Buffy Rewatch – What’s My Line Part I

Let’s talk about Drusilla, who Spike is attempting to revive to full health in this two parter. I’ll go into the plot more in Part II.

We’ve seen that she has certain extra-sensory abilities that haven’t been observed in other vampires, having the ability to sense and predict things… (“Don’t worry. Everything’s switching. Outside to inside. It makes her weak ” “Did my pet have a vision?…”It hums. I can hear it.”) And this probably endows her with a very unique perception of the world. Add that to all of the psychological damage that Angel inflicted + the influence of the demon and you have one complicated vampire.

I believe that this is supposed to be the factor that makes Drusilla getting back her strength a scary prospect. She’s NOT just another vampire. Her mental illness doesn’t weaken her and her extra abilities are a threat. She’s written about in the Watcher diaries, which is a lot more than you can say for the random vamps that Buffy stakes every night. (However, I do really have to agree that this episode goes a bit overblown in emphasizing the stakes and exaggerating them to create drama.)

What I love is that Spike tries to engage with her on HER wave length instead of trying to force her to operate on his own. He understands her multiple challenges, how she’s been damaged and gifted, and he curbs himself every time he gets too impatient with her. I think that Drusilla does take advantage of this, because she’s crafty and especially insightful, regardless of her mental challenges. But I think it tells us a lot about Spike that he understands that the way she reacts to things often really isn’t her fault.

It’s a nice juxtaposition to Buffy’s growing acceptance of Angel. We’ve gone from a place where Buffy would allegedly bring up Angel’s vampirism in every argument to where she’ll kiss him in “vampire face” without flinching or being repulsed.

Oh Dalton and the big brain! I love that we have a sort of meek, brainy vampire who isn’t just an animal.

Plus Willy! A human who knows all about vampires without being connected to the slayer and tries to play neutral party. FASCINATING.

Also, “I am Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.”

Kendra saying 'I am Kendra, the Vampire Slayer!,' then cut to Buffy looking speechless, then cut to the words 'to be continued...'

ZOMG! This melted my brain the first time I watched.

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One response to “Buffy Rewatch – What’s My Line Part I

  • Andre

    I think Druisilla’s madness might be intertwined with her second sight. She had the second sight before Angel drove her mad, but now it is kind of like “there is a fine line between genius and madness.”
    Also it is something that, as far as I can tell, has stayed surprisingly consistent with vampires throughout the show:
    They are the ones they are based on who they were. Sure emotional ties usually wither away, but not always, but the vampires we see with personality are usually pretty similar to the humans they were before, but usually without conscience and anything, thereby acting on a lot of previously surpressed impulses (like Willow’s bisexuality, although the show [typically] later claimed her to be gay). Druisilla had the same with her powers. There were other instances throughout the comics (were vampires could actually turn into green humanoid bat creatures kind of like this:

    ) and books where vampires had kept the powers they had in life, e.g. a Chinese wizard who in undeath kept his intelligence and magic (being able to fly, possible heal faster and all).

    Of course her powers and madness open a pretty big plothole later on:
    Dawn Summers!!!

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