Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Brave New World – The Vampire Diaries


Fun fact: Candice Accola starred in a movie called Deadgirl back in the day.

In Brave New World, she becomes Undeadgirl when her Vampire Diaries character Caroline Forbes vamps out, raising my hopes that one day she and True Blood’s Jessica will form a bb vampire sorority.

Tyler Lockwood talks about what we call “spitting the dummy” in Oz with his uncle Mason, which is kinda fitting given the drool that puddles on my face during this  particular scene.

Mason is about as subtle as Snape or Remus Lupin’s full moon Boggart when trying to determine whether Tyler is a werewolf like him.

And we say hello to Papa Stefan!

All right! Let’s get into it! 



We kick off the episode with Caroline waking up after the worst slumber party ever courtesy of Katherine Pierce. Most of my girly nights have involved pillow fights; Katherine kicked it up a notch by smothering Caroline with a pillow. Luckily, Caroline had vamp blood in her system at the time, meaning she came back to unlife.

Caroline wandered around the hospital she was staying in recovering from the car accident caused by the Gilbert device acting like an extra strong dog whistle and momentarily disabling Tyler’s brain. 

I remember when I watched this episode for the very first time being curious about how Caroline would handle being a baby vamp as compared with Vicki. Vampires in this mythology are like their human selves but with personality traits magnified and an inconvenient hunger for people blood. Vicki, a drug addict as a human, found controlling her emotions and hunger as a vampire difficult despite Stefan being by her side the whole time.

Caroline wakes up all alone and has no idea why she is feeling the way that she is feeling, but I was pretty convinced when I first watched this episode that after some teething problems (sorry, couldn’t resist!), she’d be an awesome vamp, given she was a control freak as a human and generally in control of her emotions. Sure enough, in later eps, the same qualities that annoyed so many people about her as a human are a major part of what made her adapt so quickly to being a kickass vamp.

But before this happens, we get lots of cool scenes of Caroline going through the transition period.

After waking up, Caroline wanders through the hospital and becomes entranced by a blood bag.

Seeing Caroline suckle on the blood bag like it is a juice box made me wonder if different blood types taste better to different vampires in this mythology. One of my favourite aspects of Sookieverse is that True Blood bottles come in different flavours like B Postive and O Negative. And of course Bella Swan’s freesia scented blood is the tastiest blood to have ever been tasted by Edward Cullen.

Really, when you think about it, human beings are less Happy Meals on legs and more like Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans – you never know what you’re gonna get!

We cut away with Caroline still chugging away like a frat boy with a keg. I think I’m gonna try the blood diet like her, because apparently an infusion of plasma and platelets do wonders for a girl’s complexion. Seriously, Candice looks gorgeous throughout this episode. Except, you know, at the end when she’s covered in carnie boy’s innards.

Only hospitalisation and vampire transitioning could keep Miss Caroline Forbes away from the town events she is usually the one planning.

Bonnie and Elena have a little exchange about Caroline as they help set up for a town carnival in the absence of their friend:

Bonnie: We have to make Caroline proud or she will kill us. I don’t how she does this all of the time.

Elena: Because she’s not human, obviously.

Bonnie: Obviously. 

Sorry, I just need a moment to pick bits of my brain off my bedroom walls and shove them back in through my ears, after the writers sledgehammered me with what I guess you would call postshadowing, since Caroline is already a vampire.

Candice Accola brought her A Game to this episode, but let it not be said that Michael Trevino didn’t do some stellar acting.

Take Tyler’s first scene with Mason.



Give the boy an Emmy! 😉


Mason is fully clothed in this scene for some reason. It’s okay, Mason. You’re forever in my heart (though you no longer have one).

Want to know what my female friend, who I cajoled into marathoning the Vampire Diaries, said the first time she saw this scene?

“I so need to borrow Tyler’s towel so I can sit on it.”

With that awesome dirty insight into her mind, I realised that I wasn’t the only one who appreciates Tyler!

Though can you blame her?

I kind of love how Tyler and Mason are having this deep and meaningful chat about Tyler’s rage blackouts that we’re somehow supposed to concentrate on when Trevino’s Adonis Belt is all up in our face.

Through extraordinary sheer force of will, I managed to transcribe their conversation for this recap:

Mason: So, all this anger and aggression you’re talking about… you notice the difference when you exercise?

Tyler: Dude, I play three varsity sports, I work out four times a week, and run three; I’m gonna say no.

Mason: Do you have episodes? I mean, what happens exactly?

Tyler: It starts out normal. I mean, I get angry, typically over nothing. I’m an angry guy, you know, it just amplifies, and then I go off.

Mason: You black out?

Tyler: Yeah. It’s like I go blind with rage.

Mason: Is there a pattern? Once a month, only at night?

Tyler: All I know is I lose myself. You know? At that time I become something else. And I hate it.

I took a lot from this scene.

One, Tyler is usually fairly perceptive and asks astute questions (which is why his reactions in Crying Wolf bugged so much), but Mason was lucky that in this scene he was definitely no Hermoine, because he couldn’t have been more obvious about the werewolf thing than if he had asked, “When the full moon crests do you flip out?”

Two, Tyler and Summer from The OC definitely need to start the Rage Blackout Anonymous twelve step program, stat.

Three, Tyler is pretty self-aware, as evidenced in his “I’m an angry guy” comment. I like that he recognises how self-destructive his behaviour is and, what’s more, desperately wants to find a way to stop it.

Four, vampires have their innate personality traits as humans amplified, whereas werewolves happen to have a particular emotion, anger, amplified. Either way, one thing these creatures have in common is that life is a heightened experience for them.

In The Return (S02E01), Tyler asks Mason why he got “the chill gene”, and Mason responds that he hadn’t, but had learned to control his temper. I love how the potential for Tyler to control the supernatural part of his nature (though he doesn’t know the source of his anger at this point in the series) parallels fellow baby supe Caroline’s struggle to control her vampiric impulses.


Oh yeah, while Tyler has never explicitly said what he wants to be when he grows up, I think that we can expand the possibilities from artist to include white rapper based on this scene.

We cut back to Caroline, who toasts her hand on the band of morning sunlight in her hospital room before flinching back. As someone who sunburns easily, I totally sympathised with that.

Matt, still dating Caro at the time, comes into her hospital room all cute and sweet, I have to admit.

She freaks out when he tells her she will be released from the hospital in the morning, and says that she needs to get out that night.

Matt mistakes that for her wanting to take charge of the carnival she would otherwise be missing.

Matt: No. The carnival’s gonna happen without you, Caroline. I know it’s hard for your neurotic, control freak personality to process but Bonnie and Elena have it [under control].

Now, look, Matt says all of this affectionately, but you know that you are getting to saturation point with people calling Caroline neurotic and control freak-y when it turns to self-parody (“neurotic control freak on crack”) in the next ep. No wonder she had major insecurity issues in season one, when people keep calling her this to her face!

Candice Accola rocks this scene, though. Matt is about to open the blinds but she scurries to the side of the wall like a frightened child, yet channels a bit of Darth Vader voice when she tells him to “close it [the blinds]”). I really buy the rollercoaster of emotions she is going through.

It’s also awesome when Caroline starts going through vamp puberty, going all veiny in the face after another fix from her blood bag and having her fangs start coming through.

After all this s**t she is going through, I hope she was able to collect from the Vamp Tooth Fairy.

Despite everything she is going through, Caroline remains her old self underneath.


I love how after feeding on a nurse and learning by accident her powers of compulsion, she tells the nurse she has to get to the carnival because of Elena’s shortcomings as a planner: “God bless her, but she [Elena] doesn’t know the meaning of the word fabulous”.

Just in case we hadn’t had enough fanservice from the shirtless!Tyler scene, the Vampire Diaries writers come through with bicep porn masquerading as arm wrestling matches.



Seeing Tyler’s frustration at being PWNED by a grinning Mason was awesome.

Damon, who had started becoming suspicious of the Lockwoods, gets Stefan to take on Mason.

Stefan lets Mason win but realises that Tyler’s uncle has supernatural strength. He floats the possibility that Mason is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Aww, childhood memories!

Damon compels a carnie to start a fight with Tyler and not let up, hoping Mason will intervene and they can find out more about the “ambiguously supernatural uncle”, a description I loved so f**king much.

It raises an interesting point of whether supes in TVDverse have to be one creature or another, or the supernatural equivalent of bisexual. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, a werewolf is turned into vampire/werewolf hybrid. I know a lot of commentators have said that Tyler/Caroline are tragically doomed even if they manage to sort their s**t out because they are two different species, but I don’t think we’ve been shown in canon that a werewolf can’t be vamped as well. I hope that this gets addressed one way or another.

Later on, Caroline finds Damon and knocks him on his ass after her memories of being compelled as a human to act as his vamp chew toy start coming back.

I’ll personally happy any time Ian Somerhalder is horizontal.


Caroline telling Damon “you suck” with absolutely no irony in her badass Big Girl Vampire Getup was just so perfectly Caroline, don’t you think? I don’t know anyone other than Candice Accola who could have pulled that line off.

By the way, Damon’s line that “Caroline, of all people is not going to make it as a vampire” when Damon briefs Stefan and Elena about this new development was like reverse psychology foreshadowing for just how kickass a vampire she would become.

The compelled carnie seeks out Tyler and gives him a Bad Touch.

Mason comes in and breaks up the fight and does some jumps that would make Toad from X-Men proud.



We see his eyes go all glowy in our first glimpse at Werewolf PMS in the series.

I was surfing the crimson wave!

Well, I mean, Mason is a surfer, after all.

By the way, I love how being a surfer who lives a nomadic lifestyle is what has led to Mason being labelled the Black Sheep of the family.

I think the writers just enjoyed the implied wolf in sheep’s clothing joke, because I don’t think that chasing after the perfect wave qualifies someone for Black Sheepdom.

When Mason and Tyler arrive home, Tyler demands to know what the hell the moves he pulled were.

Mason claims they were just Brazilian martial arts.

In light of Trevino’s jokes that Tyler is at werewolf camp after leaving Mystic Falls in Crying Wolf, I would love the writers forever if Tyler came back a black belt in this particular fighting style.

Anyway, something tells me Tyler needs a trip to Hogwarts for Snape to get it through his head that Mason’s a werewolf. [Insert Tyler wand joke here].

The poor carnie compelled to fight Tyler continues having a sucky night when his bloody nose from the Tyler fight attracts Caroline at the carnival and he ends up as her chocolate salty goodness.

Damon attempts to give Caro his Joy Stick, but since Elena secretly wants it herself so she jumps between the pair.

After convincing Damon to let Caroline go without trying to stake her, Stefan then slips into my favourite mode, Papa Stefan mode.

One of the best parts of vampires in this show is that their blood beards are NOT attractive at all.


Caroline is a total mess, with blood and mascara running together as she sobs about being a vamp. Don’t worry, Caro, soon you’ll be awesome!

We hardly ever see Caro be anything but immaculate (her scenes post torture in Daddy Issues the only other time that springs to mind), so seeing her this way really affected me.

Stefan is just there for her so completely, in a way that Lexi had been in the past when he was Bad!Stefan.

He teaches her how to breathe through her vamp impulses to overcome them and is generally just awesome. *hugs Stefan*

It’s a good thing he taught her all of this, too, because after Caro has acted oddly all day, Matt sneaks into her window that night and she gets all hot and bothered by a Caratt-y hug that was way less sexy than the CaroTy one that happens in Rose.


Matt tells her he loves her, and I know that I was meant to be swept away by the romance of it all, but at the time, even before Forwood even happened, I remember just being left with a feeling of residual doucheyness.


Caroline: What are you doing here?

Matt: I came to see if today’s basketcase period had expired.

Caroline: You know, you should just go because my mom is gonna be home soon…

Matt: No, no, no… You’ve been dodging me all day. I’m more insecure than you are now.

Caroline: What do you mean?

Matt: It means that you almost died and it really freaked me out. And, it got me thinking, you know, ‘cause I’m not in a position where I can lose someone else right now. I realise that even though today I wanted to throttle you, I’m pretty sure that I’m in love with you. And now it seems like you don’t feel the same way.

Seriously, I cannot think of one compliment that Matt has given Caroline to her face or when talking about her to others that is not couched in negative terms, as reflected in this declaration of love.

For example, in The Descent, he tells Caroline, “You’re a lot of things, but you’re not a liar…”

Passive-aggressiveness like this shows a lack of respect for someone, and there is no way he would speak to Elena like this.

I see the good side of Matt around practically everyone BUT Caroline.

Tyler wasn’t Caroline’s biggest fan to begin with, but his final words to Matt in Crying Wolf were the unequivocal appreciation she deserves.

Tyler: I’ve been going through a rough time. Something I can’t really talk about. Caroline has been helping me through it. She’s been there for me, more than anyone has ever been there for me in my entire life. I kind of fell for her. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible.

It was interesting having Tyler say that, because the meta narrative of the show as evident in season one and early season two about Caroline is that she is full of neuroses and insecurities, and that she is somehow less deserving of love than the other females because of this. Yet this speech from Tyler shows a narrative shift in the way the writers want Caroline to be perceived; the message they convey through his words is that anyone Matt who doesn’t appreciate her awesomeness is clearly an idiot (“I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t…”).

There is a brief scene between Tyler and Mason at the end of the episode that deserves a mention. Uncle and nephew kiss and make up on the surface, but after Mason brings up the moonstone he has been searching for in the episode with Tyler’s mother, we discover that Tyler has been hiding the fact that he knows the whereabouts of the moonstone all along. This was a great little character insight into Tyler’s trust issues.

The moonstone is hidden in a floorboard that was presumably his father’s hiding spot for important stuff. Not only does he keep the hiding spot a secret from Mason, but I highly doubt his father would have kept this stuff in the spot if he knew that Tyler knew about it. So it’s possible Tyler has known about this hiding spot for years and has clearly never trusted his father or mother (who doesn’t think to search for the moonstone there) enough to tell them that he knows about it.

Salvatoreo Moments of the Week


Damon and Stefan have a little chat about the Stefan bunny diet, which leads to this awesome Damon line: “Aren’t you worried that one day all the little forest animals are going to band together and bite back? I mean, surely they talk.”

Such a perfect metaphor for the anti-vampire Mystic Falls Council. People underestimate the humans in this story, but don’t forget that Liz and her deputies make pretty good work of the Salvatores in a later ep, a situation that only Caroline is able to save them from.


Can’t go past the Papa Stefan moments!

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8 responses to “Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Brave New World – The Vampire Diaries

  • kjewls

    Another awesome recap rewind, Cherie! Bravo! 🙂

    I remember right after “The Return,” back when fans first started getting an inkling that Caroline was going to “go vamp,” many people (myself included) were initially skeptical about the new plot point. If I recall, a lot of folks referred to it as “Vicki 2.0.” They worried that TVD was giving up too many of its human characters too fast. (After all, there was a possibility that JEREMY was going to go vamp too, after The Return.) Some people even used those three deadly words every TV writer fears, in describing the possible storyline change “Jumped the Shark.”

    But “Brave New World” was the episode that REALLY sold everybody on Caroline as a Vampire, and proved all those naysayers wrong. The writers took a real risk here, by focusing almost and ENTIRE episode on a character in which fans weren’t yet all that invested. But Candice Accola met and exceeded EVERYBODY’S expectations, with the mixture of strength, carnality, intensity, comedy, and vulnerability she displayed, all in the course of a single episode!

    Suddenly, everyone was on Team Caroline! They giggled nervously, when she mind controlled the nurse for the first time, and, if I recall gave her some cover story that involved kinky sex? (Or am I making totally that up.) They cheered when she kicked Damon’s butt, over his mind-controlling manipulations of her during earlier episodes. They covered their eyes, when Caroline ate Connor, and worried for her, when Damon tried to stake her. Then they cried with her, when she had her final heart-to-heart with Stefan.

    In short, Nu-Caroline’s transformation was probably one of the best plotting decisions the writers made in Founder’s Day. (Another GREAT decision, of course, was to have Damon come clean about his love for Elena in that episode. But I digress . . .)

    As for Tyler, his half-naked bonding scenes with Mason were so enticing to watch, I kind of wish Damon held off a bit longer before murdering him. This laidback surfer dude was definitely cut from a different cloth than the rest of the alpha male, overachieving, Lockwoods. And I think Mason really could have helped Tyler through his transformation, in a way that would have prevented the Teen Wolf from making some of the mistakes he ultimately ended up making . . . (Just as we saw Stefan do for Caroline, and Lexi do for Stefan.)

    Then again, if Mason WAS there to help, there’d probably be no Forwood. And NOBODY wants that. 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      I remember being on the edge of my seat during every Caroline moment in the early season two episodes, convinced that she would have the short shelf life that Vicki had. Although Caroline is always an at risk character, with Julie Plec even calling her doomed, I’m so glad that we have seen so much of her journey as a vampire and hope that she remains a major player for the remainder of the series. Something that I have found particularly interesting in her case is that her flaws as a human being, like being a control freak, have helped her handle the rigors of being a vampire. There’s a lesson in there that even your flaws can be converted into strengths if viewed in the right way, and that your true self, rather than the self/image that you try to create, is beautiful when it shines through.

      One thing though is that Caroline’s transformation has been so overwhelming positive for her that I’m now really interested to see if they start examining the obvious downsides of being a vamp… like every human you love dying around you, having to move from place to place so that your never-changing age doesn’t arouse suspicions etc. I feel like Caroline still goes about life as though she is still her old human self, and in many ways she is, at least emotionally. But she will never be the same again, and I think that Candice Accola has shown the chops to be emotionally devastating when Caroline starts really coming to terms with what being a vampire will mean in the long term.

      I was definitely sad to see Mason’s hotness go so early, though Forwood more than makes up for this. I would’ve preferred Mason desert Tyler for some reason and then be able to return so that they could again shock our senses with more half-naked bonding. Mason was a really interesting death, because of how polarizing it was. I think he posed a real threat because of his love for Katherine, which was similar to Damon’s own obsession. We have seen how dramatically different Damon’s toxic love for Katherine has been for him. It would’ve been interesting to see more of an exploration of the dark side that Katherine would undoubtedly have created in Mason with her manipulations, so here is hoping that they at least do this with Stefan.

      You totally remember the “kinky sex” compulsion correctly, by the way 😉

  • Gen

    I was honestly very skeptical about Caroline becomig a vampire. I really didn’t know how to process the information and decided I would watch it play out before passing any judgment. I had warmed up to Caroline considerable by the end of s1 and I didn’t want her to die. Looking back now I am proud of myself for giving vamp!Care a chance.

    “Give him and emmy!” LMFAO!! AMEN SISTA! Gorgeous body is gorgeous.

    Oh Mason…forever in my heart. I miss you dearly.

    I am truly enjoying these recap rewinds Cherie. With the insight we have now it’s interesting to see past scenes in a new light. Being able to distinguish between the foreshadowing and present issues of both of these characters is awesome.

    You know how I feel about Matt and his condescending way of belittlign Caroline with backhanded compliments. I do love the character because he is a relatively good guy, but like you mentioned before, his relationship with Caroline seems to bring out his more uglier qualities.

    I wish I could delve deeper into this and be a little more insightful, but my brain is fried and I can’t come up with any coherent thoughts anymore lol.

    Brilliant recap was brilliant. Brava!

    • Spidey Sense

      Seriously, there should be an Emmy category for hot bodies. With the winner required to accept their award on stage shirtless. I think the world at large would be grateful for this concept.

      It really has amazed me how carefully the writers have laid the groundwork for Tyler/Caroline. I mean, I have seen hints all along of them establishing foreshadowing and payoffs, parallels etc. Going back and examining each episode closely has made the pairing that much richer for me. I mean, I love them now even more than I did before, if that is even possible.

      I wish they would investigate Matt’s other relationships more. I feel like he has been shortchanged by not being shown interacting with people like Matt much this season, who made him easier to root for. Caro brings out his worst side because I think he feels above her and that she should be grateful he is giving her the time of day, based on his preconceived notions of her as a bitchy mean girl in the past. It really is sad that his treatment of her hasn’t changed as her stunning self has become more and more evident this season. Ah well.

  • André

    Ok, I can’t comment much on this post and I still haven’t seen ep. 1 because of the lousy streams over here (the pictures are totally jerky). But there are still a view things:

    “Mason is about as subtle as Snape or Remus Lupin’s full moon Boggart when trying to determine whether Tyler is a werewolf like him.”
    I thought something similar about Damon’s behavior during the party at the Gilbert’s. All this wolf-references were about as subtle as a neon sign on a cornfield in a starless night. No matter how you see it, it was just damn useless.

    “about how Caroline would handle being a baby vamp as compared with Vicki”
    Well Caroline isn’t Vicki and I guess they did it this way to show that not every transformation from human to vampire needs to be a messy affair. In addition, when you think about what sort of person Caroline’s mother is, it might not be so surprising that Caroline at least has a notch more self-control then we always thought. Or maybe the whole affair was so “easy” because she had human blood right in front of her and therefore didn’t had to kill someone to become a vampire. She did it anyway later as we all know.

    “made me wonder if different blood types taste better to different vampires in this mythology”
    I rather wonder about diseases: according to Damon as long as a vamp drinks blood there body functions are pretty normal (which explains why humans can find them attractive despite being dead, they still extrude pheromones). So what if a vamp drinks from a sick person (drinking from the stoners seemingly had no effect on him)? I mean, so far Damon seemed to have been lucky that his victims seemed “clean”. 😉

    I am not quite sure whether the aggression of the werewolves is actually anger, since there isn’t really anything to be angry about. It seems more like rabid behavior (a synonym for rabies is the anger disease). And the shown wolves so far pretty much acted quite aggressive/rabid in wolf-form. An actual wolf wouldn’t make a single sound if he was actually out for prey.

    “No wonder she had major insecurity issues in season one, when people keep calling her this to her face!”
    I think you mistake cause and effect. People wouldn’t tell it to her if she wouldn’t act that way.

    “or the supernatural equivalent of bisexual”
    Who cares for the equivalent? The real deal is better. Although I guess a vamp-hybrid is more likely than a bi character.

    “reverse psychology foreshadowing for just how kickass a vampire she would become”
    Can’t say that she is kickass, the baptism of fire for the characters is still not there.

    “Mason comes in and breaks up the fight and does some jumps that would make Toad from X-Men proud.”
    Toad could jump much higher than that.;-)

    “In light of Trevino’s jokes that Tyler is at werewolf camp after leaving Mystic Falls in Crying Wolf, I would love the writers forever if Tyler came back a black belt in this particular fighting style.”
    1. Where did he state that?
    2. It takes years to become a black-belt. Some skill might be possible, but not a black-belt. Respectively we don’t quite know how much time has so far past in the show.

    ” Seriously, I cannot think of one compliment that Matt has given Caroline to her face or when talking about her to others that is not couched in negative terms, as reflected in this declaration of love.”
    Or maybe he senses the truth that Caroline misses? Thought about that?

    ” I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible.”
    Again, not in my eyes. This is just Tyler’s immaturity speaking.

    ” People underestimate the humans in this story, but don’t forget that Liz and her deputies make pretty good work of the Salvatores in a later ep, a situation that only Caroline is able to save them from.”
    That wasn’t much different in season 1, remember how all the gadgets against the vamps from the old days turned out to be made by Emily?

    • André

      Ok, I saw episode 17 just now and it looks as though its really going to be interesting.
      PLEEEAAAAAASE do a recap of that episode.

    • Spidey Sense

      Some of the hints about Tyler being a werewolf have been LOLworthy, particularly the shot of him in season one with a full moon above his head as he ponders what is wrong with him. I felt like my head exploded from the anvil that landed on it. So, even if you hadn’t read the books, Tyler being a werewolf hardly came as a shock.
      The interesting thing about Caroline is that her losing control with the carnie, and later with Matt, shows how hard it is for a baby vamp, or vamps in general for that matter, to control their urges. One of her defining, magnified traits as a vamp is her natural self-control, and even she gave into her impulses. Imagine how hard it must be for someone like Stefan, who evidently had an addictive personality as a human.
      The disease thing you talk about is so cool. It makes you wonder, just like humans can suffer from eating food that has gone bad and rotted, are diseased humans bad for a vamp’s health? Perhaps that is one reason why vampires tend to be young and hot – vamps only dare to feed on those they know are likely to be healthy, and young people who are in good shape are the best candidates for this!
      Well, I’m not really labelling Tyler as being angry; he said it himself. He is hardly the person to understand emotions enough to be able to separate anger from aggression, so maybe this is a subtle way of showing he wasn’t in touch with how he is feeling, with the payoff being that this will change later?
      Trevino made those jokes at the C2E2 convention in Chicago. I was really saying the black belt thing tongue in cheek, though with the heightened reflexes of a werewolf, I think it is conceivable that they could even surpass a black belt in skill in a short amount of time. Really, I think that any werewolf training Tyler does is just about unlocking the instincts for fighting that are already there.
      Hmm, does Matt sense the truth that Caro misses about herself? Well, I guess the way that I view love is as accepting someone, flaws and all (the good with the bad, as Tyler says), and loving them anyway. I mean, how would Matt feel if Caro threw his flaws into his face every time they talked? Couples need to be able to fight the good fight and not walk on eggshells around one another, but his little jabs are so constant that even the strongest person would probably find it hard not to have their self-esteem suffer a little. Knowing that Caroline is as insecure as she is, Matt should be even more conscious of the potential impact of his words.

      • André

        Well it’s not really surprising how Caroline acted after being transformed; remember “neurotic control-freak on crack.”
        Stefan had an addictive personality as a human? I didn’t quite see that I admit. Could you explain?
        I think the vamp-victims in this show are mostly hot because …. well you know. 😉

        Maybe Tyler’s understanding of emotions will change later or maybe not. One thing that is still a very common misconception is to be equating predatory behavior with aggression. Whether that means that when he returns (maybe my reasoning is flawed but if he wouldn’t why does Trevino’s name still appear in the opening credits) he will say something like “I’m angry because of the wolf in me” I don’t know.

        Well a werewolf is of course stronger than a black-belt. However you still need to learn the skills. But this is TVD so maybe you are right.

        ” the good with the bad” When did Tyler say that again?

        “Knowing that Caroline is as insecure as she is, Matt should be even more conscious of the potential impact of his words.”
        Or he doesn’t think she’s insecure anymore.

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