Social Media Experiment: Check out Rhinocerous in Love, have a Rhino sketch done by local artist Joelie Croser… and maybe win an IPAD 2 for your efforts!

Blinded by Love, Joelie Croser

Blinded By Love, by Joelie Croser

One of the highlights of the OzAsia Festival calendar this year is Rhinocerous in Love, the Australian debut of an experimental drama that has reinvented modern Chinese theatre. The director Meng Jinghui is a bit of a renegade, pushing boundaries of what contemporary Chinese theatre is all about, and is known as the Tarantino of Chinese theatre!

The Adelaide Festival Centre has asked young people like me to help spread the word about Rhinocerous in Love by becoming “Rhino Helpers”. The original idea is that the person who has the most tickets sold through BASS citing their promo code wins an IPAD 2 (with WI-FI + 3G + 32GB valued at $839) – but the AFC are happy for me to take a slightly different approach.

I’m more interested in being a Rhino Helper in terms of this being a great social media experiment. I thought I would give the incentive that if I am the most successful Rhino Helper, I will give one of my ticket buyers the IPAD 2 instead.

I’ve also enlisted the help of my favourite local artist, the lovely and talented Joelie Croser, who was behind the Handbook for Girls exhibition at Urban Cow Studio I blogged about last year, to help make this competition more fun.

If you buy tickets through BASS (in person/on phone 131 246/online to Rhinocerous in Love using my code (RHINOCHERIE), email me at with a concept involving a Rhino, and Joelie will sketch this. I’ll post each sketch on my blog in the lead up to the competition closing date (tickets have to be purchased using the code by 9am, 13 September). Then, I’ll produce a final post on opening night of Rhinocerous in Love  (16 September) containing all sketches and asking you to vote for your favourite sketch.

The person who comes up with the concept for the most popular sketch will win the IPAD 2, if I end up being the most successful Rhino Helper.

For example, my first ticket buyer (love you Mum!) asked Joelie to sketch a Rhino blinded by love (see above). This Rhino is walking a tight rope with eyes firmly shut, and cheeks blushing with the flush of love. Can you think of something equally zany, creative and quirky?

In addition, if you buy tickets using my code, you save $5 off the normal adult price for viewing this show. So, get your creative juices flowing! Joelie and I can’t wait to see some of the Rhino ideas you come up with!

Below are the steps to follow in full to take part in this competition. If you have any questions about this process, email me at


Buy tickets through BASS in person / on phone 131 246 / online to Rhinocerous in Love and make sure you cite the code RHINOCHERIE. If you book online there will be a field asking for you to enter a Promotion Code if relevant, and this is where you enter it.

To take part in this competition, you must purchase tickets through BASS by 9am, 13 September using my RHINOCHERIE code. Tickets purchased using this code are $40 adults, $25 students.

How I will track this

The Adelaide Festival Centre’s BASS team will be able to confirm for me that the winner did indeed purchase a ticket using my code.


Email me at with your Rhino concept. Ask for a sketch of a Rhino either doing some quirky and interesting or looking cute and funky in some way. The sky is the limit – the more creative the better!


Check out my blog for each Rhino sketch as they are posted in the lead up to the Rhinocerous in Love opening night (Friday 16 September). This will be cross-posted on my new Cherie’s Musings blog, which will focus on social media, marketing and arts. If you like, you can subscribe via email to my blog by entering your email into the field in the footer/base of this blog, and get regular updates straight to your inbox! On opening night of Rhinocerous in Love (Friday 16 September), I will post a final blog entry featuring all Rhino sketches, and ask for you to vote for your favourite in an online poll.


If you are a ticket buyer and have sent me through a sketch idea, you might like to post a link on Facebook and/or Twitter to help build up votes for your sketch. A person can vote in the blog poll AND on social media, or get their friends to do both. Basically, the more you help spread the word, the more votes you can build.


There are two options. You can do one or both.

1)   Post a link on your personal Facebook page to the individual blog post featuring your sketch idea and/or a link to the final blog post featuring all sketches, encouraging people to vote for you by hitting “like”. All likes you receive will count as a vote for your sketch.

2)   Post a link to OzAsia Festival event page ( ) to the individual blog post featuring your sketch idea and/or link to the final blog post featuring all sketches, encouraging people to “like” your sketch. All likes will count as a vote for your sketch.


Post a link to your personal Twitter to the individual blog post featuring your sketch idea or the final blog post featuring all sketches, encouraging people to vote for you by hitting “retweet”. All retweets you receive will count as a vote.

How I will track this

Please take a screen shot of any social media “likes” or “retweets” that you have accumulated on Monday 19 September and email this to me by 8pm that night. This screen shot obviously needs the number of “likes” and “retweets” to be clear.

Alternatively, add me as a friend on Facebook (my profile page is located here: or follow me on Twitter (@cherie_barnett), and email me if you plan to ask friends to help you build votes through social media. You can always de-friend me once the competition is over if privacy is a concern.

I will count any “likes” or “retweet” you receive as votes.


The IPAD 2 prize comes with WI-FI + 3G + 32GB and is valued at $839.

The person who comes up with the concept for the most popular sketch (i.e. receives the most votes) will win the IPAD 2, if I end up being the most successful Rhino Helper.  If this happens, I will announce the winner and winning sketch on my blog and email the winner to arrange for them to collect the IPAD 2.

I will verify that the winner bought tickets using my code by contacting the BASS team at the Adelaide Festival Centre.


Click this link for more information about the show, including YouTube videos:


Love as blind as a rhinoceros.

Recognised as a masterpiece of experimental drama Rhinoceros in Love, directed by Meng Jinghui, first performed in 1999 has reinvented modern Chinese drama.

Rhinoceros keeper Ma Lu falls in love with his neighbour Ming Ming and does everything to win her heart. However, Ming loves another man who does not care about her. On a rainy night Ma becomes so desperate he kidnaps Ming in the name of love.

This contemporary, energetic and popular production dusted with dark romance unveils the extremes people go to for love.

There have been over 800 performances of the show and four versions. The fourth version by the best contemporary theatre in China has been performed in 25 cities since 2009 and makes its Australian debut at the OzAsia Festival before heading to the Brisbane Festival and Melbourne Festival.

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My name is Cherie, and I’m an Australian Occupational Therapy Student who hopes to help people with any condition that inhibits their ability to participate in valued occupations, tasks, activities, as I believe they’re an essential part of identity, happiness and health. My favourite occupation is hiking, which enables me to move past through the forest literally and metaphorically! View all posts by Cherie

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