Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. SEX. Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo!

Just call me sleeping beauty, because whenever I catch some z’s lately, I’ll wake up and suddenly TYLER/CAROLINE SEX IS ALL UP ON MY DASH.

I don’t have time to analyse everything fully this morning before work, my lovelies, but I just had to *flail*flail*flail* over the new Vampire Diaries season three promo that is well worth the excruciating wait for Tyler/Caroline fans. To put it mildly!

Thanks Charlotte, Alyssa and Paloma for bringing these momentous clips to my attention, and Gen, Cath and everyone else on Tumblr, I look forward to the many ways in which you can gif our to bbs getting hot and heavy. Imagine what we will be like when we have the full scene!

And now, I will go to work and pretend that I am a dignified, refined professional lady, and not some 13 year old jumping up and down inside screaming “Forwood unicorns are everywhere! Let me die! Is this the real life?” 😉

Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Sex.

I promise to deconstruct the new trailer in full soon, but I had to get something, anything up before work today. I’m sure you understand. 😉


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7 responses to “Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. SEX. Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo!

  • oxymoron417

    Um, I’m sorry what? What is my name? Where am I? My brain isn’t thinking clearly because it’s TC SEX!!

    You have no idea how me and Susan and my other FF pals were bitching about getting no extended promo, how I wrote a nasty feedback to the CW, and to get this, was like…..ahhhhh….yeah.

    I mean, I just…no words! It’s not a dream, no way. Too much going on for it to be a dream. It’s TC sex!

    And then, to add even more, did you see the 303 synopsis? Tyler being concerned for Caroline and going to Sheriff Forbes?

    Yes, I’m happy in an TC induced coma and I want to stay there.

    I can’t wait for a more coherent (not that this isn’t coherent), I actually applaud you for doing this before work. I’m a zombie before work. Really. But a longer post.

    Cherie! *HUGS* One week till we can fangirl our butts off!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Alyssa!

      I just wrote on Gen’s Tumblr that basically today should be anointed National Tyler/Caroline Get Wood/Sex Day and it is cruel and unusual punishment we aren’t being given a holiday day off to recap, gif and just generally flail and be in a TC induced coma.

      This promo was well worth the wait! I will say though that we do a lot of the promo work for the CW, but they need to give us a few crumbs, so I completely understand you guys getting impatient waiting for the trailer to be released. Perhaps their post-production technology kept getting melted by TC clips?

      Ohh, I’ve seeen the 3×03 synopsis. I’m going to hold off for a little while on analysing that until the first episode has gone down or more spoilers come out, I think.

      I will be grinning like a maniac all day today, and noone in my normal real life will understand why. It will be awesome! By the way, the FF reactions are hilarious 😉 I love all of you girls!

      • oxymoron417

        LOL. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to work now and pretend to be a normal person when the only thoughts in my head now are

        TCsextcsextcsextcsex….you get the idea 😉

        Okay, we can hold off on 3×03. I’m excited about it though. Loving how every synopsis so far has had some TC in there.

        • Spidey Sense

          OK, heading off now, with my professional cap firmly on. There will be blogging later. Oh, there will.

          The other reason for holding off on 3×03 is that I am polishing off my remaining Got Forwood rewinds. I’ll be releasing one every day until the premiere 😉

  • Izzy

    Oh sweet vampy goodness…

    My mind is literally BLOWN by the astounding hotness of the T/C action in this. Like gob-smacked dribbley amazement. The wait is INTOLERABLE.

    And on another note, I fricking LOVE that promo. Badassery all around 🙂

    Awesome post – thanks for sharing the love 🙂

    • Spidey Sense


      There are no words for how excited I was to see the Caroline/Tyler deliciousness unfold before my eyes. The promo was well worth the excruciating wait for its release. Now we just have to get through a few more days before we can see the sex scene in full. It will be epic, and I can’t wait to drool and swoon with all of you guys!

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