Buffy Rewatch – Inca Mummy Girl


Buffy Rewatch  - 2x04 - “Inca Mummy Girl”
For most of time I just can’t decide whether I dislike “I, Robot…You, Jane” more or ”Inca Mummy Girl”. I usually just skip this episode as its just plain hard to rewatch.
At its essence, the episode is decent. You have parallels to Buffy/Angel, you have a source of Xander’s dislike of Angel for the rest of the show and you have introduction of Oz, one of the best BTVS characters ever.
The problem with the episode? The Plot-of-The-Week is full of cultural stereotypes and paranoia in similar fashion to “I, Robot…You, Jane” and a lot of what is explored in episode is just a re-tread to what already has been explored.

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Yeeeeeeeeeeah. Not the best episode out there, for sure. I definitely have issues with the way Xander treats a male foreign exchange student staying with Buffy versus the way he acts when she turns out to be female. I do, however, like that he’s willing to give that up for Willow, even if he’s not in love with her.

Other winning things: Sven. I love his conversation about how Cordelia treats him, because it’s hilariously awesome.

The best thing about this episode is Oz. I love how he is attracted to Willow because she’s in dressed in a big Eskimo costume. It’s so perfect.

Every other costume is totally stereotyping, though, and it’s clear that Willow is the only one who really tried for authenticity, other than Ampata…who is probably wearing the actual clothing she was buried in, which is both creepy and a question of how does it look that good? Does it get restored when she does?

Also, agreed on the Ampata story. She’s evil, but at the same time, she’s not. I feel bad that she was sacrificed for the good of the community, without giving a single thought to what SHE wanted out of life. At the same time, she kills people to get that life.

On the other hand, I did appreciate the implications Ampata’s story itself had in terms of this notion of a woman being robbed of her choices and put in a specific position because of some perceived or real overwhelming social need. Buffy compared it to finding out about the prophecy, but the bottom line is, it also implicates just her being the Slayer. She didn’t get to choose to be the Slayer, and in many ways it diminishes a lot of options she would otherwise have.

I do like Ampata laughing and having fun with Xander. He’s such a dork, but she really does seem to like him; she’s not just using him for his life force or whatever. She wants a Normal Life, just like Buffy, and Xander is a Normal Teenage Guy, and she likes that.

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One response to “Buffy Rewatch – Inca Mummy Girl

  • Andre

    If I remember correctly in this episode I started to notice what I think was a trend in the show:
    Although it is called the vampire slayer and they featured prominently, I never considered them to be that much of a threat to Buffy. They were simply able to recreate more quickly than most supes and that was it. On average they could be slaughtered pretty easily and when you consider how easy they could get stacked even by normal people the show must have taken a page or two from From Dusk Till Dawn, Also they usually seemed pretty set in their ways (and often inconsistently portrayed regarding powers, albeit I think Angel was more to blame in that regard than Buffy). So basically their only strength was numbers.
    I thought Ampata here was a much more serious threat to Buffy in combat than the average run of the mill vampire. Unless my memory deceives me she was only able to winn because Ampata was running out of energy.
    Later on we would see it several times how non-vampires were much more serious combatants to the slayers than vampires.

    PS. I didn’t notice back then since I knew next to nothing about the Inca empire but couldn’t they find an actress who actually looked like she could be an Inca? Seriously this is on par with the “Amazonians” from Breaking Dawn part 2.

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