Season Three Vampire Diaries Wishlist


I’m making a list, and checking it twice. It’s Christmas in July time, which means you get to put pen to paper and ask for your little heart’s desire.



 I’ll ignore the fact that Santa didn’t rappel down my chimney and give me Tyler Lockwood, Damon Salvatore or Music Sex God for Christmas in 2010 as I so nicely asked. Bastard! (Let’s ignore the fact that my house doesn’t even HAVE a chimney ;))

Nope, this time I’ll just keep the faith in a little tinseltown magic, and am making a different wishlist this time… one for season three of The Vampire Diaries AKA The Year of Delena and Forwood.

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, consider yourself the new Santa for this fangirl.

Warning: Some of these wishes show the extent of my fangirlie near-stalkerdom. Proceed with caution if you’re just a casual fan of the show.

General wishes

No time jumps, or for the time jump to be minimal. I don’t give a F about whether the actors look like they are adults… if we jump five years into the future just so that their TV age looks more realistic, we’ll lose the slow burn in season three of Forwood and Delena getting together. No likey (TM Amy).

More shirtlessness! Shirtfulness on this show is like getting coal in my Christmas stocking. Shirtless Salvatores were a rarity in early season two, and Jeremy didn’t remove his top ONCE. WTF? Steven R McQueen has pretty much said himself his body is ready to be ready for our bodies, what is up with that?


This is now but a faint memory from season one

The return of the fog, diary voice overs and crow. Haha, jk. I do like how diaries remained a big theme in season two, with Elena reading the Gilbert journals and Tyler reading Mason’s werewolf diaries, so hI ope that diaries do play somewhat of a role in season three. Maybe Elijah kept a journal? Even if just a hair journal? (I can see it now. Day 1 Hair – spectacular. Day 2 – Hair – was kinda cool, could be cooler.)

For the volume of the angsty indie tracks to be dialled down just a notch. Don’t get me wrong the music supervisor is awesome, and I have downloaded many tracks played on the series, but sometimes the volume drowns out the actors’ voices. Though turn the volume up if Damon is dancing!

 Vampire Diaries  Rewind, Part 2: That's More Like It!


Fewer love triangles. I actually think this is one of the most contrived forms of creating drama, along with gratuitous numbers of deaths for the sake of pure shock value. I would rather see the writers focus on the many internal/external conflicts inherent in pairings like my Mother Ships Tyler/Caroline and Damon/Elena – past relationships are a source of conflict, of course, but shouldn’t be the defining ones for a supernatural show. I know that the whole show hinges on a love triangle between the Big Three, but I am more interested in familial and friendship bonds than romantic ones, aside from my two Mother Ships for the show, obvs.


Unless, of course, a scene like this is in the works…

This leads to my next wish… more focus on the Salvatore Brothers’ tenuous relationship. These brothers are the key relationship of the show for me, the one that makes or breaks it. They not only love each other but NEED each other. (like Stefan said in season two when explaining his reasons for forcing Damon to turn, “I guess I just need my brother”). I mean, everyone else who isn’t a vampire will be dead and gone – Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire, so unless she is turned against her will or changes her stance on this issue, the Salvatores will one day have to face life without her as the defining force of their existence. I want issues like that explored. How, as a vampire, do you cope if you don’t want someone to die, but also don’t want to go against their wishes and make them a vamp?



The return of some semblance of a werewolf pack. I also don’t care how contrived the plot device is, but I desperately want werewolves to learn how to turn at ANY time, not just on the full moon, because this would equalise the power dynamic between vampires and werewolves. It wouldn’t hurt if this meant Tyler willingly turned in a life/death situation to save Caroline, however that would work.



Elijah to be de-daggered, stat.

Return of everyone’s Things: Damon’s Eye Thing, Tyler’s Brow Thing, and Jeremy’s Jaw Thing.


Look at that jaw work.



Tyler/Caroline wishes 

Lupining and vampining between the two for at least a few episodes BEFORE they get together. I ADORE the pining stage of a relationship, especially two best friends who secretly/subconsciously want to tongue each other.

Their best friendship remains a key aspect of their relationship even when they get together romantically (of come on, it is totes gonna happen! After the Coed Naked Forwood Couch Cuddling, how could it not, KJewls? ;))


Tyler’s and Caroline’s mothers to try to keep the pair apart (Caroline’s mother because Tyler’s bite could kill her daughter, Tyler’s mother because I could see her as the snob who would hate her son mixing with a different type of supe, plus she thinks Caro’s mother is doing a sucky job of protecting the town… ahem, Team Carol on that point!). A little Romeo and Juliet, so long as there is no mutual suicide, will suit me just fine. Bwahaha! The image of Tyler saying, “But soft! What life through younder window breaks…” is enough to keep me ROFLing into the next century.

The return of the Caroline’s-door-is-the-entryway-to-her-heart metaphor. Preferably, with her inviting Tyler into her house or pulling him by the hand up her stairs into her bedroom to have her way with him. Several times.



The return of the signature Tyler Chin Tuck (TM Gen). All Forwood fans know it. It’s that adorable little chin movement he does whenever his emotions for a certain Vampire Barbie are on the tip of his tongue, or when he knows that he wants SOMETHING when he is around her, and isn’t sure what, until he finds himself giving her an Ambush Kiss (TM KJewls). Trevino has super dimples, did you notice?

The return of the Caroline/Tyler theme score, which has been played over their moments of heightened emotion.


Tyler to use the word “kinda” when saying “I love you”, or some variation on that sentiment, when he lets Caroline know how he feels. Tyler is a character who tends towards understatement, and he has used qualifiers in the past to express heavy emotions in the past, or characters have done the same with me. Like Tyler telling Matt he “kinda fell” for Caroline, though his line right after this (“I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible”) isn’t something you would say about someone you’ve “kinda” fall for. Or when Caroline tells Tyler “you seem like you kinda need it” when he asked why she was helping him – which 12_12_12 noted was her way of saving his ego because he clearly felt awkward as hell being so vulnerable. Or, I’m happy with him to just give a straight “I love you”. His tendency to understate things would make those words all the more powerful.

A more passionate, animalistic second kiss. We’ve had the tender face cupping, eye gazing kiss.


Now, I want their supe sides to play a little into how they kiss. I also want Caro to be the one to initiate this kiss.


A major disagreement/ongoing tension between them about Stefan. Stefan was Caro’s Lexi, her mentor who kept her on the best path possibly when she had just been vamped. He was also complicit in the murder of Tyler’s uncle, and his attempt to reach Tyler when Tyler found out about this showed more prejudice and intimidation than the usual level of Stefan understanding, IMO. It has to be difficult for this guy to play a major role in Caroline’s life. This is true of Damon too, but Damon also hurt Caro when she was human (though, to be fair, Stefan DID use her as a vervaine vehicle at one point to trick Damon into drinking this vamp kryptonite), and Damon isn’t a close to her even though he has a grudging respect for her now. So, I see more potential in a Tyler/Stefan showdown. If Bad Cop Tyler and Tortured Stefan come out to play as they did in Crying Wolf, so be it!

Tyler to confront Caroline about her lies regarding Mason. They may have been done with the best of intentions, but I feel like this was swept under the carpet even though Tyler had a genuine right to feel betrayed.

Klaus to take an interest in the Tyler/Caroline pairing. Having a genuine vampire/werewolf friendship (not a mutually beneficial “business” partnership/romance like Mason and Katherine) has to be pretty rare. Given they represent the two aspects of his werepire-ness, I hope he takes more of an interest in them as pawns in his game than the average Mystic Falls resident supes. Klaus giving them the birds and the bees equivalent talk for a were and vamp would be hilarious.

Tyler/Caro to avoid doing a Twilight and having baby Klauses, which would be their answer to Renesmees. One scene of a fountain of blood pouring from a chick is about as much as I can handle.

Tyler to see first hand the effects of biting a vampire (maybe even at his own hands as long as it isn’t a Salvatore) and to have a little angst about being with Caro. I like a little angst!



At least one scene where Tyler walksexes with or otherwise showcases that hot Tyler!Ass of his in those black skinny jeans he has that are my favourite item in his wardrobe. And for Gen to GIF the fuck out of this for me.

Flashback scenes of his time away doing Werewolf Obedience Training or Boot Camp or whatever he did during his time away with Jules. The Tyler who returned was cool as a cucumber and markedly different to the Tyler who left. Although his experiences with Caro and his transformation matured him, there is obviously much more to the story, and I am curious to find out what this is.

Tyler/Elijah interactions. I don’t think it is an accident that Elijah compelled Tyler’s mother and took up residence in the Lockwood mansion briefly. I also hope that there is some connection between the Originals and the Lockwood lineage.

Control, keeping it and losing it, to remain a major theme of his life.

There has been talk of a “whitewashed” Tyler. I think this is actual “character growth”. Having said that, I like his ability to cut through crap and snark with the best of them, and am keen to see him keep his edge, but have it come out with people who actually deserve it – like Damon and Stefan, who he has a lot of organic conflict with. It’s only natural that Tyler was more gentle with Caro in their final scene together.


He is in love with her, was relieved that she had forgiven him and that he had physically harmed her while wolfed out, and she was in a very bad way after Matt dumped her – as long as his character change makes sense according to his interactions with other characters in the past, I don’t think it constitutes “white washing”. I don’t expect him to be all Mary Poppins with the Salvatores, especially after his glare off with Damon. OMG, Julie, the sexiness of a Damon vs Tyler fight scene or even just verbal sparring between the two as enemeies/reluctant allies is just more than my mind can take.

To see the impact of a werewolf bite on a human if they survive. I would kinda love Matt to join Tyler in a mini wolf pack.



We’ve seen the positive aspects of Caroline’s baby vamping – now I want her to truly come to terms with the downsides. I mean, her control freak on crack qualities have allowed her to flourish as a vamp and manage the hunger extremely well. But, unless she turns Tyler (and I’m curious to find out if this is even biologically possible), she faces the immortality vs mortality issue with him as much as any human/vampire pairing. Also, Caroline has eternal youth but will miss many of the milestones of growing up, and will have to see her loved ones die while she lives on forever. I really want to see how she feels about this.

Caroline to physically overpower Tyler or another alpha male. I just love seeing this tiny little blonde thing pwn their asses!

Caroline to send Matt packing when he comes crawling back, as I am 99% sure he will once he gets over the initial shock of what it means to be living within a supernatural community.

Caroline’s relationship with her mother, who had made the first tentative steps towards truly accepting her daughter as a vampire in the season two finale, to be explored more deeply.

Caroline’s long lost father to make an appearance. 

I desperately want kickass Caroline to be in the thick of action like she was in season two episode Kill or Be Killed. It was disappointing to have he storyline with Matt and Tyler so disconnected from the main sacrifice storyline in the second half of the season. She is a HBIC and should be treated as such.




Team Jeremy and Anna!

Legal to Lust Over (TM Amy) was in short shrift in season two. He did things for inexplicable reasons (like choosing not to vervain the guy who had snapped his neck the night before) and ended up in a chemistry suck of a relationship with Bonnie. Please, writers, let the I See Dead Ex Girlfriends thing be an awesome storyline.

Some hilarious scenes where he is talking to his dead vampire ex-girlfriends, who only he can see and hear, and suddenly have to cover up when someone discovers him muttering to himself (as it would seem to them).

I actually hope he starts to discover the implications of the Gilbert legacy on his life, because his lineage has typically been anti-vampire, and I think this would introduce an interesting element in his interactions with the Salvatores et al.

A Jeremy sex scene. I don’t care who with, just let this boy get hot and heavy again. Possibly a secret hate sex affair with Katherine. Ha! Seriously though, the chemistry between Dobrev and McQueen has always been intense (see “brotherly” hug he gave her when the Salvatores retrieved her from Elijah, Katherine playing with his tie in Masquerade).

More Jeremy/Alaric banter. I loved the little exchange they shared where Alaric teased Jeremy about promising to make it up to Bonnie the next day and the day after that (gag me with a ski pole, BTW), and then showed concern about Jeremy was coping with losing his aunt.


More bratty brother to Elena’s annoyed sister scenes. I FLOVED the scene where she shoves him off the couch when he teases her about having babysitting duties while she was on her martyrdom kick.

Jeremy to hold the most kickass séance EVER.

Jeremy to NEVER out himself as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ghost Whisperer fan.


I waited all season in season two for Jeremy to make good on Mason’s dying wish for Jeremy to help his werewolf nephew. Please let him help Tyler out in a life/death situation or offer an olive branch of friendship. I like how upfront they are with each other.


More Bad Touches! What? I like when that pretty is getting all aggressive and in one another’s face on my TV screen.

I want Tyler to confront Jeremy about using him to try to get the moonstone, and for basically dropping their grudging friendship in his greatest time of need in the lead up to his first painful werewolf transformation.

It would be great if Jeremy’s new ability to connect with the dead their shared dead ex-girlfriend Vicki means that he forces Tyler to acknowledge his poor treatment of women explicitly. Tyler has kind of done so implicitly by overall having more respectful relationships towards women, most prominently Caroline, Carol and Jules – partly through growing up, partly for feeling sad he was never able to make it right with Vicki.

A shirtless scene featuring both of these boys. It is about time the writers made up for their HUGE faux pas in having a scene at the local watering whole and keeping Matt and Tyler fully clothed. Only, Jeremy is more appealing to me, so… 😉



I really liked how being faced with the vampire version of mortality after getting a werewolf bite made Damon seem to come even closer to his old humanity (“you would have liked me when I was human”). I want Elena to help him come to terms with missing being human and finally accepting being a vampire. I think this is really the only way for him to change, because he tends to act out when faced with any shred of humanity since he thinks this is something he can never really reclaim.

Damon and Elena to put searching for Ripper!Stefan first, and trying their utmost to deny the way they feel about each other.

Elena to be faced with physical evidence, rather than just diary tales, of how Stefan is not the “good brother” – like seeing the carnage of a village he has rampaged through. I always think labelling Stefan “good” and Damon “bad” is too simplistic. I don’t want a role reversal between the two brothers, but rather their complex, layered identities to be explored.

Damon to make a sacrifice of the level of Stefan selling his soul in order to get Stefan back from Klaus. I want his redemption to be about more than just Elena, as important as she is.

A truly epic Delena sex scene. I can’t decide if I want it to be soft and tender or ultra passionate.

Elena to remove her vervain necklace voluntarily in his presence as a gesture of trust that mirrors the one in Season One, plus a symbol of her heart no longer belonging to Stefan. She can still ingest vervain by drinking tea.

Damon/Elena reacting to Katherine/Stefan hook up. I think there were a lot of unresolved feelings on Stefan’s part for Katherine.


A dancing scene, preferably with ghost!Vicki’s spirit if they can make her corporeal for a day or something and/or Elena.

No more soapdish incidents or plot contrivances that make Damon look stupid for the sake of digging the writers out of hole through lazy writing.

More “grudging allies” scenes between Damon…. and pretty much everyone else.

Damon to take gleeful pleasure in being part of the town Council when Liz and Carol know what he is but can’t say anything because their children are supes too and he’ll expose them if they don’t keep his vampire identity under wraps. Damon as Mayor has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Damon to mock Stefan’s Ripper-ness when Stefan is back in the Scooby Gang safe and sound… and to ask “Too soon?” A large part of my love for Damon stems from him snarking where others wouldn’t, and how he will needle people about sensitive subjects even though in some cases it’s like poking a sleeping dragon in the eye.


Writers, if you do not give Ripper!Stefan in the full, magnificent bastard glory I am envisioning, I will not be responsible for the vitriol that will pour forth from my keyboard. Paul Wesley is an actor capable of amazing subtleties, but he was pretty much reduced to the role of Perfect Boyfriend in the second half of season two, despite earlier hints that we would see more of his dark side. DO NOT DENY US RIPPER!STEFAN AS A MAJOR ARC, so help me God, writers.

Ho!Yayilicious scenes between Klaus and Ripper!Stefan to fulfil blogger pal Amy’s wildest dreams.

MOAR Caroline/Stefan scenes once he starts coming out of his Ripper haze. I loved the Serious Vampire Look and calling-for-reinforcements sleepover scenes SFM and need more of this friendship.

Caroline to be the new Lexi for Stefan and to help him reclaim his good side –whether during the initial rescue and/or when he re-joins the Scooby Gang.

Stefan to be tortured, preferably in an homage of Bondage Stefan. I love him getting hot and sweaty, and grunting in pain. Sue me. If loving Bondage Stefan is wrong, I don’t want to be right 😉


For him to do something worthy of wearing a BAMF leather jacket. Hand to God. I may dislike him intensely as he stands now…


…but back in early season one I loved his maturity and relationship with Tyler. Please, writers, do something to make me like him again. After all, if they could make Tyler sympathetic, anything, including unicorns flying, is possible. Plus, I am kind of sick of that Mystic Grill busboy uniform.

Jeremy to act as a medium between Matt and Vicki. Vicki has information about certain events that could make Matt less inclined to passively step back and stay uninvolved from all of the Mystic Falls supe drama.

Matt to realise Caroline’s awesomeness, but for this realisation to be too late. I want his heart to be squashed like a bug. Or miniature dinosaur.


Kind of like the way Bart’s was when he fell in love with the babysitter who didn’t requite his feelings. Hee! I am sociopathic like Katherine when it comes to his love life.

Matt/Tyler to share more scenes together. Their friendship will never be the same, because if Matt can’t accept Caroline being a vamp, he’ll never really be able to accept Tyler as a were, plus they have feelings for the same girl. Nevertheless, I love them together.

Matt to comment to Tyler when he finds out about them hooking up that Tyler has now officially scored with his sister, mother and ex-girlfriend, because it needs to be said.

What is on your season three wishlist?

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18 responses to “Season Three Vampire Diaries Wishlist

  • oxymoron417

    I decided to join WP.

    YES to everything, especially

    “Lupining and vampining between the two for at least a few episodes BEFORE they get together. I ADORE the pining stage of a relationship, especially two best friends who secretly/subconsciously want to tongue each other.

    Their best friendship remains a key aspect of their relationship even when they get together romantically.”

    IA. Please let them stay BFF’s!

    • Spidey Sense

      I LOVE your blog title SFM – “I’m a slayer ask me how”. I guess I’m your first subscriber! Can’t wait to read all of your fabulous posts. You’ll get hooked on blogging in no time.

      Buffy was totally my first fandom. In fact, My Spidey Sense is Tingling is a reference to Buffy mentioning her Spidey Sense!

      Guh, if there is a major time jump at the start of season three and everything gets too shippy with Forwood too soon I think I’ll be a little disappointed. I want them together, obvs, but I really want to be shown more of their friendship, because it’s like an antidote to the epic! Matt! Caro! karaoke! scenes we had. I’m definitely more of a small moments rather than grand gestures girl… or only grand gestures that have been earned rather that ggs that are there to overcompensate for a lack of an epic relationship connection.

      For instance, the little “chow down” joke in their final scene of season two was just as important as the cuddling, because it shows how much they get each other. Please MOAR cuteness, writers!

  • oxymoron417

    I LOVE Buffy. Seriously. Never gets old!

    I randomly burst out with Buffy quotes. Xander’s especially. “I’m 17, looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex.” LMAO. Every time.

    You know, I’ve been asking when I think TC will get together, I think it should be no earlier than episode 6/7 but no later than 11/12. Here’s the thing.

    2×11 was the transformation, but 2×12 was the KISS. So, now, I think it would be a testiment to the awesomeness of 2×12 if they became a couple in 3×12. It’s halfway through the season and it’ll give us plenty of time to do R&J/Mama L Vs Mama F.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hee! I sprinkle Buffy quotes throughout all of my recaps. I just can’t help it – it’s such an eminently quotable show, even after all of this time.

      The thing about Vampire Diaries is that I love it to death but wish it wasn’t so self-serious all the time. Part of the reason why I like Caro so much is that she lightens the tone a little. I fell for her completely when she cracked up in Tyler’s intense face when he demanded her to admit she was a werewolf.

      OMG, I pray there is a way I can work in that Xander quote into a recap. So hilarious!

      Can you join the writers staff? Your timeline for TC’s arc is just perfect. In an ideal world, that’s when I would want them to get together too.

      • oxymoron417

        Haha, thanks. I wish. That’s actually my dream job!

        Oh to be a fly on the wall in that writer’s room.

        Did you get through my fic yet? I’m having such writer’s block. Damn it!

        But yes, a but of lupining, and by episode 6/7 I’ll be ready for them to be coupley. The thing is, writers have this fear that if they put couples together too soon it’ll ruin things because there won’t be drama and I HATE that crap, because it just ends up putting fans off. I’m most certainly writing a blog about that soon.

        I want TC to have their chance of unicorns and sunshine and rainbows before the inevitable **** hits the fan, and it will. I just think if they wait too long, it won’t be as satisfying and enjoyable to the fans. Same thing if they’re together by the end of episode one.

        • Spidey Sense

          THIS. SO. MUCH.

          I’ll admit that I originally wanted Tyler to work hard to win Caroline’s confidence back… but actually liked their low key forgiveness of each other. I completely agree with you that it is agony if a TV pairing is prolonged to excruciating levels, but equally I would hate instant gratification to spoil any Forwood-y goodness (though, I’ve liked how the writers have otherwise handled TC so could be swayed as long as the writing is good enough).

          On the one hand, I’m like, “Give me my Forwood unicorn, now please!” but on the other hand I remember what Joss Whedon once said about giving the audience what they need as opposed to what they want.

          I’ve read all of the chapters of your fic and I’m going to post my response tomorrow. I just get a little enthusiastic and LOOONG and want to do the fic justice. Elena and Bonnie paying out our biting babies with the Tyler and Caro sitting in a tree, B-I-T-I-N-G scene was the most adorable thing I’ve read lately, plus I love the angst factor of Liz trying to keep the couple apart. I have a feeling we will see that materialise in some form in season three.

          Writer’s block is the worst, isn’t it? I had it a couple time while recapping, and no amount of caffeine or *headdesking* seems to help 😉

  • oxymoron417

    “On the one hand, I’m like, “Give me my Forwood unicorn, now please!” but on the other hand I remember what Joss Whedon once said about giving the audience what they need as opposed to what they want.”

    Oh, Joss. LOL. Good old Joss. Yeah, IA. It is more about giving the fans what they need as opposed to what they want, but sometimes you just want to stomp your feet like a child in a toy store and go “I want, I want, I want!”

    Another thing to add to my season 3 wishlist, a Bonnie/Jeremy/Tyler/Caroline double date! Epic!

    The thing is, Caroline and Tyler have such unique personalities that I don’t think they’ll sacrifice them just to have them be together. Case in point, Caroline is STILL going to be a bit neurotic and insecure, and a bit bitchy maybe (when it calls for it. I tend to think Caro is a bit like Cordelia, but MUCH nicer. Cordy was such a bitch until she got to Angel) and Tyler is not going to always be Mr. Awesome boyfriend. No. He’s going to have his moments, I see it now.

    He’s a werewolf and he still has anger issues, and I’m sure they’ll make war like they make love. It’ll be fierce and visceral, but that’s who they ARE. Ya know?

    I wouldn’t want to watch the Caroline and Tyler show complete with all “you’re pretty, no you’re pretty.” I want my fluff, but I also want them with their personalities intact, and I think it’s because they allow each other to be secure with themselves around each other and they don’t need grand gestures (coughs ETERNALFLAME coughs) that Forwood when it happens won’t be a sell out.

  • kjewls

    Personally, I think it would be awesome if James Marsters (a.k.a. Spike) did a cameo as Caroline’s dad, since there is so much crossover between Buffy and TVD fans. 🙂

    This was a spectacular list. I love the way that you broke it down, so as to include each character and ship . . . well, the important ships, anyway. 😉 I definitely agree with you about the time jump. If TVD premieres with a diary voiceover of Elena saying, “Today marks a year since Stefan left,” and begins with a non-Ripper Stefan arriving on the doorstep of the Salvatore house, a la Sookie in True Blood, I will throw a stiletto heel at my television. (So, will Paul Wesley, I suspect, as he seems extremely eager to play Evil, for a change . . . though, maybe he won’t throw a heel, like I will. ;)) Fortunately, I don’t think that’s Kevin Williamson’s style.

    This list really shows what an intelligent fangirl you are, in that you didn’t make a “shallow” list (like I probably would), featuring all sex and ships all the time. You genuinely took the time to sit back and think about the journey each of these characters has taken in the first couple seasons of TB, and how to continue each of these journeys in ways that would be most interesting and “realistic” both for the characters, specifically, and for the series, in general.

    So . . . mind if I add a few?
    (1) Vampire Road Trip! We know it’s coming. Damon and Elena are going to have to travel SOMEWHERE to “Rescue the Ripper.” I loved the easy going banter, and flirtation these two shared down in Georgia, back in Season 1, and think it’s high time we got a sequel. And, if THIS trip can be accented with a bit of guilt-laced sexual tension, so much the better. I’d even be willing to allow them to use the “Oops, I’m sorry, we only have rooms available with ONE BED,” cliche. 😉 (I mean, Damon DOES sleep naked, doesn’t he? ;))

    (2) While we’re on the subject, I think a Forwood roadtrip or Joint Stakeout Session, a la Veronica Mars, lends itself to a lot of intriguing possibilities as well. Nothing brings two pairs of hot lips together like “detective work.”

    (3) MORE Team Badass! I can never get enough of the Damon / Alaric pairing. And, with Stefan and Jenna both gone, these guys are going to need to lean on one another more than ever. (And if that “leaning” happens to take place, while the two are getting wasted together in the “Only Bar / Social Establishment” in Mystic Falls, so much the better.) That being said, I definitely agree with you on including more Alaric/Jeremy “fatherly” bonding scenes as well, particularly if they involve Alaric ribbing Jeremy for his tendency toward sappiness, when in relationships. (“And the day after that . . . and that day after that . . .”)

    (4) I hope the writers strike the right balance when exploring Stefan’s Ripper side. Ripper Stefan was at his best, I think, in Season 1, during the Miss Mystic Falls episode. Calculating . . . but not crazy, morality-challenged . . . but not remorseless, an addict with the ability to charm and manipulate to get blood, but NOT a psychopath who loves killing for the fun of it (Loving “the thrill of the hunt” has always been more Klaus’ territory, anyway.)

    I find Stefan’s darkside most compelling and delicious, when he is behaving badly, but you can still see glimpses of his former self beneath the surface. (“I’m supposed to be the good vampire!”) In this sense, the writers will walk a tightrope when portraying Stefan’s fall from grace. To make him too mopey, or have him return him to Mystic Falls too fast, would be to waste an excellent opportunity to show how well Paul Wesley can play “bad.” On the other hand, to convert Stefan into a cartoon villain (similar to the way he was portrayed in “The Dinner Party” flashback) just because he fell off the wagon, would simply not be believable, and would be an over-simplification of the character’s dual nature.

    I also agree with you about Elena coming to terms with the fact that Stefan isn’t necessarily the White Knight he holds himself out to be. Having her witness firsthand the carnage The Ripper has caused, would be genuinely compelling to watch (especially, if she seeks comfort in Damon’s arms shortly thereafter. ;)).

    (5) Please, please, please writers, DON’T MAKE DAMON INTO SEASON 1 STEFAN, just because Stefan isn’t there to be it himself. Part of the fun of the Delena relationship, is how MARKEDLY different it is from the Stelena one. And much of that has to do with who Damon is as a person. He’s flawed, impulsive, makes mistakes, breaks necks first, and asks questions later. But he’s also highly self-aware, snarky, self-deprecating in some ways, yet cocky in others, extremely sexual, incredibly smart, and hilariously funny. He’s not afraid to call Elena on her b.s. And she’s more than willing to return the favor.

    For the Delena pairing to be all that us fans have hoped for, over the course of two seasons, Damon needs to retain ALL of these qualities. So, while I am happy with how much Damon has grown in the past two seasons, and am thrilled that he now has the opportunity to show Elena how capable he is of protecting her and “doing good,” I hope that the writers don’t use THAT as an excuse to extinguish the spark of what makes Delena such a fun and complex couple to watch.
    (6) Ease up on Nosebleed Bonnie and Stick-up-her Butt Bonnie, please. There was a time, back in Early Season 1, when Bonnie was actually a really cool sidekick for Elena, smart, spunky, and, above all, non-judgmental. THAT Bonnie needs to come back. Plus, she needs to explore the more kickass side of her powers. Finale notwithstanding, for such a powerful witch, Bonnie’s spells have been kind of lame. Come on Teen Witch! Start using your powers the way most high school girls would, to make yourself popular, make boys fall in love with you, pass tests, clean up messes, and get revenge on your enemies (WHO ARE NOT DAMON!).

    (7) I’m in total agreement with you on more Shirtless Jeremy. I’m hoping that his storyline makes him less of a punching bag this season, and more of a force to be reckoned with. Jeremy’s unfortunately become a bit of a sap toward the end of Season 2. While, I definitely wouldn’t want him to go back to being Emo Goth Jer of Early Season 1, I’d like to see him be a bit more edgy and angsty, as a result of all the loss he’s suffered over the course of two seasons. Because, let’s face it, edgy and angsty is SEXY. Perhaps, a re-emersion of the Tyler / Jeremy love hate bromance can re-ignite Jeremy’s so-called darkside. Then again, I think Vicki and Anna might succeed in doing that just as well.

    Sorry, that came out longer than I intended. But, who knows? Maybe Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are reading this. And if so, we want to make sure we’ve included everything, right?

    • Spidey Sense

      *smishes Julies*

      Never, ever apologise for giving me a long comment – I love reading every little fangirlie morsel! Plus, we are just Vampire Diaries fangirls who know what we want. Why not spell it out for Plec and Williamson on the off chance they ever lurk our blogs? 😉

      James Marsters would be AWESOME as Caroline’s dad. For one, he could share hair care tips – highlights for her natural blonde hair would be a snap after all that bleaching he used to do! (hee! Even after all this time, I can hear Harmony saying “Blondie bear” and “He was my platinum blonde baby, and I loved him”. ❤ Also, why not have Angelus’ main foe on the cast when Stefanus comes out to play?

      Thanks for your sweet words about the list. I think your additions to my list shows what an intelligent fangirl YOU are – it doesn’t matter if we dip into the shallow end occasionally, for the most part we are abyss deep and have put actual thought into this! That’s what’s great about TVD – it rewards both superficial and deep analysis.

      Hee! The image of Paul Wesley throwing a stiletto heel made me smile all morning. Oh my goodness, if we got the double whammy of the return of a diary voiceover PLUS were cheated out of Ripper!Stefan, there would not be enough HTML to convey my wrath (TM Paloma). I think something key that season two was missing compared with season one was the presence of a villain who was a regular in the cast we cared about. It had a high impact having Damon emotionally tied to our protagonists while simultaneously someone who was their greatest antagonist. Stefan has the potential to be a similarly complex villain. He wouldn’t just be a one-note baddy the audience could automatically write off as a “bad guy”, at least from the perspective of Team Salvatore – because he IS a Salvatore! Watching Damon and Elena battle against their memories of Stefan on animal blood versus the reversion of Stefan to his ripper self on human blood will be intense and full of angst, and I really don’t want the writers to deprive us of this.

      What made the Angelus arc so powerful on Buffy is that hear was a guy the audience had really only been shown in his good!Angel form suddenly without a soul. Stefan “sold” his soul to Klaus. I’m hoping for Stefan to be charming, seductive and to retain some parts of his old self in some way, much like you describe. Angel’s psychological torture of Buffy (“to kill this girl, you have to know her”) just scared me like no other Buffy villain did. His casual snapping of Jenny Calendar’s neck and setting up a scenario so that Giles thought he would be spending the night with her but was actually being led up to her dead body rended my heart (yes, I know rended probably isn’t a word ;)) in a way no other death did on Buffy.

      Here’s my thoughts on your list additions:

      1) Vampire Road Trip! How could I NOT have thought of this! It is the perfect opportunity for Damon and Elena to spend time together away from the rest of the world. The thing I love about Delena is they almost always manage to have fun, even in the shittiest of circumstances. The thing about fear, pain and sadness is that you can’t feel these emotions relentlessly, or you feel drained. I want them to find some joy together – I wouldn’t view it as diminishing their concern for Stefan, just human/vampire nature. Oh, and Damon sleep naked, totally… well, at least, half-naked.
      2) It would be incredible if we had a Forwood road trip back to some of the places he visited with Jules. I want physical flashbacks and/or for us to meet some of the people Tyler interacted with while he was gone. A few spoken memories from Tyler would feel like a bit of a cheat.
      3) I FLOVED Team Badass in the season two finale. Alaric was drunk after learning about Jenna’s death, but as soon as he learns Damon is dying, he sobers instantly. Then Damon and Alaric throttle each other, with Alaric refusing tomercy kill Damon as Damon so clearly tries to provoke him into doing by talking about Isobel and Jenna. I know that Alaric’s backstory has been pretty much tapped, but I really look forward to seeing him in a guardianship role and taking on new challenges.
      4) Ripper!Stefan from season one is who I hope will come out to play in season three as well. I’m curious to see if Katherine will be attracted or repelled by the good brother going bad. I’ve often wondered if she was intrigued by how manipulative the good brother could be despite his gleaming halo, even as a human. I wonder if the different in hunting styles will lead to some choice fights between Klaus and Stefan ALA Angel and Spike. Spike thought it would be great to have Angelus back initially, much like Klaus wants Ripper!Stefan, but maybe Klaus needs to be careful what he wishes for…
      5) I definitely agree about not turning Damon into season one Stefan. Part of the excitement of the Delena pairing is seeing her fall for a different type of person, not another version of someone we’ve already seen her in a couple with.
      6) Bonnie was AWESOME in season one. I think what I missed was not really seeing her develop her powers slowly. I’d love to see her struggle to learn a few spells and need guidance from another witch, such as Lucy from Masquerade (bring her back, writers!).
      7) Jeremy is much like Ripper!Stefan – there is such potential in his storyline this year, if only the writers don’t screw it up. I want Vicki and Anna action, and the Vicki connection makes a few Jyler scenes likely. Being a baby medium means he can join the baby supe club started by Forwood. I’d love to see those three together!

  • Gen

    Bless this post! You basically highlighted everything I want to see as well.

    Word about the time jump. I am very anxious about the whole idea. I’m worried that we will miss out on the slow burn of the T-C relationship. Those little moments are what I’m living for at this point and if I’m robbed of that then Gen will rage and will rage hard. I have this overwhelming fear that T-C will already be together when s3 returns. As much as I would hate that I wouldn’t complain too much because Hey! My otp is together, but I want to see the second kiss, the awkward moments, the eye!sexing and all that good stuff. Don’t take that away from me Julie and Kevin!

    I want to jump around with you and flail so bad when I read your T-C wishes because yes baby yes! I want all of that. I want conflict as much as I want them together. I understand they needed to resolve some issues in S2 and I swooned watching them cuddle, but I was frustrated as well. I really hope that the betrayals that both have committed doesn’t get swept under the rug. If it has to come out when they are arguing about something else (I want snarky arguments ending with passionate make out sessions dammit lol) then so be it. I don’t want that to be forgotten. Forever in my heart Mason.

    Tyler Werewolf Boot Camp flashbacks FTW!! I would absolutely LOVE that, but I doubt if we get anything. Tyler might just end up telling Caroline or someone about it. Lame.

    I agree with you about the love triangles (excluding T-C-M ). I am drawn more to the drama that goes behind closed doors, such as with family. Which was the main reason why Tyler interested me when I was so indifferent to him in S1. We got a few glimpses of his home life and I’m a sucker for parent issues. I want to see more interaction between Tyler and his mother. Would it be too much to ask if he talked about his dad with someone? Jeremy perhaps? I need that friendship back in my life as much as I want Tyler and Matt to work things out. Ty needs friends dammit.

    I most interested to see how Caroline’s relationship with her mother plays out now that Liz knows Caroline is a vampire. Will she quit The Council? Keep hunting vampires even though Care is one?

    Matt Wish: Get him the eff out of the friggin Grill.

    I’m so excited for Jeremy’s storyline next season. I absolutely adore McQueen and Jeremy has grown up so much since the pilot. I want bb to shine next season. The whole Anna and Vicki thing totally threw me for a loop. How? What? When? How? What? I need answers and I need them now. I like your idea of Jeremy being a medium for the girls and the people they left behind. Okay so I more interested in getting some Jeremy-Vicki-Tyler interaction especially since both boys have changed drastically since Vicki has been dead. I want those scenes NOW.

    “Matt to make a dig at Tyler when Forwood are in full throttle that he has now hooked up with his mother, sister and ex-girlfriend. Hey, it needs to be said!”

    THIS. This so friggin much. I love Tyler, you know this, but Matt deserves to go off on him at least once. As much as Matt is a total douche to Caroline, he and Tyler have never really had it out about Tyler’s past behaviour. Both boys don’t have a problem telling each other their sorry, but they have never really had it out about the things they have said/did to each other. So they are not going to sit down and have a nice little heart-to-heart, but I’m willing to take an in-your-face “discussion” about their friendship.

    Oh and Rippa!Stefan FTW. He better not puss out in like episode…two. I love Stefan. Love him. But the dark side of him is just…guh. I need more of it in my life and I don’t want him to revert to goody-goody Stefan too soon. I want to see him battle to regain himself and I want it to be long and ugly. 🙂

    *Chin tuck. *Swoons* Trevino must do it.
    *Shirtlessness. Do I have to tweet Julie and Kevin to make this happen?
    *Jeremy sex scene. I will gladly volunteer to be his partner. 😉
    *ELIJAH!! I’m going to flail big time when he gets de-daggered lol. That hair…good Lord. LOL.
    *Trevino!ass sex-walking in Tyler’s skinny jeans….life complete. There will be gifs. Oh, there will be gifs. LOL.
    *Return of kickass Vampire Barbie! I really want Caroline and Tyler to be in the main storyline in S3. I know they will probably have their own s/l like last season, but I want them to be more apart of the gang than they were last year. Elena was there to witness Jules’ death and Jules, whether some like it or not, was Tyler’s friend and she did help him. I would like to see how Tyler is handling the whole sisuationa and will Elena say anything to him.

    Awesome post Cherie! Is it September 15th yet?

    • Spidey Sense

      Seriously, when I heard rumours about the time jump I was SO MAD. I was like, WTF, I had to sit through Matt’s World and karaoke and Caro pining over Wonder Boy, and I’m not gonna get a little of Forwood cutely dancing around each other??? I need their tongues to stay in their mouths until about episode six, maybe even episode twelve. I mean, we’ve had their straight friendship, now we need friendship laden with enough sexual tension to make you want to strangle a mountain ox.

      don’t want instant gratification. This is especially true because I was expecting the sexy as hell moments of Tyler working hard to prove himself to Caro again. Although I like that this pair can rise above all of that so easily, I don’t want us to jump ahead all the time with this couple.

      You and I will rage, along with Cath and Sophie, bb, if we are denied this. I mean, yes, we would be excited to see our OTP, but I want it to feel earned. I’m not really one for insta-love, and I need to ease back into TC after the hiatus, not be slapped over the face with epic! love! Although, the writers haven’t let us down yet with this pairing, so I’ll reserve judgment until it all plays out. Tyler may not have needed to make an act of love to win Caro’s forgiveness, but it would be nice for him to demonstrate his love before he has admitted it to her – I love those awkward moments where stuff is left unsaid and you are screaming at the TV, “Just tell her how you feel!” but are secretly glad he can’t quite follow through yet. Once the pair are together, I want the romantic tension between them to remain important. I feel like once Stelena were together for a while the writers only threw their fans the occasional lakeside bone. You need to be reminded of why a couple is together for us to remain invested in them.

      Also, seeing Tyler actually “wooing” someone? Hahahahahahahaha! I want him to do crazy shit like watch The Notebook to keep Caro happy, like some fanfiction writers have had him do. It would be hilarious to see him actually react to that movie on screen. 😉 Oh, snarky arguments! The best thing about these two is that they are equals and stand up to each other and call one another on their bs. I want that to continue!

      There wasn’t much time to resolve all of TC’s issues in season two, and I’m really hoping for them to have a few conversations about what went down between them. I think this will actually happen, because if there is to be conflict between the Salvatores and Tyler, as I’m sure there will be, the writers will probably feel the need to explain to new viewers in some format why there is animosity between them.

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, T/C/M is my favourite love triangle – it is a sophisticated metaphor for what Caro is going through in terms of her human/supernatural sides. I just hate the way that she loses some of her awesome Baby Vamp attitude around Matt. If Matt treated Caro the way she deserves to be treated, I could even view him as a real contender for her heart. I just think that T/C/M has largely played out (though I doubt the tension between the three will ever fully dissipate), and there is much more mileage in potential conflict between the Council mothers and Team Salvatore disliking Tyler because of his status as a werewolf. I want Caro and Tyler to really fight to be together.

      I’m really curious about Caro/Liz. Imagine if there is conflict between Liz and Carol because Liz suddenly becomes a vampire sympathiser because of her daughter, and Carol reacts badly to this… until she has the bombshell dropped on her that her son is a werewolf.

      McQueen is adorableness personified, and his charisma is the reason why even in his most annoying moments I still love me some Jeremy. Make Jeremy awesome, writers! We’ve seen flashes of it, now give McQueen something to really work with. Preferably shirtless. I am VERY excited about Vicki interacting with her two former love interests. I like the presence of the Ex Dead Girlfriend Ghosts, because it is like a metaphor for the fact that, no matter how much you try to move on with someone new, your past with other people will always haunt you and colour your future relationships.

      Ripper!Stefan is the thing that could make or break this season for me, aside from TC. He could be absolutely amazing, and just reinvigorating the relationships between the Big Three of the show. I also just love the thought that Caroline now has the opportunity to be the Lexi for him in present day that calls him back to himself.
      Ugh, so much goodness to look forward to. Here, September, September!

  • André

    I gotta admit I think this is a bit weird. I know you are a Forwood-shipper but I didn’t expect your list to be filled with that much Caroline and Tyler stuff. But mostly it was fun to read and I look forward to our back and forth. 😀
    As things go, I couldn’t resist commenting on some of your points before I give the points that are completely my own.

    No time jumps? Seriously? That is a no-go for me. I want time jumps, we don’t need another Dawson’s Creek or Matthew Perry syndrome.

    I asked myself also why they didn’t show Jeremy’s body. Because of the tattoos? That would be a lame excuse considered his past; make-up is good enough and they had no problems with showing the bodies of the other cast members whose bodies are far more advanced then that of a normal teenager. Is it the characters youth? So what? They already exposed him to life and death more than once so two small tattoos are not out of question, if they are smart they let Bonnie act with forsight and put a spell on the tattoos. So I agree; more shirtlessness.

    I have nothing against journals, but currently the only ones I know where the ones of the witches, but they pretty much ruined that at the end of season 2, with Jeremy and Bonnie going through them in record time. Did Bonnie cast a spell for super-reading speed? 😀

    You already know that I agree on the love triangle stuff, albeit not fully the same. We need friendships, not love drama all the time. But who knows, maybe if we are very lucky we see Vicky bringing chaos (maybe she makes Damon impotent and Tyler gay *evil grin*), although I wonder what Anna’s role will be.

    I don’t care much about the Salvatores, so in my eyes they could just as well stake each other and be done with it. I think season 3 will do something like reversed roles, Damon is the good guy and Stefan the bad guy. Yippie, isn’t it great?

    No offence, but turning at anytime wouldn’t really put the werewolves on equal footing. The transformation takes too long and there is no hint that they retain their human intelligence in wolf-form. Not to mention that the bite takes far too long for the kill. Sorry but the vamps would still be superior and win.
    I would wish for a stronger presence, but they pretty much ruined their flair at the end of season 2.

    No Forwood romance; that is so cliché (and not even with a well developed background). Anything but that!

    I highly doubt that much tension will come from the whole Caroline-Stefan thing. The show will focus on Elena-Damon-Stefan, if not I would be actually surprised.
    And I don’t think that Klaus will really be interested in those two, unless he wanted to create his own bloodline and can’t so he has to seek out other ways. But even in that case the writers would have to come up with something crazy again.

    For Tyler seeing the effect of a werewolf bite would be interesting. Who knows how such an emotional immature character would handle it if someone he knows dies of it, unless of course the writers do an out of character turn again. Actually I would prefer it to be a Salvatore. If Stefan is the evil guy anyway, let Tyler bite him, Klaus will not let his ripper die so fast.
    It could be fun to see what Tyler did in this one month, albeit I don’t go so far to say Tyler was markedly different, not yet. But if the season is in the hands of the Originals (as much credit as we can give to such a statement) I can’t see anything of value happening there right now that wouldn’t contradict how the werewolves were portrayed so far.

    Please no connection between the Lockwoods and the Originals, not something like this again, not something like being related to Klaus (not that this means much after more than 1000 years, all of them could be related to him).

    A werewolf bite transforming a human into a werewolf would be the same as with what I wrote above, it would be a contradiction to the previous portrayal of the werewolves, unless the bite can only have an affect in wolf-form. But then the writers should better come up with a really good explanation.

    I would love to see the immortality vs. mortality issue but I dread that the writers will do something like “lets wait for later”.

    I agree that we should see Jeremy do understandable things again. Maybe you and I should start and online voodoo ritual on the writers? We do it as in Buffy.
    The “talking to your self”-scenes also have to come up.
    And no Jeremy Katherine sex, that would be too weird. I mean how sick must somebody be to have sex with a girl that looks like his sister?
    And also agree on more sibling banter. They are the only ones left who don’t have a love-hate-relationship, something like this is good for the show.

    Also agree with the Tyler Jeremy thing. I never understood why the writers totally dropped that (one of the inexplicable things Jeremy has done, seriously would season 1 Jeremy just have done nothing?).
    And the Bad Touches. I would have asked you if you are impersonating Spidey if that would have missed from the list. 😀
    Maybe that wish will be granted if Vicky really is out for a vengeance. I mean if only Jeremy can see her then he might try to get her victims out of the way and Tyler being Tyler probably would never get what is going on in time. Or maybe she tells Jeremy something about Tyler only she could know (imagine a scene where she talks about the sex) and Jeremy has to use that to proof that he isn’t nuts. Tyler probably wouldn’t be happy of his secrets being spilled out. Maybe the scenario you mentioned will come along, but we will see. As far as the supporting cast is concerned the writers seem pretty unreliable, at least compared to the main cast.
    And a shirtless scene with both of them, hm? Am I right in smelling that you haven’t given up on a little stroll down the Jyler lane? 😉

    Since I already said that I don’t care much about the Salvatores I won’t comment on them except for:
    Come on only vitriol from you? I don’t believe that, I am sure you will let your head spin, talk in a deep masculine voice and sent famine and pestilence towards the writers. 😀

    Now that you mention it. The uniform was the clothing we did see Matt the most in season 2 right?
    And Tyler having scored with these three is sorta sick if you ask me (slowly borders on inbreeding). Albeit I wish for a continuation of their buddy relationship. The rest later.

    Ok these were my comments, now to the important part *hehehehe*.
    My own wishlist (except for the stuff mentioned above):

    New blood. I want to see new characters that are not going to die after a couple of episodes. And if we need to have love again, please someone new who won’t day after less than a few appearances, seriously the show needs to tackle their “inbreeding depression” (the best example is Tyler). As a matter of fact Jeremy’s falling for Bonnie could be seen as a sign of an unhealthy fear of the New. So definitely someone new; TVD needs to show that there are lots of fish in the see.

    I would like to see more of Damon as a human, there must have been a reason why his father considered him a disappointment. It couldn’t just have been his unwillingness to go to war. Their father wasn’t portrayed in that light so I am sure Damon must have done way more. Since the season will focus on him anyway (who thinks otherwise, hands-up?) it would fit. I doubt that Damon became such an idiotic ass after becoming a vampire, he mast have been like that at least partly before.

    I want an actual independent presence of the witches. Seriously if they supposedly are the servants of nature and strife for “balance” where were they during this whole ordeal? Didn’t they keep track on Klaus and Elijah?
    And I want a witch who can actually use magic efficiently; you don’t need the power of a hundred witches to have a big effect. Currently the witches were more like someone working on everything with a sledgehammer, especially Bonnie (you know the whole question why she didn’t just blew Klaus’s head off). I want a witch that is more like a surgeon. And one that is an independent character and not a deus ex machina.

    I want the human characters to have more influence. Where is Alaric from season 1, where is the vampire hunter? Seriously, he managed to invent killing techniques on his own and we need that since Damon was obviously to dumb to try and behead the staked Elijah with a chainsaw or blow him up, no all of a sudden Elijah was indestructible (yeah right, then whey could his body be pierced by normal wood).
    And Jeremy was reduced to a punching bag in the latter half of season 2. He could at least make points with intelligence since he is obviously smart.
    And for Christ sake if Matt would be dumb he would be homeless by now and he is big and muscled, writers should do something with that.
    And are the council of Mystic Falls the only human “organization” who knows of vampires? With the modern technology humans can be a real thread to the blood-drinkers.

    A want a species that is an actual threat, sorry all you TVD-Wolf fans but the werewolves are a lame excuse in may eyes (even if they could shift at will the shift takes too long and is painful), they are not numerous, smart (in wolf-form) or strong enough. Their bite also takes too long to take effect and is therefore ineffective in a fight. I want a species that can overwhelm the vampires, a much older one would be good, but a younger one would also be ok. We need some good old vampire slaughter, possibly by bare hands and not done by some ‘ubervamp’.

    And since we are at it, this should include the Originals. Klaus needs to get beaten at least within an inch of his undead life. I guess I want that because I am not a fan of the concept of these “indestructible” ubervampires. If you ask me I think that is a short-sighted concept since it will only get to the point were the viewers are annoyed because the characters either come back time and again or the writers come up with some sort of weird way to get rid of them.

    One of the “main” cast must die. I want a death that doesn’t just affect the characters but also one that affects us viewers. I think the problem with the deaths so far is that from the perspective of the viewer they weren’t significant because the characters were a) not seen often enough or b) didn’t have an actual important role for viewers.
    Ok Elena probably won’t die unless they make her come back from the grave and Jeremy wouldn’t also because resurrecting him would get old and if he dies permanently, there is no way the writers could get away with Elena not having a nervous breakdown.

    I want a female bully, especially among the vampires. Vampires either get stronger with age or the ones closer to the originals are stronger (I am not yet sure what it is) so why should gender play a role? A female vampire is just as capable of using her fists as a male one, so I think that would be good. If I can’t get a female bully, I at least want a female vampire that openly uses her strength to get what she wants, not manipulation or the passive-aggressive way.

    I want more stuff happening outside of Mystic Falls, currently the place is in some sort of giant bubble seemingly cut off (more or less) from the outside world. I want more interaction and with all the money the Salvatores seem to have some plane tickets wouldn’t be out of question.

    I want Caroline to swear off of both these guys and be on her own for a while. She is a big girl so she can choose whoever she wants. Get rid of Tyler and Matt and make your way on your own.

    Day to day stuff. The show focussed too much on the supernatural aspect in my eyes. Even witches and werewolves need to eat. And what about school? And when are the main cast going to interact with ‘statists’ again? Currently there are like a gang cut off from the rest of society.

    I also want Tyler’s absence to have an effect. A student doesn’t just disappear for a month and then everything goes on as if nothing had happened. Weird enough that he and Jeremy never landed in detention.

    I want either to have explained why in all hell Elijah was the only Original to escape Klaus when he could be so easily fooled? Was he saved by somebody else?

    And what I would like is to find out that one of the Originals in the coffins is fake and the real one is out there. Maybe a unique bloodline or the start of vampire civil war.

    Ok, so far I can’t think of anything else I actually want, Jeremy’s ghost whisperer arc and the possibility of showing the origin of the vampires… let’s see what they make of it.

  • oxymoron417

    Um, have you read the newest article regarding T/C?? Be prepared to SQUEE!!

    “When their mothers find out the truth about each of them, they’re gonna have a say in whether the two of them should be together. There’s always going to be push and pull in their friendship as it travels down a romantic road. There’s gonna be people who don’t want them together, including themselves. It’s that forbidden love: we can’t quite stay away from each other, and yet, we shouldn’t be together. And the question will be at what point will they act on that and how will that go?”

    HELL. YES. I think this deserves to be under your wishlist. Santa came early this year :).

    Especially the loving them fighting their attraction to each other. More chin tucks from Tyler! Lupining! Excuse me while I go and jump around the room like a crazy person!!

    P.S. I updated my fic!

    • Spidey Sense

      Yay! Just read the latest chapter of your fic, and run through my internal liveblog in my next Forwood post… which will be a spoiler special courtesy of your fabulous tip off!

      The push and pull spoiler is just an absolute dream come true when it comes to the wishlist. I guess by this point you may have seen the OTHER spoiler to emerge about Tyler/Caro, and I am a little dubious about that one, but I’ll keep all the details in the proper spoiler post.

      I love the line about people not wanting them together, including themselves. That, to me, is a fascinating love story: two people drawn together who know know in their head they are all wrong for each other but can’t quite ignore their heart. For all the cracks I make about Twilight, for example, I fully understand the pull of the story… Edward is fighting his own nature and blood lust but ultimately wants to be with Bella. Imagine what a storyline like that will be like when written by Kevin Williamson and Co and with the awesome backstory and actors Forwood have.

      *joins Alyssa in jumping around the room with dignity having left the building a loooooooooooong time ago*

  • oxymoron417

    Yes, I DID read that other spoiler. Not too sure how I feel about it. Kinda disappointed, not so much worried. I guess we’ll have to see!

    Lol, dignity? What is that?

  • imaginarymen

    Wow I feel so special and pretty with all these links to my blog, Music Sex God shout-outs, and Legal to Lust over TM’s!!

    Basically, I want the next season to be All Team Ripper, All the Time! After seeing the pics of Joseph Morgan at ComicCon yesterday I was like, “Salvatores who?” ;-00 I KNOW!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!

    Plus my VictiMama LOVES bad boy vamps so she is on the precipice of FINALLY becoming ProStefan IF he’s allowed to rip to his hearts content!!

    So really if the whole season is those two wrecking havoc, Damon and Elena sexual tensioning the wallpaper off La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and Legal to Lust over Jeremy doing anything shirtless – I will be a happy fangbanger ;->>

    (oh, and I want Elijah back!)

    • Spidey Sense

      What can I say, I’m just basking in your reflected brilliance and exceptional taste in men, fictional or otherwise, by including the TMs et al. Heh. If I had to play the word association game, “Legal to Lust Over” is now what immediately comes to mind when I think of Steven R McQueen. To think you have seen that boy in real life already, you lucky duck.

      Joseph Morgan is a spectacular addition to the cast, as Daniel Gillies was as Elijah. It makes me wish I was a hot female vampire with a doppelganger so that we could double date with a pair of these insanely good looking vampire brothers!

      I bet your VictiMama will fall prey to the charms of Ripper!Stefan. I’ve seen some season three behind the scenes pics of Paul Wesley, who looks all tortured and scrummy. I bet his hotness quotient will just go up if he completely blows through a village wreaking havoc on his way.

      (I want Elijah back too!)

  • createourowndestiny

    Hey I also want Elijah back, he is kickass!! So I was thinking of a scene that would be soooo damn cute… if only the writers can make it happen:

    Caroline is walking home but she has this lingering feeling that someone is watching her the whole time…. as she walks towards her front door she hears something. When she goes to check she finds Tyler hiding behind the bushes and she asks him what he is doing there…..

    At first he doesn’t want to say, but then he admits to her that he has been following her home every night to make shure that she is safe

    Awww that would just melt my heart specially for the fact that caroline is a vampire and can definitely defend/handle herself!

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