Tingling Trevino is Back! – Seven Days of Trevino Day I

You know how you intend to getting around to certain things, but never seem to, and before you know it several months have passed?

Tingling Trevino posts have been lacking on Spidey for a while now, and for that I deserve to be chained up in the dirty, dank Lockwood cellar where Tyler can have his way with me.

But then I experienced this…



… and realised it was time to get back on the werewolf!

So, Tingling Trevino is back!

There is so much material to me to give my rabid fangirl spin on that it can’t be contained in one post alone. Welcome to Seven Days of Trevino so that I can get completely up to speed πŸ˜‰

If you are a fangirl who can tune into high pitched squees that are usually on a level not able to be registered by the ordinary human ear, you may have been rendered temporarily death by my fangirl YAWP sound from the rooftops of Australia (points if you get that reference) when I realised Trevino had been confirmed for the Aussie Vampire Diaries fan convention I’m going to in 2012.

Return to Mystic Falls is the follow up to Hub Production’s highly successful first Vampire Diaries convention, and guess which bitch has platinum tickets? This bitch!

Among other things, I’ll be having breakfast with the Vampire Diaries star, going to a formal event after the day’s convention Q+As and other shenanigans, photos with the stars and I’ll get their autographs too! I might even learn how to use the vampire/werewolf Force Ian and Michael used at the Mystic Love Convention.



I’ll also be blogging and tweeting like mad to cover the event. I promise to make you feel like you’re there!

A few of my friends who are aware of my fangirlish tendencies when it comes to Trevino have decided to come along for the ride so that they can giggle at my salivation cuteness.

Now, you might have heard me rant before about how annoying it is when interviewers squander the opportunity to ask really clever, insightful questions about the characters the Vampire Diaries cast play, by saying “OMG you are so hot” over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, I revel in these people’s hotness on this blog, but I’m actually more curious to hear an actor’s thoughts about character motivations than their own genetics.

Unless, of course, the question about the person’s hotness is phrased with unparalleled genius. Exhibit A:


Harry Potter’s final movie instalment is going to be epic, I can just feel it!


In that light, what question do you most want me to ask Trevino? I am bound to have at least one opportunity to ask him a question… and will definitely speak up during the Q&A if need be.

To get us all in the convention-y mood, here are some tidbits from the recent Mystic Love Convention in Nimes, which featured Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino, Candice Accola, Malese Jow and Nina Dobrev:

Candice lets us know which Sesame Street character Trevino is most like:



Ian Somerhalder outs himself as a Forwood unicorn lover:



Ian: Caroline and Tyler are going to be…

According to tweets, Michael said season 3 will be more aggressive and there will be “more kissing for Tyler and Caroline”.


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9 responses to “Tingling Trevino is Back! – Seven Days of Trevino Day I

  • Gen


    Sadly though, I can’t see any of the images, but I have a very vivid imagination when it comes to a one Michael Trevino. πŸ˜‰

    We have already established my insane jealousy that you will get meet and possibly touch my husband so we’re just going to bypass that for now lol.

    I’ve been thinking about what questions I would like to ask Trevino and it’s harder than I thought. He’s answered the transformation scene questions to death already so I don’t see a need to rehash that. I think if anything we would have to wait until this comes up to see where exactly Tyler is at by that time. I’m very interested to see if Mason’s death and the betrayals that Tyler and Caroline have both committed will be brought up in S3. Also, will Tyler and Damon ever have a confrontation?

    I’m sure by the time your ready to go to the convention you and I will probably have a list of questions you can sift through to ask Trevino if you’re able to.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hee! The rest of the days will go up shortly, and then I’ll finally be caught up so that we can go back to your regularly scheduled dose of Trevino snark and salivation here on Spidey.

      Oh, bb, don’t worry, I am totes gonna get him to autograph a picture for you rather than for me. If we’re allowed cameras, I promise to try to get him to say, “I love you, Gen” to the camera, because I am not shy about shiz like that.

      You’re right about really needing to play the waiting game with thinking up an awesome question for Trevino. I’m just so excited already, even a year ahead of the actual event!

      Don’t worry, I’ll tweet like a boss, so you’ll hardly feel like you’ve missed anything!

      • Gen

        I will patiently await more TT. It helps lessen the suck on the work day. πŸ˜‰

        OMGosh Cherie you are beyond awesome. If you were to get Trevino saying he loves me I would die a happy fangirl, but not before I proclaim you Queen of Everything That is Awesome and Right. Thank you so much of thinking of me. Try and touch his lips real seductive like and say, “That’s from Gen,” okay? LOL. Trevino’s a cool guy, he totally wouldn’t call security on you. I’m such a stalker/creeper lol.

        Soon it will be months, then weeks and before you know it you’ll be feet from him. Squee! Oh I will be stalking your twitter like no tomorrow. Guaranteed.

        • Spidey Sense

          Well, i can’t promise, promise with the video – I hear that video is banned from certain events, but I will do my best. But, I will make sure that you holy matrimony with Trevino will be acknowledged in however he signs the autograph. I have no shame, honest πŸ˜‰ I also promise not to divulge the names of our blogs so that he can stay innocent as a lamb about what we write πŸ˜‰

          As much as I would LOVE to touch his lips, there are actual etiquette rules that say, “We know the actors are pretty, but you’re not allowed to touch them” – honestly, that is pretty much how it reads on the website! LOL.

          I have my new iPhone all ready to take the convention by storm. Hmm, I wonder what hashtag is going to be used?

  • Gen

    I hear the same thing about the video, bummer. I look forward to your live tweeting/blogging and your epic recap. πŸ™‚

    LOL could you just imagine the look on his face if you were to just touch him real quick. Horror! SECURITY!! I don’t know why I say these things; God knows if I were to meet him I would just stand there like a mute idiot and just stare at him lol.

    Hmm…they always come up with some wild tag the day before or something. You should coin it now. πŸ™‚

    • Spidey Sense

      It’s lame – in the very least, fans should always be allowed to freely tape Q + A’s for those who can’t be there.

      Haha! I’d be forever known as that crazy, handsy Aussie chick! I think I’d be okay with that ;). Seriously though, I usually end up with all these questions for Candice and Michael in my head, so I’m excited to have the chance to ask one.

      #dometrevino #trevino!assonshow #genshusband

      I’m hoping Steven R McQueen ends up getting signed up too. Then I can use the tag #legaltolustover !!

  • Gen

    LOL those tags! I love it and violently approve of them.

    I hope McQueen signs too! He’s so friggin adorable and hilarious. Ugh, I’m getting jealous again lol.

    I’m excited for you! I can’t wait for you to get your chance to ask them. Trevino is going to talk to you! *Flails*

    • Spidey Sense

      I’m sure you’ll get a chance to meet Trevino. How could you not, being one of his uberfans?! πŸ˜‰

      McQueen and Trevino on the same stage might cause me to go into a catatonic state, which is why I am bringing reinforcements to help cover the event in case all I can do is stare with a pool of drool forming at the side of my mouth.

      Ack! I’m so excited too! Especially about having breakfast with the stars! I’m such a morning person, so I’ll be meeting them at my best time of day!!

      • Gen

        Yes, one day…one day. Then once meeting me, he’ll realize he’s madly in love with me and we will live happily ever after. It’s possible right? πŸ˜‰

        Dude, if I could see them on stage together I would probably do the same thing lol. Good luck if by some awesome miracle McQueen gets signed and they have their panel together. Remember EVERYTHING. LOL.

        I would be so nervous about having breakfast with them, gah! You are going to have so much fun! Squee! Is it convention time yet?

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