Mixtape – Spidey Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Part III

Haven’t read Part I and Part II of the Damon Mixtape Series yet?

As Damon would say…


How could I do a Damon Mixtape without a little shout out to KJewls‘ humour? 😉

But seriously, you should if you haven’t, because I’m just going to jump straight in after the lyrics!

Mixtape Track #3 – Sweet About Me – Gabriella Cilmi


Ohh watching me, hanging by a string this time.
Ohh easily, the climax of the perfect lie.
Ohh watching me, hanging by a string this time.
Ohh easily, smile worth a hundred lies.

If there’s lessons to be learned, I’d rather get my jamming words in first so, tell you something that I’ve found, that the worlds a better place when it’s upside down boy.

If there’s lessons to be learned, I’d rather get my jamming words in first so, when your playing with desire, don’t come running to my place when it burns like fire boy.


Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh

Blue, blue, blue, waves they crash as time goes by, so hard to catch. Too, too smooth, ain’t all that, why don’t you ride on my side of the tracks.

If there’s lessons to be learned, I’d rather get my jamming words in first so, when your playing with desire, don’t come running to my place when it burns like fire boy.

Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
(fading out)
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh
Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, Yehh 

Damon Connection:

Nabbed from Miss Amy’s site!

In Part I of the Damon Mixtape Series, I explored how this Salvatore vamp switched his humanity back on after a long time of having it switched off. Now, I don’t really see the humanity of vampires in TVDverse as kind of like a light bulb that goes on and off with a single click (like Angel when he was re-souled), but something that happens gradually. Sort of like the slow burn of the Damon/Elena relationship: it’s not like Damon woke up one morning and “Presto. He. Was. In. Lurve!” It has happened gradually, and has been earned over time. Just like Damons’ redemption arc through him reclaiming his humanity will be IMO.

Lexi forever in my heart!

I actually think the switching OFF of his humanity after his initial transition into vampirehood, happened gradually too. When Lexi first caught up with Damon and Stefan, Stefan was wild on bloodlust whereas Damon was so pure and pious compared to his current persona it is almost comical. Lexi believed that his hatred would eventually get the best of him, and so it did. Just as having people he cares about, and therefore something to lose, is starting to get the best of him now, despite his better efforts.

Lexi is one of few women whose panties have never been dropped by Damon

Damon’s madness had a method to it when he first returned to Mystic Falls, as the deaths he caused were generally in the pursuit of a single goal: removing Katherine from the tomb. He seems to have grown more out of control since discovering Kat wasn’t in the tomb, but he has lashed out on occasion ever since his return to Mystic Falls (“Ohh watching me, hanging by a string this time”). I see this as an extreme reaction to reclaiming his humanity; with people like Stefan and Elena that he cares about in his life, he cannot fully distance himself from others, but he in his typical self-destructive way is trying to give them reasons to keep their distance from him as possible. Violence is arguably his way of safeguarding himself from becoming vulnerable again after all these years. I’m not justifying everything that he does; sympathising or understanding is not the same as justifying.

The thing is, though, his violent and evil acts since he returned to Mystic Falls have often been spliced with an element of goodness, proof of his growing humanity. He claims that he killed Vicki and turned her into a vampire because he was bored, and I am sure this is probably partly true, because at the time Stefan had taken his Sunscreen Ring (TM KJewls) from him, and that’s just the kinda thing Damon does for kicks when stuck indoors. Yet, I also get the feeling the clincher for his decision to turn Vicki was hearing about her horrible home life and low self-esteem during the slow dance they shared after their rager through the Salvatore Mansion – it’s almost as though he felt sorry for her and though being a vampire was a better alternative for Vicki.

In Haunted, Elena blames Damon for triggering a series of moments that resulted in Vicki being staked, and Damon simply responds that “You confuse me for someone with remorse”. Yet, at the end of the episode, he compels Elena’s brother Jeremy, who was madly in love with Vicki and witnessed her death, to forget what happened and takes away his suffering.

His continual refrain can be summed up by the lyrics of this song: “Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me”. Vampire Rose, who he comforts in The Descent as she dies a painful death from Were Rabies, says “who would have thought you’d be a nice guy?” and he jokes “I’m mean”, something he has said about himself several times over the course of the series.

This is what “getting Tanner-ed” looks like

Stefan calls Damon on this is Friday Night Bites, when Damon threatens to kill Elena: Stefan says he knows he won’t do it “because deep down there’s a part of you that feels for her. I was worried that you had no humanity left inside of you, that you may have actually become the monster you pretend to be…” Stefan also taunts him in the episode that Damon will never kill him either (“You’ve had lifetimes to do it and yet, here I am. I’m still alive.”). With Damon’s personality, this could have pushed him to the edge, yet Stefan remained unharmed at episode’s end. Instead, Damon attacks Coach Tanner, to prove to Stefan and himself that he is still completely indifferent. I actually saw this action as indicating the opposite, which was further reinforced by the gentle way he stroked the cheek of Elena, the doppleganger of his first love, so softly.


The thing that I find most interesting about Damon’s redemption arc is that, unlike Angel, who was consumed by a demon when he committed his most brutal acts, Damon’s self-awareness remained intact while giving into his vampiric instincts. Spidey reader Andre and I have been debating out whether vampires can really switch off their humanity. I guess a more accurate term would be they can choose to listen to their conscience or not, and be troubled by the ramification of their actions or not. Like Damon once said to Stefan, if he wanted to feel the guilt, it’s there. Can Damon ever be truly redeemed? This for me is one of the major questions of the series.

What I do know for sure is that I am finding it so interesting to see him grapple with what kind of man he wants to be at the moment. Does he want to be more human, or more vampire? Is he a vampire disconnected from his humanity? Does the fact that he is of a different species to humans mean that he shouldn’t be held to our ethical standards anyway? Or does he want to explore his human side more thoroughly? Will he realise that the only way his human relationships can deepen is if he honours human codes and expectations a little more?

I think one reason the writers had Damon break Jeremy’s neck was so that Damon’s redemption arc could be seen as something that comes from within, rather than necessarily for the love of a good woman. In recent episodes of season two, Damon has seemed to pull away from Elena a little. I wonder if he anticipates having to take hard action with her parents John and Isobel, who I speculate he believes are lying to Stefan about why they are back.

Can’t wait for this hellacious hiatus to be over! Do you guys have any Damon speculations?

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4 responses to “Mixtape – Spidey Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Part III

  • kjewls

    I adore the way you’ve synchronized the “dark” and “light” aspects of Damon’s character here. I think many people see some of the awful things Damon has done: (“The Jeremy Neck Snap Incident,” the “Murder of Jessica,” and the “Turning of Vicki”) as inconsistent with all the wonderful things he’s done: (sacrificing his own happiness for his brother’s and Elena’s [though SOME would argue that ELENA would be happier with Damon ;)], protecting Jeremy from the pain of love lost, letting the mentally deteriorating Rose die a “happy” and painfree death, but evoking in her the perfect final dream, refusing to hurt Caroline’s mother, and calling her a “friend,” despite the woman having almost MURDERED him).

    But here, you have reconciled these two seemingly conflicting aspects of Damon’s nature, by explaining them ALL as the various ways in which he copes with (1) his own emotionality; (2)the fierce protectiveness and love he feels for Stefan, Elena, and, to some extent still, Katherine; and (3) his gnawing desire to be human again . . .something which, at least in the context of the television series, he knows he will never be able to achieve, ALTHOUGH . . . (Well, I won’t get into a discussion of the books here. 😉 Let’s just say, the issue of Damon’s humanity is ONE aspect of the books, I would like to see explored here, particularly because it would highlight one of the fundamental differences between Book Damon and TV Damon.)

    Thanks again for giving me an increased understanding of a character that is arguably the most complex, intriguing, multi-layered, and, let’s face it, hottest thing on television today! 🙂

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  • André

    I think a reason why Damon didn’t already kill Stefan long ago was not simply his hatred but rather something more existential:
    What would he be without him?
    Seriously, so long he seemed to have defined himself via Stefan, and maybe Stefan via him, it’s hard to imagine he would ever actually kill Stefan. That would be a big deal of self-destruction.

    And since we are at it, if Damon distances himself more and more from his connections to humans the more his social skills will be lacking. That of course sets mental change as a prerogative. But so far you cannot tell if a vampire actually ever changes in the show or if he/she ever stays the same so who knows how such an isolation would affect him.

    As for the question of ethical standards, my answer is yes. He should be held by the same. Like I often said I don’t see them as quintessentially inhuman. Even the “not listening to your conscience” is nothing inhuman. As bad it might sound for some people but whatever was so far portrayed by the supes (will you give us some more of supe101 too?) in this series in case of behavior all fell within the spectrum of humanity. Only the vampires feeding habits and the wolves’ beast form were an exception but that was it (and only so far since something like that is also provided in the form of human psychosis).
    The vamps, werewolves and witches of this show are basically us or extensions of us, they are not something separate so I think that they should be measured by our ethical standards.

  • Marc

    One thing I’m curious about, will we be seeing a Spideysense mix tape … ?

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