WOMADelaide: Anatomy of a henna makeover

All in the name of serious journalism, my friend Ryneisha Bollard who’s been helping me cover WOMADelaide for the festival’s blog got a henna tattoo done.

I was seriously impressed by the henna artist, who I clocked and took 1min and 43 seconds to draw up an amazing design…










I touched the design gently while it was still drying, and it felt like soft clay. Neish removed the solid top because it annoyed her after a while, and she now has an orange imprint on her hand for about a week until it washes off!

Incidentally, we are clearly just big kids at heart –  the henna body art demonstrations are part of Carclew Youth Arts’ many fabulous arts and crafts workshops.

Check out how cool one little girl’s artwork I saw was:



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