Tingling Trevino Post – Teen Choice Awards Swimfan Edition


You know what, I don’t know Michael Trevino, but I spend ridic numbers of hours fangirling about Tyler on this blog… so, I was excited as a mother duck watching her duckling swim for the first time when I found out he had won his very first Teen Choice Award!

The category he won is Choice TV Scene Stealer (Male), and he got a brand spanking new surfboard for his efforts, all the better to navigate his way through the sea of us swimfans!

FUN FACT: I have in fact surfed in my lifetime. In Hawaii, no less. Am I proud of this fact? You bet that I am! It doesn’t matter that this spectacular feat ended with me wiping out, spinning around five times under water (I may be exaggerating there, but it sure felt like it), getting salt water up my nose and in my mouth, plus a little taste of Hawaiian sand. No one will take those two seconds of fleeting surfing from me, dammit!

Now, for all of you Trevino fans out there who voted for him, whether because you are an actual teen or voted under the guise of being a teen (Gen, you led me down this dark and naughty road), I’m curious to know the reason…

Is it because you think he is a brilliant actor, or just looks fabulous when his character Tyler strips down to spandex when transforming?

Inquiring minds want to know!


I was also quite happy to discover that for once a Twilight movie didn’t win Choice Liplock, and instead this honour went to the alarmingly erotic (alarming because Ron/Hermione 4eva) Locket!Horcrux (TM 12_12_12) snog between Harry and Hermione.

Speaking of getting wet, if you have missed the clip of soapy, NEKKID, Damon fresh from a shower and caught in the act by Elena, you can find this tantalising season three teaser below…

Seriously, this clip was like the Vampire Diaries Holy Grail for a few days after it first aired at Comic Con 2011. Now you can re-watch it to your heart’s content!

Click here for the full list of Teen Choice Award winners. Vampire Diaries had a clean sweep in their categories, which suggests to me that voters have excellent taste and are my soul mates, pretty much. 😉

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6 responses to “Tingling Trevino Post – Teen Choice Awards Swimfan Edition

  • kjewls

    Yay! Thank you so much for the “distilled” version of the Comic Con Sizzle Reel! Now, I won’t have to keep fast forwarding to the 3 minute mark on the original video, to get to the good stuff. (Don’t you like how I remembered the time frame? That should tell you how many times I watched this.)

    I am thrilled that Michael Trevino, and the rest of The Vampire Diaries’ cast, are finally being recognized on the awards circuit this year. It’s ABOUT DAMN TIME! The acting this cast pulls off on a weekly basis, puts other actors in a certain vampire and werewolf related film to shame. (Not mentioning names, of course. ;))

    Emmys and Golden Globes, take note!

    Oh, and Trevino looks totally adorable posing next to that surfboard. I wonder if he surfs in real life. How yummy would that be to watch? 😉 The TVD cast did mention at Comic Con that they wanted to do a Hawaii episode. Maybe (they and we) will get our wish . . . 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Heh. I am impressed but not surprised you know the time frame of the Delena scene from the Comic Con Sizzle Reel. I’m exactly the same when it comes to Forwood kissage, which I have watched an embarrassing number of times. Oh, us and our one-track Vampire Diaries minds 😉

      I am constantly amazed by the level of acting the Vampire Diaries cast pulls off with each episode. The make the craziest situations seem believable, and it is a shame that this genre is far from Emmy/Golden Globe catnip, because they deserve wider recognition IMO. No matter, I am ecstatic about the cast’s clean sweep of the awards, and I’m looking forward to them getting even more surfboards next year, as I am confident they no doubt will.

      Trevino, Somerhalder and water in any equation is fine by me, so I’m hoping and praying for a Hawaii episode… right after an episode inspired by 300, of course!! Just imagine all TVD guys in that Spartan Halloween costume Tyler wore in s1, and you’ll know why I am so adamant about this being the ultimate stunt TVD episode plot ever 😉

  • Charlotte

    May I first say I love your T/C posts. I would have liked to have replied to some of them, but I’m a newcomer and they were older posts by that time. I found out about your blog from fanpop.com. They posted your link when you did the Top Ten T/C moments from season 2. So, Hawaii is it as nice as everyone says? Anyway, I didn’t even know he was up for this award. He is up for another award too, however he has some tough competition. I’m so happy that he won this one! He deserves it! If I had known about this one I would have voted for him. I’ve voted for them as a couple before on internet sites. As to your question about whether it’s because he is a brilliant actor, or just looks fabulous when his character strips down to spandex when transforming. For me it is both. There is something sexy about him in chains too. Wow, I sound like such a weirdo. I don’t think anyone could have missed the clip of soapy, naked Damon. For the most part I agree that the voters have excellent taste. I saw your replies to 12_12_12’s most recent post about Captain Cardbpard the Tool and I couldn’t agree more with you. I wish I had been more calm when I had written, but PMS makes me go all sorts of crazy.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Charlotte! First of all, never apologise for Matt-induced PMS on this blog. Matt away from Caroline can be okay at times, but he is just to rage inducing when he is in her orbit that you have to vent, and all I can say is, vitriol is always welcome on this blog when it comes to Caratt. Having said that, if Tyler or Caroline need to be held accountable for morally ambiguous actions, feel free to go off at them too.

      Hawaii is the most beautiful place in the world. I stayed in Waikiki, and on the doorstep of my hotel was the most goregous, straight-from-a-postcard (though apparently man-made) beach you could imagine. There was also an abundance of ABC stores if memory serves correctly – little Hawaiian drug stores!

      Feel free to go back and comment on any older posts – I always get comment notifications ;). Of course, I think season three will be so chock full of squeeworthy material that we may need to pace ourselves before the season three premiere 😉 The new promo with Caro springing on half-naked Tyler is sure to be the sign of things to come!

      Trevino is an amazing actor, and as much as I fangirl about his looks, his real appeal for me is how much he is able to get me to emotionally connect with Tyler. Without his split second reaction shots that have shown me Tyler’s flashes of conflict, even dating back to his early season one douche days, I doubt I would have the same affection for Tyler that I do now. The fact that he looks great in spandex and/or chains is just the icing on the cake, really.

  • Gen

    *Flails and wipes tear* I’m so very proud of him. Gosh, he truly deserved it. Okay so a TCA is small potatoes, but it’s recognition that I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Trevino needs and deserves. He is just not anothe pretty face on the CW, but he’s incredibly talented as an actor. The dude gots skillz. LOL.

    Okay, so I’m not a teen, but dammit I had to make sure I put all my efforts into getting this guy in the running. I was really nervous that Chris Coefler from Glee would take it, so imagine my surprise when they announced that Trevino had won. I do wish he had been featured in his own category, but with TVD sweeping most of them might as well get them out of the way at once. I voted because I love him lol. Okay, okay, so he’s gorgeous, but since this was his very first TCA I wanted him so badly to win it. So there I was lying to the world about my age and making sure baby boy would win. 🙂

    Now it’s time to get voting on that ALMA award. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, small potatoes or no, I am just so glad that he is getting some recognition. I will forever lament that the insanely talented TVD cast is unlikely to ever get the Emmy love they so sorely deserve. Eh, it was the same with Buffy. Sometimes, Emmys can be a curse – you win and then the quality of your show sharply declines. I am happy for TVD to be the best-kept secret on TV!

      You know, Glee might have a larger audience base, but I would say that Vampire Diaries fans are pretty much unmatched in terms of their enthusiasm and passion when it comes to teen shows. I’m a part-time Glee viewer, but an avid fangirl of TVD. There is just something about the show that makes it hard to be anything but a no-holds-barred fan. So, I’m not surprised that all of our bbs were lavished with love in the voting stakes and ended up sweeping their categories 😉 Us fans are just that damn amazing!

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