Tyler = Jess? Mini Update Courtesy of the Flawlessness that is Sophie AKA The Love Story Princess

(Amy, I SWEAR I’m not trolling you with yet more Jess coverage ;P)

Sophie AKA The Love Story Princess is one of my fangirl spirit animals. Her flawlessness  includes sharing an appreciation for Tyler Lockwood, Jess Mariano and Pacey Witter.

Just when I thought this girl couldn’t get even more perfect, I was skimming through her Tumblr today when I was suddenly hit with an attack of the squees.

 Recently, I wrote meta comparing Tyler to Jess, and drawing parallels between the Rory/Jess and Tyler/Caroline ships.

Someone, I managed to overlook the similarity between two key scenes on Gilmore Girls and The Vampire Diaries.

Jess, talking about the book he wrote (to be worthy of Rory, swoon) 


Remind you of another scene?


Tyler: “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there.”

Seriously, if Tyler is basically season six Jess from now onwards, rose pebbles are gonna be flying all over the place.

Season Three of Vampire Diaries, come to me lover, so that I can ravish you senseless with Tyler/Caroline and Rory/Jess comparisons. Squee!

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5 responses to “Tyler = Jess? Mini Update Courtesy of the Flawlessness that is Sophie AKA The Love Story Princess

  • Sophie

    Cherie! The honour..!
    I cannot wait to go searching for more links. Especially with you! You’re clearly my other half when it comes to tvshows and their delicious squeeworthy moments!

    I love that in their own way the girls are there for the guys. Mature Tyler and late-Jess are amazing to analyse. It will be one big squee-fest everywhere I can talk about it! 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      It’s the least I can do, considering the monumental squee you sent my way by posting the Tyler/Jess comparison on your Tumblr. Fangirling with you is always a blast!

      Tyler in season three is going to be Jess season six, just you wait. See, people are so worried about Tyler being whitewashed, but late-Jess was awesome and still essentially Jess while being mature and lunchable and just generally in the right place for Rory (if not for her unfortunate loyalty to Logan). In my mind, Amy Sherman-Palladino went to Julie and Kev and said, “After disappointing Cherie and Sophie wiht my ship, I’m expecting you to deliver them muchos Forwoodos sexos”, and so it shall be in season three!! Hee.

  • Charlotte

    I couldn’t stop laughing after the line “come to me lover”. Anyway, I need your help with something Cherie. I’m trying to get my best friend interested in The Vampire Diaries. She will be behind two seasons by the time the show starts again. I think she will be interested since she is a Twilight fan and she loved Jacob the werewolf guy. She also reads the House of Night series which is about vamps. So, I have been sending her loads of things about Forwood in hopes that she might want to start watching it. I thought Tyler being shirtless would be enough, but apparently not. I know I was surprised as well. How can I persuade her to start watching? I’ve sent her pictures, clips, and even your blogs. Maybe if I get her to come over for a sleep over I could make it into a Forwood marathon or just Vampire Diaries marathon. What is your advice? Any suggestions? Changes as to what I am doing? WoooHooo! We are getting closer to season 3 Cherie! I’m so excited!!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Charlotte! Wow, so shirtless Trevino couldn’t convince your friend to watch? She is made of stronger stuff than me! I am a tiny, eensy weensy bit busy this weekend, but I am going to put a post together outlining why The Vampire Diaries is awesome, and why she must watch, especially for Tyler/Caroline.

      If she likes Jacob Bella, then she will like Caroline Tyler, because there is the BFFs with potential for more theme common to both ships. It is a major part of my attraction to both of these pairings myself. I adore best friends who fall in love or are drawn to each other.

      I definitely would skip the first five episodes of season one, apart from the Vicki/Damon dancing scene (this hooked me and I haven’t looked back ever since). I would start her off with season two if you think that Caroline Tyler will be the drawcard for her, because it is easier to be sympathetic to these characters if you view them in season one in light of what happens in season two (although, for me, I pretty much loved Caroline from day dot and Tyler form the “we people” moment).

      I am so excited too, hun! We are almost there!!

  • Charlotte

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!! THERE ARE NEW CLIPS OF FORWOOD SEX!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO LOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AT THE NEW OMG VIDEO!!!!!!!!! THERE IS ALSO A NEW EPISODE DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE!!!!!! HERE IT IS “TVD Episode 3×03 “The End of the Affair” Synopsis: Tyler is concerned about Caroline and turns to Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) for help.”

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