ok, some relaxing some stress, got laid, got drung, but all in all very good. Got “molested” by an older guy with a redhead-fetish, but even if I would be 10 years older (38 then) I would have declined, especially since the guy was nearly twice my weight (not muscles) and dressed like the evil witch of OZ :D.
                However I came up with a bit of slash smut, I headed your advice and it is really fun and really relaxing for me, just like drawing.

                Ok, to the point:
                Like I said I was just a concerned, that is all.

                “God, if he comes back completely villainized, my recaps will be an interesting creature indeed.”

                I bet it will be, but I doubt the writers will make it that muchof s soap opera (even brainwashing would be abit over the top).

                I haven’t yet read your new posts but I will soon.

                Ps. What would you think if Matt ever joins Team Wolf?

                • Spidey Sense

                  I am truly hoping for a Team Wolf scenario, whether he just shows loyalty to Tyler as a human while knowing about his wolfscapades, or becomes a werewolf himself.

                  It would answer my question of whether a human can become a werewolf by being bitten, it would make the T/C/M dynamic much more interesting, and I would be curious to see if being close friends prior to joining a wolf pack would mean that two wolves are likely to be ultra close or could still be torn apart by differing views of how to use their supernatural powers.

                  I think that if anything turns Tyler off Jules, it is her willingness to kill people in her human form in cold blood. I would be interested to know whether Tyler knows about her killing those campers at the start of Daddy Issues. Maybe Matt would give into the dark side of his nature if he became a werewolf, showing that even an innocent soul can be corrupted by an inner wolf, and thus showing even more poignantly how meaningful Tyler’s struggle with the dark parts of his nature are.

                  • André

                    I admit I have my doubts whether the writers will explore the issue that deep, the two are “just” supporting characters after all. It would be nice, to say at least, but I don’t think it’s realistic. 😦

  • Gen

    You’re my soulmate babe. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

    Jonas has entered the building, wild with grief, and is apparently a Forwood shipper because he glasses Matt in the neck when I bet with a flick of his hand he could’ve just knocked him out if he wanted to.

    I cackled for like a minute at this. Forwood shipper. Brilliant.

    You pretty much summed up all thoughts on the whole T/C/M situation perfectly.

    I feel like I have voiced my opinion on them until I’m blue in the face everywhere I can lol.

    I understand that not everyone is T/C shipper and there are still some very loyal M/C shippers out there. I know what that is like. To have a ship who was once was is not anymore.

    However, M/C had their chance and it didn’t work out. Within a few days of Caroline almost dying Matt had broken up with her after confessing he might be falling in love with her. Huh?

    All I’m saying is that M/C had their time, why can’t T/C have their chance.

    Tyler isn’t perfect, but no one is. Tyler has changed dramatically since the pilot. He is nowhere near that douchey arrogant jerk he was then. He has grown so much since then, it’s one of the reasons why I believe that he should be given a chance at love.

    He and Caroline have something and they have every right to explore that. Why not them? Because they are flawed? Pfft. Everyone has their issues, it’s dealing with them that defines them. Tyler and Caroline can be good for each other. Learn from one another, support each other, keep the other from falling in the darkness that’s inside them both and help each other survive.

    I just want them to have a shot, a chance and moment to just act on their feelings. To get lost in one another and know that there is someone that won’t judge them, that understands them and will give as much as they take. Tyler had trouble accepting the care Caroline was so willing to give and his upbringing plays a huge part in that. His selfless decision to leave his world behind, but still want Caroline to be happy shows a huge amount of growth on his part. He does care about her and all he needs is to learn to trust himself in order to trust her. Tyler is just as insecure in himself as Caroline was in S1. Caroline has had time to adjust to being a supe and Tyler is just beginning. In time, Tyler too will be just as strong and confident. I for one cannot wait to see it. 🙂

  • kjewls

    This: “Caratt later makeout in the Mystic Grill bathroom, because nothing cements a newfound relationship like the scent of stale beer and urine.”

    AWESOME! 🙂

    I agree with you completely about the Matt and Caroline relationship. If this episode was meant to provide support for this side of the triangle, by illustrating the “adorableness” of the Caratt coupling, it didn’t succeed for me. It’s not that I dislike Matt as a character; or that I don’t think he deserves to find love and happiness on the show. In fact, I don’t know the character enough, to really feel one way or the other about him. I just don’t feel like his relationship with Caroline, in as much as we have seen it, offers the excitement, lust, animal magnetism, and emotional complexity of the Forwood Relationship.

    What I see from Matt and Caroline is a fairly traditional high school courtship, the kind that folks get into during their sophomore or junior year, because it seems like the thing to do. They have similar friends. They move in similar social circles. They look pretty together in pictures.

    And it works out fine. Then, sometime after senior prom, the couple realizes that the reasons they stayed together just don’t exist anymore. Then, after graduation, they break up and go off their separate ways.

    Sure, there have been some cute moments along the way for Caroline and Matt. A PDA in the middle of the street here, a serenade there, some forced “I love yous” uttered during awkward moments. But to me, those come more out of Caroline and Matt play acting at love, than actually being in love.

    It’s interesting that Caroline’s favorite movie is the Notebook, because her love interests here, seem to mirror the ones Rachel McAdams was forced to choose between in the movie. Matt is James Marsden’s character in the Notebook. (Well, actually Matt is pretty much every character James Marsden has ever played in ANY movie.) Both are “nice guys,” “sweet,” and “polite.” Your friends “love them.” They would make “good husbands.”

    And yet, all the nice and sweet in the world, just doesn’t measure up to the painful, intense love, and undeniable chemistry these women feel for Ryan Gosling’s character, and Tyler, respectively. On paper, these guys lose. They are impulsive, headstrong, and quick to anger. They aren’t as “nice” as their counterparts. A relationship with these men is sure to be messy, and complicated. But isn’t that what the best relationships are? The ones that shake you to your very core, and alter who you are as a person, inside and out?

    From the moment Caroline shared that werewolf transformation with Tyler, Matt didn’t really have a chance, in my book. However “sweet” his relationship with Caroline, it’s just never going to equal what these two individuals shared together. Since the transformation, every interaction between Caroline and Tyler has been fused with that raw energetic passion, whether or not the two are acting on it. Matt’s interactions with Caroline just seem bland by comparison.

    And yeah, why did Matt automatically assume that Caroline was the ONLY vampire in the world, and, therefore, had to kill Vicki? I understand he was shocked. But I feel like my reaction would be more like, “WOW vampires exist. Maybe a vampire really DID kill Vicki. That’s effed up! I should have believed her.” and not “My supposed solemate is a vampire. And, therefore, she must be a psychotic bloodsucking psycho killer, who ate my sister, for no reason whatsoever. Geez, you think you know a person . . .”

    Awesome recap, thanks for bringing the smart, and the seriously funny! Gotta love, Barbie Girl! 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Aqua! Oh, the memories! I was blasting Doctor Jones while writing this recap too. Plus Turn Back Time is very appropriate in the T/C situation, no?

      I completely agree with you that Matt and Caroline are the kind of cookie cutter high school sweethearts who probably would have gone their separate ways after high school, leaving one another with nothing but a fond memory. The stakes just aren’t as high and emotional with them. I know that Andre feels there hasn’t been enough time for T/C to bond, but I still truly do believe that relationships can be forged quickly through intense, highly charged shared experiences or understandings. Unless Matt becomes a baby vamp or were himself, he’ll never quite understand where Care is coming from. Plus, Tyler was the one who went through everything with her while they were both still fresh babies.

      So, I definitely believe that Matt won’t really stand a chance in light of the bond forged between T/C during Tyler’s first transformation. Andre makes a good point that Caroline is seeking shelter after her traumatic experienced being tortured. Apart from the slumber party, the fallout from this hasn’t been directly addressed, but much of what happens in the T/C/M situation is very subtle. It is actually really clever to have Matt be the person who she seeks out to cope with this situation in the aftermath. Ultimately though, I can’t see this outliving the passion and fire that was established between her and Ty.

      The Notebook was such a great movie to choose as her favourite by the writers, wasn’t it? I was saying over at Gen’s Tumblr how something else that is significant about the movie is how Noah/Allie broke up and stayed apart due to a series of miscommunications, and that both men have shown their feelings in ways that the women didn’t immediately know about (Noah with the letters he sent to Allie for a year after their break up that her mother kept hidden; Tyler standing in the shadows of Caroline’s porch at the end of Crying Wolf so he can see her one last time, plus his speech to Matt about his feelings for her). I am taking this as a hint of the inevitability that is Forwood 😉

      I am still frankly amazed at how quickly Matt was able to piece everything together, and come to a logical, if not emotionally irrational IMO, reaction about Care’s possible involvement. You certainly can’t say he doesn’t have some smarts!

      Thanks for your awesome comment, which I loved reading as usual!

  • imaginarymen

    I’m just LMAO at how Brandon has gone from random mentions in the middle of a post – to being the FIRST IMAGE on your recap!!

    And that’s how he rolls ;-pp

    • Spidey Sense

      Haha! Music Sex God HAS been making appearances closer and closer to the start of my recaps, hasn’t he? It definitely made sense in this episode – what with all the singing and Matt/Caroline I needed an antidote for. And what is a better salve than MSG in plaid AND a Black Outfit of Lust?? 😉

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