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Peter = Future!Tyler? Dear God, I Hope So!

I’m taking a break from your regularly scheduled meta and thinky thoughts about spoilers to indulge in a little shameless (spoiler free!)¬†fangirling.

Swimfans, get prepared to be as a shallow as a kiddie pool…

Recently I did meta comparing Tyler Lockwood/Jess Mariano and the ships of Tyler/Caroline and Jess/Rory, as a kind of cautionary tale for the Vampire Diaries writers in season three.

So if Tyler = Jess, I wonder if he will follow in the smoking hot footsteps of the grown up version of Jess… Peter Petrelli from Heroes! Seriously, if Peter is any indication, we have good things to look forward to with Future!Tyler. I haven’t watched Heroes but have read some interesting livejournal entries about Heroes¬†of late, and do believe that I have been missing some quality eye candy/storylines.

Let’s have a look at some of Peter Petrelli’s finest moments.

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