Tyler’s Jersey & My Hopes For It In Season Three

Remember Tyler’s foxy number “1” football jersey, which he was wearing during his first kiss with Caroline?


Normally I am fixated on what Tyler is NOT wearing, as the case may be. But, I have high hopes for this jersey in season three.

Let me share them with you! Season Three promos are referenced after the cut.

 Tyler: I could have killed you. Caroline: But you didn’t.Tyler: I don’t understand you Caroline. Caroline: Why is it so hard for you to let someone else to help you? Tyler: That’s not it. Caroline: Yeah it is Tyler! It’s like you don’t want anyone to care about you. And I’m sorry I cared. I care Tyler. So forgive me if I over-stepped my boundaries by actually giving a-


In season one, we really only saw Tyler as others saw him – his outward persona. Tyler was presented as the typical bad boy dick who happily exploited all the advantages afforded to him by his family’s high profile status in an insular town, as well as a stereotypical jock with a one track mind for meaningless sex to the point that he forced himself on his best friend’s sister. Tyler as we knew him in season one (aside from a few hints at depth) was effectively distilled into one clothing item – his football jersey, which has an enormous number “1” emblazoned on it. Caroline, for her part, was the living, breathing embodiment of the typical overachieving, slightly bitchy high school cheerleader.

As I mentioned in my in depth mixtape analysis of Tyler, it was obviously important to him to keep his carefully constructed public image and his position at the top of the social hiearchy intact. For example, when Stefan Salvatore arrived in Mystic Falls like God’s vampiric gift to football in Friday Night Bites (S01E03), Tyler tried to protect his team from this “invasion” by ganging up on the outsider and hurting him during a scrimmage.


Seeing Tyler vulnerable the morning after his transformation in The Descent (S02E11), and wearing his heart on his sleeve when he crossed paths with Caroline at school the next day, was doubly jolting because he was wearing this jersey. It was no accident that he was wearing the item of clothing that was most tangibly linked to his old life, and the persona he used to adopt, on the morning where everything he thought he knew felt strange and different. Caroline was his anchor in this new world he was tentatively stepping into, until of course secrets and well-intentioned lies were revealed.


So, here is my little kink for season three, just for you: I am hoping that Caroline will not only be wearing one of Tyler’s shirts during the afterglow of the first time they make love (an awesome idea suggested by Alyssa), but his #1 red football jersey. Tyler has never looked hotter to me than he did in that jersey, and obviously it calls back a spectacularly good moment for Forwood, The Kiss. Not to mention the symbolism of the jock who previously cared only about himself as number one, and protecting his public persona, putting Caroline first. Plus, it would show how the protective barriers he usually wears around people are completely removed when she is around, and he lets her inside to the person he truly is.

Now, I have to go overdose on glitter or something.

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8 responses to “Tyler’s Jersey & My Hopes For It In Season Three

  • ThatPoppyGirl

    Spidey-Sense I just want to let you know how much I love your blogs.
    For always feeding my Forwood addiction I am forever in your debt!

    • Spidey Sense

      D’awwwww! I love your blog and your amazing fan fiction too!

      Thanks so much for coming along on the Forwood-loving ride. There are so many cute details like this that it would be impossible NOT to squee about them!

  • Gen

    Oh Cherie…my favorite post ever quite possibly. I love that jersey. Maybe because I’m a Texas girl and I love football and of course football players, or maybe it’s because all the things you stated here. Either way, I would love for Caroline to wear that jersey. I never thought about how that wearing the jersey linked him back to the old life he wanted so badly. Badly enough to unknowingly risk Elena’s life to try and gain back. Gah! *Rub heart* I would love to see HIM struggle with that this season, even though I feel that maybe he’s accepted his new life and won’t try and hold onto the life he once had. I feel like he can stop pretending to be someone he’s not and be real for the first time in his life…even if only with Caroline.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Gen!

      I’m so excited that you enjoyed this post, given that I knew your penchant for footballplayers!kink.

      That jersey is just so UNF I can’t even. There is definitely a timeless allure to the idea of wearing a hot football player’s letterman’s jacket or jersey. Also, a masculine item worn by a woman, especially a woman as feminine and delicate (at least on the outside) as our favourite Vampire Barbie, is a highly appealing image. So, it works on that level.

      LOL, it doesn’t hurt that Caroline wearing the jersey also works from a symbolic and character development point as well. As others have mentioned about the deleted scene from season two, Tyler and Caroline are at a school BBQ, previously their natural habitat, Tyler wearing his jersey and Caroline fresh from making sure the event runs smoothly, but they are standing off to the side a little, somewhat removed from their old world, and on the outside, looking in… together. They understand each other in a way others can’t now.

      Like you, I would love to see him struggle with all of this change. Although, I wonder if Caroline will be the one who struggles to leave her old life behind in season three, whereas Tyler is the one who has fully accepted what being a supernatural being means, and he helps her through this. I don’t think she has really come to terms with what being a vampire means for her future, so I can’t wait to see any school scenes that feature them, whether together or apart. Him giving her the jersey would be like handing her back a part of her old life that she wants so much (to be the cute girlfriend of a popular, athletic, wonderful guy), as well as a piece of him.

      Maybe she can’t ever go fully back, but at least she wouldn’t be completely denied some of the experiences our bb girl deserves.

  • Jo

    Loved it Cherie and I’d die if caroline wears it at some point if not a morning after then another time. So psyched to read your recaps this season my rainbows and unicorns are all coming down from heaven!!!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey Jo! I am so excited about finally being able to kick start Got Forwood again. I’m sure that if Caroline does wear the jersey at some point, unicorns will be flying all over the place and rainbows will be dancing in front of our eyes!

  • oxymoron417


    Tyler allowing Caroline to wear his jersey would be panty dropping. And result in me fangirling to death. I think as a rule,Tyler’s always been introverted and has closed the walls of his heart, and giving away his jersey would be like giving up that part of his persona which is closed off.

    He won’t be defensive and he’ll let Caroline in. Although, I have to say, I’m thinking if there is someone in this relationship who is hesitant, it would be more Caroline given her recent being burned by Matt. I guess Tyler will just have to cojole it out of her.

    • Spidey Sense

      Seriously, I have a thing about football jerseys like the one Tyler wears. Tyler is an interesting character in that like Caroline he has always been part of the popular crowd, in his case by virtue of being a rich, hot jock who is part of the most high profile family in town, but has always seemed a bit on the fringes of the Mystic Falls cool crowd. He has few true friends, and I think few people know the true him. The symbolism of him giving Caroline the jersey works on so many levels, from him letting her in, to him giving her back a piece of her old life.

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