Liveblog – Season 2 Finale – The Vampire Diaries

Question: What is the next best thing to getting a hit of Viking Vamp blood like the fangbanger you totally are if you love Vampire Diaries?

Answer: Catching the liveblog I’ll be doing with fellow fab fangirlies Amy from Imaginary Men and Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous, that’s what!

Yes, that’s right, while we normally recline on our sofas or stretch out on chairs while taking in the latest episode….

… Amy, Julie and I will sweat blood ( but cute blood TM Oz) to give you our instant reactions to the episode in a scrolling blog you can find here.

The little blog box will come alive with more witticisms than you can poke a stake at on Thursday night – although, since I live in Oz, I’ll be blogging from the future on what is Friday for me!

The best part is, the liveblog is completely interactive. Be sure to pop in and say hi or squee and squeal OMFG and OMFG HE IS HOT – we’ve already gone international, bitches, but now we are seeking worldwide fangirl domination.

There’ll be plenty of polls to take part in and other fun diversions.

If you know you’ll be glued to your screen for the whole finale and are disappointed at the thought of missing all of the fun, don’t worry – you can scroll through the completed liveblog afterwards.

Click here to check out a similar liveblog we did for The Descent, which may or may not include ridiculous fangirling on my part for one Tyler Lockwood. Possibly.


His likely reaction to this.

Just one faint disclaimer, courtesy of Julie:

A LiveBlog is not the same thing as a LiveStream.  Unfortunately, the technology we have available to us from CoverItLive does not allow us to stream the episode to other viewers, over the internet.  It provides ”chat” services only.  There are a number of other websites that will stream the episode for you, of course.  However, us fangirls don’t have the resources – or the necessary legal approval – to offer you that particular service.

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13 responses to “Liveblog – Season 2 Finale – The Vampire Diaries

  • imaginarymen

    When we finally all get together in person we MUST have “We’ve Gone International, Bitches” t-shirts!!

    Can’t wait!

  • Je t'adore

    I’ll be here, creeping your blog. And don’t forget, you invited me.

  • Sophie

    I’m so bummed I live in stupid France cause I can’t watch it live! But I’m certainly waking up to read that liveblogging of yours. Hope I will be able to take the wittiness that is liveblogging of you three and volunteers. (Who do know what they’re getting themselves into right? jk.)

    • Spidey Sense

      Yay! Be sure to chime in on all the fun! What time in the morning will it be in France?

      The great thing about liveblogging is that it’s kinda hard to know what to expect. It’s such a unique sort of conversation flow, and you never know what crazy witticism will come out! Sometimes the funniest dialogue just comes out because you are writing without too much time to overanalyse in a liveblog, and with a show like Vampire Diaries the plot twists are so relentless that it is even more the case.

      Also, some of the typos that come out are HILARIOUS! 🙂

      Can’t wait to liveblog with ya!

  • kjewls

    Thank goodness for Eric Northman! Without him, I don’t know how I could possibly survive this Damon Salvatore-less Summer! 😉

    SQUEE, I’m so excited to fangirl with my absolute favorite Forwoody from the FUTURE! 🙂 It will be epic indeed. Just be warned that when the Delena kiss happens, my fangirly brain will short-circuit, and I will officially be useless for the rest of the episode. So, hopefully, it occurs at the end, as I suspect it will. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      I know, right? Someone asked me on Twitter what we would do without TVD for the summer, and I said, watch Eric Northman of course! I swear, the Vampire Gods were smiling down on us when they organised to have two awesome supernatural shows align so that we don’t have to go a single month without a hot vampire or hot werewolf.

      I’m hoping and praying for the Delena kiss. I’ll be excited, but I know how it feels when your Mother Ship has that moment. Like when LoVe kissed for the first time, or when Forwood had their moment in The Descent. So I want you to have that squeeworthy moment, and it would be awesome to have the instant reaction of you, me and Amy captured live. *wonders how you can convey brain short-circuiting via HTML*

  • Sophie

    Sorry I just need to add lil’ something… I just read a few parts of your loveblogging of the Descent. Can I just marry you Cherie? Everyone’s going on about the Damon and Rose scene, and you’re there commenting on ‘more forwood would’ve been better.’
    haha that was exactly what I was thinking then, couldn’t even concentrate on whether it was a dream and why Damon was there.
    ‘I HATE JULES.’I just love all of it. so hilarious 😀
    okay I’m off now!
    salut! xo

    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! I read back just before and forgot that Amy AKA Imaginary Men wrote this: “Matt is stalking Caroline, Cherie boos”. So true!

      I’ll admit, I didn’t give a brass razoo about anything else upon first watch apart from Forwood moments. After that big hiatus with the Tyler/Caroline kiss teased, it was torture wondering how it was all gonna go down. So I was ready for kissage when the episode finally aired!

      There was so much character hate directed at people cock blocking our favourite ships. We were all Die Rose Die because of Delena, even though I know Rose is fairly popular among a lot of fans. This marked the beginning of my annoyance with Jules, what with her cold blooded murder in human form plus her unforgivable stomping of my Forwood unicorn before it had a chance to shoot rainbows everywhere for more than half an episode. Even now, my blood, it boils 😉

      Talk soon! XO

    • Spidey Sense

      Also, I LOVE how you accidentally wrote “loveblogging”. Because, that is exactly what The Descent represented for our favourite ship 😉

  • André

    I am sorry but I won’t be able to make it. It would be 2 am in the morning up here and I will have a long day at work tomorrow. 😦
    I will have to read it afterwards. But maybe this is not so bad. After all what could I have added without the opportunity to see the show.

  • Jesse

    Oh honey, you know I’ll be there this time!!
    I wouldn’t miss another opportunity to squeeee over a TVD ep – OMG it’s the FINALE ALREADY!!!

    I’ll see you there… And remember, it’s gonna be 2am, so don’t expect any wittyness from me 😉

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