Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Return – The Vampire Diaries


If you’re like me, you’re suffering severe Forwood crackship withdrawal right about now.

Yep, this OTP is my favourite type of pop culture LSD, aside from MSG.

This = MSG (Music Sex God) Thanks Amy!

Have the cold sweats set in yet? Or perhaps you have offered Julie and Kev the first born of your first born in return for Tyler coming back to Mystic Falls, stat?

I think it is high time we had a little Tyler/Caroline rehab, in the form of Got Forwood Rewind.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to give Tyler/Caroline-centric recaps of ALL the early season two episodes that I didn’t cover, so that we can all squee over them together.

It has a very Land Before Time feel…

I mean, we are going to go back to the time when Forwood unicorns didn’t even exist!


All right, let’s get into it!

In The Return, Tyler and Jeremy have enough sexual tension to make me wanna strangle a mountain ox to release the pent up energy for them.

In which Steven tackles his dogs and shows us his underwear.


This is kinda how the scene went!

Caroline secures herself a place in my friend Jess’s heart forever with her choice of comfort food TV while recovering in hospital from a car crash in the season one finale.

Damon and Bonnie discover what the vampire equivalent of the condom accidentally breaking is.

Trevino slays us with the single most powerful Tyler moment to date, other than his first werewolf transformation.

You know who else butters my biscuit this episode? Tyler’s spunk rat of an Uncle!

Here are all of the Tyler and Caroline scenes from The Return I could YouTube:

So, before Caroline became Princess Sparkle to Tyler’s Captain Oats, these guys had to go through awkward supernatural puberty that made my zits look like beauty spots in comparison.

You know how girls usually mature faster than guys? Caroline turned into a supe first. But not before we get some final fleeting moments of her human life.

Bonnie and Damon have apparently never gone to the Vampire Planned Parenthood Clinic, because Damon manages to convince witch Bonnie, who was hating on vamps at the time, to let him give Caroline blood to heal her internal injuries from the car crash caused by Tyler’s were migraine. As all you TVD fans know, if someone is killed with vamp blood in their system, they will turn.


Matt, then still Care’s boyfriend, and Bonnie later bond with Caroline after she has “magically” healed and gotten her lease on life back, evident in her Jersey Shore watchage. The thing that strikes me now, watching this episode again, is how significant Elena’s absence from this sweet scene was. She has been friends since childhood with these three, but she has pulled far enough into the supernatural world that normalcy is slipping from her. As much as I love the Salvatores, this made me feel strangely sad.

The next day we are at the wake for Mayor Lockwood, who was killed in the finale.


Tyler jams his hands in his pockets, something he does throughout the season in moments of heightened emotion, like Caroline telling him that he can’t reveal their supe natures to anyone else. Little details like this are why I love Trevino’s action so.

Enter Uncle Mason!


Look, I don’t know what the wardrobe designer was smoking that week, but Mason’s white shirt is a monstrosity that only a sprinkler system could salvage, hinting at what lies beneath…

Sadly, he remains dry, and in the absence of an impromptu wet t-shirt competition (one of few town events yet to be done), this shirt shall henceforth haunt my nightmares… at least, up until the next ep, where if memory serves correctly he is wearing a much more becoming tank.


Tyler and Mason catch up, with Tyler calling him the black sheep because, um, Mason surfs? I don’t know.

Later, Tyler is still working his job as Mayor Lockwood wake door b**tch, kinda like Carrie being a booth b**ch. When suddenly in comes a REAL b**ch… Miss Katherine Pierce.


Tyler welcomes “Elena”, since he isn’t tipped off by her Sandy from Bizarro World Grease get up that something is weird. But then again, it wouldn’t be normal to jump to, “Oh, it must be her doppeliciously evil vampire twin”.

You know, it is kind of awesome that Tyler has never seemed the slightest bit interested in Elena’s charms. It makes me wish Katherine would crack onto him, just to see her reaction to his knock back.

Later, Tyler apparently learns the secret ingredient to happiness in Mystic Falls… a raging drink problem, and is sipping away on a flask in a room alone.


I am so hoping his flask has this cute little guy on him, like the flask Trevino tweeted about using when shooting a spread with Bello Mag lately.


Oh, c’mon, you really thought I’d get through a whole recap without a gratuitous Bello shot? Clearly you don’t know me at all 😉

In steps Leather Jeremy.

I remember thinking “WTFBBQ, what happened to the Jeremy I could put in my pocket??” when I saw this ep for the first time. Be sure to head over to F**K Yeah Steven R McQueen for much more deliberatio on this matter.

Ahh, the innocent days of Jyler shipping, when all I wanted was some hot, sweaty manaction from this pair.

The two bond over losing dads and having to deal with strangers giving fake sympathy. Tyler said his Dad was a dick and Jeremy agrees with “Yeah, yes he was” in this soft voice like “I’m gonna remember you fondly, Mayor Lockwood, as an asshole”. The line delivery cracks me up even now.

Jeremy and Tyler then eye flick each other with enough sexual tension for me to scream at the TV to just get it on already, so that us female viewers could get the bountiful sight of them flashing their beautiful bodies (TM Gen) to the world. At the same time.

Tyler eye flicks, particularly menacing ones, really do it for me. Like the one in this GIF, which Gen (txgirl0302 Tumblr) made me…

You know, if I had my way, the love triangle would’ve evolved into Tyler, Caroline and Jeremy.

Mason then comes in and cock blocks them before things can get really interesting. I forgive him because he is hot and I am shallow.



After the wake, Tyler is in his father’s office and picks up a family photo. All of a sudden, the anguish and pain at the death of someone he loved and hated in equal measure bursts through the surface of calm indifference he has held as his façade all day, as he smashes the photo, shoves his horrified mother when she responds to the noise, and has to be forcibly subdued by Mason.

This was the first moment I really took notice of Trevino’s acting ability. There had been hints in the past, but Holy Mother of God, he was good at conveying how little control Tyler had over his emotions.

I am curious to see if the Tyler who returns to Mystic Falls after leaving with Jules is able to contain his emotions much more effectively. People always talk about Damon as the unpredictable one, but up until lately, Damon’s violence and madness have usually had a method to them. Tyler always struck me as the true wild card, because as you can see in this scene, sometimes a dark part just takes over him and he becomes something else.

Hearing Tyler tell Mason afterwards that he doesn’t want to be this way anymore was heartbreaking.

Just as Care’s final scene was.


Despite the awesome baby vamp she became as a result, the scene where Caroline is smothered to death by Katherine is tragic, considering that earlier in the day Bonnie and Matt finally put her first, and she seemed happy in a way she hadn’t at any point in season one.

Game on, indeed.

I’ll be back in the next two weeks with more Bad Touches…

More Brow Thing…


And more Vampire Barbie…


…than you can handle!

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week


There were just so many awesome moments for Damon in this episode. I am awfully fond of him calling Stefan “Fabio”, given my love of trashy fiction.

Cos you need visual representation of why Damon called him Fabio IMO 😉


I love how Stefan was able to rise above his anger over Damon kissing who he thought was Elena, and recognising it for the positive thing it signified – that Damon was finally starting to feel something deeply for a woman other than Katherine.

OhSoHot Gilbert Moment of the Week

Jeremy’s terror after reawakening from having his neck snapped was so palpable through the screen, and is McQueen’s crowning acting moment for me of the series so far.


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15 responses to “Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Return – The Vampire Diaries

  • Gen

    How excited am I that you are doing these? Very friggin excited!

    I know I’ve mentioned it in my tubmlr how I love the scene with Tyler breaking that picture frame. I remember watching it and jumping when the emotion just erupted out of him. I still get chills watching that scene. Trevino is so, so good.

    What I love about Trevino as an actor is all his subtleties. The brow thing, his hand movements, the looks he gives to the delivery to his lines.

    I did enjoy Tyler and Jeremy’s friendship. I’m a more of a canon slasher. I’ll ship an actual gay pairing till the end of time, but shipping two straight characters together doesn’t do it for me lol. *Shrugs* But I do hope that we can have more scenes between these two when Tyler does come back. I don’t know how strained Tyler and Matt’s friendship is going to be and I would like Tyler to have a friend who is aware of his supernatural side. Then again, Jeremy was present for Mason’s death. I wonder if that information will come into play later.

    FAVORITE BELLO MAG PHOTO! FAVORITE TREVINO PHOTO!! Good Lord, have mercy! That man…Jesus.

    Ugh, when Katherine killed Caroline I was completely shocked. I wasn’t a huge fan of Caroline at this point, but she was really growing on me. I crackshipped her and Tyler because I just thought they would be super hot together, but after “Founder’s Day,” I was hoping for a real relationship for them. By that time, she and him had matured in such a way that we could definitely see a difference between them then and from the pilot. So when Katherine killed her I was in a bit of a panic. She was going to turn into a vampire. Would she really turn? Die before she could? Be killed? But in the end, I think turning Caroline into a vampire was the best decision the writer’s ever did.

    Julie Plec said how they killed Mason off so that Tyler would be alone and pave the way for Caroline to help him. I love that so much. They knew from the beginning what they wanted with these two. I think they took hints from the books (since T/C are together in the books), but they made their story their own. Plus, Candice and Trevino have crazy on-screen chemistry and you can see just how good of friends they are in real life.

    Grr. Don’t even get me started on Damon killing Jeremy. Just…ugh.

    Awesome recap Cherie! I absolutely loved it!! I can’t wait for the next one! Tyler shirtlessness!!

    • Spidey Sense

      So glad you liked it! We’re gonna have so much fun squeeing over all the memories, especially once we get up to Masquerade and beyond 😉

      I know that I’ve said this a million times, but I still can’t quite get over just how gorgeous AND talented The Vampires Diaries’ cast is. Even the day players usually feel like fully fleshed out characters, because they bring in such excellent actors.

      I think Tyler is one of the trickiest roles to pull off on the show, and am always in awe of how well Trevino does this. The fact that he is hot is really just a happy incidental! He has an incredibly expressive face; hence my jokes about the Brow Thing.

      You know, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy and Tyler were actually bisexual. For a while there, I honestly did think that they were building up to a strong erotic connection between the pair. I was disappointed that Jeremy hasn’t even been a true friend; despite Mason’s dying wish that Jeremy look out for Tyler, Jeremy basically dropped him when he wasn’t going after the moonstone anymore. I wouldn’t mind them mending their friendship in the future, but only if the fact that Jeremy abandoned Tyler in his time of need is addressed first. Then again, Matt is meant to be Tyler’s best friend, and didn’t even question Tyler about his increasingly volatile behaviour in the lead up to the transformation. He may not have known the specifics, but he must have known something was up, yet didn’t say a word. Christ, no wonder Tyler was so suspicious of Caroline when she was helping him out! Mystic Falls’ citizens go on about her being selfish and flighty, but I think she is anything but.

      I wish I’d crackshipped Caroline and Tyler since Haunted, because maybe I could’ve been blogging abou them all this time! I really only started shipping them in the season one finale, as you know, because of the way Care stuck up for Tyler when his dad got physical with him in the Mystic Grill (RIP!). The transformation scene has made me a shipper for life.

      I remember being so panicked that Caroline would be killed off after a few episodes like Vicki, but in the end, making the blonder cheerleader the best kind of sparkly vampire has been the most awesome ride of this show so far for me, along with Tyler wolfing out!

      Can’t wait to read what you think about the next recaps, which will be up over the next few days. 😉

  • André

    The acting skills of the supporting cast makes me wish the writers would make more of them. Especially in Jeremy’s case it would be nice if he did something that hasn’t anything to do with another teen crush (Sorry but I think so far none of his “relationships” were more than that). And yes he did look hot in that jacket (to bad his hair is shorter again), I think I pretty much thought the same you did when seeing him in that for the first time in the episode.

    And for Tyler, I would actually expect for him to come back with some more emotional scars because I can’t look past the fact what sort of characters the other actually portrayed werewolves so far were. Mason was the exception from the sociopath rule (even in George Lockwoods case I somehow doubt that he was an actual “good” guy).

    As for the fact that Elena was absent in the hospital scene. I noticed something a few days ago. Even our supporting cast pretty much seem to isolate themselves from other people in town (except maybe Matt). I mean when was the last time we have seen one of them in conversation with people not directly related to the plot? Was there anything since Season 1.

    • Spidey Sense

      Seriously, Jeremy’s arc this season is a total waste of Steven R McQueen’s considerable talents. He and Bonnie are cute, but they lack the substance of Tyler/Caroline IMO. Which is sad, since I think that the actors have the chemistry to really make this pairing work. Hopefully Jeremy will realise his family heritage of being a vampire slayer, so that we get more reasons to see him in a leather jacket!

      Truthfully, I don’t think that the werewolves are any worse than the vampires on this show. Everyone is an anti-hero or a villain or residing in a shade of grey; it is just a matter of whose perspective you a viewing events through. There is no objective good or bad guy here. So, although you know that I will forever and always hate Jules for stomping on my Forwood unicorn right at the tipping point of hot Tyler/Caroline action, I must admit that she at least appeared to care for Tyler. Who knows? Maybe she will help him become more centred as an individual. Stranger things have happened. A zen Tyler would be kind of hilarious to witness, as long as he kept his sarcastic edge. Mason admitted that he had not gotten the chill gene early in season two; he has just learned to manage his dark side. I look forward to seeing Tyler struggle to do the same, hopefully.

      Yeah, the supporting cast can quite often get isolated on this show. I hope that all of their arcs intersect and dovetail nicely as the season two finale fast approaches. I like the dynamics all of the cast share, and there are certain characters I would ADORE to see interact, like Katherine and Tyler.

      • André

        I think an interaction between Katherine and Tyler would be pretty antagonistic, well it would be if he would ever know the connection to her. I mean seriously, if I were in his shoes I would at least try to kill her at the first chance I get.

        And I meant not the supporting cast among each other, but with let’s say statists (is that the right word?). In season 2 you rarely see any interaction with them.

        Also: Did you notice the lack of staff in the school? I mean was there any mentioning of Tyler and Jeremy at least getting detention because of their fights? Seriously, this town might become the new Sunnydale if it goes on like that. 😀

        As for “shades of gray” this is not a real argument in my eyes. Yes, the so far portrayed werewolves definitely didn’t see themselves as evil but especially Brady’s and Stevie’s (Slaterwolf) actions speak a different language. What sort of person tortures because there is no reason not to or watches torture porn? The two believed themselves to be good but they definitely weren’t, not anymore and Jules was also too quick with the killing. So in my eyes there are bad guys if you look at it from an objective point of view.
        Furthermore I can’t forget Mason’s behavior.
        1. He tried to keep Tyler out of it (a story arc that was sadly ignored as it seemed) and
        2. he lied about him (seemingly ignored too).
        Jules stated that he did and they didn’t know about Tyler. Now I would ask myself why that is. Obviously he knew about these other weres (which presents the question how he found them) but if they would be so great why did he try to keep Tyler away from them? Why the secrecy concerning the moonstone? He could have told them that he pretended to ally with “Kathy” (vamps don’t seem to be very creational with new names), I mean they definitely wouldn’t mind some human sacrifice (albeit I still ask myself whom they intend to sacrifice from their own numbers).
        The whole whether Tyler will chill question is so hard to answer in my eyes because, again, we lack background. Mason was much younger than his brother so it is hard to say whether they grew up under the same circumstances. So far Tyler’s background seems rather abusive, hard to get that out of him. And as you stated he doesn’t seem to be a leader and gravitates more towards calmer guys. Ok, that would be a point for Jules but only so far, as I said we no next to nothing about her. And in modern TV-Shows it’s rather rare that a female character is portrayed as openly aggressive. It’s still rather the passive aggressive tour and in case of werewolves females are usually the sexy femme fatale.

        And since speaking about her, Luka talked the same “loyalty” stuff to Bonnie and it seems the Originals had something like that too. However, I quickly asked myself how much of that “loyalty” is actual trust and what is allying by necessity. So far none of these three supernatural branches of human (yes I still don’t see neither of them as separate or distinct species) seems to stand by themselves. There is there dependency on baseline humans and the werewolves seem to rather define themselves by their enmity with the vampires. The vampires don’t seem to have a culture of their own and at least what we know about Klaus rather indicates that his actions are based on his enmity towards the werewolves (hope they will ever give us a good reason for that) as well. We now next to nothing about witches and so far they were mostly only portrayed as some sort of vampire tool. Actually so far it seems as though the vamps are again the big players. I know what the show is called but really it would be nice if they would ever have an actual enemy.
        But my biggest hope is that the whole sacrifice thing will NOT come by the end of the season.

    • Spidey Sense

      Awww, thanks Danielle! That sizzle reel practically melted my computer screen.

      God, can you imagine how hot a Tyler/Caroline baby were on baby vamp sex scene would be? Hopefully that’ll be part of the sizzle reel for TC, Part II!

  • kjewls

    Forwood rewinds! What an AWESOME IDEA!

    Throughout the first season of TVD, and halfway through the second (I’d say, up until the “Masquerade” episode, when Tyler first activated the werewolf curse) Tyler, as a character, largely took a back seat to the rest of the cast. His storylines, when he had them, were largely secondary, basically because they were separate. Tyler simply wasn’t part of the Scooby Gang.

    So, even though Michael Trevino had many opportunities to showcase his talents, and delve into the enigma that is Tyler Lockwood, many recappers and fans of the show (myself included) largely glossed over these brilliant moments. With all that was going on with Damon, Elena and Co. (See what I did there? ;)), it was easy to “miss” certain things that happened to other characters during the episodes. And, unfortunately, Tyler was one of those characters.

    Tyler’s eventual bond with Caroline changed all that. The Forwood relationship really allowed the viewers to peel pack all the brittle external layers of Tyler’s character, and see who this guy truly was underneath. That’s why these rewinds are such a tremendous idea. They will allow us to view the Tyler Lockwood from EARLY episodes, through the more appreciative lens we have come to see him through in later episodes. I suspect this will allow us to gain a lot more insight into this multi-faceted character!

    You go, Spidey! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Yes, Damon, Elena and whathisname 😉 did occupy most of my attention once upon a time. It is really quite amazing how much of my attention has now been taken over by the unstoppable force that is TC!

      I’ve re-watched all of the early Tyler stuff, and it is really is incredible just how many subtleties Trevino managed to squeeze into his brief time on screen. There are little character tics, like jamming his hands into his pockets, that he has kept up over the series, but they are never over the top, but just perfect, like the Damon Eye Thing. His brow really does deserve its own agent though. I think that at the end of season two I’ll have to do a Brow Thing & Eye Thing greatest hits!

      Tyler could have easily just been yet another bad boy woobie. All of the hallmarks were there. He has daddy issues, secret artistic leanings etc etc. Yet these things have been integrated into his character arc incredibly well and really informed who he is, rather than tokenistic things designed to engender sympathy. Like when Mayor Lockwood checks out Pearl’s ass and Tyler gets really upset, you get a really good insight into why Tyler is the way he is with ladies (at least pre-Caroline). He’s broken free of a lot of cliches and now feels like a fully fleshed character. In season one Tyler was a bit of a bad boy archetype, and Trevino’s acting overcame this. Now the writing for the character is matching the talent of the actor.

      I actually like that Tyler has remained a total jerk in many ways. I want him to be good enough to be with Caroline, while still essentially being Tyler. Kind of like how she is Vampire Barbie; a kick ass vamp but still Caroline at her core.

      It is going to be so much fun recapping the early Tyler/Caroline eps… not least because of the solid gold Tyler AND Mason hotness on show. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it! 😉

  • Paloma

    Thoroughly enjoyable, as always. I can’t wait to read more of what you have in store for us with these Rewinds.

    And I see what you and Gen mean about that eye flick he gave Caroline by the bus.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey Paloma! I’m having such an awesome time squeeing with you and Gen over Tyler, Caroline, Tyler/Caroline, unicorns and just Trevino’s general sexiness!

      What I loved about that particular eye flick by the bus is that Tyler isn’t above trying to physically intimidate and menace a girl (even though she had just pwned him; silly boy!). He is a jerk, which is partly why his attempts to be good resonate so much. I like little reminders of the dark side of his nature. Plus, Trevino’s eyes and eyelashes are just crazy intense!

      • Paloma

        MT’s eyelashes are unreal. I first noticed them in the S1 finale when the paramedics were checking out his eyes. I was convinced the F/X team had not only made his eyes all wolfy but had done something to his eyelashes as well. After that, I kept staring at his eyelashes when S2 started and would always get distracted by them, sometimes missing bits of dialogue!

        I would love a scene in T/C’s future where perhaps they’re gazing in each other’s eyes (sexily, of course), and Caroline blurts out a comment about his eyelashes, and how unfair it is that they are so long, and how she has to wear false ones to achieve that length, and then bats her lashes at him. It would be so cute and so Caroline.

  • imaginarymen

    I have to email you w/ the tale of McQueen and Trevino taking a peek into our elevator ;-0

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