Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Damon’s Joy Sticks Edition

To paraphrase Damon, I haven’t gone all pyro on you guys and reflected on his ungodly hotness in … TOO LONG! (OK, I did seven days ago, but do you know how long ago that is in vampire years?)

Anyway, have any of you guys noticed how many phallic weapons Damon gets to hold, or sometimes have torn out of him, on The Vampire Diaries?

Of course you have.

Now that Katherine no longer has a firm hold on Damon’s…

Barely an episode goes by when he isn’t thrusting, poking, prodding, penetrating and otherwise playing with sticks of one kind or another with all kinds of boys and girls.

Check out these pics over the last season of TVD , nabbed from various recap posts by KJewls of TV Recappers Anonymous!

Single or even loved up ladies, if you like it you can put a mini stake up on it…

Or pull it out!

Damon tried to burn man crush Elijah with a flamethrower, after practically eyef**king Elijah into the next century in an earlier episode when Elijah saved him from a bunch of Forwood-unicorn stomping werewolves.

Sure, Damon, all that thrusting was only to kill an Original vamp, sure

When comparing sizes with friends, Damon figures why whip out a tape measure when he can give a more accurate representation…

Stefan got into the action with Damon when they teamed up to take down Katherine in Masquerade, which was fitting given that how much she had royally screwed them over – they were just returning the favour!

And this, people, is what we call anvilicious foreshadowing of what Miss Gilbert and Mr Salvatore will get up to (please God! please God! SOON!)

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9 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Damon’s Joy Sticks Edition

  • kjewls

    SQUEEE! I simply love this naughty minx of a post! (If I hadn’t just showered, I’d probably need to take another one!)

    Nobody knows how to “drive stick” like Damon Salvatore! Just ask those Petrova doppelgangers, both of whom have been on the other end of the “stick” plenty of times. 😉 Also, ask Alaric. Check out his facial expression in the screencap of him and Damon you chose. Is that “stick envy,” I detect, or he just really happy to see Damon’s big gun?

    Oh, and for the record, I predict that Elena will be taking a ride on Damon’s disco stick on a much more regular basis in the VERY near future. (Possibly as soon as the Season 2 Finale.) So, Damon, my advice to you? Sand and sharpen. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      You know, when I hit the publish button, I grinned wickedly and thought of how much your Damon-loving self would enjoy this post, Julie!

      I LOL’d so hard at so many little quips in your comment, like Damon “driving stick” to Alaric’s “stick envy” over Damon’s big gun. I think that Alaric feels a deep-seated excitement at seeing Damon’s big gun, especially after all the Useless Aunt Jenna action he has been getting. 😉

      Sand and sharpen is a phrase that deserves its own t-shirt. And a flock of doves to be released in its honour.

  • André

    I don’t know, sometimes a stick is just a stick I think.

    • Spidey Sense

      You know what they say: a kiss is never just a kiss, just like a stick is never a stick 😉

      Besides, I wasn’t necessarily saying that the writers intended the sticks to have any meaning – it’s just me having a little fun with the imagery that resulted, intentional or not.

      You must admit, Damon holding a long torch with red flames BLOWING out of the bottom does have some innuendo-filled connotations 😉

  • imaginarymen

    On this show a stick is NEVER “just a stick”. I mean – in “Masquerade” when the Salvatores are stuck in the room w/ Katherine and they have that Menage a Stake with Stefan on the floor with Katherine on top of him, and Damon on top of her wielding a big phallic stake. If that isn’t a visual of their relationship in the olden days, I don’t know what is ;-0

    • Spidey Sense

      It was interesting imagery, because you would think that Katherine would be on top of Damon, at least. Clever way of showing the shifting dynamics between the pair.

      I love the scene in Masquerade where Damon is barely able to contain his urge to kill Kat but has to because she is linked to Elena, and while he is all up in her face, Kat says to him “God you’re hot! When did you get so hot?” I heart Nina Dobrev as Kat so hard 😉

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