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Insert fangirl squee here… drop what you are doing and read The Fangirl Files

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Hey guys, we are gathered here today for a momentous occasion to check my friend Amy H. Johnson’s new book, The Fangirl Files, the hell out.

It’s hard out there for a fangirl, pimping the things we love.

Despite being smarter and sexier than the general population – I mean, this is a scientific fact because we basically feast on the souls of hot, shirtless men – fangirls are often maligned and misunderstood.

So, naturally, I was as excited as the bottle of water Alcide splashes in the latest Magic Mike when Amy unveiled a book about a key part of my identity.

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An Open Letter Of Apology to Matt & Matt/Caroline Lovers

Things are turbulent at the moment when it comes to the Tyler/Caroline/Matt triangle and character debates.

Tyler and Caroline are fresh from testing out the theory of whether it is possible for vampirism and werewolfism to be sexually transmitted.

Shipper wars for Matt/Caroline versus Tyler/Caroline have long erupted across various battlefronts around the internet, but in the wake of this monumental moment in Vampire Diaries verse, Matt and Matt/Caroline love has shown itself in ways that I can no longer ignore.

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The Twilight Saga – Why it’s the ultimate feminist movie franchise

ivyso, twilightsagalove & ihearttaylor

I had a spirited discussion with someone today about the omnipresent Twilight Saga movies, in which my sparring partner said I was basically a traitor to all womankind for being obsessed with the franchise. I could hardly take THAT comment sitting down, and thought that the best way to respond is with a rebuttal blog post.

Now, I am pretty indiscriminate in terms of my love for all things vampirey, sparkly or otherwise. But how anyone could fail to see that the Twilight Saga movies (emphasis on the movies part) are the ultimate feminist vehicles EVER in cinematic history is beyond me.

I know that comment might make some of you feel the sudden desire to find a guillotine, wrench off my head and stuff it on the nearest pike available to parade through your town. Just keep an open mind, because flawless logic is on my side 😉

All picspam from F**k Yeah Jacob Black Tumblr unless otherwise credited.

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Malese Jow – My Final Tribute Left Standing in the Katniss Casting Arena – Just sayin’

Katniss Everdeen

Crossbow strings are being drawn as fans of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book trilogy, set to become a Lionsgate film, debate the vital question: who will play heroine Katniss Everdeen?

As a rabid Hunger Games fan myself, I’ve kept tabs on the names that have been suggested in the various corners of the internet. Some have been predictable, some surprising, some “close but no cigar” and some so bats**t crazily wrong it has made me scratch my eyeballs out with a shiv (a badass weapon that would do Katniss proud).

Katniss is a complex role that requires a mix of natural, raw beauty, balls and brains that would be tough for any actress to pull off. I’ll be knocking off 23 potential candidates or Katniss character Tributes to show you why I think Malese Jow deserves to be the final actress standing for the part. It is ironic how the casting process for a movie is kinda like the Hunger Games itself.

Just like the most adept Tributes in the book lasted the longest, I’ll start with the Katniss actress candidates least likely to work and work my up through the actresses who I think would make a better and better fit.

MILD SPOILER WARNING – some book discussion will inevitably occur though I try not to ruin any major surprises.

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