Buffy Rewatch – What’s My Line Part II

Two Slayers!


Angel in peril is a new thing for the show, and I really enjoyed it not being Cordelia for a change. It also helps that we were given a more appealing side of him in Part One, so the audience is even more invested in his safety now.

The contrast between Kendra, the traditionalist vampire slayer, and Buffy the unconventional rebellious slayer is interesting. There’s also this extra level of interesting characterization, where Buffy suddenly feels protective about her identiy and resentful of it being co-opted by this stranger — an identity that we’ve seen her resenting and only accepting in resignation so far in the series.

“She died.”
“Just a little!”

Anyway, Kendra is a legit Slayer, and this brings up some neat stuff. First of all you have the fact that Kendra coming into the picture means that Buffy has a chance of having an actual career. It’s potentially incredibly freeing, especially after how trapped Buffy was feeling in the last episode. The other thing that Kendra’s appearance does is it creates a nice contrast between the “proper” way of doing things (aka the way Kendra does things- by the book) and Buffy’s less orthodox way. I also think that Buffy is a little jealous of how well Giles and Kendra are getting along. Both of them do things by the books while Buffy is an off the books kinda gal. I love this little exchange:

Buffy: I don’t take orders. I do things my way.
Kendra: No wonder you died.

This comes back later in the episode where Buffy doesn’t go back to Giles like she should and almost gets killed. Kendra, on the other hand, did follow procedure and brings the Scoobies back with her as reinforcement, saving Buffy’s life. And I do love the Buffy and Kendra ended up parting ways as friend, each having learned a bit from the other

Willy! To the not-rescue! I love how Angel’s shirt has peeled open in the struggles NATURALLY. LOLOL

“What are you going to do with him anyway?
“I’m thinking, maybe dinner and a movie. Don’t want to rush into anything. I’ve been hurt, you know.”

Cordelia and Xander working together! That’s even more exciting than them making out!

You know, I do like Angel very much. But I still really I enjoyed Drusilla getting in a little bit of torture as she discussed what he did to her family. There’s so much mental scarring and desire and hate mixed up on there, and I love this little moment when the rage rises up out of the Stockholm Syndrome and psychic confusion. When she’s like, I remember everything you did to my family and now you’re going to HURT for it like I hurt.

(This is one of the reasons why Drusilla is an interesting case that raises serious questions about the human self being erased by vampirism. Especially since… Angel traumatized & tortured HUMAN Drusilla until her mental facilities frayed. And THEN he turned her. If it’s just a demon with memories, it makes zero sense that this demon would so completely overwhelmed and broken by the torment that human went through and the horrible death of everyone that human cared for. Why would something that was just a demon care what had happened to its human shell? Why wouldn’t the demon just make use of the factual information it has inherited and be on its way, totally normal & without any effects of trauma? Because the legend is wrong, in my opinion.)

Buffy being jealous of Kendra feels like almost this sibling deal.

“Angel’s our friend! Except that I don’t like him.” – this is a moment where I loved Xander a lot. He knows Angel, even if he dislikes and resents him. And he’s going to back up Buffy here like a real friend would.

“I’d rather be fighting you anyway.”

It’s interesting because now the dynamic between Spike and Drusilla has switched, with him hurt and her back to full strength.

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One response to “Buffy Rewatch – What’s My Line Part II

  • Andre

    Even after all this time I would say Kendra was Dawson’s most feminist role I saw her, unlike in Teen Wolf and TVD where she was a literal magical negro and nothing more than a badly used plot device. And people say these shows are progressive,….

    The whole “you were technically dead” thing with Buffy was a nice little trick with the loophole in the rules about the slayers (btw. I still think TVD did a Buffy rip-off in season 4 and so did Teen Wolf in season 3 and 4, which in both cases failed spectacularly).

    The Drusilla / Spike dynamic was a nice change. Although I do wonder why this special ritual was necessary. Because Drusilla was under a stampede? Why would that affect her that long? It is odd to say the least.

    And yes Kendra and Giles getting a long so well was really nice.

    Albeit it is bad that these order of assassins was never seen again. Sounded like something that would have been good in later seasons and the spin-off.
    But they apparently forgot about them, just like they forgot about Willy… at least I think they did, since I cannot remember whether he ever died.

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