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Social Media Experiment: Check out Rhinocerous in Love, have a Rhino sketch done by local artist Joelie Croser… and maybe win an IPAD 2 for your efforts!

Blinded by Love, Joelie Croser

Blinded By Love, by Joelie Croser

One of the highlights of the OzAsia Festival calendar this year is Rhinocerous in Love, the Australian debut of an experimental drama that has reinvented modern Chinese theatre. The director Meng Jinghui is a bit of a renegade, pushing boundaries of what contemporary Chinese theatre is all about, and is known as the Tarantino of Chinese theatre!

The Adelaide Festival Centre has asked young people like me to help spread the word about Rhinocerous in Love by becoming “Rhino Helpers”. The original idea is that the person who has the most tickets sold through BASS citing their promo code wins an IPAD 2 (with WI-FI + 3G + 32GB valued at $839) – but the AFC are happy for me to take a slightly different approach.

I’m more interested in being a Rhino Helper in terms of this being a great social media experiment. I thought I would give the incentive that if I am the most successful Rhino Helper, I will give one of my ticket buyers the IPAD 2 instead.

I’ve also enlisted the help of my favourite local artist, the lovely and talented Joelie Croser, who was behind the Handbook for Girls exhibition at Urban Cow Studio I blogged about last year, to help make this competition more fun.

If you buy tickets through BASS (in person/on phone 131 246/online to Rhinocerous in Love using my code (RHINOCHERIE), email me at with a concept involving a Rhino, and Joelie will sketch this. I’ll post each sketch on my blog in the lead up to the competition closing date (tickets have to be purchased using the code by 9am, 13 September). Then, I’ll produce a final post on opening night of Rhinocerous in Love  (16 September) containing all sketches and asking you to vote for your favourite sketch.

The person who comes up with the concept for the most popular sketch will win the IPAD 2, if I end up being the most successful Rhino Helper.

For example, my first ticket buyer (love you Mum!) asked Joelie to sketch a Rhino blinded by love (see above). This Rhino is walking a tight rope with eyes firmly shut, and cheeks blushing with the flush of love. Can you think of something equally zany, creative and quirky?

In addition, if you buy tickets using my code, you save $5 off the normal adult price for viewing this show. So, get your creative juices flowing! Joelie and I can’t wait to see some of the Rhino ideas you come up with!

Below are the steps to follow in full to take part in this competition. If you have any questions about this process, email me at

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Mixtape – Joanna Newsom

For all the Vampire Diaries fans out there, don’t worry, I have a FOUR PARTER Damon mixtape in the pipeline that I’m gonna unleash next week.

But if you’ve been following my blog, I haven’t had the time to put the finishing touches on that yet because I’ve been running around like a madwoman at the amazing WOMADelaide festival!

There was an actual Spidey Sense moment last night!

"Swinging Girl with Spider" by Joelie Croser


The singer I had been dying to see, USA’s Joanna Newsom…

…discovered what a lot of outside artists discover when they come to Australia for open air concerts – our bug issue!

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WOMADelaide: Anatomy of a henna makeover

All in the name of serious journalism, my friend Ryneisha Bollard who’s been helping me cover WOMADelaide for the festival’s blog got a henna tattoo done.

I was seriously impressed by the henna artist, who I clocked and took 1min and 43 seconds to draw up an amazing design…




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WOMADelaide: Otherworldly or all-worldly?

WOMADelaide is an awesome Adelaide arts event that all of you lovely international people reading this blog may or may not have heard of.

It is a celebration of world music, arts, and dance, and acts from all across the globe converge on Adelaide for three and a half days of unleashing your inner hippie.

I have been keeping a hippie hairdo/hair count. Currently there have been 20 dreadlocked folks (18 men, 2 women), five women with armpits hairier than the men around them, seven mohawks (jealous Puck?) and two people with cornrows.

I’ve also been taking random happy snaps and blogging about WOMAD with my pals Ryneisha Bollard and Julia Phipps. I wish you could all be here, but if you can’t, here is what we wrote about the general WOMAD experience, plus loads of pictures mixed in for good measure 😉

WOMADelaide: Otherwordly or all-worldly?


It’s like wandering into different world, one made up of many worlds, and into a time where hippie values of free love, peace and community reign supreme. WOMAD hits you like a kaleidoscopic brick of music, arts and dance, and leaves its mark on you like the henna tattoos we’ve seen being sported around by various bodily appendages.


WOMAD is all about the atmosphere. Its personality is as strong as the Epsom Salts you can get from its Healing Village. This is the first time that all three of us bloggers have been to WOMAD. One thing we’ve heard from lots of people who’ve attended for years is that each WOMAD is distinctive for that year; each WOMAD has a unique character, and its own individual collection of memories and vignettes, its own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

So how to describe this year’s WOMAD?

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Have yourself a happy little Christmas enigma

There are times as a blogger when my brain hurts from trying to decode meaning from things. This is one of those times!

Australian dance theatre xmas card

Photo Chris Herzfeld

Thanks, Australian Dance Theatre, for creating the most awesome Xmas card ever, which I am sure I will be interpreting and reinterpreting over the festive season!

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Mouldy cherries: sex, urban decay or time? – Artwork from Hi – Chloe Langford


marco polo, 2010, Chloe Langford, moulded cherries, heat lamps

There was no way I could resist going to an exhibition with a promo tag like this:

In an effort to communicate something obscure, ineffable and poetic about life Chloe Langford offers you this collection of admittedly crass objects. Suck them up with your eyes, think about your life, or think about other things, she’s not the boss of you anyway.

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Who says girly girls can’t be feminists too?

I love art that has whimsical beauty with an edge.

Joelie Croser’s latest solo exhibition, A Handbook for Girls, a collection of vintage-style illustrations of modern women in a time where they can bake cupcakes and kick ass too, perfectly captures this style. It also reminded me of a debate I had recently with a friend who believes that girly girls and Stepford Wives types are anti-feminist.

Now, I love the colours hot pink and purple and I’ve been known to get excited over the cute names of nail polish shades. But I’m also opinionated as hell and rarely back down in a debate – hardly typical girly girl material. So I definitely think a girl can be ultra feminine and a feminist too!

I think Joelie’s exhibition is an amazing argument for this point of view.

My favourite picture is of a woman who is equal parts demure and totally in charge of her sexuality. (Incidentally, this picture also helped inspire the title of this blog and is part of its banner image).

Swinging Girl With Spider 

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