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I believe the term we’re searching for is OMG.

Remember how I said in an earlier recap that on the day Tyler and Caroline have sex, my blog will be plastered with so many unicorn pictures you will think that rainbow has exploded on it?

Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf may not be able to have baby Klauses (as far as we know), but they sure have fun trying in The Birthday.

I may have had just as much fun writing this recap, and let’s just say that my use of my unicorn images folder is… prolific.

Rainbow unicorn

New Spidey reader Jessy asked for a recap in this way: “pretty please, with Trevino on top”. How could I refuse that? 😉

So let’s get down you funky party weasels, and analyse the heck out of every last little bit of TC goodness.

The Last Day was the Naked Tyler Lockwood Show, and while there is plenty of his skin on show in this episode, what I liked best is that this was the Tyler Lockwood Calls People On Their Shit Show.

There is lupining aplenty as Tyler drops hints to an oblivious Caroline that they are MFEO.

 The Vampire Diaries : Werewolves Do It In Chains

Maybe if he had been in his Just Do Him Tyler get up, he would’ve gotten results quicker than he did

In foreshadowing that is about as subtle as a naked Damon clothed in soap bubbles walking up to Elena, Caroline and Tyler admit to each other that they are hormonal ticking time bombs, and you just know it is only a matter of time before their supernatural urges explode out of the naked gate.

Tyler gives up on the hope Caroline will ever truly return his feelings and goes to a party with Urges Girl Sofie, causing Caro’s chest monster to erupt and draw its claws in delightfully bitchy ways.

The birthday cake uber party planner Caroline mentions throughout the episode is hilariously absent from any screentime, but let’s just say she serves herself dessert… probably several times.


We learn that as bad as our potential future in laws may be, at least they are unlikely to shoot us in the back with three vervain darts.

Also although it appears Caroline may be worried about the implications of having sex with Tyler, as Summer Roberts would say, “You’ve gotta get back up on that horse, you gotta giddyup!”

One thing that has come up in fandom is how Caroline could possibly fail to notice her werewolf BFF is in love with her, and that she has strong feelings in return.

Caroline is very much like the heroine Ellie Linton from the Tomorrow, When The War Began book, which I happened to be re-reading recently. Let’s just say that Caroline’s tendency to live inside her own head and not always see or admit what is right in front of her, if it isn’t part of her perfectly scripted plan, was perfectly captured in this exchange between Ellie and (future love of her life) Lee:

“But my feelings are that I’m confused,” I said miserably.

“That’s probably because your feelings are being confused by your mind. Your feelings might be coming through loud and clear, but before they get to the surface your brain gets in the way and muddles them around.”

“So I’m sort of a TV that’s been put too close to a computer? I’m getting interference with my picture.”

“Yes!” Lee said. The question is, what programme’s showing on the TV? A debate on the meaning of life, or a passionate love story?”

“I know what you’d like it to be. A porno starring us.”


I thought the bolded reference was particularly relevant for this episode. 😉

So, in retrospect, far from being an annoying teen show plot device, Caroline’s jealousy at seeing Tyler with Urges Girl at the party is probably one of the few ways her feelings for him could come through loud and clear. I see jealousy as less one of Caroline’s main flaws, as her reluctance to deviate from thought-out plans and respond spontaneously to situations can sometimes mean she misses important things. Which is somewhat ironic given her tendency to overanalyse things. I love that being with Tyler seems to loosen up this part of herself.

We kick off the Tyler/Caroline parts of the episode with them fresh from a summer of hanging out and Tyler secretly longing for her.

Caroline is absolutely adorable in the way that she is wearing a wireless headset while planning Elena’s party, right down to the little mouth kink she does when she says bye to Elena after seeing Tyler.


Vampire Barbie will be running the world someday, Y/Y?

Tyler’s hair is still longer and fluffier like it had become after he left for Werewolf Obedience School with Jules.

Spidey: “Your hair. It’s kind of big.”

Tyler: “Well, I like to give the ladies something to hold onto.”

If you get this reference, you are my spirit animal.

LOVED the double meanings in the dialogue between Caroline and Tyler when they sit down outside at the Mystic Grill, with Jeremy as their server.

Caroline: “Something’s up with your mother.”

Tyler: “Like what?”

Caroline: “When I was over yesterday, she just kept… eyeing me.”

Jeremy comes up to serve.

Caroline: [to Jeremy] “Did Matt ask you to switch sections?”

Jeremy: [sighs cutely]

Caroline: [to Tyler] “He thinks we’re dating.”

Tyler: “So does my mother.”

Caroline: “What?”

Tyler: “We’re together all the time, it’s not a leap.”

Caroline: “That’s crazy!”

Tyler: [completely unconvincingly] “Right?”



I adored the supernatural spin on the mother who doesn’t consider any girl good enough for her son, which comes later in the episode but is established here. When Caroline says to Tyler when they meet at the Mystic Grill that his mother was “eyeing” her, it’s because Carol has obviously become suspicious of Caroline being a vampire, in light of what happened at the end of the episode, but you could interpret it (as Tyler did) that his mother was just picking up on the sexual tension-y vibes between our fave biting babies and not necessarily approving.

D’awww, you guys, the kicked puppy looks from Tyler in this episode killed me.

Tyler, having been shut down the last time he tried to kiss Caroline, has obviously been hoping against hope that Caro would realise there is something more between them.

He kept kind of quiet when she first broached the topic of his mother’s weirdness, but after she takes the lead about Matt’s annoyingness and deeming it him thinking they were dating, notice how he IMMEDIATELY jumps in with, “So does my mother.” I don’t think he would have said that unless Caroline mentioned Matt thinking the same thing, in case him bringing it up gave him away.

*Glitter in my eyes*

Tyler obviously didn’t think going to the couple-y stage was much of a leap; the double meaning in his statement is obvious to everyone except Caroline.


Jeremy even gives a knowing look (yay!), something he shares with a lot of other characters this episode. I desperately need Jeremy to rib Tyler about being whipped at some point. Please, TV Gods, make this happen.

Trevino’s delivery on “Right?” and his tiny lovesick puppy look before quickly concealing it hurt my heart so bad but were both absolutely perfect. He shoots these little glances at Caroline trying to see if maybe she is hiding how she is feeling like him, that her “crazy!” declaration is all a front, only to have his hopes dashed. Since I am all for lupining, I was loving it all.

He hasn’t quite given up on Caroline getting a clue in the next scene, where he is helping Caroline and Elena set up the party decorations.

I can’t be the only one who thinks his remark about Elena messing with Damon’s head by kissing him being as much about Forwood as Delena, right? I don’t know if it was a subconscious or deliberate clue, but let’s just say Tyler’s confusion at being told, “everybody needs to stop kissing me!” after the first TC kiss was the FIRST THING I thought of.

Tyler’s blunt directness in this scene was fabulous, as was Ponytail Elena’s shit-eating grin once she picked up on the UST vibes between our two biting babies, and Caroline’s indignant responses.


Tyler: “Maybe he [Damon] doesn’t want to find him [Stefan].”

Caroline: “Tyler!”

Tyler: “What? He’s into you, isn’t he?” LOL by the way that he directs this at Caroline!

Elena: “The only reason Stefan left with Klaus was so that he could save Damon’s life. I mean, trust me, Damon wants to find him.

Tyler: “But… you kissed him. Probably screwed with his head.”

Caroline: “Tyler!”

Elena: [shit-eating grin]

Ponytail Elena is awesome, so Elena wasn’t as annoyed as she might normally have been about Caroline spilling all this stuff to Tyler.

It is too cute to think of Caroline and Tyler sharing all these secrets, especially after Caroline’s well-intentioned withholding of information last season. You can only be with someone if you’re honest with them and get them, right? 😉

Also, Caroline’s “Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them” was a TOTAL girlfriend line!

When Elena has trotted off to call Bonnie, Tyler brings up at the last minute that he has a date with Sofie. I think this is partly because he was hoping Caroline would ask HIM to the party, and partly because it was a last resort for him to work out his urges, and not intended as a way to make Caroline jealous (I am SO glad this part of my spec was right). The LOOK he gives Caroline when she admits she is horny all the time like him and sometimes feels like she is gonna explode, OMG you guys!


The love and lust in his eyes made me scream “just mount this unicorn standing before you already, Caro!”

Sadly, she just chirps that she hopes he gets lucky, and he smiles in appreciation of her sunny humour but with a sense of resignation that she will never be his. I think it’s at this point he gives up completely and decides to just focus on Urges Girl for the evening to try to move on.

What I particularly liked about this scene is that the similarities and differences of their supernatural sides were front and centre again.

When Tyler talks about his supernatural urges, he said, “It’s like I can’t turn it off”. Interesting that vampires have the option of turning off their feelings if they become too overwhelming, but werewolves might not have the same option. This hasn’t been set in stone by the mythology of the show AFAICR, and now I am curious to find out if werewolves have a supernatural switch or not too! This may have just been a throwaway line, but hardly anything is with our Forwood Unicorn, so I think the ability to turn off emotions versus not being able to turn them off is an interesting concept. Like, what if Caroline decides to turn off her emotions because loving Tyler is dangerous? We’ve heard of vamps flipping the switch for selfish reasons, but it would be kind of cool if they would explore this for altruistic ones.

By the way, blogger pal 12_12_12 made an AMAZING observation on her livejournal about the colour of the party decorations.

In season one Tyler ribbed Matt about hooking up with Caroline (oh, the irony), giving rise to the very first version of Tyler I loved: “we people” Tyler.

Tyler: So what’s going on with you and Forbes? I saw you two in the hall way. You’re tapping that right?
Matt: No, it’s not like that.
Tyler: It never is…until you become ‘we people.’
Matt: ‘We people?’
Tyler: Yeah. We can’t make it to the party. We’ll never miss a game. We don’t like the color red.


With snark and comic timing to die for, and a cocky little head tilt that made me think, “Hmm, I love this Tyler dude just because of Trevino!”, Tyler gave a mini speech about his worst nightmare version of soda shop couples drinking a milkshake with two straws.


“We can’t make it to the party.” “We’ll never miss a game.” “We don’t like the colour red.”

Tyler is such a “we person” now and he doesn’t even know it. It’s interesting though that as much as he IS becoming a “we person”, he and Caroline have already disproved his little spiel on two counts: not only are they making it to Elena’s party, but they love red so much they are decorating the party with it! Now, I just need Tyler and Caroline to be at a game.

His perceptions of what being part of a couple on a superficial level are being proving wrong with Caroline, so it will be interesting to see what deeper things he is surprised by.

In the “I get it” scene, Tyler basically endorsed the idea that it isn’t fair to be with someone if you can’t be honest with them.

I wonder what other relationship values he and Caroline have.

We next cut to the Tyler/Urges Girl dirty dancing scene. Nobody should ever put Caroline in the corner, because she will be forced to speak to Matt.


As far as being a glorified extra goes, being asked to rub up against Trevino seems to be a pretty awesome deal to me.

Caroline is staring daggers at the pair while swigging hard liquor straight from the bottle, and if looks could kill, Tyler would’ve ended up looking like this…


I love the detail that it takes a whole bottle of hard liquor to get a baby vamp with a stronger tolerance level than an ordinary human drunk. It’s all in the small details.

Matt comes up and gets this smug appraising look like, “this’ll teach you for hanging out so much with Tyler, he only wants girls for their ass” that made my blood boil.

I don’t want to harsh our squee by focussing on Matt too much. I hated that he kissed Elena longer than necessary on the cheek in a passive-aggressive bid to make Caroline jealous, and that rather than saying he regrets breaking up with her, he goes straight for the jugular, “I thought you two were mortal enemies”.

Matt, you admitted yourself that Caroline is still Caroline, and as far as you know Tyler is still Tyler, despite being baby supes. You didn’t want to be a part of this world, so you do not get to pass judgment on whether Caroline and Tyler should be together or not, ESPECIALLY as you dumped Caroline. You can’t have it both ways. At least he apologised, half-hearted as it was. It still just burns me up that he apologises for ignoring her during the summer and being out of line about her and Tyler rather than CONSPIRING AGAINST HER WITH HER MOTHER.

Inhale, exhale. OK, I’m back.

Tyler, who apparently has superstrong hearing for rampant douchery, heads over to check and see if Caroline is okay.


Got Forwood spoiler whores around the world cheer when Caroline compels Urges Girl to GTFO (“Nice party, Caroline!” “Thanks. Now leave it!”). We SO called it, you guys.

It’s a nice callback to Caroline compelling away Thing Two from Matt in early season two, but the outcome and the way the guy reacts is entirely different.

(Sidenote: Why did I not call Sofie Thing Three? You have to die a gratuitously awful bloody death to earn that moniker. Seriously, pretty girls aside from the core cast drop like flies around Tyler).

Tyler asks, “What the hell?” but is hurt and shocked that Caroline would do that, rather than disgusted like Matt was. Not forgetting the fact that Tyler is entirely within his rights to flirt because at this point he and Caroline are not officially dating, as she was with Matt at the time.

Caroline lets out a huff and stomps off. I love seeing our girl pissed off about her jealousy rather than apologising for it for once. I’m not saying she is in the right or should have acted that way, but I liked her just being completely open about her bitchier sides.

Later at the party she is threading her way through the crowd in annoyance and LMAO physically picks a guy up off the ground and plops him down out of her way, leaving him befuddled at the show of strength from this teeny tiny girl.

Candice’s little “Excuse me!” was perfect!


I will say thought that Caroline has obviously become a lot less discreet about her vampire side (as also seen in the O Neg scene with Elena where she could easily have been caught holding a blood bag), which makes Carol’s suspicions even more understandable.

Tyler swoops out of nowhere all cute and hot to demand to know what her problem is.

Tyler: “You’re pissed that I brought someone??”

Caroline: “Why would I be pissed? You brought a date, you’re dating, that’s awesome [deep sarcasm]”


Loved Trevino’s little arm/hand movements here! LOL.

Tyler: “Ok, should I not be dating?”

Caroline: “Hey, you’re horny all the time, right? You’re a guy who has needs.”

Tyler: “Because if I shouldn’t be dating, all you gotta do is say something. If you don’t say something, then I’m gonna keep dating.”

This was the point at which my panties developed a mind and will of their own and plummeted to the ground.

The lines in bold easily win this week’s Milo Moment.

I love what Tyler is and chooses to be in this episode. He cares about Caroline and respects her feelings but this doesn’t mean he will mindlessly agree with everything she says and does, plus he’ll confront her with her feelings in a way that is open and honest and direct, and not passive-aggressive or belittling.

His message of “my body is ready for your body if only you would get your body ready for my body”, delivered with intense dark eyes, was swoonworthy. Heart palpitations, I WAS HAVING THEM.

Caroline: “What would I say?”

Tyler: “Oh, don’t do that Caroline. I’ve been there once with you, ok, and you said no. You shut me down. I’m not going back there again unless you make it crystal clear that-” [Caroline launches onto him and snogs him senseless, unicorns start parading around my block]



This scene, of course, has perfect symmetry to their first kiss, where they were arguing about feelings and eventually lapsed into hot kissing, complete with face cupping and insane eye contact. Only this time, Caroline was silencing Tyler, rather than the other way around.

Good Guh, this kiss was my absolute favourite of the episode! Love that Caroline just went for it!


The dazed expressions on their faces when they broke apart?


Tyler saying, “Let’s get out of here” and Caroline’s faint, slightly dizzy, “Uh huh”?

This may seem weird, but I preferred the pumping techno track (You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship) backing this kiss to the song playing behind the sex scene (though I liked that too).

I have a penchant for trashy, non-sentimental music, especially of the cheesy pop and disco variety, plus, I loved these lyrics from the song:

Get a little closer to me girl
And you’ll understand
‘Cause if you want a guy that knows what you need
Well, then I’m your man

I take this as the stand in “everything you need, I’m here”, deleted from season two, until we get this in season three. Which we will, otherwise the writers know us TC fans will revolt 😉

Also, I adore that Caroline is heading off for the hottest sex of her life, yet still finds time to quickly admonish Damon for missing the cake. Love!

Now. We come to what you have all been waiting for: The Sex!



I loved it like Caroline loves to moan under Tyler (TM Cath).

Clothes: some people don’t belong in them. This Tyler/Caroline scene proved it.


Our biting babies furiously unbutton Tyler’s shirt and he tears it off, treating us to a special guest appearance of partial Tyler!Ass unclad with cloth (Trevino’s pants were slung lowwww, I may or may not have noticed).


LOVE that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and only broke away from kissing each other when they absolutely had to.

Caro rocks a cute little lingerie set and then has an “I am jungle cat (TM Cadlymack), see me pounce” moment where she throws Tyler down onto the bed and then jumps on top of him.

No doubt she was rocking his world with her vamp sex, but I think he was rocking her world with his were sex too. Tyler only emitted one audible moan to Caroline’s many, I’m just saying, so obvs he was doing something right.

Yes, I am a dirty, dirty moan perve. I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me 😉

Ecstatic about the use of superspeed in the sex scene, but I’m hoping for full vamp face and yellow glowy werewolf eyes during another encounter between the pair at some point.

I really liked the emphasis on reflections from the mirrors in Tyler’s bedroom during the sex scene. It fit the couple in terms of them understanding one another so well and Caroline’s self-reflection on her feelings after Tyler confronts her about compelling Sofie. Although vampires cast an image in mirrors in this mythology, I always appreciate subtle callbacks to typical vampire motifs.

Plus, mirrors don’t necessarily reflect things back exactly as they are, but flip them around, which is fitting considering the gender role reversals in this relationship and sex scene, not to mention how Tyler’s approach to relationships is completely different with Caroline.

For example, we have Caroline throwing Tyler on the bed and being on top first, a typical guy manoeuvre in TV sex scenes.

Later, Caroline sneaks off in a walk of shame, leaving Tyler to wake up and realise she has bailed. Given his track record with Vicki, I think it’s safe to say more often than not in the past he would’ve been the one to sneak out on someone else after having sex, potentially leaving them to feel used if they thought there had been an emotionally connection beyond the physical.

It remains to be seen whether Caroline is regretting her super hot bb supe sex with Tyler, or like any teenage girl realised she needed to sneak home before Mrs Lockwood realised what was up and her mother noticed she hadn’t come home that night.

Some have suggested that Caroline may have viewed it as a Friends With Benefits scenario and realised too late that Tyler was in a different place emotionally with the meaning of the sex. I don’t know, I think Tyler made his feelings pretty loud and clear. I mean he didn’t just suggest they randomly hook up, he implied that if she told him to stop dating anyone other than her, he would be all in.

I think it’s far more likely that if she was sneaking off to avoid an awkward conversation, it’s because she is scared about damaging such a friendship that is so important to her. Taking a platonic friendship to the next level can be scary as hell because you are leaving a comfort zone. Plus, while Tyler has had months of secretly being in love with Caroline to process his feelings for her, she is only just owning her own feelings.

So, baby girl leaves Tyler and his nipple to their nakedness.

The moral of the story, as we soon learn, though is that you should stay with your hot werewolf BFF you’ve just had amazing sex with, because otherwise his suddenly BAMF mother will shoot vervain into you.


Props to Mrs Lockwood for getting a Mean Girl dig in: “Leaving so soon?”

As much as I hate seeing Caroline in pain, I am withholding my judgment on Mrs Lockwood. Her husband has been murdered, and she may have drawn a link between vampires and Mason’s disappearance and Tyler’s sudden departure from Mystic Falls. For all she knows, Tyler is just an ordinary human being compelled by Caroline. I doubt she knows Tyler is a werewolf though, and boy am I looking for that bombshell to drop. She had better be ambivalent in her motivations rather than a straight up villainness, or make it up to Caroline at some point, though.

Well, guys, that is it for the week where Caroline and Tyler Get Wood.

If you are suffering a TC hangover (symptoms include incessant drooling over Trevino, repeated rewatchings of sex GIFs and us shaking with feeeeelllllllllings), might I suggest an antidote?

Fairy bread! It is an Aussie concoction where you plaster bread with butter and then hundreds and thousands (basically the candy equivalent of multi-coloured glitter).

To help make the wait for the next episode more bearable, let me know what your Milo Moment (Hot Trevino Moment) of the episode was and unleash your smut on me about how goddamn awesome the TC sex was.

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26 responses to “Panic In The Streets! Unicorn Sex! – Got Forwood – Tyler/Caroline Recap – The Birthday – Vampire Diaries

  • Gen


    Okay, there is much to discuss and I have to many thoughts to do this now. Work is EVIL. But I will be back to ramble when I have time to epxress myself properly.

    But just…gah! Finally!!!

  • Paloma

    I was both elated and disappointed after watching this episode. Maybe it’s the T/C shipper in me, but I thought their scenes went by way too fast and all the other non-T/C scenes were at a glacial pace. I know things move at the speed of light on this show, but the T/C story line seemed even more rushed than usual. I’ve literally had to slow down the episode in playback when I re-watch the scenes just so I can take it all in–the dialogue, the visuals, everything.) It just felt to me like the writer(s) and director wanted to get the T/C stuff all over and done with so they could move on to the part of the story they really wanted to tell: Carol confirming Caroline is a vampire and shooting her full of vervain in order to capture her.

    That was the gist of what I talked about with Gen, but since then I’ve been doing some more thinking on why I was so dissatisfied with the episode and all I can come up with is that it was lacking…in what, I don’t know. I can’t figure it out, but I keep thinking back to the episodes in season two which had even less T/C scenes, but I found them more satisfying. Maybe my expecations are greater now, four months after the finale and having had all summer to stew and grow to gargantuan proportions. Maybe that’s it. Maybe my expectations for T/C are now so high–TOO high–for the show to ever satisfy them. And don’t even ask what those expectations are because I have no idea. All I know is that I wanted something more. This could end up being extremely frustrating for me, as I may as well be shipping a non-canon couple who has no hope of ever getting together except for in fan fic. And speaking of which, now that T/C have hooked up, there seems to be even LESS T/C fan fic being produced out there! How does that even work?!?! I am so completely and utterly disappointed in the T/C fandom in regards to fan fiction. There’s just not enough of it, and most of it is such utter crap.

    Now, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy T/C in ‘The Birthday’. I did. A lot. I loved their interaction. Tyler’s “right” during their convo at the Grill made me all awwww, poor puppy. The look on his face was so angst-inducing. And later during the party set up both Trevino and Candice could not have been more perfect in their line delivery and mannerisms. All of Tyler’s facial expressions during his exchanges with Caroline and Elena were brilliant. If I didn’t already love Tyler as a character, I would’ve after this scene. He just made me laugh so hard. And Caroline’s “Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them” was full of all the wins in the universe. It’ll take a while before anything will top that as my favourite Caroline line so far.

    And then the horny conversation. It was awesome. The expressions on both their faces were priceless. The look on Tyler’s face when he says “It’s like I can’t turn it off”…holy shit. Talk about eyesexing. I almost needed to look away because I felt like I was intruding on something very intimate and private (but I didn’t, of course, because who in their right mind could turn away from looking at two insanely pretty people?!). And then the way Caroline looks at him after he says that, almost like it just occurs to her that he’s horny RIGHT THEN AND THERE, READY AND RARING TO GO. I was thinking, “seriously? Why are you not tearing off each other’s clothes and dealing with that horniness RIGHT NOW?” God, that fantastic.

    While I liked that Caroline didn’t fall into her usual behaviour around Baked Potatoes and called him out to an extent during the party, I, like you, still wish she would tell him off for the shit he pulled on her while in cahoots with her mother. I almost have to wonder if he only apologised after because, as he’d said, “I’m out of it, I guess” (which we all know was due to getting stoned with Jeremy), and if he had been his “normal self”, would he even have bothered to say he was sorry and just simply walked off in a self-pitying, woe is me, my life is soooooo harrrrrd, Man Pain-filled huff. Whatever. In the end, though, as much as I’d like for Caroline to jab him in the face with her elbow again, I think I’d rather he just stay the hell away from her and Tyler.

    And I loved that Tyler called Caroline out on her jealousy and yet didn’t belittle her for it. The way he handled that conversation was so honest and so mature, putting all his cards on the table and basically saying that he was already hers if she’d only have him, but also that he was going to move on with his life if she didn’t want him. Even though I knew they were going to hook up later on, that still tugged at my heart because OMG, he is so in love with her and it’s pretty much broadcast by everything he says and does around her. And then she kissed him! Yay!

    And then the tearing off of the shirt and the dress, the supernatural tossing and flipping…hands everywhere…the moaning…okay, I don’t know if I can talk about this without getting completely distracted. I keep re-watching (yes, in slow mo–God, I feel like such a perv) the part after Tyler flips Caroline over so he’s on top and there’s a wide shot of them on the bed (which I figured out later was a reflection in the mirror) because his hand is on her ass and then in the close up shot immediately after, he’s kissing the tops of her breasts. Nnggghhh…. ARE YOU SURE WE CAN’T WATCH THIS SHOW ON HBO? Anyhow, during my perving and slow mo-ing, it’s surprising I even noticed this because I could barely tear my eyes away from Tyler’s hand on Caroline’s ass, his naked back (holy crap!), and her arching neck, and all her moaning…er, getting distracted, sorry. (See? LOL.) Anyhow, in that shot of them reflected in the mirror, beneath it on a ledge, there appears to be a little black statuette of a wolf! That made me laugh so hard. I also find it amusing that Caroline is still wearing her strappy shoes. Clearly they’re removed at one point, but I’m just wondering at which point, exactly. Man, I need, like, an extended version of the T/C sex.

    HOW CAN SHE LEAVE WHEN THERE’S A NAKED TYLER WHO IS ALL HERS IN BED? And I don’t care if she’s in a weird emotional place after having sex with her BFF.Something is deeply wrong with that girl. 😉

    Anyhow, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough. I should shower and dress and go outside. There’s a break in the rain and the sun appears to be making an attempt at shining through–weakly, but it’s better than nothing!

    • Gen


      We pretty much talked about all of this on twitter but gah! I still love hearing all your scary brain thoughts girlie.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Paloma!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and eloquent response!

      I can understand you feelings of both elation and disappointment. We have so much time over hiatus to build up expectations in our mind that it is near impossible for them to be fully met. In some ways, it was kind of cool that TC were rushed in this episode a little (though I guess they did have a summer of hanging out we didn’t see), because it helps us understand why Caroline did her little walk of shame. Tyler has had time to process his feelings, just as the viewers have come to understand exactly how he feels.

      Although we know Caroline feels strongly for him, she hasn’t defined her emotions in the explicit way Tyler has yet (“I kinda fell for her”). So everything would have felt like it happened all too fast for our control freak Vampire Barbie, with the sex being an impulsive decision on the run, rather than a well thought out action. To be honest, in real life, I could see myself doing the same thing as her! Of course, this is because Trevino is not in my real life, in which case I would have stayed in that bed, even if it meant an extremely awkward morning after conversation. 😉

      Caroline is hard to read on her feelings for Tyler. She has been through so much with him and they have grown close that I could see her feeling jealous of any girl threatening the important role she plays in his life, and vice versa. I also think she is probably repressing the first inklings of messy, unpredictable love and fighting it with every cell in her body. So, I am curious to see what her emotional place with be, and how far she will have gone in terms of processing her feelings, once the fallout of being kidnapped by Mrs Lockwood has been dealt with.

      I will always feel like there could have been more time allotted to TC, though I guess this is one of the few drawbacks of Show Don’t Tell storytelling – it is far more concise. The main way in which it all feels rushed for me is that I don’t feel like the fallout of the Daddys Issues arc has been dealt with satisfactorily, especially from Tyler’s point of view. Tyler and Caroline met most of my expectations in this episode, but to meet ALL of them, I would need these issues to be revisited and resolved. Whether this ever happens remains to be seen.

      Ultimately, I am happy to have them hook up and in the immediate aftermath plenty of angst be promised. The squee monster in my chest wanted rainbows and a morning afterglow, but now I am thinking that the alternative we were given was even better. Unlike most Vampire Diaries pairings, where the morning after is clear cut, we don’t know where Caroline stands, and how Tyler and Caroline will deal with the implications of taking this major step. It just feels so raw and real, which I love. I like to look at it this way: we get the hot sex up front, and now we are going to get some awkwardness and will they/won’t they again sexually loaded conversations, which will compensate for a few more episodes of them dancing around their feelings initially. Tyler is also such a direct character by nature, almost to a fault at times. 😉 In Crying Wolf, he only lasted a few sentences before finally blurting out what was bugging him to Caroline, so it felt fitting that a relationship featuring a character like this would have feelings out in the open pronto. Now we enter Caroline Land, where the overanalysing after the Tyler Directness will begin (once the Mrs Lockwood situation is dealt with). I have a feeling it won’t just be Caroline who is overanalysing the over party for once…

      I think the writers/producers need to be careful to make sure that Tyler continues to grow as an individual separate to Caroline. At this stage, Caroline’s individual storylines now have more prominence, even with all of her interactions with Tyler (we saw her party planning, being a good friend to Elena etc). I really wish that the Sun and Moon curse had been developed properly and turned out to be real and that werewolves had broken it, and this had been Klaus agenda for some reason (him rallying the werewolves would have been just as if not more so interesting to me than a hybrid race). Then we would have a strong cause for Tyler’s individual storyline to be thoroughly explored, and the already awesome R&J storyline starting up for our biting babies would be even more incredible. Imagine if they came from two warring species that were finally on an even foot in terms of power? I will forever think that there was lost potential flowing over from the werewolves storyline from last year.

      Your disappointment in the lack of Tyler/Caroline fan fiction smut in the wake of this episode matches mine. Hopefully it won’t be long before all of the writers working furiously on their stories (nudge, nudge, wink wink) publish these works for us to enjoy. I need my smut like I need oxygen.

      Tyler and Caroline were perfection in their little friendship scenes. I hope these continue regardless of the R&J storyline, because they are a twosome of cuteness through their ability to switch from sweet to sexy and back again so quickly.

      I liked Caroline telling Matt off, and the fact that her not taking his crap is what made him respect her enough to apologise for the first time in show canon. I DID NOT like how the writers were trying to play it like it had been a mutual break up rather than Matt dumping her (Elena: “He doesn’t hate you, he hates not being with you”; him deflecting Caroline’s annoyance about him ignoring her all summer with a mention of Tyler, a repeat of his behaviour from earlier really when he refuses to wait on them outside the Mystic Grill despite dumping her, as though he is the wronged party and she is the insensitive one). I have not forgotten how season two really happened, writers, don’t try to play coy just to keep the triangle viable or to soften our thoughts towards Matt. For once, I just one writers to stick to their guns with a couple like Tyler/Caroline, rather than having the girl have second thoughts about wondering if she should get back together with her douche, Good Boy Woobie ex.

      “The way he handled that conversation was so honest and so mature, putting all his cards on the table and basically saying that he was already hers if she’d only have him, but also that he was going to move on with his life if she didn’t want him.”

      NGL, I swooned at this.

      Your play-by-play descriptions of the sex scene are so filled with hnnnng I can’t even. It would be really nice to have a one episode crossover with HBO where Tyler/Caroline get it on again, because DAMN.

      “Anyhow, in that shot of them reflected in the mirror, beneath it on a ledge, there appears to be a little black statuette of a wolf!”

      Well spotted! You are very eagle eyed! It’s like the scene that keeps on giving every time you watch it!

      “HOW CAN SHE LEAVE WHEN THERE’S A NAKED TYLER WHO IS ALL HERS IN BED? And I don’t care if she’s in a weird emotional place after having sex with her BFF.Something is deeply wrong with that girl.”

      Despite my comments earlier in the post about kinda getting where Caroline is coming from, I ROFL’d so hard at this! 😉

  • kjewls

    Poor Caroline! Always getting shot at and abused! If the synopsis of The Hybrid is any indication, I suspect our Vampire Barbie will be locked away in the werewolf dungeon throughout most of next week’s episode, with Tyler left to think the worst about why she’s not returning his calls. Damn him for being such a heavy sleeper. She must have really tired him out! 😉

    But that’s next week! This week, we got the release of MONTHS of pent up sexual tension and unrequited passion. It’s almost as if Caroline and Tyler embodied all the pent up frustration us fans have experienced from having a TVD-less summer. And THEIR sexual release was also ours!

    I loved how graphic the CW allowed this episode to be, both in terms of its violence, and especially, in terms of this sex scene. Sex in prime time tends to be silent, with cheesy romantic music in the background, or jokingly loud, with moans that are less erotic, and more comedic in nature. Kudos to Candice Accola and Michael Trevino for freely unleashing, not only the appearance of sex, but the unbridled SOUNDS of real sex, passion and lust. I practically needed to be hosed off, after watching that scene. It felt that real.

    And yes, Tyler’s nipples deserve to be in the Nipple Hall of Fame. They are THAT awesome. There’s just something about the sleeping shirtless naked form, that is TOTALLY amazing. There was a similar shot of Damon last season, in “The Last Day, ” that had me drooling for weeks on end. It’s a mixture of vulnerability and masculinity, that never fails to light my internal fires, every time!

    I loved your in-depth analysis of the Forwood dynamic this episode, and was looking forward to it, almost as much as I was looking forward to the premiere itself. There was so much juicy stuff to analyze here, and you did it with eloquence and sexiness, galore. So, thank you for that.

    Oh, and that puking unicorn gif is all kinds of awesome. The blinking lights are so pretty and mesmerizing, it actually takes you a few seconds to realize that the gif is actually filled with puke, beer and dirt. 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey Julie!

      Caroline really does draw the short straw when it comes to being a vampire stake or vervain dart cushion, doesn’t she?

      It is hilarious to think that Caroline was enough of a minx that she tired out Tyler more than he tired her out! 😉 *dirty thoughts* The thought of Tyler having an emotional freak out the morning after thinking that Caroline bailed on him WAS IT JUST SEX FOR HER, it feels my heart with a weird kind of joy. I just love seeing the former alpha male jock being the one who is ditched after a hot sex session (which you just know he has done to tonnes of girls in the past), and seeing the gender reversal of a guy wondering if he was used for sex and where he stands with his lady love.

      I love your analogy of Tyler and Caroline’s sexual release being ours. Can you imagine how much release you are going to have after you years of patient, though slightly frustrated, waiting for Delena to get it on?

      This is it a bit embarrassing to admit, but I adored the moaning we got to hear in this sex scene. It just added to the urgency of the scene, and their moans were sweetly erotic rather than as you say jokingly loud or comedic. It would be a hard balance to strike, and although rolling around in the hay with Trevino for an acting gig sounds fabulous to me, I will admit that I take my hat off to Candice in particular for really giving it all that she had in that respect! It would NOT be easy being vulnerable in that way as an actor. Kudos to Michael too, though he was a little quieter. It was fitting for the pairing and where they were at – releasing pent up feelings they had been fighting or repressing, giving into supernatural hormones, and experiencing the joy of being aggressive with another supernatural creature. I think their primal, animal instincts would have taken over a little bit, and I wonder whether the taboo of what they were doing heightened the whole experience a little. Forbidden sex is very enticing, no?

      Heh. I only needed your little mention about Damon’s nipple in The Last Day to watch the whole episode again… for the sake of thoroughness, of course! 😉 You are ABSOLUTELY right! Those writers/producers sure have a thing about pretty boys half-naked in their beds, the perfect mix of vulnerable and masculine. Consider my internal fires aflame too!
      Once I saw that unicorn GIF, I just knew it had to be used in some context. 😉

      Thanks for your kind words about my Forwood analysis! I look forward to your coverage of the show each week so much, so I like to think that I’m giving you a mini reward for all of your hard work!

    • Gen

      There’s just something about the sleeping shirtless naked form, that is TOTALLY amazing. There was a similar shot of Damon last season, in “The Last Day, ” that had me drooling for weeks on end. It’s a mixture of vulnerability and masculinity, that never fails to light my internal fires, every time!

      Oh sweet Mother of Guh. Yes to all of that.

  • Je t'adore

    Great recap darling, I laughed and nodded while I was reading. My crazy was showing lol. Sadly, I’m too tired to comment much right now but I promise I’ll do it tomorrow. Thank you for the TM. To be honest, I wanted to say to Gen “I love you like Caroline likes to ride Ty’s disco stick” but I said that to her a while back and I wanted to come up with something new.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey Cath! The TM was well deserved, bb! I laugh so damn much at your commentary on Tumblr, especially when other unicorn lovers get in on the act.

      You all have dirty minds, and I for one am grateful!

      “Tyler’s disco stick” – that just needs to be on a t-shirt!

  • ThatPoppyGirl

    Love the recapping!
    And yes, being from Australia, I went online right after the show was aired here and ate fairy bread and milo while watching TC high-lights.
    Hope for next episode?
    Tyler saves Caroline.
    Caroline doesn’t regret them being together, but if she does, Tyler calls her on it.
    Trevino moment? Oh the way he just pops out of the crowd after Caroline has gone all superwomen on that guys ass ‘Excuse me’
    Its like he’s intune to her or something that he can just POP up!

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey girl!

      I am so excited to have a regular Aussie reader, you have no idea! 😉

      Fairy bread is the best, and I totes can’t eat it now without my one track mind going to sparkles and rainbow colours. Hopefully you get the same crazy grin when you see a tin of Milo that I do now 😉

      I can see Caroline trying to chalk their encounter up to hormones going into overdrive and her being drunk, but I think Tyler will cut through the crap in his direct but newly classy way.

      You are SO RIGHT – Trevino just pops out of nowhere in that scene! He could have gone off to find Sofie and gotten his rocks off anyway, but our bb wanted to sort things our other bb instead. *smile*

  • Sophie

    First things first..
    “I like to give the girls something to hold on to” MISFITS BABY. Love that line!

    Brilliant recap, i love your witty remarks so much.
    “I love that being around Tyler loosens up that part of her”
    I know right? It’s lovely to see Caroline being herself around him and even talking to him in the girlfriend-mode with the line you quoted. I loved that part and especially Tylers reaction to Caroline’s confession of her horny tendencies.

    The difference between whzt it’ll mean to be a vzmp or a were are bound to be interesting for the fact you mentioned. If this is going to be a R&J arc, then Caroline may choose to save Tyler and herself from downfall by turning that emotionswitch. Let’s just hope that even after she turned that switch, Tyler can make her remember just like that last scene with Stelena showed us that there’s still a part of the Stefan we know there (I bawled like a bb btw, perfect scene is perfect). It’s amazing how I still love Stefan and feel sorry for him that he had to make this kind of sacrifice while he has been ripping people apart, literally. That’s the beauty of TVD, even if you make your brothers girlfriend jump from a height of 50m you’re still written so beautifully that you’re loved.
    But this is about our unicorn..

    The smooching and the sex… My screen -and me- were on FIRE during those scenes. I actually found the argument as hot as the sex. The back and forth and Tyler calling it the way it is. God I love it when he does that.

    I think she snuck out because she’s not ready to have it lean as luch as Tyler wants it to mean. She’s not unaware of her feelings per se. Did you notice how Tylers arm was positioned when Caroline snuck out by the way? I think they’d been snuggling. -giggles like a 10 year old-

    I found it clever and bad ass the way Momma Wolf vervained the purse and shot Caroline, though my first thought was; oh for fuck sake not again, my poor baby vamp! But yeah, I’m thinking she just wanted to protect her son, who’ll -if we’re lucky- will be pissed and go looking for his girl.

    I read a funny post on Tumblr that I need to include in this, someone remarked that it was kind of weird for Mrs L to be standing in the hallway, vervaining the purse and just waiting for Caroline to ‘finish’ snuggling and such. Though I’m glad she didn’t interuopt. That’d been awkward.

    I would have loved it if Caroline wore a piece of clothing from Tyler, I find that so hot if a girl wears her guys’ clothes ‘after’ and I bet Caroline would look awesome in something of Tylers.

    The gorgeous Trevino!Ass… God bless him, that boy does things with my mind that aren’t even appropriate online, so that’s saying something. Thank you for the screencap, I’ll be in my bunk…

    Loved the review, I was disappointed that I couldn’t watch the livestream without trouble so I couldn’t join in on the liveblogging fun, but next week! 😉

    So many ways in which next week could rock, I bet it’s going to be another great episode. This show is the best on tv right now.


    Ps: typing on the ipad, so sorry for any mistakes!

    • Spidey Sense

      I love that Tyler and Caroline are so comfortable around each other and have such natural chemistry that they don’t even need to be officially dating to intuitively act like a healthy, functional couple. Tyler’s reaction to Caroline’s confession of her horny tendency was so unf. It was probably refreshing for him to be around a girl who can handle locker room talk with charm and sass. His direct bluntness means that his dream girl would need to be able to handle him telling it exactly as it is and not only taking it in her stride but finding that it helps HER feel more comfortable expression herself. MFEO, Y/Y?

      I am DYING for them to touch more on what the differences between being a vamp and were are. I really like the idea of vamps being able to turn off their emotions, and the possibility this may not be the case with weres. Consider my appetite whetted for the emotional conflict the writers could plumb if this was the case. Aww, poor bb Tyler and his heightened emotions suffering through the thought that Caroline has bailed on him and (presumably) won’t answer the calls I think it is inevitable he will try to make, though not for the reasons he thinks. Maybe I am *evil*, but I am totally looking forward to this development next episode.

      The Stelena scene was incredibly well done, wasn’t it? I know loads of people want full on Ripper Stefan like NOW (don’t worry, guys, I think we’ll be there before you think), but I found it really compelling that Elena knew exactly what he needed to hear in that scene and that we had the chance to see the conflict behind his decision to follow Klaus before he becomes an unrepentant killer. See, I don’t think Stefan has completely flipped the switch yet; I think he has been keeping up a façade. I’m really curious to see what will inspire to switch his humanity back on after wreaking a bit of havoc with Klaus. Is it external love, or an inner quality that has the most influence on this?

      Sexual tension-y arguments where a person who has been in denial has to deal with strong emotions on the run is one of my major kinks too. Here’s a little Tyler/Jess crossover moment for you (you better believe I am already note taking for my massive Tyler/Jess meta that I’ll release in two parts – one mid season and one at the end): at the danceathon, Rory is obviously jealous but doesn’t want to admit it, and she gets more and more agitated in the argument just like Caroline does, with the guys just cutting through their BS (Rory: “I am dancing. I cannot control where my glance goes. And the few moments that I can control it, my glances goes to Dean, not to you.” Jess: “So you can’t control when you look at me, but you have to force yourself to look at him? Sorry man. That’s cold.”/ Tyler: “You’re pissed that I brought someone??” Caroline: “Why would I be pissed? You brought a date, you’re dating, that’s awesome [deep sarcasm]”)

      I really need to do a comparison of Tyler and Caroline as the realist and the romantic, and how this manifests itself in different ways when they are together and apart.
      Mrs Lockwood vervaining the purse was indeed clever, plus it showed she was at least going to wait for tangible proof Caroline was a vampire before hurting her. Caroline really is the punching bag of the show. I wonder if this time we will see longer term emotional repercussions as a result. I admit, I like Mrs Lockwood a lot, so I am willing to cut her slack until we see how things unfold next week.

      Thank you so much for sharing that Tumblr post! That is absolutely hilarious and something I didn’t even think about! Oh, Tyler, you didn’t even think to close the door when it was possible your mother was home?

      I am curious to find out how exactly Carol moves Caroline’s body quietly enough and swiftly enough that Tyler doesn’t realise what is happening. Then again, all that sex did seem to wear the poor bb out, and he seemed to be in a very deep, contented sleep 😉

      Have you read my jersey post? I really, really need them to go to a game and have Caroline wear his jersey afterwards, so that we fulfil the third part of the “we people” speech, and get all of the symbolic goodness that I outline in the post from her wearing his jersey: him putting her first, him giving her a piece of her old life that she so desperately wants, and him allowing her to see who he truly is underneath where before keeping up his jock persona was incredibly important to him.

      I would have loved it if Caroline wore a piece of clothing from Tyler, I find that so hot if a girl wears her guys’ clothes ‘after’ and I bet Caroline would look awesome in something of Tylers.
      All thanks for the Trevino!Ass mention goes to Gen. I was somewhat distracted by his top half, until she pointed out how much this part of his anatomy was showcased in this episode. Now I can’t NOT see his gorgeous butt when watching that scene. LOL, you are not the only one who needs to retreat to her bunk. We have no secrets here, only dirty shame!

      Oh, next week is going to rock our socks off! Do you have any spec?

  • Jessy

    Haha! Totally knew the Trevino thing would work 😉 OMG! This episode was just…HEARTS IN MY EYES!!!! I actually had to PAUSE during the ‘horny’ talk so i can get all the squeeing out of the way so i could hear what they’re saying xD I watched it live when it aired and my livestream kept freezing on me and it freezed EXACTLY ON THE HORNY CONVERSATION!!!! Life hates me sometimes 😥 so when i downloaded the episode and got to that part, i was suffocated by my own flailing. All the TC scenes were just too hot! I was literally sweating! and even as i was reading your recap, i felt like the room’s temperature rose to a 100 degrees 😉
    So when they’re at The Grill and Tyler with his ”Right?” and Jeremy with his you-guys-need-to-do-it-already smile…SQUEEEEE! I LOVE lupining Tyler too 😀 That look he gave her before looking down was just pure perfection. Trevino totally nailed it! and then when he’s helping Elena and Caroline and Elena gives them this you-guys-are-too-adorable-for-words look!!! And the ”Sorry” Tyler said to Caroline after the ”Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them” just made me go ‘Awwww!’. The ‘We’ conversation is probably one of my favorite Tyler scenes EVER!!! Also, the ‘horny’ conversation started and that’s when i practically died from the LOOKS Tyler was giving her. SO.MUCH.FLAIL!!!
    So to the party…what i would do to have Trevino’s arms rapped around me like that…that guy is just pure perfection! but don’t you just ADORE jealous!Caroline! The way she was drinking straight from the bottle and shooting daggers at Tyler and ‘sluttie Sophie’ with her eyes was just so adorable! Also loved it when Tyler kept glancing at her and Matt and then came over to see if she was ok. Some people in fandom had already predicted the compelling thing but i kind of didn’t want that to happen because a) that would be a call-back to what she did with thing 2 and the Matt situation (and i did NOT want TC and MC to be associated in any way) and b) because i was afraid of how Tyler would react and if it would enhance point a. So when it happened, i LOVED the way Tyler had such a different reaction than the one Matt had! even though, as you said, if he did get mad he would’ve had the right to since they aren’t together and she was the one who said no when he tried to go there before whereas Matt had NO RIGHT to get angry with her and yet, SHE’S THE ONE WHO APOLOGIZED!!! UGHHH!!! but Tyler did the exact opposite and even though he was angry and hurt (which he had every right to) he never once disrespected or belittled her like Matt ALWAYS does. I love how he said ”All you gotta do is say something” that just made my squee so damn hard that i had to pause yet again xD and then when she just totally pounced on him and pulled away a little and then he pulled her back in and HANDS IN HAIR!!! OMGGGGG!!!!! I swear my stomach was ERUPTING from all the butterflies inside!!! and then after pulling back and just staring at each other a little and Tyler’s ”Let’s get out of here” and Caroline’s dazzed ”uh huh” and he just grabbed her hand and pulled her with him!!! SO.MUCH.SQUEEE!!! and then the ”You missed the cake” to Damon was so adorable! (notice how Tyler is STILL holding her hand?) and i loved the music that was playing too…although i wouldn’t have protested too much if it was ‘Hot Mess’ by Cobra Starship either 😉 So that confrontation was probably my favorite scene 😀 and i’m still LOLing from the way Caroline just picked up that guy and got him out of her way with that annoyed ”Excuuuuuse me!” 😀 Now, the werepire sex! 😀 HOTTEST SEX SCENE ON THIS SHOW, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! LOVED the way he was kissing her neck and (at one point) her breasts!!! and when he pushed her against the wall?! SO.DAMN.HOT!!! and he looked so angry at his shirt for not getting off fast enough LOL and when he took her dress off? *dead* Trevino!torso is welcome antime, anyday 😀 Also, LOVED the way she just threw him on the bed and then straddled him and kept kissing him and he was pushing her hair back!!! and the way he just flipped them over and started kissing every inch of her? OMG!!!!! Also, loved the reflection shot! So, am i the only one who noticed how many sport’s trophies Tyler’s got? It was already established that Tyler was the athletic type but DAMN! That just rose his hotness level (which i didn’t even think was possible!) a billion times over! 🙂 I actually LOVE the song that was playing during the sex scene since i had downloaded that song like 2 months ago and everytime i listened to it i thought of TC so when it played during the sex scene i was flailing and squeeing too hard to even remember my own name. Anyway, don’t you just love sleeping naked Tyler? That body is a temple! 😉 how Caroline could bare to leave his side, i’ll never know. I really don’t blame Carol for shooting Caroline, i don’t think she knows that Tyler’s a werewolf and, as you said, she probably thinks Caroline is compelling him or something. Now, the wait is KILLING me! I NEED to know what’s gonna happen RIGHT NOW!!! 😦
    OMG, i’m so sorry this was such a long post but when it comes to Forwood, i just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut 😉 and so sorry for all the caps lock and exclamation marks, told you when i talk about Forwood i get waaaaayyy too over-excited! 😉

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi Jessy!

      Trevino on top was a lovely image I carried throughout the whole recapping process, so thank you for that bb!

      I love your enthusiasm for Tyler/Caroline. As I said to Andie, I fully appreciate and understand the need to gush about this pairing, so unleash this on me whenever the mood strikes!
      Good God, I had hearts, unicorns, sparkles and stars in my eyes at various times during this episode! The predatory gleam in Tyler’s eye during the “horny” scene, where you could tell he wanted to take Caroline then and there, plus Caroline’s audible little sigh when Tyler said that heightened emotions and supernatural urges were a werewolf thing too got me going, and I too had to stop for regularly bouts of squeezing. I particularly loved the Swoop!Kiss by Caroline, and have rewound Tyler’s words beforehand so many times that I know them by heart. I HAVE NO REGRETS. I was, like, “You get your man, girl!”

      It was a brilliant touch having Jeremy be the one with the knowing smile in that scene, considering Caroline as the person who picked up on the vibes between Bonnie and Jeremy and encouraged Bonnie to go for it. I just really need Jeremy to rib Tyler about the relationship at some point, possibly even making a “whipped” comment. It would be fantabulous, in light of their history.

      Lupining Tyler is just made of win. When I went through the best Tyler Lockwood looks in a post, Lupining Tyler won hands down. Trevino just has these intense brown eyes that can either be piercing or look like a hurt puppy you want to cuddle.

      Tyler’s little “sorry” after blurting out the stuff to Elena made me crack up because it is such a guy thing not to understand that certain things need to be on the down low even if a girl has told you about them. Us girl get it, but boys have to actually be told 😉

      Heh. I was EXTREMELY jealous of the actress who got to dirty dance with Trevino. It takes hours to shoot scenes, so she would have been wrapped in his torso porn for quite a long time. If I had been Caroline, I would have been shooting daggers at them from my eyes too!

      Caroline drinking from the bottle like a maniac was fabulous! She wasn’t fooling anyone! I mean, all Tyler had to do was look up and her jealousy was there for everyone to see. I love how she didn’t even try to be surreptitious about it; she was just openly glaring and gawking at them. Love it!

      I didn’t mind her jealousy and compulsion of Sofie mirroring MC scenes, because we are just seeing how Tyler is infinitely better for Caroline when it comes to situations like this. If anything, I’m glad there was such a direct callback because it made me love Tyler all the more! A lot of it had to do with Trevino’s delivery as compared with Zach Roerig’s. Trevino just has so much heart and warmth that you can believe he is shocked and hurt easily, whereas I’m afraid that Roerig often just comes across as disgusted with Caroline and whiny, which doesn’t help Matt’s case with me. I really just like Roerig when he is being evilly, sexily jerky, so I desperately want the writers to villainize him.

      Thank you bb for pointing out Caroline pulled back a little bit before Tyler pulled her back in with his hands in her hair. I missed that subtle detail, and you gave me an excuse to rewatch the scene 😉

      Caroline is such a hilarious control freak, being able to care about Damon missing the cake when Tyler Lockwood is holding her hand and leading her off to have the best sex of her life. It is just such a Caroline touch!

      I am totes going to download Hot Mess, because I am sure it is an amazing song. I liked all of the Tyler/Caroline songs in this episode, though I admit that my favourites were at the party. I am not a sentimental person really, as much as a I squee and fangirl. So I loved that a pumping disco track set the background for one of their key couple kisses!

      Hey, something I didn’t really think about until now about the mucho hot neck kissing by Tyler is that this is kind of a reverse of the vampire trope. I mean, biting and kissing necks are highly sexualised elements normally linked with vampires, so it was kind of cool that TYLER was going pretty much all of the neck kissing in this scene, with our fave baby vamp on the receiving end.
      Tyler is athletic naturally, so imagine that supernaturally heightened by his new werewolfiness, and my God Caroline was in for a rocking good time. 😉

      I am so overexcited too about next week and the rest of the season. Thank goodness I have all of you guys to squee with over my crazy love for this pairing!

  • Andie

    I commend you for being able to write a coherent review because I just looked at all your gifs and all I can say is ….wrjfhgwfgjblhgwifya… They’re so pretty I can’t – I can’t… even think of a proper metaphor.

  • Andie

    Coherent thoughts! Yes, sometimes I have them…

    You wrote, “For all she [Mrs. Lockwood] knows, Tyler is just an ordinary human being compelled by Caroline.”

    I know Mrs. Lockwood thinking her seemingly human son is being compelled is really implied in the scene but I’d been so focused on the friendship aspect of Forwood I somehow assumed everyone, including Mrs. L, was too lol. So thank you for reminding me!

    When Caroline came downstairs the first thing a very annoyed Mrs. L said was, “leaving so soon?” and when Caroline stammered out “we were just…” Mrs. L raised her eyebrows menacingly. It’s heavily implied she heard them (their sex scene started out in the friggin’ hallway and it looks as if Tyler’s bedroom door was open the entire time, we know Jenna heard Stelena and that was only one – rather malnourished- supe…) and was just waiting until Caroline did her walk of shame to pounce. This is even more disturbing when you realize Mrs. L thinks her son was compelled the whole time. It makes Caroline seem even more (sexually) threatening and demonic to her.

    Sophie wrote, “Did you notice how Tyler’s arm was positioned when Caroline snuck out by the way? I think they’d been snuggling. -giggles like a 10 year old-”

    Just one of many little gestures I loved. Sleeping!Tyler is adorable. I think we didn’t see the cuddling because they wanted the aftermath to contrast the gender role reversal of: vulnerable, sleeping Tyler and I-need-to-bounce Caroline. If we’d seen the happy cuddling it would have made Caro’s leaving more jarring.

    It’s going to be interesting to see Tyler save, or help save, Caro when they still need to have the awkward ‘why did you leave me?’ conversation (OMG, reversal again and contrast to Caro in The Last Day!) The rescue may cement for Caro both the genuineness of Tyler’s feelings as well as the problems a relationship with him would cause. Wow. They’re relationship really is inherently tragic.

    As for the Baby Kauses issue: that’s something I would greedily gobble up in fanfic but from an objective writing perspective I can think of a lot of reasons it wouldn’t work on the show (highlights: the focus would be on Caro’s uterus instead of her character, how long would she be pregnant in the show’s weird timeline, special!babies are way too scifi, it would still essentially be a teen pregnancy and I’m sick of those, ect.) However, now I’m wondering… Forwood aren’t leads yet they got possibly the hottest sex scene ever on the CW? And this is how they’re arc is starting off?? It suddenly seems SLIGHTLY more likely to me. If it were to happen I can see a lot of people calling shark jump but I’d be curious to see how they’d handle it.

    … And that was way more than I intended to write.

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey Andie!

      Don’t worry about lacking coherent thoughts on occasion. My recaps are actually written in the following way: I rewatch the clips several times, each time jotting down comments that are basically flail snippets, which I use as my basis for the indepth analysis. I find your instant reaction to things, your most visceral reactions, tend to dig out the truth of a situation most effectively. For example, when I saw the Mrs Lockwood shoots Caroline scene I wrote “bitch but also badass HBIC”, and wondered why I had that reaction where Sheriff Forbes conspiring against her daughter made me so mad. From there, I looked at what Mrs Lockwood knows about the vampire situation in town, which is that they are most likely linked to her husband’s death, her possibly brother-in-law’s disappearance and Tyler’s temporary departure. Plus, we don’t know how much she has monitored Caroline and for how long, and whether she has had the opportunity to discover that Caroline is still Caroline. So this is a very long-winded way of saying that your flaily comments are what lead to coherent ones, and therefore they are goooooooooood.

      It’s funny, I fixated on Mrs Lockwood’s reaction because she is such a Buffyesque metaphor – the supernatural equivalent of a mother who will never find any girl good enough to be with her son. So, I probably gave her scene more thought than I otherwise would have, because I was so impressed with how high level this metaphor is when you think about it. One of my blogger friends 12 said she is hoping for a Safe Moon Talk to rival a Safe Sex Talk. Once she learns her son is a were, I could just imagine the delicious, excruciating embarrassment of his mother asking, “did you wear chains?” or something like that 😉

      Oh my goodness, Sophie pointed this out in her comment to, and it is hilarious that it didn’t even register with me that Mrs Lockwood was totes listening to rigorous supe sex that wasn’t even fully behind closed doors! It’s interesting that Mrs Lockwood knew Caroline/Caroline’s emotional position on Tyler well enough to be waiting for Caro’s walk of shame to pounce. I think Mrs Lockwood is far more observant than she is given credit for.

      Sleeping!Tyler was so cuuuuuuuute. I definitely agree that it was better to leave happy cuddling to be shown on another night. I could imagine Caroline getting all cuddly initially than slowly wanting to GTFO of there when the implications of the step they had taken started to set in. I love the detail that Tyler is more exhausted by the supe sex than Caroline. Guess Caro really DID rock his world with her vamp sex!

      Dear God, I am looking forward to Tyler having the morning after emotional freak out when he realises Caroline has bailed, and them dealing with saving her with all of the other angst going on at the same time. It will be EPIC!

      Caroline has been kidnapped by Tyler’s blood family and werewolf family, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Caroline draws back for a little while because as you say, the relationship is inherently tragic. Choosing to be with Tyler just heightens the amount of danger in Caroline’s life.

      Heh. I use the Baby Klauses thing as a joke for werepire sex, but like you I am not interested AT ALL in seeing Caroline pregnant. I know that the idea of a Tyler/Caroline baby is cute in its own way, but I don’t want a teen mom version of our baby vamp, I want to examine Tyler and Caroline as a couple.

      I think Forwood received the hottest sex scene for several reasons. For one thing, they are not the designated twu wuv of the series like Stelena, which usually means the scene is soft and sweet because that is scene as more romantic than down and dirty (I saw intensity of feelings behind the rigorous sex that was plenty romantic with TC). For another, they are the first baby vamp and baby were to have sex on primetime as far as a I know, and in the very least arguably the most popular baby vamp/baby were pairing on television to date, so the producers no doubt wanted to take advantage of their supernatural capabilities in a sex scene that is pushing new boundaries. Finally, this was the season opener, so they wanted to serve us up gourmet sex. Mission: accomplished!

      I don’t think they’ll do the pregnancy storyline, though I do hope that the Originals take an interest in their taboo pairing considering Klaus’ obsession with building a hybrid army.
      I love long comments, so whenever you get the fire, feel free to give into it! 😉

  • wecreateourowndestiny

    All I can say is Gaaaaahaaahaaahaaahaaahhaaahaaaa!!! I have a permanent smile on my face since watching this episode, my forwood heart was bursting out of my chest with all the dirty stuff going on yay :>

  • Mimi

    Late to the party, I know, but I just have one thing to say: remember when you said in your TC sex speculation post that you wanted them to be awkardly cute and stumble a bit during their sex scene? Well, it might not be stumbling, buuuuutttt Tyler did get his shirt stuck in his big watch (bless Trevino’s obsession for big watches) and I saw in a gif how he was struggling a bit to take his shirt off and he was so pissed off that it wasn’t coming off sooner all while he was trying to catch his breath from all the neck kissing he was providing Caro with and deciding if breathing was even that important in the first place when he had Caro there for the taking.

    Also, during all this time, Caroline’s hands were all over him, like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to help him take his shirt off or run her fingers through his hair and over his chest. And when he took her dress off he just tossed over his head and forgot about it. I also noticed how he kept pushing his hips towards hers. He definitely didn’t need to do that and I think they would have been naked sooner if they hadn’t touched so much. But obviously that was impossible since they can’t keep their hands at home.

    they might be little details, but all this urgency and animalistic side of them made this sex more real, raw and just so goddamn sexy! Yes, I watched their scenes more than several times, but I know you won’t judge me.

    OK, those were more than one thing, but I can’t help it if our couple is so inspiring. 😀

  • Gen

    Finally! A day off. I’ve been re-reading your recap at least three times at work since you’ve posted it and took notes so I could come here and finally squee. So here we go…

    UNICORNS FTW!!! It’s good to see them out in full force in this recap. I’ve missed those guys over the horrendous hellatus. Let’s not speak of it. Let’s just squee over the amazingness that was Tyler and Caroline in the season opener.

    MISFITS REFERENCE!! Does this make me your spirit animal? 😉

    I think Paloma mentioned this on twitter, but it seems like the scene when Caroline and Tyler meet in the town square seems to be cut extremely short. After being spoiled with those BTS pics where Tyler is helping Caroline with the bags I wanted to see that dammit lol. Oh well, the scene at the grill was just as satisfying. I was glad to see that my bbs could still eye sex like no one else can. Seriously the chemistry between Trevino and Candice is just awesome.

    I really enjoyed the scene with Tyler, Caroline and Elena. Some seem to be put off by Tyler and Elena’s friendship. I could never understand why so many find it so weird that they are friends. These kids have known each other their entire lives, being a part of a small town and members of the founding families. What’s so weird that they are friends? *Shrugs* I don’t get it.

    Tyler was so friggin adorable in this scene I could have just died. He OBVIOUSLY doesn’t understand girl code and you don’t go spilling secrets to the person we are spilling secrets about lol. Loved it.

    Whew. The sexual tension in that scene was just torturous. Tyler was dropping all kinds of hints; giving off copious amounts of “I want to sex you up” vibes and poor Caroline was so much denial lol. The way he slowly walked up to her with all that swagger and then eye sexed her all to hell…Oh sweet Jesus. I found it incredibly adorable that Caroline was the one he seem so flustered and desperately attempted to be totally cool about it. Tyler was obviously affecting her and she fumbled all around. Candice Accola is perfection. The “I’m horny all the time,” delivery was everything I hoped it to be. Trevino just let it fly and I loved it. Caroline tried to handle the conversation with some grace, but once Tyler found out that Vampire Barbie had the hots too, baby girl was done for.

    I think as far as Sofie goes, I believe Tyler honestly wanted to move on, or at least try too. I found it very telling when Tyler tells Caroline that he had already gone there once with her, but wouldn’t go there again unless she made it clear that she wanted him too. She told him no and Tyler respected her wishes. All summer he stayed in the friend zone because he’d rather have her in his life as friend than nothing all. He could drop as many hints as he could that he was still very much interested in her, but it was on her to take the first step. So I was hot mess of emotions by this point and the party hasn’t even started yet.

    I did like that you brought up the flipping switch situation. I’m also curious about that. I would like to hope that werewolves can’t turn their emotions off like a switch because they are still mortal and they need those precious feelings to be able to live out their lives. Where vamps live forever and emotions can get in the way when you’re living for an eternity.

    Oh about the whole “we people” thing. A online reporter who was on the set of TVD last weekend tweeted a picture of Mystic Falls football helmets and pads. TYLER PLAYS FOOTBALL!! A;LKDFJ;lk;l;!! Okay so I love football and I know American football is completely different, but football players are HOT. Being a Texas girl where the game is taken waaaay too seriously, I love that I’ll get to see the boys back in the game on TVD. So we might get them going to a game together after all. 😉

    The Slutty Sofie actress had it goooood. I’d rub all over Trevino for FREE.

    MATT!!! When did he do drugs? The good boy look is starting to get a little tarnished isn’t there Matty? It’s cool, I liked that they finally had him acting like a dick. Matt has his flaws and the show seems to never pay attention to his douchey behavior and will at most times try to justify it. So I’m glad that fans are starting to see that he’s not all “man pain” and “poor me” and can be a douche-bag. I love him, but the scene where he tried turning Caroline’s jealousy over Tyler against her. That irked the living hell out of me. I was practically cheering when Caroline held her ground and didn’t put up with his bullshit.

    BYE SLUTTY SOFIE!! You totally called it girlie! I wasn’t sure if she was going to do it and when it happened you instantly popped into my head lol. I bow down to your awesomeness. I wonder if Tyler will bring that up later though. Caroline compelled someone in front of him and he didn’t seem to shocked. Like he knew she was capable of it. Does he know he can’t be compelled? Has he ever asked if he’s EVER been compelled. Caroline remembered being compelled after she turned, but is that only exclusive to transitioning vampires or would that have worked on Tyler too after he turned? I’m sure I will never get answers to these questions lol.

    (Sidenote: Why did I not call Sofie Thing Three? You have to die a gratuitously awful bloody death to earn that moniker. :Seriously, pretty girls aside from the core cast drop like flies around Tyler).

    LOL!! I CANT’ EVEN!!

    His message of “my body is ready for your body if only you would get your body ready for my body”, delivered with intense dark eyes, was swoonworthy. Heart palpitations, I WAS HAVING THEM.

    Oh Cherie, this is why I love you lol. I read this at work and I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep me from laughing like a lunatic in front of my co-worker.

    But that scene was exactly how you explained it. My heart was pounding and the kiss totally took me by surprise. I honestly didn’t think they were going to kiss right there in the middle of the party. What I loved that even though it was in the middle of a crowded room the whole world faded away and it was just THEM. They were lost in each others arms and I was swooning so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I loved Caroline just going for it. Cutting him off mid-sentence with a kiss, he no doubt had been longing for all summer. The way he hesitated before putting his hand in her hair and kissing her back with such intensity and passion…I was surprised my screen didn’t melt because I was goo. I just love, love, love them. That kiss has to be all-time favorite of the show. You can really tell just how much they had been wanting to do that; and after spending all summer dancing around it and staying in their friendship zone, they just erupted with an unbridled passion and hunger that sizzzled. Good. Lord. Then the eye sex AFTER the kiss was…guh. How they didn’t take each other right then and there I will never know. I was swooning so hard at Tyler’s “Let’s get out of here” in his low “I’m definitely going to sex you up” voice that I didn’t think I was going to make it to the actual sex. Didn’t seem like he was going to be able either. The way he pulled her away, trying to contain himself was hilarious. I absolutely loved it lol. It was like, “Oh God help me I’m going to get my sex on.”

    Then there is The Sex….

    Wall slamming. Caroline being super fierce by throwing Tyler on the bed and taking control was HOT. I wooted for baby girl lol.

    But those low riding jeans Cherie. *Fans self* Trevino!Ass at it’s FINEST. I would like to take this moment to thank his parents for creating such a fine ass. Bless them.

    Can I perve for a few minutes and explain everything thing that I liked about that sex scene please? Thanks. 😉

    First off…HANDS IN THE HAIR!! When they couldn’t keep their hands out of each other’s hair I was already yelling for the Lord to have mercy on me lol. I loved that you pointed out that they always had their hands on each other (Caroline running her hand down Tyler’s chest? I jizzed lol) and only pulled away from each other’s mouths when the absolutely had too. Le sigh.

    I also like the super speed used in the scene (I love how Caroline’s sounds light and the pitch of the sound is a lot higher than Tyler’s low and deep one). I was really hoping for some glowy eyes, but that can always come later. 😉

    We can’t forget the boobie kissage. That…was awesome lol. Since we both appreciate Trevino’s amazing talent as an actor, we can also appreciate his amazing body lol. His ass has already been covered. The chest and abs are covered by default. They need to introduction or explanation because they are already at HOT DAMN level. We can get to the next one which is his back. Oh God his back. I can’t…I just…How is he real? I loved the shot of Caroline with her hands sprayed on his back just before giving out a little moan. I was totally hypnotized when giffing it and I regret nothing.

    Now lets get to the angst in the episode as far as TC are concerned. After yelling at my TV, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING CAROLINE,” and then yelling, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING CAROL?!” Then re-watching scenes again I finally stopped and thought about why Caroline decided to leave. I’m going with her being afraid of what will happen between her and Tyler now. Which is why I didn’t like the fact that Caroline was drinking leading up to the hook up. She could use that as excuse to take back what they did that night. Saying it was the alcohol. Taking their platonic friendship and crossing that line is a huge step for them. Is she having second thoughts? I do believe that she knows that it wasn’t a one time thing for Tyler, that he does have actual feelings for her. The pained look on her face when she closed the door told me that much. She knew that leaving him, without saying a word, was going to hurt him when he woke up. Now with Carol knowing she’s a vampire and harming her, I am really curious to see how TC can come back from this.

    I know a lot speculated that it would be Carol to do the unforgivable thing, but man was I caught off guard. I didn’t think it was going to happen so fast! You know I love Tyler and Carol’s relationship and it’s my favorite parent/child relationship on the show, so I’m a little crushed Cherie. Gah! I love this season already!! LOL.

    OMG that last unicorn gif! LMFAO!!! PERFECTION!! UTTER PERFECTION!!

    I’ll try and commenting sooner in the future. I have all these thoughts and by the time I get to come here and ramble I feel like I’m leaving some out lol.

    AWESOME recap Cherie. I still can’t believe they actually happened! IT WASN’T A DREAM!! *Cries*

    Talk to you soon!

  • Jesse

    Hey there!

    OMG I absolutely loved this episode 😀

    Your recap is flawless as ever and I can’t wait to read on, although I still need to see the second episode (I was staying at a friends til yesterday and we didn’t have any internet 😦 ) first!
    You can expect more from me again and let’s hope for some awesome livetweeting in the future, okay?

    Love ya xxx

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