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Mmm, one week internet problems. The next week a crazy schedule with no free time. I definitely feel like I’m playing the blogging catch up game!

I figure it doesn’t matter if I’m a bit late with my Got Forwood recap for The Last Dance, since it set at a decade dance, which is all about nostalgia. Just think of this recap as around two weeks of nostalgia in the making!

So, let’s hop to it!

In this episode, Matt and Caroline dress up as Kennedy and and Jackie O, which hasn’t turned out to be foreshadowing… yet.

I choose to think that little hand motion by Matt there was intentional


Watch out Matt! If you’re not careful, Tyler will go all Bad Cop Tyler on your ass when he comes back!

We are shown that along with being a neurotic control freak on crack, Caroline’s defining characteristic is her incredible positivity.

And ultimate Caratt cock-blocker Not Now Dana makes a re-appearance and warms my heart.

We open up with Matt and Sheriff Forbes discussing the problems inherent in being double crossing a-holes.

All Tyler/Caroline shippy-ness aside, the exchange between the pair as they talk about Matt’s double agent role getting information from Caroline for the Sheriff, and lead council vampire, made my skin crawl.

Last episode, Matt demanded that Caroline tell him everything about the supernatural goings-on in Mystic Falls, and it immediately becomes evident that everything meant EVERYTHING, including secrets that some would argue weren’t Caroline’s to tell:

Sheriff Forbes: The Salvatores are vampires. The Gilbert family is in on it. Tyler Lockwood is a God knows what.

Spidey: Hot piece of Trevino!Ass. (Yes, I may have said that out loud while watching. Sue me.)

Matt: Werewolf.

Matt’s reaction to Caroline’s Vampire Barbie-ness being to freak the hell out was understandable, especially considering that he hadn’t seen Caroline’s story unfold in the way that we have – I mean, WE know that Caroline is a sympathetic character, but I could cut him some slack that he didn’t know this initially.

But now we find out that last week Caroline told Matt EVERYTHING during their big conversation. Presumably, this also includes the TRAGEDY of how she was turned against her own will, the incredible friendship she showed Tyler, HIS BEST FRIEND, while he went through a painful werewolf transformation even though a single wolf bite could kill her, and the many times that she has helped save their mutual friends from death.

The fact that Matt can continue plotting against Caroline, despite hearing all of this, without questioning whether he is doing the right thing or if vampires are unfeeling monsters, makes it really, really hard to not hate him with the fire of a thousand suns. How about giving her the benefit of the doubt?

It gets worse. Matt is clearly uncomfortable with the prospect of going to the decade dance with Caroline, because he is finding it hard to keep up the act of the loyal boyfriend knowing what he knows.

Sheriff Forbes: “Damnit Matt, just do it. She’s my daughter, she’s my baby. I just need some time.”

Now, some members of fandom have interpreted that as Sheriff Forbes, Caro’s MOTHER, begging Matt to give her a little more time to think before she murders her daughter, just because the whole situation is making him feel uncomfortable.

Considering Matt is meant to be a good, decent guy, this behaviour leaves me with my mouth hanging open and the words “what the ever-loving f**k” spilling forth uncontrollably.

If you have a different intepretation of this scene, guys, by all means give it to me. While I think Matt has always treated Caro like a douche, I don’t want to hate him that much.

Sheriff Forbes, for her part, is clearly feeling conflicted, and when she called Caroline her “baby”, it broke my heart. She has been raised to fear and kill vampires without question or pause, and yet here she has evidence in Caro that a vampire can function with their human personality relatively intact. Her relationship with Caroline has been shown to be shaky at best while Caro was still human, but I’m curious to see if the blood is thicker than water adage will prevail here… even if her daughter is a bloodsucker.

That is not to say that I’m not mad at Caro. I understand that after the Tyler situation blew up in her face in part because of her well-intentioned lies, she was hoping she could have a clean slate with Matt is she told the whole truth.

I just have a feeling that her openness here is going to bite her in the ass spectacularly later on.

The interplay of truth/lies is definitely the major theme of the Tyler/Caroline/Matt triangle.

Caroline has been well established as someone who can’t tell a convincing lie to save her life, and, in the past, as someone who couldn’t keep secrets to herself.

In season one, Bonnie convinces Caro to spill a secret by saying, “Caroline Forbes, when in your life have you ever kept a secret?” When Caroline tries to keep a secret, people usually see right through her, like Elena quickly working out that Caro was working undercover for Katherine early in season two.

Caroline also can’t quite seem to find the right balance of which secrets to tell, and who to tell them to.

If she had gone to Tyler to tell him the truth about Mason’s death before he found out from another source, a secret he deserved to know, I have a feeling everything would have worked out so differently between them.

On the other extreme, I feel like she should have been more selective about what she told Matt. The fact that the tragedy of her story didn’t sway him at all, and that he was so quick to divulge her secrets and work against her, shows how wildly terrible her character judgment of people can be at times.

So, I’m not really mad at Caroline for telling all of those secrets. I’m just sad that whenever my poor Vampire Barbie shows trust in someone, it almost always seems to be squashed.

No wonder Tyler’s hesitation hurt her so much. She had his back during the transformation; she trusted that he would have hers in a life/death situation. So for the girl who always feels second best to people like Elena and abandoned by people she loves (her father never sees her; her mother is distant), having Tyler hesitate to help her and abandon her in her time of need stung badly.

The difference between Tyler and Matt is that Tyler screwed up in the heat of the moment when overwhelmed by a series of events and lack of information that could lead anyone to freeze in a moment of cowardice (let’s call a spade a spade), whereas, with premeditation and plenty of time to think it over, Matt is continuing to double cross Caro despite being told everything he could possibly want to know.

So, is it any wonder that I was disappointed that Klaus spent more time dedicating songs to Elena in this episode rather than adding some decorative blood to Matt’s Kennedy outfit?

It was hilarious that the person who told the dance crowd about Klaus’ dedication was Not Now Dana, who you might remember from The Descent as the chick who distracted Matt about a burger issue, when he was talking to Caro about why she had run away from his kiss earlier in the ep.


I’ve always been strangely fond of this chick

Heh. I bet the one thing Caro hasn’t told Matt about is a certain other kiss…


One thing that has been bugging me about the song dedication is that Not Now Dana says that a “hot guy”, no name, dedicated a song to Elena. Umm, Klaus was in Alaric’s body at the time, who is her HISTORY TEACHER. Either she is so dumb as to not recognise him, or has no probs with a teacher dedicating a song to a fellow student. Or maybe you can compel someone to remember you as looking entirely different? Yes, I get fixated on details like this.

Later, Matt picks Caroline up for the dance at her house, after Sheriff Forbes and Caroline share a bonding moment over how fabulous she looks, with Sheriff Forbes struggling to see the monster she expects to see in Caroline.

Fellow Tyler/Caroline lover 12_12_12 wrote the most incredible post imaginable about how Caroline’s doorway has been used as a metaphor by the writers for the state of Caro’s heart. Seriously, read it! For example, back in the Rose episode, Tyler broke his way into Caroline’s heart by literally breaking into Caro’s house to confront her when he thought she was a werewolf, and when Caro ended her friendship with Tyler she slammed her door in his face just like she closed her heart (for the time being) to him.

12_12_12 raised the interesting point that in this ep, Matt was framed as an intruder, standing outside Caro’s door, interrupting the mother-daughter moment. She is guessing that when Tyler/Caroline reconcile (when, not if ;)), that Caro will invite Tyler into her house, or lead him in by the hand.

I’m personally hoping for Tyler to literally kick Matt out of Caro’s house, or for the boys to have a fight inside Caro’s house after Tyler returns and sexual tension ensues after he gets back on better terms with Caro, as this would be a great way to symbolise their tug of war for her heart.

Or, I would just be happy with Caroline leading Tyler upstairs into her bedroom to have her way with him. I’m easily satisfied.

Seeing Caroline so bright and bubbly in her little Jackie O outfit was a reminder of why she is such an awesome heroine.

After all of the tragedy and crap she has gone through, she can still get excited about the next high school dance, and never loses her spirit of optimism that everything will work out.

*smishes Caroline*

 Now, it is debateable whether there were some cracks in Matt’s vamp-hating resolve while at the dance with Caroline. He ducked out of some of her kisses and seemed a little repulsed by her, but as the evening wore on, I think he found it hard to reconcile the Caroline he was with with a complete and utter monster. Ultimately though, he didn’t admit to Caro what he and Sheriff Forbes had been doing.

For the love of God, come back Tyler!



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12 responses to “Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Last Dance – The Vampire Diaries

  • Sophie

    Your reviews are my favorite ever! I’ve just found this blog and I really think you’re a wittier version of myself. I read the 12_12_12 article about Caroline’s heart/door and I wish that Tyler comes back with good intentions and gets invented/dragged in by Caroline. Or he’s the one that catches a conversation of Sheriff Forbes and Matt and runs to Caroline to warn her. Let it be! I’m glad he’s back either way though, I’ve needed some Trevino!Ass back on my screen for way too long.

    I was scared to not see Michael’s name in the synopsis for the finale, but I can’t think of something that horrible as Tyler dieing right now. My shipperheart can’t take it!

    I can’t wait to read your next review!

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww! *smishes you like she smished Caroline*

      I scooted over to your Tumblr straight away and it is insane how many ships we share! Also, I noticed in your sidebar that you “enjoy riding unicorns”. No wonder you are such a Forwood unicorn lover 😉 Thank you so much for the link to my post, BTW. Us Forwood fans need to stick together – we practically deserve a medal after being without Tyler for so long.

      If I could choose the reason that Tyler comes back, it would be because Caroline is in danger. From the promo, a lady has a bad fall in what looks like the Lockwood mansion, and I’m pretty sure it is Mrs Lockwood doing the falling, so I bet that is why he returns. Can you imagine what the reunion moment between Tyler/Caroline is going to be like? So many things have been left unsaid, and it is going to be such an emotionally charged moment. I can’t wait!

      Don’t worry, hun, I am actually really confident that Tyler is going to survive. He is a goldmine of a character, and while I think that the exec producers may have originally been planning to kill the character off after developing him this year, the fan response is such that I’m sure they’ll keep him on. Also, the relationship with Caroline has been so beautifully developed that I think they would be mad to cut all of that potential short. Matt/Caro feels like it has run its course and everything they do from here on out would be a retread, whereas there is so much to explore with Tyler/Caro – Tyler falling in love for the first time for real, coming from warring species, the implications of being an interspecies couple or in the very least good friends in light of the existence of a vamp/were hybrid in Klaus, Caro’s immortality versus Tyler’s mortality (especially if weres can’t be turned like humans can) etc etc

      Zach’s name wasn’t in the synopsis either, so we can take heart a little bit. It drives me insane though that after being deprived of Trevino for so long, he isn’t even going to be in the damn finale episode. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, “Gosh!” Ah well, let’s just enjoy the Trevino goodness we’ll be treated to in the next couple of weeks.

      I can’t wait to write this week’s review, and can’t wait to read all of your comments since I just know you’ll be squeeing with the rest of us 😉

      • André

        I wouldn’t worry too much. I haven’t read any synopsis or summaries of the coming episodes but I saw the newest promo and somehow I thing the next three episodes will only encompass a few days at most, so if some characters are absent that might not mean that they are dead.
        But I could be wrong of course.

  • kjewls

    Yay, I was so much looking forward to your take on this episode, in particular. Especially since I know “Klaus” was a bit Forwood light (and by “light,” I mean “empty’). I’m quite certain next week will make up for that, however. 😉 (By the way, excellent call on the “disturbing phone call” Tyler receives being about his mother. Before Elijah took Mrs. Lockwood off vervain, he probably should have gotten her a babysitter. The compelled can be pretty clumsy, sometimes. ;))

    Speaking of the compelled, I love the continuity of Not Now Dana being the Compelled Girl who taunted, Elena throughout the Last Dance. Hey, maybe next week, Klaus will compel her to kill Matt! Then, “not now Dana” could be his last words. (Just kidding . . . sort of.)

    As for the Compulsion Question, I don’t think Dana was actually compelled to SEE AlarKlaus as a hot guy who was into Elena. Instead, I think what happened was the AlarKlaus compelled Dana, using a suggestion that sounded something like this, “When you see Elena at lunch, you will tell her that a hot guy named Klaus wants her to save the last dance for him,” or something to that effect. A similar “script” was likely given to her when she made the dance dedication. Given that, it may never have crossed her mind that AlarKlaus was her history teacher, just that she had to deliver a “message” to Elena. She may not have even remembered who gave her the message.

    As for Lizard Forbes’ and Matt Donavasshole’s deception of Caroline, as much as I dislike them for what they are doing to our Vampire Barbie, I really can’t believe that Lizard would go as far as to KILL her own daughter, even if she doesn’t believe this person to BE her daughter anymore. I’m just thinking in terms of the first time Lizard found out about Caroline. (And that time, the discovery was arguably even more shocking, because then she watched her daughter EAT her coworker, right before her very eyes!) While Lizard did use the words, “That is not my daughter. My daughter is dead” then. I don’t think KILLING Caroline ever crossed her mind. Rather, she just seemed to “wash her hands of her daughter.” I assume that had Lizard gone on knowing about Caroline, but had not experienced the mother/daughter bonding session, and successive compulsive forgetting she did, Mama Forbes probably would have kept her daughter’s secret, while simply pretending Caroline didn’t exist.

    Not that DISOWNING your daughter in her hour of need is good parenting by any means! But at least it’s not MURDERING your own kid!

    As for Matt, I do think this is one boy in need of a SOLID ass kicking. And I think that Tyler is just the person to give it to him. (Though I would settle for Damon doing the honors as well. :))

    Just a few more days, Spidey! Forwood’s return is imminent! 😉 Thanks for the fabulous, as always, recap

    • Spidey Sense

      Ha! I took the challenge of this episode being Tyler reference lite to be – how can I twist this so that I can make mention of Forwood in some way. Not Now Dana, you aren’t just a guest character with uselessness to rival Useless Aunt Jenna.
      It is so true about the compelled being prone to clumsiness – like that compelled guy with a message from Isobel to Elena last season who walked straight into a moving vehicle. Clumsiness like this makes me smile, since I know I am not alone in my klutziness!

      OMG, if Not Now Dana killed Matt in the way you described, and his final words paid homage to her nickname, I think I would die laughing. Why are you not on the writing staff for TVD again? Thanks for answering the Compulsion Question so logically and awesomely. I get hung up on tiny details that seem potentially inconsistent with this show – a mark of its awesomeness, because I demand no less than fabulous writing from this team, right down to the smallest aspects.
      Tehe! Your Matt hate seems even more forceful than mine. Maybe it is because I have this well of unfettered loathing for Jules in my heart, and my body doesn’t have the energy to expend that same level of hatred elsewhere. I’ve heard very convincing arguments for Jules’ awesomeness, but she destroyed Forwood’s hard-earned trust. Her intentions when she comes back will guide whether I still want Damon to do open heart surgery on her or not.

      It’s interesting, in a twisted 50 First Dates way, to see the subtle differences in Liz’s reaction to Caro being a vampire. Circumstances, how you are feeling on a particular day, etc… all these factor into how you receive major news. I actually thought that Liz had told Caro she accepted her because she was planning to double cross Caro after their bonding session in Kill or Be Killed. Of course, that was squashed when Caro compelled her, but I was always left wondering whether Liz’s acceptance of Caro was genuine or if she still would have done conflicted double-crossing. But who knows? Maybe she really would have kept Caro’s secret. Timing really does seem to be everything when it comes to how we react to things.

      Matt getting a solid ass kicking would please me to no end. A verbal smackdown from Tyler and/or Caroline would also suit me just fine. Judging from the promo, it looks like Damon and Tyler might be getting into a tussle, but I can’t be sure because my ovaries were exploding at the time and I was a little distracted. Damon, Tyler, human, supernatural, unicorn… I don’t mind who does Matt ass kicking, as long as it is done with resounding glee.

  • ThatPoppyGirl

    Just have to say how much I love and look forward to your posts every week.
    Tyler NEEDS to come back soon and his reconciliation with Caro better be EPIC!
    I’m talking no shirt epic! 🙂

    • André

      He will be back in episode 20, don’t worry.

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, you guys are so sweet! My head is gonna swell and explode!

      I’ve been talking to my friend Gen on Tumblr, and we were describing the epicness that we need from the Tyler/Caroline reunion. Here is some stuff that we require from the writers to make up for the lack of Tyler-y hotness…
      Tyler needs to swoop in all manly and hot and have sexual tension filled moments where it is obvious that he wants to have Caro’s puppies but is holding back out of respect to the fight they had, at least initially. We are expecting Trevino!Ass clad in those black skinny jeans that we all love so damn much, plus as you pointed out, we had better see that gorgeous upper body of his naked, sweaty and glistening. Also, if he absolutely needs to wear a shirt, it must be accompanied by a black leather jacket at all times.

      I’m wanting him to tell Matt off for his double crossing of Caro and say “this isn’t what I meant when I said be good to her”, but then to also have a bonding moment with Matt, because I care about the fallout of Tyler being a werewolf to Matt and Tyler’s friendship. I want Tyler to admit that he has kinda fallen for Caro and how damn amazing and gorgeous she is to her face. It would be awesome if Tyler came back because he heard that Caro was in trouble, but if we can’t have that, he needs to seek her out and ask “are you okay” in that sexy tone he gets when he is all caring for Caroline. You know, the “I get it” tone of voice. He needs to save Caro and make up for just standing there out of paralysing fear in Daddy Issues while Jules held her at gunpoint.

      Plus, we want smoochies, dammit!

  • André

    Ok, one thing first, Tyler will be back in episode 20 and I won’t say much about the other episodes before we saw them, you know how it is. You really surprise me in that you remembered that particular Dana from that little scene. I totally forgot her. And by the way, she was compelled, Bonnie stated so.

    However now to the important part:

    I think you not only see Caroline through rose-colored glasses but also Matt through asshole-colored ones.
    Caroline’s actions, which you named yourself, where far from perfect and clearly revealed that she is not the heroine many fans depict her and I definitely agree with you that her actions bite her in the ass but not in the future, they already have. Her decision to “compel” Matt is clearly the one that already bites her. If she had refused she might have earned Matt’s trust but now it looks more like she covers her tracks in Matt’s eyes.

    ” In this episode, Matt and Caroline dress up as Kennedy and and Jackie O, which hasn’t turned out to be foreshadowing… yet.”
    Well, I heard of some livejournal that it was stated that a character will die. So maybe… no matter what the writers wouldn’t have revealed the supe-world to Matt so late in the season without having a goal with him. It could be possible that he gets killed and Caroline is left without ever knowing the reason. Of course Elena could die as well, although we can be sure that in such a case it wouldn’t be permanent.

    ” If you have a different intepretation of this scene, guys, by all means give it to me. While I think Matt has always treated Caro like a douche, I don’t want to hate him that much.”
    Like I said you see him through the asshole-glasses.
    The scene can easily be interpreted differently:

    Considered Matt’s background, why should he just believe what Caroline said? His reaction is actually very realistic, because the other humans of the show who made friends with the vamps were far too trusting, especially Elena although she should know better as Kjewls already pointed out in her recap of “Klaus”. Jeremy was also a bit too trusting, albeit in his case there was of course the element that he thought there was something in it for him.
    Furthermore let’s not forgot how such a story sounds from the outside and how Caroline’s actions would look in such a scenario. If you hear such story it would be hard to believe it and in Matt’s case would really be a “slap” in the face with a sledgehammer.
    Think about it: his girlfriend – a vampire, best friend – werewolf, ex-girlfriend – humping with a vampire, ex-girlfriends little brother – knows all about it, other female friend – witch. Now add that to the fact that his sister was killed by a vampire, his mother was a complete failure who made out with his best friend and the father was not worth remembering. Throw all this in one pot and the result is a guy who feels totally betrayed and alone in the world. What were his friendships worth? They all knew it and he was out of it. And were they even his friends anymore? Have they ever been?
    Caroline’s actions would not look good in such a light. They would appear as playing with him, a charade and covering her tracks.
    And one thing seems to be forgotten in this show and many recaps: The nature of vampires. Basically they are reanimated, blood-drinking corpses. And their preferred food is human blood. Not every character can simply ignore that, especially not Matt who obviously hates lying. At let’s face it, acting like a vampire is not what I just said is, is at least very close to lying.
    This also explains his reactions towards taking Caroline to the dance. How would you feel about that? Whether that is his only reason for reacting that way or his feelings of betrayal add to it as well, I don’t know and maybe I will never know.

    This brings us to Caroline’s mother. I know many fans seem to vilify her, especially when they see Caroline as the poor little victim. But like I said before, we were never given a reason why Caroline acts the way she did and so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was way more difficult than was necessary. Maybe the whole thing with her wanting to go into Broadcast journalism and her mother stating that Caroline didn’t even read the paper was representative? Considered how Caroline acts it would fit her character that she doesn’t really know what she wants or what she can achieve and what not. You talked yourself about her desire to be the golden girl and in such a case she might not react very well to someone more down to earth like her mother.
    I also know that many seem to think that Sheriff Forbes is a bad mother. But based on what? Caroline’s actions? That character is a teen and for many of them even at that age there is only black and white. I think she did the “job” as best as she was able and now this happened. For generations her family was there to protect the town from the vampires and now her own daughter became one of them. And considered what she was most likely told about vampires it is clear that in her eyes she failed, she failed big time and practically everything she has done was useless and you can bet that she made a lot of sacrifices. And about the evidence that Caroline’s humanity is intact. Are you sure that this is what she sees, remember one of the things that make a vampire in this show so dangerous, is the fact that they can walk around mortals without being detected. In her eyes, Caroline’s actions could all be faked.

    As for further interpretation of the scene:
    Both characters feel cornered and you can’t expect purely rational thought of a stoic mind in such a situation. We know what is going on to a much greater degree than they know. But from their perspective they are surrounded by enemies all around them.
    Basically it is the old “not knowing the necessary facts” which we already talked about. This will be even more obvious in “Klaus”. Will you do a recap of that episode as well? 🙂

    “Caroline has been well established as someone who can’t tell a convincing lie to save her life, and, in the past, as someone who couldn’t keep secrets to herself.”
    Hello? Remember the masquerade ball?

    “If she had gone to Tyler to tell him the truth about Mason’s death before he found out from another source, a secret he deserved to know, I have a feeling everything would have worked out so differently between them.”
    Yeah right, with Tyler’s temper?

    “The fact that the tragedy of her story didn’t sway him at all, and that he was so quick to divulge her secrets and work against her, shows how wildly terrible her character judgment of people can be at times.”
    But not the way you think. It is more a lack of seeing things from a point of view that is not her own.

    “Matt is continuing to double cross Caro despite being told everything he could possibly want to know.”
    Again the asshole-glasses and again: Who would simply believe such a crazy/unhinged (is that the right word?) story?

    “Ultimately though, he didn’t admit to Caro what he and Sheriff Forbes had been doing.”
    We will probably know in episode 20. There isn’t that much time left anyway.

    Before I stop one thing that is a bit off topic:
    I currently read a book called “Das Mohrbach Monster”, the author states that “the wild physicalness and presence of the werewolf-imagination are in America closely connected with a fascination for violence.”
    And I thought that this really fits here. A significant representation of Tyler as well as the wolf-parts of the werewolves is defined by pure violence and this to a much bigger degree than in the case of the vampires. In addition the average representation of the werewolf in cinema and TV is defined by its violent nature and the majority of these depictions are US-American.
    What do you think? Is the author right?

    • Spidey Sense

      Believe me when I say that while I find it impossible to remember people’s names after meeting them for the first time, for some reason I have a steel trap mind for random details in television shows that I love. Matt’s tone of annoyance when he said “not now, Dana!” cracked me up so much I doubt that I will ever forget her. Burned into my brain, etched into my mind, that Dana.
      Hmm, it is interesting that you say I view Caro with rose coloured glasses – because I have definitely seen instances where Caro has been pretty much well absolved of any blame in situations by fandom, and this has actually irked me to no end.
      For example, her major confrontation with Tyler in Daddy Issues still feels incomplete to me. I was chatting about this with bm232 from TWoP, and she raised the point that the writing treated both Caroline and Tyler like unreliable narrators, neither of whose perspectives should be treated as gospel, but the popularity of Caro is such that many in fandom overlooked Caro’s share of the blame in the situation, or the situation was viewed in a more lopsided way than intended. It is interesting that things have turned out this way, because fandoms usually side with the hot guy, yet for some reason Candice Accola has turned everything on its head, and the hot girl is the one getting all of the explanations and understanding… sometimes deserved, sometimes not.
      Caroline yelled at Tyler “You just stood there. When they were trying to kill us, you just stood there. You didn’t do anything!” and “I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect you, don’t you get that?”
      Caroline might believe both of her statements to be entirely true, but objectively speaking, there was more to it than that. She might have lied to Tyler to protect him from flipping out and getting de-hearted by Damon, but I bet she also did because she liked being liked by Tyler – here was a relationship where a girl who is used to being second best was the centre of someone’s universe. Also, she seems to have forgotten that Tyler has NEVER been in a supernatural altercation, and that his hesitation was easily interpreted as paralysis and fear as opposed to just pure lack of trust and being a terrible friend actively and deliberately.
      And for that matter, Caroline never gave a satisfactory response to Tyler about Mason’s death. It bugs me to hell that Mason’s death will probably be swept under the carpet entirely by the show now. PROVE ME WRONG, SHOW. Caroline may not have directly killed Mason, but she was complicit in his death. She didn’t stop it from happening, and she lied about it to Tyler for months. Tyler, we have been shown, values honesty (e.g. when he tells Jules “no more lies”), and I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt a little hurt that Caroline hadn’t trusted him enough herself to allow him to handle the truth. Temper aside from season one, he has shown a different side to her this season. In my experience, finding out the truth from an outsider or stranger like Jules is always worse than someone you care about just coming clean, plus there is the always the chance for the truth to be distorted, in this case by a pro-wolf, anti-vampire stance.
      Caroline owes Tyler an explanation still IMO, and I’ll feel a little cheated by the show if Mason isn’t brought up in a real, thoughtful way.
      See, you make a valid point about Caro becoming a better liar in Masquerade onwards. But remember how excited and pleased Caro was about being able to trick Katherine? Caro even said herself she didn’t think she could do it, because prior to this she couldn’t keep a secret to save her life, and even when she tried people usually saw straight through her. Evidently, becoming a vampire or being exposed to what she’s been exposed to has made her a better liar. But imagine being Tyler, who has enough of a history with Caro before she turned into a vamp that he would probably still would have thought that she couldn’t lie effectively. It must have come as such a shock to him to find out Caro could lie so convincingly to his face. As much as it will be sexy as hell watching Tyler make it up to Caroline, I hope he is a little doubtful about trusting her wholeheartedly for a while. It works both ways!
      I don’t see Caro through rose coloured glasses. But her flaws are so adorable and relatable that I guess I am generally very affectionate towards her. Whereas Matt is meant to be this great guy, yet I feel like he has never shown respect towards Caroline. I don’t care if she was insecure and neurotic as a human, if you date someone you should accept them, flaws and all, and there is no justification for making them feel like dirt. I’m not saying you can’t get annoyed with them, but Matt always seemed treat Caroline like she was lucky he was dating him, and even that he was dating her against his own better judgment (after their first kiss he even says “this’ll never work”).
      Caroline has always just seemed so desperate to please him, which hasn’t been the case with Tyler – because Tyler treated her with basic, decent respect before the shit all went down, and Caroline never felt the need to prove her worth to him. I mean, the karaoke scene bugged me, because Tyler had told Matt that Caro loved him and nothing had happened between them, yet Matt made Caroline feel like she still owed him an explanation so much that she had to sing to him. It’s been in the works, but hopefully this weekend I can’t post a few more of my Caratt vs Forwood posts, to help flesh out my explanations.
      Caroline’s initial decision to compel Matt after she killed him in episode three of this season and the consequences that resulted was all on her. But when Matt knew the truth and demanded that she compel him again, it was obvious that she didn’t want to, and only did so because he was being so belligerently angry. So, to me, it wasn’t her decision to compel him that will come to bite her, but the fact that she trusted him enough to believe he was actually compelled, and not on vervain and acting as a double agent for her mother. I don’t think she would have earned Matt’s trust if she had refused, because his trust in her was so broken already that he decided to conspire against her.
      I will say this though… I forgot to mention this in the recap because matt/Caro dancing triggers my gag reflex, but it creeped me out that Caro could dance the night away with him as though NOTHING HAD HAPPENED between them the week before. As far as she is concerned, Matt has been compelled after telling Caroline that he couldn’t accept her as she now is (remember how he said that he didn’t want to look at her and see what he was seeing anymore? UGH, by the way). So how she can continue this charade of a relationship is beyond me. I’ve written a post about Caroline and one of her central flaws being her tendency to romanticize certain aspects of her life to her own detriment, particularly in her love life.
      As for Matt dying… well, if I had to choose any regular I could do without, it would be him. I actually want all of them to live and for Matt/Tyler to spark up their friendship again, since I frigging love their dynamic. I am looking forward to their first meeting when Tyler returns almost as much as the Forwood unicorn one. This show focuses on shippy stuff so much that it is easy to forget how awesome the friendships are.
      Oh, I’m not talking about whether Matt was justified in reacting negatively to the news that Caroline is a vampire or not. It was more a matter of just wondering what the implications were when he said to Sheriff Forbes that he couldn’t keep doing what he was doing. I hope he meant that he was thinking of breaking up with her, as opposed to getting Sheriff Forbes to just get rid of the issue by killing Caro. It doesn’t seem like the former is likely, because Sheriff Forbes wouldn’t get all emotional at the thought of them breaking up. When she was saying “please Matt, it’s my baby” or something like that, it sounded very much like she was begging him to not make her hurt Caroline until she could get her head around everything.
      I do sympathise with Matt feeling all alone – just as Tyler must have done when he realised that Caroline had been lying to him. Hence why I can understand his actions in Daddy Issues and Crying Wolf, even if I don’t like them.
      I hope that Matt remains repelled by vampires, as was obvious in him dodging Caro’s kisses. I don’t know if Zach Roerig is just not a strong enough actor, but I wasn’t really sure if I was meant to gather that Matt was feeling conflicted at viewing Caro as an emotionless monster and feeling like his girlfriend is truly “dead”, even when presented with evidence that Caro is as full of life as ever, or if Matt still felt as repelled as ever by the end of the night. I actually would love for Matt t go fully dark and really hate the vampires and lead the cause against them, even if Sheriff Forbes jumps ship because of Caro.
      The thing is, you mentioned that anyone would be feeling distrustful after hearing such an outlandish story, and would find everything hard to believe. Yet, when Matt and Sheriff Forbes spoke at the beginning of the episode, and in the resigned way he said “werewolf” about Tyler, I didn’t get the feeling that Matt is finding everything hard to believe. If anything else, after his initial freak out in Caroline’s room, he has been remarkably accepting of how weird everything in his life has suddenly become. So, following that logic, he has no reason to believe that Caroline was lying in the big conversation before she “compelled” him. She didn’t edit out things that would make her look bad (e.g. they cut back to the conversation when she mentioned that she had attacked him during an earlier full moon and that is why she broke up with him), and clearly mentioned the involvement of the Salvatores, Gilberts and Lockwoods, based on the recap Sheriff Forbes gave in this ep of what they knew.
      So, all things considered, Matt must have seen the truth in what she was saying. To not give her the benefit of the doubt despite the tragedies she has suffered and the explanations she has given is really sad and awful of him, IMO. I am VERY curious to find out how he treats Elena if/when he confronts Elena about her relationship with the Salvatores.
      I feel a little more sympathetic for Sheriff Forbes than Matt. I felt a real sense of conflict between the way she has been raised to think about vampires and her despair about Caro having turned, plus her difficulty in reconciling the sweet girl she saw twirling in her Jackie O outfit with the horrible image she no doubt has held in the past of what a vampire’s nature is.
      I think that the Caro/Sheriff Forbes relationship break down, even prior to Caro turning, is a result of responsibility on both sides. Sheriff Forbes was doing her best to protect the town from supernatural goings-on, but has had to keep this a secret from Caro. I don’t know if Caro even knows about the Council even now, as a vampire. You’d think she’d be more wary around her mother if that had been the case up until now. In any case, Sheriff Forbes has had good, even noble reason, behind her being unable to be there for her daughter and being secretive. Caro may not have known about her mum’s secret double life, but obviously has felt the emotional distance created by these lies, aside from her mother’s physical absence from her life a lot of the time.
      Yet, I feel like the Sheriff has missed opportunities to show Caro she cares because they are such different personality types. During the Miss Mystic Falls episode, during the mother-daughter bonding moment where the girls were getting ready Caro’s mother was absent. I don’t even recall Caro’s mother being present when Caro won. Yes, Stefan was going on a bloody rampage at the time, but life is ALWAYS dangerous in Mystic Falls. The Sheriff couldn’t spare a few moments to show her daughter some attention on a day that clearly meant a lot to her? I think that the Sheriff was absent from this moment more for the fact that it made her uncomfortable (as Caro told someone in that ep, her mother was born with the gene that made her and many of the other women in their family the beauty pageant loving types). So situational stuff is not only to blame, but the fact that Caro and her mother have fundamental differences in who they are and what they value.
      So, when Caro mentioned her interest in broadcast journalism, I feel like she was perhaps anticipating the worst reaction in her mother. Just like the smallest thing will set Matt off to make him snap at Caroline because he is always anticipating her annoying him, I feel like Caro treated her mother the same in this instance. I actually didn’t take the Sheriff’s surprise at Caro’s announcement that she wanted to be a journalist as the Sheriff looking down at Caroline. Her saying that she has never seen her read the paper was a genuinely fair moment of surprise and was said as a statement of fact in a tone of befuddlement, not judgment IMO. But Caroline, expecting the worst from her mother, just took the situation as her mother basically implying she wasn’t good or smart enough to be a journalist. So yeah, I think that the Sheriff is not always seen clearly or treated fairly by her daughter.
      Final TVD-related comment: a Klaus recap will be up once I can get my online streaming to work better. I’ve been having some internet issues, and I like being able to rewatch for nuances when recapping 😉
      Hmm, that book you read raises an interesting point. It always makes me wonder why supernatural creatures seem to have such huge appeal to people, and why interest in particular creatures seems to cycle over time. We seem to project our needs or fears into these creatures depending on the world climate we are living in, and different creatures are manifestations of different sides to ourselves and the world that we want to explore.
      I think it is a valid point that werewolves are about pure violence. To take it a step further, depending on the mythology (as some werewolves are self-aware in their wolf form, while others are completely bestial) and certainly in this one, I think that werewolves represent completely losing yourself to your darker half or baser impulses. I guess there is the occasional hint wolves might have a little awareness (e.g. Mason listening in wolf form when Tyler told him to stop). They represent passion, aggression and anger in an unfettered form for me. The allure of these werewolves is of the possibility of completely giving over to something; equally, what is scariest about them is the thought of complete and utter lack of self-control.
      If I had to choose the defining them for Tyler’s character, I would say it is control. His lack of control over his aggression in season one and desire to change this, as stated in an early season two episode. His difficultly in trusting people because this represents acceding a little control to them over you – to trust is to open yourself up to get hurt or taken advantage of. His attraction to two girls who represent both side of the control spectrum – Vicki being an addictive personality with little or no self-control; Caro being a complete and utter control freak. His transformation, where he no longer had any control over his body and couldn’t fight what he was going to become.
      In some ways it is a shame that the sun/moon curse turned out to be a big old fake. It would have been cool if the wolves broke the curse and Tyler was able to control his transformations – I mean, him actively DECIDING to transform for someone would have been so meaningful i.e. if it could help save their life.
      Werewolf transformations focus on our animal side, and also the uglier aspects of ourselves – whereas vampires are generally romanticized as attractive figures whose method of killing even has seductive overtones; biting the neck is definitely sensual. Whereas a werewolf tearing someone to shreds is definitely more violent in an absolute way.
      Phew! Sorry for my slight rambling in parts. I just have so many thoughts and feelings to get out.

      • André

        Don’t worry, we won’t be able to discuss much anyway since episode 20 is already out and we probably get new stuff then. Which we both definitely need I think. 😉
        I still think you’re “assholing” Matt, but we shall see. I know your arguments and you know mine and I guess only time will tell, maybe even tomorrow. You know how the show is. 😀
        Maybe it’s for the best if we wait until episode 20 before we continue, since then we will get new stuff and since we see Matt beaten down and Caro in chains as well as Tyler transforming… I just hope his “mud-humping” won’t be the cliffhanger for episode 21 (that one has an interesting title).
        By the way, could it be that episode 20 and 21 happen simultaneously. At least it would be something new. I mean it would be weird if the “sacrifice” was that night and the next day Bonnie is preparing to attack Klaus.

        “I mean, him actively DECIDING to transform for someone would have been so meaningful i.e. if it could help save their life.”
        That’s the thing with the transformation. It is so slow that in addition with having no control in wolf-form it wouldn’t really help.

        ” I think that werewolves represent completely losing yourself to your darker half or baser impulses.”
        If you mean the ones in TVD, maybe but I wouldn’t interpret too much into them since we haven’t seen much yet. There are hints of the old “the beast within” topic, albeit it is clear in my eyes that both versions of the concept have somehow been mixed in this case. That makes me wish we knew what Tyler was up to during these weeks. By the way, do you have any idea how much time actually passed since he left?

        Sorry that this comment is so short, but I really wanna wait until episode 20, because we will get new info then, at least I hope.

        But since I am still here, was there any progress on Trevino’s cryptic “I am at 25%…”-twitter post?

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