Elijah approves of Tyler/Caroline!

So, like the rest of Tyler/Caroline fandom, Elijah is clearly squeeing over that split second of bb were and bb vamp action in the new Vampire Diaries season three extended promo.

“I believe the term you are searching for is OMG.” INDEED.

I’m secretly hoping that Klaus and Elijah have a connection to the Lockwood family line, so that one of them can give Tyler and Caroline a talk about the birds and the werepires, and how the stork story is just a smokescreen. 😉

Warning for those who like staying unspoiled: spoilers are now in the comments

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5 responses to “Elijah approves of Tyler/Caroline!

  • Gen

    Is that a real promo?! If so that is the best friggin promo ever!!

  • Charlotte

    I decided to reply to this post before replying to your Got Forwood post. I wasn’t surprised that someone already made a video for that scene. That is so funny and great. I love how they put Elijah’s OMG in there. That would be interesting if there was a connection between the Lockwood family and Elijah and Klaus. What exactly would you like to see happen, Spidey? HAHA, I would like to see Klaus giving them the talk about the birds and the werepires! That is just too funny. Klaus: “Well, when a male werewolf likes a female vampire…..” 😉 -Charlotte

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Charlotte! So glad you enjoyed the fan made promo as much as I did. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – TVD fandom is the sexiest, smartest, most creative fandom I’ve ever been lucky enough to be part of!

      I’m fully hoping for a strong connection between the Lockwood family line and Klaus’ werewolf side. I just don’t think it was an accident that Elijah compelled Tyler’s mother to set up shop in the Lockwood mansion when he wasn’t in his current daggered state. I mean, I guess he wanted to stay in classy digs, but it would have been easier for him to stay in a vacant place, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he also wanted to keep tabs on the Lockwood family.

      Elijah has been around for so long that he has probably witnessed vampire/werewolf dynamics to a degree unrivalled by anyone else, but with an objectivity that Klaus with his werepire endgame doesn’t have. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to promote interspecies peace, since I think the two species may need to join forces to defeat Klaus. So, I could totally picture him mentoring Tyler. Not to mention, Elijah is a vampire who doesn’t have a problem with Tyler the way the Salvatores Brothers no doubt have post-accidental-Damon bite – they’ve killed people for much less. So, he is the only male vampire who could give tips on pleasing lady friends of his species 😉 I’m hoping he’ll school Tyler in what happens to a vampire when they are turned on, and what some of their little-known kinks are. Elijah, while asexual aside from Foe!Yay and a little Katherine admiration in flashbacks so far, strikes me as a gentleman with plenty of experience under his belt.

      12_12_12 also mentioned that Tyler’s mother giving him things like the Safe Full Moon talk, once she finds out he is a werewolf, could rival the Safe Sex Talk in its awesome awkwardness 😉 I for one am REALLY hoping to see this happen!

      XO Cherie

  • Charlotte

    From E! Spoiler Room I neeeeeeeed to know what that one second clip in the promo was about? Let’s just say a green little monster whose name rhymes with Melousy becomes Caroline’s friend when she sees Tyler dancing with another girl at Elena’s party. Looking ahead, their Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship takes a truly Shakespearean turn when someone we know—and kind of trust—aims to hurt our favorite blonde.

    Thoughts, feelings? Personally, I don’t know how to feel right now. It’s a mix of many different emotions. I just knew I had to tell you right away.

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