Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – BelloMF!


Look! Caroline’s having a Trevinogasm registering 9.9 on the Richter scale.

You know why?

Trevino’s publicist released a sneak peek at his cover for Bello magazine AKA my new favourite publication.


As Walt Whitman would say, “I sound my barbaric YAWP  fangirl BELLOW from the rooftops of the world”.

I bet our cute wolfy has gotten you to act a little… crazy in love after seeing this cover.

Yes sir I’m cut from a different cloth
My texture is the best fur, I’m chinchilla

And don’t you forget it, baby!

In loosely connected news, Trevino’s on screen uncle in The Vampire Diaries, Taylor Kinney, made me feel a stab of nostalgia for the days when Mason incurred the wrath of the Salvatores Brothers.


It really is too bad that Mason wasn’t long for this world.

Just think of all the extra fond memories he could have left us with!

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19 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – BelloMF!

  • Gen

    Forever in my heart Mason.

    Dude! Can the Trevino Bello issue be released already?! What are they waiting for? For me to storm their offices? Because I totally will.

    • Spidey Sense

      I know, seriously! I’ll arm myself with stakes, you get the moonstone!

      Where are those lovely photos that other LA photographer enticed as with promises of too?! GAH! I need them now 😉

      • Gen

        If I don’t have them by the end of the week, I’m burning the whole place down.

        I know, now I’m stalking Tyler Shield’s website hoping he’ll post something soon.

        The anticipation is killing me!

        • Spidey Sense

          I mean, don’t these people know we have a Very Important Tumblr and Tingling Trevino Tuesdays schedule to keep?! Hehe!

          I like the sound of the bloodstained and torn Levis shoot. Skin will be showing, I suspect.

          I’m EXTREMELY happy that Trevino’s sexy old school black frames made it onto the Bello cover. They must be his, because I’ve seen them sitting atop his nose in a few shoots now.

          • Gen

            I know! Gah.

            Oh me too. Have you seen his shoots before? They are IN-TENSE. So I’m very excited to see what he and Trevino came up with.

            A friend of mine isn’t a fan of the glasses and says they don’t work for him, she is clearly deluded or something. He’s got this whole Clark Kent vibe going. I love it. I think they are his too. I notice them a lot as well, as well as that white watch that has made into almost all his guest staring roles and TVD. 🙂

            • Spidey Sense

              Your friend and I must. have. words about the glasses hating. It makes my inner intellectual fangirl drool.

              I have checked up on an embarrasing number of the photog’s shoots, and with the intensity Trevino can bring with those dark Tyler eyes of his, I am expecting my retinas to burn and optic nerves to become purely ornamental because they no longer work.

              What a nice final sight to see!

              • Gen

                Yes, just…yes. I need it now. NOW. The image of blood, bruises and torn clothes…I can’t even…give it to me already!!

                • Paloma

                  OK. HAD TO REPLY TO THIS.

                  Between that Nylon shoot with Candice in those ripped tights (which recently resurfaced at the Tyler/Caroline LJ Comm where I commented–let me copy/paste it: Ever since first seeing that top picture, I’ve longed for a T/C smutfic in which we learn exactly how Caroline got those tights all ripped up, and how Tyler had a part in it.

                  And now this latest Trevino shoot with this Tyler Shields person? I just know my mind is going to run rampant and overload with the possibilities for a T/C scenario if this shoot does indeed feature MT all bloodied and bruised and in torn clothing.

                  It’s also going to make me wish TVD was on HBO or STARZ or something.

                  And, yes, my dirty, dirty mind resides in the gutter. 24/7.

  • André

    Man, Trevino really looks good with these big glasses, damn. 🙂

    And for Taylor, is it just me or does he look much hotter with beard than without?

    • Spidey Sense

      Those glasses just seal the deal for me, for some reason. On anyone else, they’d probably look like Woody Allen try-hard. On Trevino, he looks like a hot Clark Kent!

      I definitely prefer Taylor with a beard. He is kind of like Mr Schu from Glee – too clean cut pretty without some stubble to rough things up 😉

      • André

        I agree, I so agree. Except for one thing: I don’t like Clark Kent. But what I would like is Trevino in black Calvin Klein pyjama bottoms (or business pants) and only these glasses on his upper body. 🙂

        To bad you don’t write in some of these wikias about TVD, because they often sound like written from a twelf-year-old. One article claims that werewolves can detect when people lie and stated a conversation between Caroline and Jules as a source. 😀

        However, to cheer you up after the naming of “you-know-who” here is something for you, enjoy:


        • Spidey Sense

          Haha! André, you always crack me up with your appreciation of Trevino, McQueen et al.

          I steer clear of reading those wikis because they are often factually incorrect, and I’m afraid I’ll read something that will get me worked up for no good reason.

          Oh, I like the equating of Jules with Voldemort. I don’t know why I hated her more than Brady; I suspect it was because she was the one who triggered the Forwood break down. Eh. She’ll be de-hearted one of these days. Even if she sacrificed herself so Tyler can live in the season two finale, I won’t shed a tear. Though a little ice might chip off my shoulder towards her. Possibly. Maybe.

          • André

            In her case I think the most interesting would be, that she is more like Brady then she thinks. In my eyes her actions show a strong aspect of shortsightedness, if werewolves are close to extinction it’s practically suicide what she did. She wasn’t forced to attack Damon and Rose and could have kept a much lower profile, but she didn’t and showed the same amount of arrogance Damon always does (and which she accused him off, although she was correct- one of the reasons why I wish there would ever be an actual threat to vampires in all those shows, I think that would make stuff for quite interesting stories). In addition I think she clearly played the “I am the good guy and it’s the fault of you bad guys”-routine and thinks that she is right because she “avenges” Mason and if she didn’t want that she could have objected to Brady’s behavior. It might also be that she wants to change more often due to this attitude.
            And yeah I think she will be killed.
            I just hope the writers down make Tyler mess it up again and make him fuck with her, that would be so clichee.

  • kjewls

    Holy abdominals, Batman! Mr. Kinney is looking pretty damn fine! I think it’s high time TVD incorporated Naked Ghosts into their Lexicon of Supernatural Creatures.

    Speaking of naked, here’s hoping Bello magazine, features a tear-out life-sized poster of Trevino, clad in nothing but a wolfy loin cloth. My bedroom closet is in serious need of some new wallpaper! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      “Wolfly loin cloth”! Ha! I need to stop writing comment responses while chewing on a bowl of cereal. I very nearly created a Weetbix sludge wallpaper for my computer 🙂

      A Trevino Bello centrefold. Imagine the possibilities. Plus Bello would save themselves the cost of dry cleaning an entire suit when Trevino is done wearing it! I am all about environmental sustainability, people 😉

  • Spidey Sense

    @Gen Oh wow, I never made the connection between Tyler Shields and TVD girls photo controversy. Brave they used him again, and even stranger hardly anyone has even mentioned the incident. I guess the controversy didn’t really hurt early TVD publicity anyway (plus from what I understand of the situation, everything was blown a little out of proportion).

    There is some dirty, dirty T/C fanfiction doing the rounds at the moment. Love it! Steffi’s is the the sweetest and best I’ve read. There is nothing wrong with calculated smut though, in my books!

  • Spidey Sense

    @Paloma *Shifts over in gutter filled with rainbow sludge (that’s how things roll in my Forwood unicorn world) to make room for Paloma*

    I’ll put this out there to the world: anyone who writes the smutfic that Paloma describes (T/C smutfic in which we learn exactly how Caroline got those tights all ripped up, and how Tyler had a part in it), if you email me a link I will showcase it on Spidey. Or email me at cheriebee27@optusnet.com.au and I’ll post you as a guest blogger. That is how much I too would love to see that smutfiction in action 😉

    Here is hoping that the flashing the world with chests theme that TVD girls did with Tyler Shiels is done, slightly more appropriately, here with Trevino.

    Yeah, there are definitely some potential upcoming sex scenes on TVD that make me wish they could get the HBO treatment. But they still manage to sneak in some very hot scenes, luckily. You know what would be cool? An Ian Somerhalder, MT, PW, or SRM cameo on True Blood in some random role!!

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