Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Riddler Edition

Trevino might have been raised by wolves…

… but he knows that his fangirls are a bunch of smart cookies, so he left this cryptic message on his Twitter account for us to decode: I’m at 25% #20/22/4

As there are few things I like better than a good logic puzzle, aside from well…

This GIF never gets old. Amiright?


… I started puzzling this out with some fellow Tyler fangirls.

Now, this is NOT a spoiler, just our best guest about what this information means: Trevino will be back at the 8.15pm mark of (25% into) episode #20 of T(20)V(22)D(4).

What do you guys think?

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11 responses to “Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Riddler Edition

  • Jesse

    I have to admit, it took me an eternity to decode the second part of his message – yeah, I can be stupid at times 😉 and I’m totally fine with the decoding you and the other girls did!
    But, hun – how do we know it’s ep 20 and not another one?

    I’m sure we’ll find out when it’s back on 🙂
    Can’t April 7 come faster??

    • Spidey Sense

      The only reason why we guessed ep 20 was because of the hashtag (#20/22/4), so we thought it was a reference to a number (i.e. ep number 20) and not just the alphabet letter.

      Of course, we could be, barking up the wrong tree. Sori, couldn’t resist 😉

      • Jesse

        yeah could be true… Although you might think he did it because it’s usually #T(20)V(22)D(4) on Twitter and he just wanted to confuse us more 😉

        I saw a nice guess on Twitter that the 25% is the time he’s been away from TVD – so means 5,5 eps of him not showing up – and he’d return either late 2×19 or early 2×20 🙂
        I just hope we don’t have to wait any longer than that! I couldn’t stand anything longer!! (remember our talk about being IMpatient?)

        • Spidey Sense

          I didn’t even think of the hashtag in terms of Twitter hashtags! *facepalm* I’m just so used to hashtags being a style element referring to numbers in my profession.

          Patience will never be a virtue of mine. Hence why I am such a spoiler whore 😉 I don’t care if I know a whole plot in advance. I just like being able to discuss and dissect things as soon as possible. I don’t know how all of you lovely unspoiled people out there last!

  • Gen

    Guh, I just love his twitter profile pic. I get all giddy every time I see it on my timeline lol.

    LOL I called him The Riddler too! He’s so clever. Love him. Too bad this fangirl was so confused and lost I had no idea wtf he was talking about. Lucky for me, this fandom has a lot a smart chickies. 😉

    So how do y’all surmise episode 20? I figured the hash tag didn’t take because of the backslashes in 20/22/4. So what does 25% mean?

    Oh Trevino, why so cryptic?

    • Spidey Sense

      He is very giddy-inducing, isn’t he?

      Well, I figure that he was taking advantage of the number 20 working not only for the actual number of the episode he is going to show up in (hence #20) coincidentally also referring to the chronological order of the alphabet for the letter T (i.e. 20th letter in the alphabet).

      The 25% I am less certain on. You would think that Tyler would return on an end of episode cliffhanger, rather than randomly part way through an episode. I guess 25% could mean that he is almost back? Or maybe that he is one quarter good and three quarters bad?

      • Paloma

        How about 25% meaning the first of the final four episodes of the season? I’m still not counting out that rumour that he might be back by 2×19… Okay, I’m clinging madly to the hope he’ll be back by then, because any later and I MAY NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS. At the very least, it’ll end in pathetic fangirl tears.

        I know they were recently well under way in shooting episode 19. There was a tweet on Mar 4th that Nina sent about shooting her first scene with Klaus. Not sure how many days on average it takes to shoot TVD eps but even if they’ve recently finished, I think it still allows for MT to have flown back to Atlanta to be in 2×19. It’s even more plausible if it turns out they’re saving Tyler’s return for the very end of the episode.

        Tweet-wise (apart from this cryptic one he’s sent out) I don’t think they would him want to blatantly say anything that would give away his present location, so I don’t think we’ll actually get any tweets about him having been/being in ATL until the episode actually airs.

        Anyway, so once he’s shot episode 20, he’ll be at 50%; episode 21, at 75%, etc. It’s his way of counting down the eps he’ll be in through to the season finale.

        …Unless that tweet means something else entirely and I’ve speculated for naught. Especially if he soon tweets again about being in LA and backs it up with visual evidence. *sigh*

        • Spidey Sense

          I think Mr Michael Trevino likes messing with our minds, and even if he gives tweets “in LA”, unless there is physical evidence of a building, and if he is only showing us an item like a DVD or a script, I am going to assume that he might be just trying to throw us off the trail of when he is coming back.

          You are not the only one who will not be helf responsible for your fangirly actions if he doesn’t come back soon. I am praying that I am wrong in my predication and that he is back earlier than ep 20. This is one instance where I would LOVE to be wrong.

          Yeah, now that you mention it, it might be kind of strange for them to have Tyler enter the show midway through the episode. But then again, it could be more shocking for it to happen this way, since I would kind of expect him to come back at the end of an episode. Also, can you imagine him coming back being an episode cliffhanger? That would be cruel, having to wait a week before we see meaty scenes with him in it. However, if the cliffhanger scene is an intense stare between him and Caroline, I could handle it 😉

          Oh, hun, speculation is never for naught! It is always fun, and fills in the time during these hellacious hiatuses! I am always amused by just how wrong I am. Some people have argued that TVD is becoming predictable, but I would beg to differ given how wrong I have been in numerous instances. I mean, look at how quickly they inverted the whole Care- needs-to-make-it-up-to-Ty situation.


  • André

    I agree that 20/22/4 = TVD seems too fitting to be a coincidence. Considering what he is currently most famous for, I don’t see that anything else would be more likely.

    Unless it means 20th minute of 22th episode for 4 minutes. 😉
    I don’t think it refers to a certain date, if yes Trevino is a much bigger Riddler than we all give him credit for.

    Ok now back to the 25 %.
    I don’t think it refers to a certain airtime, because 25% of a day would be 6 hours and no matter how you count, that would mean 6 am or 6 pm and I highly doubt they air it then, unless on a weekend.

    I agree with Jesse that 25% could refer to a number of episodes: a quarter of 22 would be 5.5. So apart from what Jesse said this might also mean Trevino would be back in half of episode 17 or maybe in episode 18 (if you count down from episode 22 [the episode itself included]). I know if that happens the earth would probably shake with a solid 5 on the scale from all the Tylergasms. 😀
    But to be serios and hones, unless they finally let a bit of time pass between episodes this would mean that he had barely left. But then again, maybe we see some new werewolves who found out that Klaus is coming to town and want to be there first and naturally he would be there too. What that would mean for Tyler? Well he probably wouldn’t have turned over to the Dark Side that fast without some brainwashing.
    Apart from that I currently can’t think of another meaning of it all. If it has one apart from confusing us. The actors also often don’t know what will happen but I guess they don’t get to know too late whether they will be in an episode and whether not.

    • Spidey Sense

      If that tweet is referring to anything other than TVD, I will eat my Team Forwood shirt (yes, I have one ;))

      I think I would die from the waiting if he is only coming back in episode 22. I much prefer your idea of him walksexing back into Mystic Falls to give us all Tylergasms earlier than that. I’ve enjoyed the big O’ Damn, PW SRM and even ZR but I need the big T too!

      I do agree with you though, that even with the whiplash speed of TVD and how much story ground can be covered in that time, for Tyler’s return to have impact, he needs to be gone for a reasonable amount of time. I am just concerned that if left too long, his return could be as inauspicious as Bonnie’s – I feel like every character had moved on by the time she came back after leaving in season one. I have a feeling that the writers have an awesome plot for him cooking, though, because he has so many amazing conflicts set up for them to tap into.

      • André

        I doubt that his return would be inauspicious. If actually Klaus appears in Ep. 20 we can bet that everything will head for some kind of showdown. That could be fun. I just hope we will ever know more about the universe behind it. I mean think about it, from what was presented so far, Klaus is this mighty mighty Ubervampire, but he is paranoid? Of what precisely? Elijah was/is (I doubt that he won’t return) an original himself and he needs all this stuff to kill Klaus, so what is such a guy afraid off?
        I still have some lingering hope that the werewolves turn out to be an actual threat in the big picture, even if they had higher numbers and could control the transformation, based on their beastsides behavior so far they would loose an actual war and their “weapon” could just as easily turned against them. Especially in the modern days you could just round up the infected, put them in cages and fly them to their destination where they could wreak havoc among the werewolves before they die, even if the wolves could suddenly shift in a matter of seconds (highly doubt that).
        And I wonder whether it means something that all of the werewolves presented so far who had been werewolves for some time are such psychopaths.

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