Original Sins, Originals Sinning & Deadly Sins – My Take On The Vampire Diaries Season Three Extended Promo


Promo screen grabs all from www.vampirediaries.net

Just when we were arming ourselves with pitchforks to storm the CW offices and demand an extended Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo, STAT, they delivered in style.

Let’s indulge in the debauchery, campiness and decadence! This post is only spoilery if you consider promos to be spoilery.

Here’s the promo in full:

The new promo put the cast posters that were released earlier into deliciously sexy, bloody, gory context.

Fandom has been ambivalent about these shots of Elena, Stefan, Damon and Klaus, each clutching a different piece of blood-soaked fruit.

Me? I loved them! Here’s why: they remind me of those old Gothic paintings that aren’t intended to be a true representation of their subject, that are all about the subtext rather than the literal, but leaves you wondering how much of what is represented is real and how much is illusory  – the fruit each character is holding symbolises where they are at in the storyline, and hints about where they will be taken in season three (more on that later).

This season is bound to be about shifting loyalties and motivations, and I bet things will not always be as they seem. Plus, I think this season will be all about testing the perceptions we have of characters up until now, and how much truth these perceptions actually hold. I’m particularly intrigued by the Elena image, because of her identical countenance to her evil vampire doppelganger Katherine. So, the surreal quality of the images, crappy photoshopping notwithstanding, just plain works for me.

These posters also remind me of the show’s signature kill – hearts freshly ripped from the bodies of victims. Have we ever seen a heart ripped from a human on the show though? I mean, we’ve seen werewolves and vampires de-hearted, but I can’t recall a human dying in this way. Could this mean that this season will be about the vulnerabilities of seeming indestructible beings like werepire Klaus? Hmm. They don’t even necessarily have to be physical vulnerabilities, but emotional ones, like the loneliness of inherent in being an immortal being.

Mostly, I’m just disappointed that we didn’t have a picture of Elijah holding two bloody melons or something, as an homage to my favourite heart double-header kill of his.

Or, for that matter, a picture of Caroline holding a banana, in light of the Tyler/Caroline action that goes down in the trailer.

Mind, meet gutter. Have a fabulous time acquainting yourself with each other, and getting all dirty and generally all-around smutty together.

The Vampire Diaries is the ultimate guilty pleasure, so I’m loving that this extended trailer is all about sins – Original sins, Originals sinning, and deadly sins.




The promo is laden with Garden of Edenesque overtones, complete with more than one type of forbidden fruit and vampire Original Klaus as an extraordinarily seductive serpent whispering in Stefan’s ear.

But you can also interpret it using the seven deadly sins – wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony – as a frame.

So, here is the promo through the lens of the seven deadly sins. Though I guess all sins have the potential to turn deadly when it comes to vampires and other supes…

Special thanks to KJewls from www.tvrecappersanonymous.wordpress.com, who awesomely suggested a while ago that it would be fun to analyse the characters of the series through the seven deadly sins – her idea INSTANTLY came to mind when I was watching the promo! Think of this as a present thanking you, Julie, for the awesome full recaps you do for TVD episodes week in, week out. By the way, if you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out Julie and Amy’s (from www.imaginarymen.wordpress.com) own AMAZING breakdown of the promo. Amy’s blasphemy (biblical!) about Tyler aside, of course. Hee!

Sloth & Wrath – Elena


For the purposes of this analysis, wrath will be defined as anger, usually associated with violence, violent reaction or acting out. Sloth will be defined as spiritual or emotional apathy, a wasting away of an intangible ideal.

We’ve seen the deadly sin of sloth play out for Elena already. Her identity as the Doppelganger and the key to Klaus being able to destroy humanity, the tragedy of her parents’ death, and her unwillingness to let other loved ones die… all of these elements caused a wasting away of her innocence, and her giving up at one point to the extent she wanted to martyr herself rather than putting someone else in harm’s way.

Here is an excerpt from an incredibly thought-provoking piece of meta on Elena:

Fandom can be a tad harsh about Elena’s martyr complex, but I’m not gonna lie–Elena’s kamikaze suicide missions are why she’s my girl. It’s not that I consider her actions the height of heroism, it’s simply that I find her desire to give up so utterly and profoundly human, it makes me wonder how I ever found her unrelateable.

It also makes her “fine, thank you” persona all the more tragic, because the reality of Elena Gilbert is that she’s doomed to destroy everything she touches, by sheer virtue of being born. After all, she was born as a Petrova Doppelganger, and as a key in the plan of the oldest vampire in time to destroy humanity. That does things to a girl. Elena says it herself in 2.09 Katerina: “Everything is because of me.” She can’t cling to the semblance of okay-ness anymore. People die around her, how could it not matter.

I think a really telling moment is in 2.21 The Sun Also Rises, when she tells Jeremy that she’s so sorry he’s lost so many people — but, well, so has she. The difference is that she no longer sees herself as an innocent. She never was. She was born implicated, and she wears the face of a killer.  

And ultimately, I believe that it’s this deep sense of inferiority that leads to Elena’s best, most famed quality: her stunning, character-defining capacity for empathy. It’s what allows her to connect with other people’s lowest, loneliest moments–even when they don’t deserve it. I feel like I see a lot of criticism of Elena for being “too forgiving” or what have you, but in all honesty, I think that’s missing the point. I think that what people are not getting there is that Elena’s forgiving nature emphatically does not come from a place of moral superiority. That’s why she’s able to hug Damon not a day after he’s held her hostage, to forgive Stefan for repeatedly lying to her and nearly killing her classmate, to give Tyler a moment of grace after he was partly responsible for her nearly getting killed. Because what Elena longs for more than anything in the entire world is to be absolved, herself, to right the wrongs of the universe, to bring her dead family back. She would do anything. (It kind of makes you wonder where she draws the line–or if she even has one at all.)

After all she has been through, girlfriend is due for one hell of a hissy fit (wrath).


Her wrath, hinted at in the promo with an Elena clearly close to breaking point, might manifest itself in another way… her descent into becoming more like Katherine.

One of the most intriguing notions of the promo for me is that Elena might turn out to be the hidden serpent of season three. Hey, things are meant to get dark, guys!

A lot of people have been wondering if it is Elena or Katherine featured in the first part of the promo, what with Nina Dobrev lounging all sexy and langorously like.

I definitely think it is meant to be Elena, but the subtext is that Elena is either more like Katherine than we have been shown so far, or she will be severely tempted to become more like Katherine and give into darker impulses.

Katherine is the specter that haunts Elena’s entire identity. As the Doppelganger, we don’t know how much Elena’s nature is influenced by her Doppelganger line. I could see Elena fearing becoming like Katherine above all else – after all, Katherine’s nature has led her to live a life alone, something Elena would favour death over. We haven’t really delved into it that much, but I bet that Elena has been repressing any part of herself that could be deemed like Katherine.

Damned If She Do, by The Kills, the song used in the promo, has lyrics that seem to suggest this Katherine/Elena dynamic, and what this means to Elena’s identity, will be explored more next season.

She damned if she do
She damned if she don’t
If history hang hang hangs her well
Her memory won’t


We also have Elena trying to reach the seductive cherry dangled just out of reach by Stefan – a movement that is significant not only because Ripper Stefan might try to tempt Elena down a dark path, but because Katherine is known for taking seductive pleasure in eating ruby red cherries (Masquerade and The Return are examples that spring to mind).


With Ripper Stefan coming out to play and Elena’s wrath no doubt at an all time high, I’m hoping that this means we will finally get some payoff next season about all the hints that have been dropped about Elena having similarities to Katherine. For instance, going way back to season one it’s been drummed into us that Elena had an entirely different personality, much more like Katherine’s, before her parents died. Who can forget the moment where Damon tells Elena she is more similar to Katherine than he realized, after she manipulates him on a road trip to get information out of him that she wants? Plus, we have seen subtle hints of her unconscious ability to manipulate, like her natural tendency to touch Damon, when she knows on some level that he is in love with her, as a means of persuasion.


Elena stabbing herself is like a symbolic stabbing of those aspects of her identity that she can struggle against but can’t change.

Greed – Klaus


I’m defining greed here in a psychological context – an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves.

We don’t know what makes Klaus tick yet. But what we do know is that he is willing to track down a doppelganger for centuries, all so that he can undertake a sacrifice ritual that will allow him to evolve from Original vampire to a hybrid between a wolf and vamp. Immortality and Original Sex God looks are apparently not enough for this man. I for one am very curious to discover why he was so desperate to become a werepire, when as an Original vamp with few worthy opponents, even from his fellow Originals, he hardly needed to soup up his indestructibility.

If we discover the inner workings of Klaus’ mind while he is rocking a Henley, so be it.

Lust & Envy – Damon

Lust, for me, is about desiring something more strongly than anything else at a point in time. Envy is all about lacking another’s (perceived) superior quality, achievement or possessions, and either desiring it or wishing that the other lacked it.


The whole premise of this show is Damon and Stefan’s competition for Elena’s attention and affections. The subtext of the promo is that while Stefan is likely to be in the back of Elena’s mind the entire time (Vampire Diaries.net astutely pointed out that Ripper Stefan pulling Elena’s hair from behind symbolized this), she’ll find it harder to deny the attraction and connection she has had for Damon since day one.


Damon is now in a position to get what he desires most: Elena. But at what cost? Stefan sacrificed his tenuous grip on humanity to cure his brother from a potentially fatal werewolf bite. So, despite Damon and Stefan having a decidedly screwed up relationship, there is bound to be some conflict in Damon in terms of being with the girl of the brother who saved him at the cost of his own soul.


It’s not surprising Damon holds the red apple, the ultimate forbidden fruit, in his hands, or that Ponytail Elena is wearing a RED shirt in the first clip from the Birthday episode of season three (which incidentally, also features soapy, naked Damon, in case you forgot).

Pride & Lust – Stefan

Pride is a high sense of one’s self, but also a stubbornness to admit when you are wrong (e.g. I found it hard to swallow my pride and apologise). The opposite of pride is either humility or guilt, the latter in particular being a sense of one’s own failure.

Stefan “I’m the good brother” Salvatore is a curious mix of pride and guilt, he is both someone obsessed with being the good brother to Damon’s bad brother, and someone who has an addictive personality that he has tried desperately to suppress when the Vampire Diaries series begins… but in season three will be giving into again.

Stefan’s approach to self-control is complete and utter abstinence. He drank animal blood in place of human blood until season two, rather than learning how to manage his hunger. His feelings for Katherine are debateable, but I would say that his professed hatred of her stems from his lack of control when he fell in love with her as a human – her compulsion (removal of free will) of him, his willingness to chase a woman his brother was enamoured with despite loving/respecting Damon. So, like his blood addiction, Katherine is something I am sure will need to be resolved for Stefan in season three and beyond.

So, we see Stefan’s pride at work when he emphatically tells Katherine he hates her, it’s his way of reasserting control, of telling her in no uncertain terms that she is no longer in control of him (“I’m not Damon. I haven’t spent the last 145 years obsessed with you.”), while Katherine tries to get it back (“Based on your choice of women, I’d say otherwise.”)

Similarly, Stefan defines himself in opposition to Damon because the foundation of his entire identity of being the good one is his pride leading him to believe that he isn’t just a monster. Even in Ripper mode in season one, he brought up this identity in front of Amber, a chick he had kidnapped and was casually discussing carotid arteries with and the ease with which they can turn a humans into living juiceboxes for vampires while she was under his compulsion.

In Founders Day, when Damon started showing signs of potentially usurping Stefan’s role as the only good brother, he quickly reasserted his position: “Well, see Damon, it’s only real when it comes from your desire to do the right thing for nothing in return and I know that is an entirely foreign concept to you. I completely understand you wouldn’t get it.”

Stefan’s pride, for me at least, has always been about his fears of what he could become, or even what he already is.

Klaus is whispering in his ear, but we don’t know how much of a hold the Original vampire will have over him. If he gives himself over to the dark side, how much will be a result of free will? What could push him over the edge and let go of his pride completely? *cough*Delena*cough*

Since everything ultimately comes back to Buffy for me when it comes to major vampire series comparisons, I thought it would be worth bringing up The Judge vs Angelus.

In season two of Buffy, The Judge is built up to be the biggest villain ever, no weapon forged can kill him, he burns the humanity out of people etc etc, yet as Spike points out, most of his time is just spent sitting on his butt, and the relative ease with which the Scoobs defeat him means that going up against him is almost an anti-climax. I always saw his impotence as being in direct opposition to the virilty of the true Big Bad to emerge in the same two-episode arc The Judge was in. Buffy’s gorgeous boyfriend turned out to be the true villain, whose power lay in his emotional connection. Angel said that “to kill this girl, you have to love her”. Sex = death is a major theme of Buffyverse, as also encapsulated in Buffy’s line to Angel, “When you kiss me, I wanna die”, which, at the time I first watched the episode, made my eyes roll so much they practically fell out of my head, but I now really like.

Klaus has been built as a Big Bad in a similar way to The Judge. “The oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me?!” Hell, his badassery was such that he possessed Alaric before taking his own form after coming out of a coffin – the only vampire to be associated, so far, with such a powerful motif of vampire tales like Dracula. Like The Judge, he has kind of burned the humanity out of Stefan, or is well on his way to doing so.


Yet will Ripper Stefan try to destroy Elena? He might not necessarily try to kill her, but Amy suggested in her post to KJewls that he might try to deliberately turn her (and not as a desperate precaution to prevent her seemingly sure death in a sacrifice ritual), something which would go against her specific wishes to remain human. Will Elena’s love for Stefan be a tool that he uses?

Because, I think that Stefan will still want Elena no matter what, or in the very least will lust after her in the sense that he won’t want his brother to have something that was once his. It has Always Been Stefan. How would he handle this no longer being the case?

Lust – Caroline/Tyler


It’s no accident in my opinion, that, in a promo drenched, no dripping with sex and blood, we have Caroline and Tyler action amped up to the max, whereas Matt/Caroline’s ill-fated attempt at sexytimes in season one was glaringly dispassionate/bloodless in tone.

Caroline/Tyler is definitely love rather than lust, but this was the deadly sin that was the closest fit. Plus, they have supernaturally heightened appetites, so…

Soon I’ll have (slightly spoilery) ridiculously fangirly speculation up based on these new clips – basically comparing how Matt/Caroline were basically like eels thrashing about (TM Ginny Weasley) during their semi-sex scene, whereas Tyler/Caroline look to be more from the sunlit days/moonlit nights school of sex.

Yes, I have been aboard the Matt hate train a lot lately, I admit. Read this post from 12_12_12 that summarises why my disdain for him, largely stemming from Caroline love, has been at an all time high. That is not to say I don’t appreciate him with other characters, just FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WRITERS, KEEP HIM AWAY FROM MY BABY VAMP.

Gluttony – Us




I would say the last group of sinner is us, the viewers. First, we had a teaser with the tagline to “whet our appetite”. Now, the extended promo is asking us to give into them. 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to indulge in every last decadent piece of season three, beginning with a slice of Elena’s birthday cake. Assuming the real one is sans blood, of course!

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14 responses to “Original Sins, Originals Sinning & Deadly Sins – My Take On The Vampire Diaries Season Three Extended Promo

  • Jo

    Sinfully delicious. 🙂 Why lust for for Forwood? just out of curiousty.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Jo! Sinfully delicious is the perfect way to describe the promo!

      I mainly used the term “lust” for Forwood because it was the closest deadly sin that fit for them in this promo, plus I guess with all this talk of supernaturally heightened urges and their teenager hormones, even though it is more love than lust for them, there is definitely a good helping of lust mixed in, no doubt!

  • Sophie

    I love the combination of the sins with the characters, I’ve never really thought about it like that.

    Elena does get little adoration for what she stands for and although she’s not my favorite (VampireBarbie FTW) I found myself nodding when I read the little excerpt from the other girl’s analysis. Beautiful explanation.
    A little sidenote, is she stabbing herself? Because I thought she was stabbing the cake… Maybe that’s symbolism too? Perhaps the forbidden desires that the cake represents will be explored by Elena this season. I’d like it if she would play with that line between her and Katherine’s personality. That would be some great TV!

    I love Klaus a lot because he’s such a mystery and a very smooth talker whilst being a very, very real threat to almost everyone. And now actually everyone. I’m praying for Elijah to come back to life so that we can have those two Originals Hotties on our screen again. Instantly a raise in the level of badass-ery !

    “which incidentally, also features soapy, naked Damon, in case you forgot”

    Cherie, honey, I will never be able to forget that. Ever.

    Stefan’s struggle for power over his desires is an amazing thing to watch falter, that’s why I look forward to Ripper!Stefan so much. The relationship of Katherine and Stefan is one I like to see explored for the reasons you mentioned. Their dynamic works for me. Him denying her access to his life because of the inability to control his feelings in the past will be a delight to watch play out since he can’t control his bloodurge anymore.

    Seeing as Delena might sent him off to the Big Bad for good (or at least a while -YAY-) and he leaves his pride behind him it’ll be interesting to take a look back at this. I think you’ve made a very good choice of characters-sins.


    Preach! Although him being all ‘oh poor me, so many awful things happen to me while I’m such a sweetheart with so many responsibilities’ with Jeremy and Vicki might push me over the edge and make me a hate-matt-train permanent passenger.

    I can’t wait for this slice of delicious fangirlcake filled with forwood unicorn glitter. Especially since it’s mouthwatering but non-fattening. My favorite kind.

    • Jo

      I hope he keeps away from my baby were too.

      • Sophie

        Oh right! I didn’t think of that. Though if it leads to an argument I hope Matt spills the beans on Tyler’s confession before he left, so Caroline finds out.

        If it’s just the two of them, I hope Matt’s manipulation skills (which he perfected by now) fail to intimidate Tyler. Because Tyler cares for Caroline so much that if Matt hints at their relationship being wrong or bad for her, he might question it.

        Do not want.

        • Spidey Sense

          Hmm, I’m torn between being interested in whether Matt would put Caroline’s happiness first for once and let her know that Tyler is in love with her, and wanting her and Tyler to confess that they love each other without any third party involved, especially as Tyler has probably never told any girl he is in love with her.

          I honestly don’t think Matt will be able to manipulate Tyler. When Tyler left Mystic Falls, he thought Matt would be good for Caroline, but the little head shake when Caroline told him that Matt had broken up with her, signified that he thinks Matt is a total idiot. Plus, once Caroline fills Tyler in on Matt’s little conspirator activities with Liz, as I’m sure she would over the summer, I can see that being a friendship deal breaker for Matt/Tyler, or at least something that causes Tyler to be forever wary of his intentions.

          • oxymoron417

            I SO want a scene where Tyler is all “what the fuck” when he finds out about Matt and his deceit of Caroline. Please, please, please let us get that.

            I too am torn between wanting Caroline to find out about Tyler’s speech to Caroline and having them reveal their feelings without any prompting from third parties.

            I’m sure Matt would be a whiny little bitch either that. That’s how he rolls.

            • oxymoron417

              I meant either way, not either that. God! I can’t spell sometimes.

            • Spidey Sense

              Seriously, I would love a scene where Good Boy Woobie Matt is held accountable for his shitty actions. I won’t hold my breath though, unless the writers decide to take the Peter Pettigrew route with him and villainize him. Good Boy Woobies are rarely revealed for what they truly are, passive-aggressive douches who hide behind a Nice Guy image.

              Tyler punching out Matt or unleashing his considerable powers of snark on Tyler would be satisfying, to say the least. Incidentally, the last time I found Matt truly appealing he was under compulsion and getting the lights beaten out of him by Tyler and Caroline at the Masquerade ball. Is it too much to hope for that being foreshadowing, with Tyler and Caroline issuing him a verbal smackdown in the upcoming episode, and maybe a little physical action from Tyler, even if just in the form of his menacing eyebrow flicking he sometimes does.

              Maybe we could settle for Matt to make a veiled remark that hints at Tyler’s speech but doesn’t go into explicit detail? I’m kind of happy that a character could be content to say something Caroline may never hear, but are sweet words behind her back rather than “one might she’s this amazing girl, the next she’s this crazy, neurotic freak”.

              “I’m sure Matt would be a whiny little bitch either that. That’s how he rolls.”

              LOL forever! I ❤ you, but then you already know that!

      • Spidey Sense

        LOL, but if he stays away from Matt there is no chance for patented Tyler snark to be directed at Matt! Or for Matt to make a thinly veiled comment about Tyler now hooking up with his ex after hooking up with his sister and mother.

        The sad thing is, I liked some of the Matt/Tyler friendship moments in season one, but God knows how those boys would repair their friendship now.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Sophie!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the Elena meta piece – it is so rare to get in depth coverage about Elena, and I found the insight into her psychology intriguing. I may not have agreed with all of it, but the best meta gets you to think about a character in an entirely different way, and this meta certainly had that effect on me. Elena’s compassion having roots in her own self-loathing and desire to atone for her own perceived role in her parents’ death, her suicide complex in season two resulting from her preference for death over losing any more loved ones, her attraction to vampires linked to her tendency to define herself in relation to who is alive or dead. It’s interesting to think about her actions in light of these potential character motivations.

      It makes me all the more curious for the writers to plumb to the depths of the Elena/Katherine dynamic.

      Whoops! I thought she was stabbing herself, but I guess I’m wrong. It was very reminiscent of the moment where Elena stabs herself in front of Elijah in season two though, don’t you think? I love the idea of her own action, the stabbing, resulting in the forbidden desires you astutely note that the cake represents coming out into the open.

      Klaus is an awesome character and Joseph Morgan supremely charming, and I am really hoping we will see the Salvatore Brothers paralleled and compared to the Original brothers. I’m not sure if I would want the Salvatores to be descendants of the Original brothers or anything like that, but I do like the theme of history repeating occurring here as it does so much throughout the rest of the show.

      LOL, I consider it a public service to draw attention to Damon’s soapy, naked hotness, just in case people have missed it!

      Ripper!Stefan is the thing I am most looking forward to this season, after Caroline/Tyler action, of course! I’m hoping we’ll see gradations of Ripperness, from ambivalence about how dark he is willing to go, to complete and utter remorselessness. I won’t lie, I really want an Angelus-like glee in the pain he inflicts, for a while at least. Angelus was highly entertaining and a psychologically complex villain. I adore the fact that our main female protagonist will have to deal with an antagonist who was once a loved one, as Buffy did. It just holds more weight really than a villain who has no connection with our beloved characters, no matter how strong or indestructible that villain may be. That’s part of the reason why I am keen to have Elijah back. I am deeply invested in Elijah, and will care more about the destruction Klaus wreaks if we partly see the impact this has on his brother.

      I love you for this: “delicious fangirlcake filled with forwood unicorn glitter”. LOL, SUGARRRRRRRR, we need it!

  • kjewls

    This is brilliant! You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CW marketing department had this EXACT concept in mind, when developing the “concept” portion of this trailer. After all, the tree featured behind the cast mates definitely gives off a Garden of Eden sort of feel. And that IS where Original Sin was first born, isn’t it? 😉 (I guess that makes Elena an Eve, Damon an Adam, and Stefan and Klaus serpents, with the bloody cake as a stand-in for the apple?) Of course, Elena wasn’t necessarily an innocent in this trailer either. But I’ll get to that in a bit . . .

    I also love your take on the promo posters. They DO give off a gothic art feel, don’t they? In fact, after reading your take on them, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Francisco de Goya’s artwork, since his portraits used a lot of the same colors and techniques that were used here. Though the portrait that stands out most in my mind from him is that AWFUL Saturn Devouring his Child picture that used to give me nightmare’s, there WAS also THIS . . .

    Look familiar from the trailers? 😉 Maybe I’m thinking too much into this. But the white flowy dress, the pose, and even the style of lounge chair are remarkably similar, don’t you think?

    I was intrigued by the concept of Elena, like Stefan, possessing a self-sacrificing martyr complex, due to the admittedly role her teenage selfishness played in her parents untimely demise. I also see how Elena’s most defining character trait IS empathy. We’ve seen that from her many times, in her regular forgiveness of Damon, her embracing Stefan, even after learning about his dark past, and, of course, her hugging of Tyler, even after he shot Stefan in “Crying Wolf.”

    I also LOVE the idea of Elena embracing her Katherine side this season. In interviews, Nina Dobrev has wisely noted that, while early on in the series, she found herself ONLY relating to Elena, she finds that, as she matures, she actually finds herself becoming more like Katherine. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to manipulate and murder people. 😉 But it does mean that a part of growing up and maturing as a woman is becoming confident in who you are, and embracing your own strength and sexuality. Katherine embodies this. And we might see Elena take a page from her book this season, in that regard.

    Of course, with maturing also comes being a bit more jaded and cynical about the nature of individuals, and what life has in store for you. I suspect Elena will take cues from Katherine in this regard as well.

    I also like yours and vampire diaries.net less literal interpretation of Stefan’s hair pulling and cherry dangling. Though we see Stefan in the promos talking to Damon, it is not certain whether DAMON allows Elena to see Stefan in this state. In fact, SHE might not see him physically for a while. And that might make getting over him even harder, than if he was around. Because NO ONE can live up to the idealized ghost of a past relationship that ended, without closure. But, hey, if anyone can manage it, Damon can! 🙂

    And while I do think that was Elena hungrily cutting into that cake, and not necessarily herself, the line between the two was intentionally blurry. And we did see quick flashes of a bloody and scarred Elena, while she was lounging earlier in the promo. So, there may be something to that self-sacrificing, blood-letting concept. The way Elena wielded that knife also reminded me a bit of when Katherine was compelled by Klaus to repeatedly stab her own leg. So, there’s that . . .

    Thanks again for all this delicious “food for thought.” And it’s completely calorie free too! What could be better? 😉

  • Andie

    Interesting analysis. It made me think a lot about the Elena/Katherine parallels and I realized something… the cake Elena/Katherine is eating may symbolize gluttony (“let them eat cake!”) As Katherine said, “it’s okay to love them both. I did.” And there is Elena sitting between Damon and Stefan in the promo. The question is will Elena try to have her cake and eat it too like Katherine?

    I wonder if the marketing department was inspired by Nina’s Twitter picture awhile ago of “Katherine and a Red Velvet Cake”?

    Anyway, I usually just lurk but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, especially your Forwood articles.

  • imaginarymen

    Klaus “Original Sex God” in a Henley = DEAD AMY!!!!

    This is brilliant Cherie (even though you attempted to malign my name in the pursuit of your Tyler love ;-000) I have to say I do not like the posters, but I LOVE the promo.

    In fact, I could even do without the intercutting of clips and JUST have this creepy, nightmare, f*cked up Garden of Eden scene and be quite happy.

    It DOES look nightmarish doesn’t it? There’s something “old movie” about it that I can’t quite place. The colors and the surreal set which has that strange dreamy quality where you know in the dream that a place is THE place that you know (your room, your house) but it doesn’t LOOK like it at all – that’s what this feels like to me.

    Also that odd sensation in a dream that something/someone is not what they seem. Stefan is so eerie in this – the way he’s sitting just behind her, the strange smirk on his face – his listening to Klaus behind her back.

    And I must admit, as much as I love Damon – I do not notice him much in this. He’s offering her food and adoration, but Stefan is doing all the REALLY sexy stuff w/ the cherry teasing (for real CW? FOR REAL??!?!) and OMG the hair pulling!! Team Ripper FTW!!!

    I’ve finally started reading the TVD books and have been annoyed by what a snotty little bitch BookElena is, so I too hope that we get a little more of a look at pre-dead-parents Elena who sounds like she was much more of a selfish, wild, popularity seeking, boy chaser than sweet, martyr Elena we know.

    What if the Elena that Stefan comes back to isn’t the one he fell in love with? What if his “desertion” of her and her struggle to get him back change something so irrevocably in her that she can no longer be the girl he loved? How tragic would THAT be?

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