Mixtape – Spidey Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

Damon dancing go two

Do you remember the moment that you became a crazed Vampire Diaries fan? I’d love to know what it was in the comments!

Mine? The vampire gone wild scene of Damon and Vicki dancing around La Casa de Rich and Awesome (TM KJewls) to the song Enjoy The Silence, after taking hits of one another’s blood. It was sexy and hilarious and just looked like so much damn fun!





I especially liked that Vicki, still human at that point, seemed to take on the emotions that vamp Damon was feeling after drinking his blood. She veered from being deliciously carefree to a broken mess, all in the space of one song, mirroring Damon’s own rollercoaster of emotions.

The sight of an old photo of evil vamp Katherine was enough to “pierce” right through Damon, like the Enjoy The Silence lyrics describe (kinda appropriate, given her last name ;)), and stop his partying in its tracks. The song is deceptively uptempo, and is undercut with the kind of pain that evil Miss Pierce has caused him over the decades, from her days of Salvatore brother hopping while he was still human to his discovery that 145 years of searching for a way to break her out of a magically sealed tomb she WASN’T EVEN IN was all for nothing, since she had never loved him.

So let’s dive into Part II of my Damon Mixtape Series with the most iconic song associated with him. Check out Part I if you haven’t already to get up to speed!

Mixtape Track #2 – Enjoy The Silence – Anberlin (Depeche Mode cover)


Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can’t you understand
Oh my little girl
All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm
Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable
All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm
Enjoy the silence.

Damon Connection: 

Words like violence
Break the silence

This song expresses the power words can have. Words can be beautiful and poetic and used as tools to tell someone how much you care for them. Equally, they can be weapons wielded against someone to cause them maximum harm. The way I think about Katherine, she is someone who drops bombshells and likes to see the aftermath. She can be physically violent, but often she just needs to use a well-chosen word or a strategically timed revelation to get the reactions she wants.

Damon is someone who values honesty with those he cares about deeply. After his road trip withe Elena in season one, he implied during an argument with her that he might have compelled her (she was without her vervain necklace), but later admitted he hadn’t because he wanted it to be “real”. Damon’s brutal honesty and sardonic wit are trademarks of the character.


He has even been honest with Elena to the point of potentially destroying their relationship beyond repair.

Damon snapped Elena’s brother Jeremy’s neck in a heightened emotional state after a series of mindgames from Katherine when she returned to Mystic Falls in present day. He could have taken the easy way out and claimed that he had seen Jeremy wear one of the handy protecto rings that can bring people back to life if they are killed by a supernatural force. Instead, he chose to tell Elena the truth; that he hadn’t seen the ring, even though he knew it meant he would potentially lose her from his life forever. At the start of the series, Elena was recovering from the death of her parents, so Jeremy’s “death” was a particularly cruel thing for her to suffer through.


Interestingly, Katherine is the one person in Damon’s life he has gone against his own value of honesty with, not only lying to himself about her but IMO even desperately wanting her to lie to him during a defining moment for the pair, to spare him the pain truth would bring.

The song says “enjoy the silence” because once silence is broken, you are bound to be hurt, at some point, by someone else’s words. There are just some things you don’t want or need to hear. To say this has been true in the case of Damon with Katherine is an understatement.


Damon lied to himself that Katherine loved him, and only him, for 145 years, even though, on some level, he had to have known this wasn’t the case, from the moment he discovered that she had turned his brother Stefan into a vamp too. As Damon said in Blood Brothers, “It was supposed to be just me, Stefan – just me”.

Damon is keenly observant and, for someone who struggles so much with his humanity, understands the human condition incredibly well – otherwise his barbs wouldn’t hit so close to home, like calling Caroline shallow and useless. Yet he is the master of deflection when certain home truths are too painful.

In History Repeating, for instance, he avoided talking about Katherine and facing up to what she had done to him and his brother.

Stefan: It wasn’t real, Damon. Our love for Katherine.
Damon: (Under his breath) Oh, God.
Stefan: She compelled us, we didn’t have a choice. It took me years to sort that out, to understand what she did to us.
Damon: Oh no, Stefan. We are not taking that on tonight.

Damon told Stefan in season one that his love for Katherine had been real for him, and that she had never had to compel him. He was accepting of her vampire nature as a human, and in a flashback we even saw him kiss her after her mouth was freshly bloodied by a victim – a victim Damon had helped her ensnare, no less, because she was training him how to trick his very own Happy Meals on Legs for when she vamped him.

Yet we have been shown evidence that Katherine DID compel him when it suited her purposes, like when she spurned Damon’s advances in a flashback scene after receiving a kiss from Stefan that shook her to her core.

Damon has never admitted that he was compelled or probably was by Katherine, even now after her true colours have been fully revealed to him. I’m curious to find out if he ever will.

The fact that Stefan was turned too had to have been gnawing away at Damon over the years, yet he made breaking her out of the tomb he thought she was locked in his life’s mission. Damon always questions the facts and evaluates people’s motives. So his refusal to fully acknowledge the truth when it came to Katherine, up until recently, has always fascinated me.

Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me


After Damon discovered Katherine wasn’t in the tomb, more words came crashing in, piercing through the carefully constructed shield he had built up when it came to her.

Anna, another vamp who came to Mystic Falls to rescue her mother from the tomb, told Damon that Katherine had known where he was over the centuries, but simply didn’t care.

Damon finally started acknowledging how much Katherine had damaged him.

He knew that the hold Katherine had had over him was unhealthy, expressed with his usual wit:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Thank KJewls for this awesome Alaric shot

Alaric: I’ve gotta stop this [searching for his wife Isobel, who had been vamped by her own choice]. I can’t keep searching for her.

Damon: Really? After only two years? That’s actually moderately healthy.

Alaric: What are you goin’ on — a hundred and forty-six?

Damon: I figured the two hundred mark is probably a good stopping point. 

Yet it took Katherine telling him to his face that she had never loved him for her to lose her grip on him. To the very last moment of loving her, Damon was willing to lie to himself. Even though he asked Katherine to tell him the truth “just once” about whether she had ever loved him in The Return, reading between the lines, to me he was really actually pleading with her to lie to him.


Damon: “Okay, wait. Wait, brief pause. I have a question, answer it and we’re back on fireworks and rockets at glare. You answer it right and I’ll forget the 145 years I’ve been missing you. I’ll forget how much I loved you. I’ll forget everything and we can start over. This can be our defining moment, ‘cause we have the time, this beauty of eternity. I just need the truth once.

Katherine: Stop, I already know your question and its answer. The truth is… I’ve never loved you, it was always Stefan.

You can never really go back, wipe the slate clean, and start over, in my opinion, when you have a history with someone, unless you retrospectively in your heart and mind change your memory of what happened. Damon, truth-valuing Damon, was willing to forget everything and essentially have a relationship based on a lie, of not acknowledging what had happened in the past. The only “right” answer for him would have been a revisionist one.

Katherine knows how important truth is to Damon. He has begun to move on, but Katherine still tries to hurt him with hard truths, all the while needling him with how much he cares about honesty. Like in The House Guest, Katherine admits that she struck up a deal with Elena Gilbert’s uncle/dad John to let Damon die in return for Stefan being kept safe, following up this hurtful revelaton with “you don’t want me to lie, do you?”


Yup, I totally didn’t feel sorry for her when Damon staked her in the episode

Damon has done more deflecting lately, but this time over the depth of his feelings for Miss Elena Gilbert. This is partly because she is dating his brother. I think it is also because his love for Katherine left him vulnerable to pain in a way that he would hardly want to repeat.

So we get conversations like the one Damon and Stefan shared when they went on a road trip to save Elena from peril. After Damon’s had a little sip from his blood bag, of course! 😉


Damon: Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The cliché of it makes me itch.

Stefan: Oh, come on, Damon. We both know that you being in this car has absolutely nothing to do with me anyway.

Damon: The elephant in the room lets out a mighty roar.

Stefan: Well, it doesn’t have to be an elephant; let’s talk about it.

Damon: There’s nothing to talk about.

Stefan: That’s not true. Sure there is. Just get it out. I mean are you in this car because you want to help your little brother save the girl he loves or is it because…is it because you love her too? I mean, come on. Express yourself. I happen to like road trip bonding.

Damon: Keep it up, Stefan, I could step out of helping as easy as I stepped in.

Stefan: No. See that’s the beauty of it. You can’t. 

We also have the contradiction of Damon needing to be truthful with Elena about his feelings for her more than anything, but also not wanting to burden her with the truth.

In one of the most powerful scenes of the series of date, he tells her loves her, only to compel her to forget what he said. His sacrifice was all the more meaningful for me, considering how much he values honesty.

Ok, now, I have something in my eye, so I had better go get it out before I post Damon Mixtape Part III!

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10 responses to “Mixtape – Spidey Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

  • André

    This article makes me wanna know more about the Salvatore’s human background. Now that I think about it we never really got much information about the different characters backgrounds prior to the shows timeline (e.g where did their “uncle” come from?).

    Considered what you said about Damon it is nagging me even more because there must be something to it. Something must have happened in his human life that had caused him to act this way. After all, if he values honesty so much why did he choose to deny the fact that Katherine didn’t love him? Love alone couldn’t be it, or at least it would be a very lame “explanation”. Many people fall in love but that doesn’t make them just look past everything that is happening. After all, Damon was even back than a grown up man at least in latter part of his mid-twenties so his actions seem very immature regarding that point. When Jeremy did something similar with Vicky you could expect such a thing considered his age.

    Just as Damon and Vicki mirrored each other in that scene, so I think does he and Jeremy in that regard. When Vicki finally chose Jeremy over Tyler, as a “second price” I guess (Damon wasn’t even that as it seems), it was fast very clear that she was far from the perfect girl Jeremy had thought she was and although he had made it clear that he wouldn’t wanna do drugs anymore it was also clear that he was still idolizing her as shown by him actually wanting to leave town with her as well as his reaction when Tyler said that there was no shortage of guys Vicki had screwed.

    This raises the question whether there was more behind it when Damon “killed” Jeremy. Like said he didn’t see the ring (and it took a while for him to admit that he didn’t) so he actually wanted to kill him. Did he see himself in him somewhere as he might have in Mason? If yes might that be a sign of some sort of self-loathing or self-destructive behavior?

    Back to Vicki: I think that statement of Tyler might be true or at least truer than Jeremy wanted to believe. Based on this scene I think one of the reasons why Vicki is so depressed and self-destructive is because she seems to mimic her mother so much it is frightening (she had interest in Tyler as well after all) her. While Matt isn’t truly the “golden boy” it is clear that he more or less got out of that circle while Vicki apparently did not. Maybe that is why she had an interest in Jeremy after all; you know the whole allure of innocence. People might hate me but I think it was for the best that she was out of that boys life, when her mother later appeared the similarities were just too much in my eyes so who knows what might have happened. But to be honest the two wouldn’t have lasted long anyway in my eyes.

    Something came to my mind about Katherine: Stefan claimed her to be a self-absorbed, manipulating bitch and I think that is what she is. Sure she loved her family and she loved Stefan. But I think what Stefan accused her of was even true in her human life and you gotta admit, she performed the transformation from human to vampire in record time. The only question is whether she actually planned it when she had stabbed herself or just took advantage of the situation.

    Something I forgot on the site of Part I and what I remembered know is: I wonder whether vamps in TVD actually mentally change with time without the interference of outside forces.

    • Spidey Sense

      I think that at least part of the reason Damon was so blinded by his love for Katherine is a matter of timing. When he returned after being a conscientious objector, he was shunned by everyone but Stefan. So to have a powerful, independent woman “love” him had to be a powerful thing. What is more, she was promising to give him a life that was a world away from Mystic Falls. He thought that they would spend eternity together as vampires, creatures with immortality and incredible powers. Though he didn’t want the perks of being a vampire without her, it must have been appealing for him at the time. I’ve always wondered whether Katherine mentioned the switch to him, and whether or not this would have affected his decision. I mean, would he have been afraid of becoming a creature that could switch off his humanity? Would he have been excited at believing he had the power to bring out emotions in a creature that has the potential to be devoid of humanity? Although I mentioned in my comments in Part I that it is more likely that vampires can choose to turn off their conscience rather than humanity, “humanity” is how the vampires always describe what it is they claim to be able to switch off, so Damon’s understanding of this would be framed in those terms.

      I agree with you that it would be awesome to see more insight into Damon and Stefan as humans, particularly prior to when Katherine arrive in Mystic Falls. Even though Stefan and Damon clearly loved one another, Stefan’s role as the favoured brother in their father’s eyes is just one dynamic I would love to see explored more.

      I’m not really sure whether Damon saw himself in Jeremy. Though the fact that Jeremy talked to Damon early in season two rather than vervaining him as he originally planned suggests that Jeremy could certainly relate to him on some level, plus they had that very intimate talk about life in the season one finale, so I think that the pair at least share an understanding. Truthfully, I think that snapping Jeremy’s neck was more a reaction to Elena and Katherine than anything else. After all these years, he finally had been told from the horse’s mouth that Katherine didn’t love him, and he tried to force Elena to admit that she had feelings because he needed someone to care as deeply for him as he did for them. When Elena wouldn’t lie to him, he could no longer be in denial about being loved in the way he wanted, and just lost control.

      Hmm, your question about whether vamps in TVD mentally change with time is a good one. Maybe they stay at the same level emotionally they were at when they turned. Otherwise, how else can you explain 145 year old guys falling in love with naive, inexperience teens? 😉

      • André

        Well in another universe we had an 109 year old virgin falling in “love” with the most boring girl on the planet so. 😀

        But back to it. Yeah it would be fitting what you said. Of course that would mean that Stefan has even less time because Elena will eventually outgrow him. But lets face it vampire series don’t work in the long run with the same vampires because the actors get older.

        I really wish we would know more about the different characters backgrounds. It’s valid what you said but I really would want to know. For such stuff there is often literature around a series but we have no such thing here. The original series is no help and the new stuff centers on the Salvatores. That is just bad. I would love to read about Bonnie’s grandmother, or Matt’s family. Maybe more about Jonathan Gilbert or even Katherine before she got pregnant. That would be really good but I don’t think that will happen. 😦

        It would explain so much without having to cover it in the show. Well we still have time to fill til it will continue.

        PS: Remember how you said that I should write Slash-fiction?

        • Spidey Sense

          Ohh, Slash-fiction?! Have you finally written some hardcore Jyler stuff? You know that is my one of my catnips!

          I really wish that we could have more flashbacks focussing on the Salvatores Brothers as humans, plus more family background on the secondary characters. We haven’t even met Bonnie’s Mum or Dad! I think that is one reason why she feels so underdeveloped to me. If I could see her interactions with two people who would have made a significant imprint on her life, whether good or bad, it would help me understand her motivations.

          I also hope that Bad!Stefan will get more of a workout that he was given in that one episode. Since I refuse to believe all of that build up about Stefan being worse than Damon was reduced to the content of one episode. Although, if they give me Lexi and Damon at Bon Jovi, that would help make amends a little 😉

          • André

            Well it is rated M, but I didn’t get too hardcore because a) the characters are still underage so not too experienced and b) I am knew to the stuff so I have to test the limits first.
            But if you are interested: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6804625/1/Every_walk_begins_with_the_first_step

            It’s not only Bonnies family, what about Matt’s dad? Or where did the current Gilberts come from or what happened with Jonathan Gilbert? What about the Lockwood line? Was there ever a first Lockwood who was cursed? And I agree, we should know more about Stefan’s ripper days.

  • kjewls

    Squee! So much Damon-y goodness! So, little time! As you probably already know, the scene in “Lost Girls” where Damon and Vicki dance to “Enjoy the Silence” cemented MY love of affair with the Vampire Diaries, as well. And the fact that you managed to pair THAT scene with the scene from “Rose,” in which Damon tells Elena he loves her for the first time, well, that just makes me want to run through my computer screen and give you a hug!

    I love your analysis of Damon’s unflagging honesty, and how the ability to speak one’s mind, no matter how difficult or painful the truth may be, is a personality trait Damon values, both in himself and in others, above all else. While other aspects of Damon’s humanity were developed over time, this is one that has been exhibited consistently, more or less, since the series premiere. In fact, a common source of comedy on the show, has been watching Damon explain some of the more ridiculous aspects of the series, with complete truthfulness, to innocent bystanders, knowing full well that they will (a) assume he’s joking, and not give what he’s said a second thought; or (b) won’t live long enough to act on the information he has just shared. (Of course, sometimes, this same honesty is portrayed in a tragic light, as it was with Damon’s highly emotional and angst- ridden speech to Jessica, in The Descent, right before he murdered her.)

    The exhibition of Damon’s honesty was crucial to the show, because it was the first time the writers aggressively bucked the stereotype presented in the pilot episode that Stefan was the “good and moral” vampire, while his old brother, Damon, was the “bad and amoral” one. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Stefan is a “dishonest” character, he is definitely someone who believes that lies are acceptable, and, sometimes, necessary, in order to protect the people he loves. In this sense, Damon’s “no exceptions” Code of Honesty is a more traditionally “moral” one, than Stefan’s rather loosey goosey Code.

    While Stefan has, at least initially, withheld a number of truths from Elena, to “protect” her, such as how her parents died, how he ate her ancestors, and his behind the scenes alliance with John and Isobel, forged to protect her from Elijah and Klaus, Damon never lied to Elena. As you mentioned, Damon even chose to be truthful with the woman he loved, regarding the whole “Jeremy Neck Snap” thing – a truth, from which, unfortunately, their relationship has yet to 100% recover.

    Ironically, some of the best examples of Damon’s honesty are the ways in which he uses compulsion – a vampiric power most consider to be immoral and dishonest, in that it, by definition, gets people to act against their will. Interestingly enough, the ONLY time Damon has EVER chosen to compel Elena (Pilot Episode attempt notwithstanding), was so that he could be HONEST about his feelings for her, without jeopardizing her relationship with Stefan. Likewise, it seems as though the main reason Damon has been continually compelling Andie, is that he wants to have someone with whom he can be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY honest about his complex schemes and machinations (as well as his strong emotions for Elena) without fear of judgment or consequences. In that way, Andie is just as much Damon’s Shrink and Priest, as she is his Sex Toy. (Wow, that is wrong, on so many levels!)

    On an unrelated note, I love your analysis of how Vicki takes on Damon’s emotions, upon drinking his blood. I’m actually really curious about this aspect of “Lost Girls.” Did we actually get to see Vicki drink Damon’s blood in that scene? (Had he, for example, spiked her drink with it?) Or was it implied?

    Because, if Damon DID spike Vicki’s drink with blood during that scene, then that would mean he KNEW he was going to turn her into a vampire, when he invited her over, which would be an interesting scenario, indeed. For whatever reason, I had always assumed that Damon’s snapping of Vicki’s neck, and his subsequent decision to turn her into a vampire, was impulsive, as opposed to calculated.

    We know that Vicki had to have already had vampire blood in her system, by the time Damon broke her neck in “Lost Girls.” But, was this a case of her being purposely plied with it, by Damon, as Katherine had done with the Salvatores, back in 1864? Or was it more of a Caroline Situation, where either Stefan or Damon had “healed” Vicki, following the vampire attacks she suffered in previous episodes, causing her to “fortuitously” have vampire blood in her system, at the time of her “murder?”

    I guess I was so aroused by the whole Damon dancing scene, and shocked by the Neck Snap Heard Round the World, that I never gave this much thought before . . .

    • Spidey Sense

      It’s amazing to think just how perfect Enjoy The Silence was perfect for that scene, not only because it is one hell of a catchy tune, but perfectly captures a major part of Damon’s arc. One of my favourite soundtrack moments of all time!

      Damon, to me, wears his heart on his sleeve much more than Stefan. When Katherine called him “sweet” and “innocent”, I think she was really talking about his openness and naivety, since her vocabulary and ours work very differently, I’m sure!

      It’s really astute how you mention the paradox of Damon’s need to be honest exhibited through his compulsion of certain female victims. It has been an ongoing theme that he tell his compulsion victims the truth about being a vampire and how he is feeling at times, and simply removing their fear. Damon seems to be someone who has never felt fully accepted on his own terms when someone’s free will is intact. He has always been in Stefan’s shadow, something that would be particularly hard to swallow as the older brother. How sad that he feels the need to compel someone to care about him without reservation.

      I’ll still haven’t decided whether I agree with Stefan or Damon when it comes to honesty and dishonesty. There are certain white lies we tell to protect people’s feelings, and I usually I feel they are warranted. On the other hand, it is a slippery slope, and soon small lies can turn into large ones. Damon may be harsh at times, but at least you know where you stand with him. I think this is why Jeremy treated him like a mentor for a while. Everyone else lied to him so much, even removing his memories, that at least Damon could give him some truth. I think that Stefan’s tendency to lie to protect Elena will ultimately be the undoing of their relationship.

      Yup, we most certainly saw Vicki drink Damon’s blood. In fact, this naughty vamp and girl drank one’s another’s blood from their respective wrists at the same time, in a very sexy early version of the Anna/Jeremy Handgasm scene.

      I wonder if Damon had intended to heal Vicki because he was impressed at her survival ability (“you just don’t want to die, do you?”). He only snaps her neck after she spills her guts about her horrible home life and having no self esteem when she slow dances with Damon after the EnjoyTheSilence!Dancing. It was almost a curious form of compassion from Damon – like he was liberating her from her life, in his own crappy way.

      But then again, if I could fully understood all of Damon’s motivations, I would understand all men 😉

  • Sara

    I can’t really pinpoint a moment I became a crazed fan.. But I will say that up until Vicki became a vampire I was a little bored with the show. I did really enjoy the dance scene.
    Also, one part that’s really stuck with me is when Stefan surprises Damon and stabs him with like a letter opener. Damon stabs him back and then says, “This is John Varvatos, dude. Dick move.” I remember absolutely loving Damon after that.
    I looked it up and that quote is from episode four so I guess I liked the show even before the Enjoy the Silence dance partyy.

    But, Cherie, you always know how make fangirling scholarly and I am ever impressed with your analysis. As much as I love Damon I really have grown fond of your Forwood analysis and can’t wait for more of that! But this Damon mixtape is pretty cool so far! :]

    • Spidey Sense

      I also love how, just before stabbing Stefan with the knife Stefan had just used on him, Damon mentions his unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift. Something about the turn of phrase unflinching ability is just so awesome!

      Aww, thanks for your sweet words! You’re in luck… I’m going to be doing a Got Forwood Rewind onslaught over the next fortnight. Plus, Tingling Trevino Tuesdays is going to be gangbusters after all the new Trevino content that has come out of late. Loving it!

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