Hi fellow spideys and spidettes!

For as long as I can remember, my spidey sense has been working overtime – only what gets it tingling is not incoming danger but pop culture tidbits.

The best way to describe me is as a pop culture junkie, rabid fangirl, and obsessive theatre and arts lover who likes insanely pretty things – beauty with a hint of darkness. This is why my favourite books, movies, artworks, and theatre and TV shows tend to fall into the science fiction/fantasy/urban myth/supernatural genres and the complex characters and mythologies of these worlds across various platforms and artforms will dominate this blog. Yet I also love purely shiny, happy things like musicals and 90s pop, so expect the occasional burst of sunshine and rainbows!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I take my enthusiasm to extremes, which is why I love the blogosphere. You can find the ten other people in the world who feel as passionately as you do about certain topics! So I can’t wait to explore character nuances, plot threads, themes and debates of various pop culture topics with you all…

Oh, and the queen of insanely pretty things is a lovely artist I know called Joelie Croser. She is the cool chick behind my banner image, which I have put below too, and you’ll see a lot of her images pop up on my blog.


Spidey Sense (AKA Cherie Barnett)

"Swinging Girl with Spider" by Joelie Croser

If you want to get in touch with me, follow me on Twitter @_spideysense

Or email me at misscheriebarnett@gmail.com

3 responses to “About

  • kjewls

    Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere, My Fellow Fangirl! I literally squealed with joy, and clapped my hands like a baby seal, when I saw your e-mail about this new blog! I’m so honored to be among the first to have seen it!

    You + The Blog World = A Match Made in Heaven. You’ll see! 😉

    I love the layout you chose, the banner picture, your About Me explanation, and the category ideas you suggested in your e-mail. Everything looks awesome already! Great job! I’ve already added you to my blogroll.

    Of course, I have no doubt that My Spidey Sense will fast become a place where I (and thousands of crazy fangirls, like me) spend A TON of time! Happy Blogging! 🙂

    • myspideysenseistingling

      Awww! I hope you like the very first post I’ve written, which has just gone up. I think I am going to be blog trigger happy over the next few weeks, as I have ideas for posts coming out of my eyeballs! And thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll – of course you’re on mine too!

      You are without doubt the TV recapping queen, but I hope you’ll enjoy The Walking Dead recaps I’ll be doing. I think I’ll do a mini episode sum up of The Vampire Diaries each week because I love it so much, but I’ll leave the in-depth recapping of TVD to you – plus I kind of love doing my in-depth commenting about TVD on your site because it is populated with so many clever and hilarious fangirls :). But I just know doing similarly in-depth recaps for The Walking Dead will be fun. After all, it can be no accident that TVD and TWD are such similar acronyms – they must both point to sheer pop cultural awesomeness.

      I promise you, I’ll get zombies to grow on you :).

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