Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Wall of Secrets Edition

So I’ve been at WOMADelaide all weekend, a world music and dance festival that Adelaide, Australia hosts.

It’s a time to unleash your inner hippie…

fuckyeahiansomerhalder:  Tony Duran (2002)

fuckyeahiansomerhalder:  Tony Duran (2002)

fuckyeahiansomerhalder:  Indira Cesarine (1996)


… and do crazy stuff like reveal your innermost secrets in the Tawdry Heartburn Manic Cures hutt (you think I’m making up that name? I’m not making up that name ;))

The Tawdry system kind of works like the Post Secret blog, only instead of sending in a postcard with a confession, regret or thing unsaid, you type away on zany, antique typewriters in the hutt on parchment…



My friend Julia Phipps can keep a secret. Can you? 😉

…pop your secret in a special box…


… and then later your little parchment joins the massive Wall of Secrets.

wall of secrets

The thing that struck me was how so many random secrets could be related back to The Vampire Diaries.

Let’s take a look, shall we ? It’ll be pretty obvious which secret is mine to regular Spidey readers 😉


My psychiatrist told me that my orgasms are the wrong kind

Isobel probably compelled Andie to say this, given the way Damon rejected her last time they caught up.


My boyfriend smells like cats and pigs I hate it. The only reason why I’m with him is because he has the body of a sex god and is training to be a policeman.

Clearly, this chickadee needs more Imaginary Men (TM Amy) from TVD in her life. This way you can get men with the bodies of sex gods minus the animal odour (though I guess back in the day Stefan used to smell like bunnie ;))…

tvdgifs:  1.09 | History Repeating






Plus, I kind of get the allure of a future policeman. I mean, it could result in Gun!Porn, as seen in Bad Cop Tyler…

 I can’t be like this forever!


… or S&M games involving handcuffs!

Tied Up Stefan



I fall in love with everyone who reads this… and I’m the guy to your right… kissy kissy


I made out with one of my best friend’s brothers. I haven’t yet been able to tell him, for fear of the friendship. Oh. And it was his TWIN brother. Awkward.

Well, Bonnie and Jeremy definitely have the best friend’s brother kissage angle covered.


Plus, there is a love rectangle with all kinds of hook up hijinx involving brothers and doppelgangers.



I like my flowers with black, lusty petals as long as they aren’t roses



 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains


If you cock-block Delena, I’m afraid that this is the result

I prefer bello over bella



I still believe in fairies and unicorns

Well, I still believe in Forwood unicorns 😉


Hey, you know how Matt didn’t take too kindly to finding out Caroline is a vampire in the last episode?

I imagine this will be his reaction when he discovers unicorns exist too…


Here is a bunch of other general secrets that I just found cute, charming, sad or inspiring…









Collingwood is an Australian Rules Football team, and they are the punchline of many sports-related jokes. How do I know this? I loosely follow the Adelaide Crows team.


Exhibit A


Too bad they don’t have a certain #33 on their team 😉


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My name is Cherie, and I’m an Australian Occupational Therapy Student who hopes to help people with any condition that inhibits their ability to participate in valued occupations, tasks, activities, as I believe they’re an essential part of identity, happiness and health. My favourite occupation is hiking, which enables me to move past through the forest literally and metaphorically! View all posts by Cherie

9 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Wall of Secrets Edition

  • kjewls

    Question: What exactly makes an orgasm, “the wrong kind” of orgasm? Aren’t all “O’s,” by definition, VERY right? 🙂

    I LOVE the idea of a Wall of Secrets. It kind of reminds me of that music video for the All American Rejects “Dirty Little Secret” that came out a few years back. Remember that one? Where all these anonymous folks held up index cards featuring their deepest darkest . . . um . . . secrets. 🙂 I used to watch it constantly. It never got old!

    You know what else never gets old? That picture of Rose getting mauled by Were Jules! 😉 Take that MAN STEALER! 🙂

    By the way, seeing those hippe-esque pictures of Ian Somerhalder just confirms my belief that TVD NEEDS to do a Woodstock flashback! Just picture it. Damon Salvatore, half naked, high on primo hash, caked in mud, and rocking out to classic rock. YUM! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! I know, right?! I figure that the only “wrong” kind of orgasm you can have is a fake one. I would have LOVED to be on a fly in the wall while that person opened up to their shrink about their O life stretched out on one of those cliched couches.

      That music video was awesome! There is some power and catharsis in revealing deep, dark secrets, whether in an anonymous format or openly.

      I thought it had been WAY too long since I had dug up and used the Rose GIF 😉 I must admit though, the final scene between her and Damon moves me a little more now upon re-watch, because of his aching “I’m glad” when she says “the pain is gone”.

      I bet Damon Salvatore would have had plenty of Spike moments in his time, feeding off of flower people and watching his hand move for the next six hours! 😉 Some of the old school photos of Ian are just too cute for words!

  • Gen

    I loved this! I would have been cackling like a dork to myself reading all those in person. Awesome post!

  • imaginarymen

    Sexy Damon! TWO Music Sex God mentions! Hot Footballers! RIGGINS!! So much to love about this post ;-ppppppp

    The whole PostSecret/Wall of Secrets idea is very cool. Sometimes it reveals that one secret these people may have is that they’re very good writers.

    • Spidey Sense

      Aussie Rules footballers have slammin’ bods! (says I with a ghetto Aussie accent ;)) They are lean and rippled with just enough muscles to make ya squirm… kinda of like our Salvatore boys. Should you ever come to Oz, I will take you to a game so that you can examine this scientifically up close.

      I agree with you about the good writers part. The responses, whether silly or poignant, were never boring and written in the distinctive voice of the people who penned them. My brother writes a blog of his own about fitness and thinks he isn’t a good writer; I disagree, because he has a strong voice, and what I read of his sounds exactly like him speaking to me in real life. And I should know, being his sister! That is the main ingredient you need IMO.

      • imaginarymen

        You won’t get any argument from me – footballer’s have the BEST bodies! I was watching a World Cup game a few years ago (we don’t get a lot of coverage over here!) and was floored by how HARD those guys work. That is REAL athleticism, making our baseball players who stand around then sprint for 5 seconds total pansy-asses!

  • Tawdry Heartburn

    Dear Spidey Sense,

    love your work

    would you mind ever so if I added this post to the media page of my website,

    quoting you of course!

    Apologies I didn’t catch on sooner to your fab blog..

    Been touring the length and breath of Tassie for Ten Days on the Island Festival.

    All the best

    Tawds H

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